I stand in the shower and wash myself. I’m standing with my face to the screen and my back to the wall. The warm water slides down my body, washing away all the soap from my naked skin. I feel the hot drops hit my nipples, making them go completely stiff as the cold hits them after the water had reached them. I can feel it getting hotter down below, and that desire is about to hit me hard. Skype girl Pat on photo.

All of a sudden, I’m pushed up against the cold wall. I gasp as I hit the wall and now feel some hands massaging my breasts, simultaneously pinching my nipples a little. I moan and enjoy the feeling of it. I am kissed and sucked on the neck and hear a deep breath against my ear. Hands slide from my breasts and down to my holy place, where my clit is played with. I moan and close my eyes as I enjoy the sensation even more.

I can feel that he is ready for me.

I feel a hard, stiff cock leading to my pubic region. I can feel that he is ready for me. To penetrate me and take me deep. I try to take my hand down to it and grab it. I hear him enjoying it as much as I do, while I rub my hand up and down.

I want to turn around to see who it was, but wasn’t allowed. Instead, I got one finger, then two, three fingers up inside me. I was finger-fucked, and as I was about to hit my orgasm, he stopped. He pulled his fingers out of me and still held me against the wall. A little while passed and finally I got that rock hard stiff cock up inside me. I am bent over and can feel the hands gripping my hips hard as I am taken hard from behind.

Screaming with pleasure under the shower.

I moan loudly, almost screaming with pleasure. With a start, I’m lifted, still with the cock inside me. I can hear his moans in my ear as he fucks me hard. His one hand holds one leg up, making it easier and further for him to come inside me. His other hand he keeps around my neck, so I still can’t see him.

We both moan and he takes me up the cold wall. I can still feel the warm jets of water hitting my body. He’s taking me so hard now, pounding the shit out of me. I almost scream and have a big orgasm, meanwhile I hear him coming too. His deep moan is approaching a roar and as he comes, he is pounding and pounding his cock into me as he empties his cum into me.

He pulls out of me, releases me and leaves. Now I’m sitting on the floor of the bath all alone, enjoying the warm water pouring down on me. I still don’t know who he was, but one thing is for sure. It was so nice and naughty. I must have more!!

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