An American woman is on vacation in Thailand and sees a secret sex appointment in a store. The photo is of Amanda, looking forward to a secret chat?

I had been lying on the beach for almost two weeks without the energy to go shopping in town. A bit of a crisis, it’s not really a holiday if you don’t do a bit of shopping. Now it had started to rain, but still, the heat was oppressive, and I just put on an airy dress. Inside the shops, it was even warmer, almost like hell. I went from shop to shop. Tough salesmen were the last thing I knew, so I didn’t spend long in each shop. The last shop before lunch was a clothes shop, just “had” to get a new dress. Like all shops in Thailand, this one was also quite chaotic. There were clothes everywhere, cramped, small rum and galleys, not quite like a well-organized American shop… I step into the dark shop, there is no one there. It’s a pity the salesman didn’t notice I was coming in, they were usually quite impressed. Rushing around looking at the selection, I hear that there are some at the far end of the shop, but I stayed a bit away to be left alone. After a while, I get over to where I heard there is someone, and get a little shock! A woman is kneeling in front of the seller and performing secret oral sex, I can not move but stay behind my corner to watch. Help, it’s one of the most exciting things I’ve seen in my life! I have no intention of missing out on this now. Can hardly breathe when I see the man close his eyes and enjoy, it rumbles in my lower belly and I press my hand against the front of my skirt. Just that touch makes me want to shiver.

The mirrors around the couple make me see the secret spectacle from several angles, and the cramped shop, the heat, and everything make this almost too much for me. After an hour of oral sex, the man sits down on a chair and the woman, who is still dressed, pulls up her dress and sits over him, laughing intensely. Now I have to struggle not to let a hand slip under my dress, am so excited that the cloth from my black thongs is seen as a sign of affection towards my sex. I moan and the man on the chair hears me, he looks up and smiles as he lifts the woman’s dress, so I can clearly see how he penetrates her. It’s almost too much, and it feels like my eyes are going black. But I have no intention of leaving this. Now the woman stands against the chair and the man takes her from behind. The woman’s eyes meet mine, and she too seems to think that I see them. She lifts her dress and strokes her breasts as she looks at the man entering her from behind. It almost feels like it’s me there on the chair, so intensely am I present in it all! Soon the woman comes and in one movement she pulls down her dress and walks out briskly. Surprised by the sudden finish, I stand still by the clothes as she passes.

The man gives me a squeeze and asks in disgusting English if I liked what I saw. I could hardly deny it, as I was still breathing heavily. He started stroking my arm and asked if I wanted a little experience of my own. My body screamed yes…. But sensible as I am, I said no thanks and started to walk out of the shop. The man came and hugged me from behind, stroked my breasts, and asked again. – Are you sure? His hands found their way under my dress and the idea of leaving the shop no longer existed. He massaged my breasts and I stood against a leg while his hands went all over my body. He lifted my dress and his hands made me swoon with pleasure, I bent over a table and let him explore everything. I look towards the door and realize that anyone can come in, but there the thought stops when I feel the man untie my thong so that I am naked under the dress. I move forward and soon feel him penetrate me deeply. It flickers before my eyes and I feel that orgasm is not so far away, god what a feeling! I want him over me and lay down on the table and let him come inside me again.

I close my eyes and hope the secret pleasure will last forever. I stroke my breasts as I feel his limb move in my warm cave. Soon I come in a violent orgasm…. I lie naked on the table for a while, and soon I feel I must come again. I’m playing with myself, and the man has now gone behind me and is treating my breasts. My goodness, what am I doing? Never been so horny, and then I’m lying on a table in a shop in Turkey with an unknown man! Soon I’m back in an intense orgasm and my whole body is shaking. The man, who is now also lifted again, stands in front of me. What the hell, I think, and am almost as horny. I take the member in my mouth and suck, while playing with myself with one hand. Soon comes the third orgasm, while the man also comes again…. is this me? It almost feels like I’m still standing next to someone else… Now I’m completely exhausted and on shaky legs, I give thanks and go out into the heat and the crowd at the gate. In a trance, I go into the hotel and wonder if I have been dreaming or not. This was an experience I will never forget. I almost blush when I think of what I have done – but I don’t want it undone!