I’ve been shampooing myself and getting all cleaned up as I drive to meet a lovely lady with whom I’ve been chatting for a while about a wide range of things, but mostly about sex and quite extensively. The time has come to make a woman of you, your first time is coming, and you’re convinced you want to get rid of your virginity.

You walk towards my car and timidly look at me, peeking a little from under your eyebrows. You open the door and say a cheerful hi. I say hi back and ask you to sit in the car. Quickly you sit down and look at your phone, but soon put it back in your pocket, because you didn’t really come to flick it. I can tell you’re nervous because you’re inexperienced, and I’m practically a stranger, but I immediately start by telling you not to be afraid and that you can always stop everything if you feel like it. I met you through the internet and came to Vilnius by car.

You look at me for the first time in real life and smile with a lovely nod. We drive off towards a quiet place where we can get to know each other even better. I take your hand and tell you I only want what’s best for you. We talk for a while until we reach our destination. I hug you and give you a gentle kiss on the cheek, which makes me see a wonderful smile on your lips again. I can’t help but kiss those lips and after a little hesitation, you return the kiss. Your lips feel so wonderfully soft and warm. We continue kissing, which gets more and more passionate and intense. I start stroking your hair and pull back from the kiss, seeing you relaxed and a little aroused. I tell you that you are beautiful and suggest that we go to the back seat, to which you say yes.

In the back seat, we remove your clothes so that only your trousers are on, and you are wearing a bra. You smile seductively, while I look at your body, which clearly wants to be touched for the first time by a man. And there’s no fear that it won’t get it if you want it. I come up to your body and start kissing you, at the same time I put my hand on your lower back and press you against my body, our kisses seem to get very passionate. I stop kissing and ask, are you okay? You answer enthusiastically that I am and rush to kiss me yourself. I hug you tightly and respond with a kiss that seems to have no end. I grab your bottom and start kissing your neck, to which you respond by lifting your chin and sighing. Your wonderfully soft skin feels silky on my lips, and I spread kisses around your neck, moving towards your ear. I give it a few kisses and start to nibble on it a little, to which you respond by squirming a little and laughing.

I unhook your bra and the first time is coming

I unhook your bra and drop it on the seat, admire your bare breasts for a moment and grab hold of them. You sigh as I feel those silky soft and firm breasts with rock-hard nipples. I gently squeeze them and tell you I like them while watching your face, already clearly aroused with its flushed cheeks.

I take your hand and place it on my shaft, where there’s a definite bulge of my rock-hard cock, and tell you to feel it. You press it gently and try to take it in your hand, but it’s hard through your pants. So I decided to ease you in and release the whole thing. You take a serious breath and put your hand around it, squeezing gently. I sigh in good humor and give you permission to handle more boldly, and before long you start to roll the foreskin off the heel. You feel my full cock now twitch and grow larger in the process, and I sigh again. Slowly you start to jerk me off with a concentrated and cute smile. My hand begins to move to your thigh and I stroke from there to your round bottom, the other hand moving to your chest. After a moment, I notice you’ve ceased masturbating and you begin to concentrate on my touches, sighing.

I ask, “Do you want to go further?”, to which you reply, “Yeah, take my pants off..”. It doesn’t take long before we start to take your pants off and after a while I see you wearing nothing but lovely panties, which get to cover your saintly head for a while longer. They’re wet all over the bottom and I tell you how that turns me on and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. I’ll push you on your back on the bench and come on top of you and kiss you and brush your hair with my fingers. You’ll feel my hard cock pushing your wet pussy through your pants. I start dry humping, and before you know it you start to hear a little squelch. You sigh with your mouth open and sometimes moan as I push a little harder.

I start kissing your neck and move down to your breasts. I kiss around both breasts and right to the edges of your nipples. I blow on your nipples and they get even harder as I hear you moan louder and louder. I grab the nipple between my lips, you shiver and can’t stay still. I gently and tenderly pinch your nipple and squeeze the other one with my hand. After a while, I continue kissing you on your stomach and then lower and lower, right down to the edge of your panties. I ask if you want them removed and you reply very enthusiastically “Yes!” and you start to take them off yourself. Beneath them, you reveal a sheared, so wonderfully wet, swollen pussy, waiting for my cock, the first time. My cock now twitches at the sight, but I control myself and proceed to kiss your lower lip. You’re already sighing heavily, even though I haven’t had time to move on to the holy hole.

I remind you, “take your time, and you can always stop if you want”, but you just say, “touch me from there!”. I smile and start to move my kisses lower, towards that hot, glowing crotch for the first time. I kiss the outer labia and jump from side to side to share kisses. Your hips start to roll and you try to make my lips hit your most sensitive one. I can’t bear to tease you anymore, so I press my tongue between your labia and pull it up from the bottom. You let out a wonderful moan and after a while, I can hear them continuously as I start to lick you properly. You sigh wonderfully, and I taste your neutral-tasting pussy juice in my mouth and start to get even more aroused. Soon you feel my fingers rubbing your pussy hole, my tongue working between your labia and on your clitoris. I slowly start to push my finger inside your tight virgin pussy, but stop when I encounter a barrier and start to slowly finger myself. I grab my hair and listen to your moans and groans. Your pussy squeezes my fingers wonderfully, and your hips can’t seem to stay still. I’ll keep this up for a while until I get on top of you and kiss you.

I ask, “Are you ready to lose your virginity?” and you answer without any hesitation “Yeah…”. I take hold of my hard cock, place it on your pussy hole and start to slowly press back and forth on your pussy hole. I feel it sink in a little, so I grab your hand and start to push in a millimeter at a time. You sigh and after a moment I stop as I start to feel more and more tightness. I squeeze tighter on your hand and push a little harder, after which you moan a little. I stop immediately, still holding your hand and waiting for you to gather yourself. After a moment I ask, “are you ok?” and you respond with a nod. I slowly start to pull back and push back in again, always a little deeper. You’re looking concentrated and you have your lips tightly together as I gently and slowly begin to fuck your tight and throbbing pussy. Each time I push a little deeper than the last, and it doesn’t take long before your whole cock has disappeared inside you. I stop again for a moment and feel your tight pussy literally milking my cock.

Your face slowly begins to look more relaxed and I ask you if you want to continue, to which you respond with a nod. I start to fuck you slowly and you start to moan wonderfully. I feel like I could come at any time if I just gave it a thought, but I still want to enjoy this. I put my spit on my fingers, which I place on your clit, and begin to gently massage it. Your pussy is pulsing really violently around my cock now, so much so that I’m having trouble not coming, so I try to put all my thought into rubbing your clit. Soon you start to moan wonderfully, and your hips start to rise up and down and I can’t hold back any longer, I can feel the first signs of orgasm trickling over me. I rub your clitoris with the last few strokes and feel your pussy squeezing hard on my cock, pushing deeper and deeper. My orgasm overflows and my cock begins to pulse cum into the depths of your tight pussy, as your moans increase even more.

My cock also moans as I suck your pussy in an animal way. Your whole body goes into an upswing, you seem to be on the hills of your happiness. After a while, I start to recover from the orgasm and I notice you are holding your eyes closed and panting with your mouth open still from the force of your own orgasm. I move to kiss your lips and hug you, still inside you. The squeeze of your pussy still feels tight, and the violent throbbing of my cock hasn’t stopped. You smile sweetly when you tell me it was wonderful. My heart is warmed by this response and I kiss you for a moment longer until I take the paper to protect myself as I withdraw from you. We lie down for a moment, hugging and kissing each other. No words are needed now, we collect ourselves from what we just did.

We put on our clothes and move to the front seats. We agree to see each other again, and I’ll drive you home, following your endless smile

First time for Lithuanian woman