Last year, my friend Ivana and I once again treated ourselves to a somewhat expensive vacation in the Caribbean. We are both 25 and had just finished our further education. At the time, we had been together for several years and never really had time to afford such a vacation because of our education. The photo you see is from Latina webcam girl Ashley.

The all-inclusive hotel more than met our requirements. The complex had a top-notch, well-maintained look, the staff was friendly, and the food was indescribable. In the first few days of our vacation in this paradise, this was reflected in our wild, rabid sex. Our travel provider had included a voucher for a “massage à la maison” in their offer. Since I am not much of a wellness person, I gladly left the voucher to my girlfriend.

She is probably often tense because of her beautiful bust and accepted it with thanks. At first, she wanted me to treat myself to such a massage at the same time as her, but I declined. For me, this fantastic weather and the Caribbean atmosphere with salsa music and cocktails by the pool was the epitome of vacation. During lunch on the beach, my beautiful friend explained to me how the massage works. The massage lasts about an hour, and then you have to stay in the wellness area for at least another hour to let the relaxation take effect.

After lunch, back at the pool, Ivana said goodbye with a tender, long kiss. Dressed only in her bikini, she slowly bent over me, her breasts, which were large for her slender figure, bumping against my bare chest. As she kissed me, she sat on top of me and rubbed her pussy unobtrusively against my cock. Ivana stopped the brief position when she noted with satisfaction that my cock had now become hard. As she left, she whispered in my ear that she wanted my cock to disappear into her mouth in a few hours after the massage and then just walked away. I watched the surroundings through my sunglasses, wondering if anyone had noticed what was going on. But the upshot was that I was left with a hard-on and the urge to masturbate.

Satisfied, I realized that everyone was probably taking a nap and enjoying the cool breeze from the sea. I wanted to rub myself with sunscreen and noticed that it had been left in Ivana’s bag. On vacation, you can’t let something like that upset you. Not wanting to risk a sunburn, I headed toward the hotel room. I had time. The complex is built so that there are 3-story houses with about 9 rooms each. Our resort was accordingly large, and we had to walk quite a bit through the well-maintained park to get to our room. When I got in front of the room, I saw that the door was ajar and soft exotic music was playing inside. I slowly opened the door and saw a 19-year-old girl moving erotically to the Salsa music while cleaning our room. In this hotel, the staff wears relatively short black skirts and short-sleeved white blouses.

The blouse was very tight around this petite Latina

The blouse was very tight around this petite Latina and emphasized her beautiful curves all too well. The white on this dark southern Latina looked incredibly erotic. She must have felt unobstructed, because her small dance position had caused her skirt to slip so far that you could see her black thong as she bent over. I stood there for several minutes, hoping that she would bend over so hard that I could see through the black fabric to the door. Ivana’s position at the pool earlier had made me pretty horny, and I was aware that she wouldn’t be back at the pool until about 1:00 pm.

Secretly, I wanted to feel a Latina and use her as a real fuck. But since we always did almost everything together, that possibility never came up. In my mind, it was most important to me that it happen in absolute anonymity. And it couldn’t be a woman I had to fool. The best thing seemed to me to be a one-time affair, preferably with a woman in another country, where I wouldn’t have to go too far with her wishes. After all, a fling involves something absolutely selfish, namely only the satisfaction of one’s own urges. There is no need to pretend that you are doing this for someone else. Should I take advantage of the situation to satisfy my deep selfish desires? The dancing girl had seen me now and stood there a little miffed. I smiled and wanted to try something. I greeted her in English and told her I didn’t want to disturb her and just needed something from the room.

She undid another button and showed more of her tanned skin

She seemed to relax and asked me in English if I was satisfied with my vacation in her country. For those readers who have never been to the Dominican Republic, this country is poor, and it must be a small shock for the staff to be confronted with this prosperity every day, as it is for us. So I slowly went to the safe and opened it. From the small safe, I took out about 3 euros in their local currency. I held out the money to the lady with a smile and told her again in English that I had really enjoyed her dancing and if she could continue it a bit more erotically. For a moment I saw how she was a little stunned, but then accepted the money and after the first hip swing felt like dancing again. As she undid another button and showed me some more of her tanned skin on her breasts, she told me that she didn’t actually do that, but that she liked it.

As she slowly undid one button after another, my swimming trunks slowly but surely became quite sore. For the 3 euros, she was even willing to undress down to her underwear without hearing another word from me and quietly danced on in Ivana’s and my hotel room. As I looked at her black see-through thong, I could see through the thin fabric to her Latina pussy, and I felt my cock at the tip already radiating its first pleasure. The thong was cut so low that I thought I could almost see her slit at the top of the fabric! I looked at the clock and saw that I had at least two and a half hours left. I held out another euro to the petite Latina with her beautiful breasts and asked her what she wanted to pay for it. Again I saw her hesitate for a moment, but then she took the euro, turned away from me and unbuttoned her bra.

could see her feminine silhouette as she stripped off

When she turned around again, she moved incredibly sexy to the rhythmic music and covered her breasts with her hands. She showed me her dark nipples for a moment, then turned around again and stretched her incredibly hot buttocks out to me. She released her breasts and slowly bent over. From the side, I could see her feminine silhouette as she stripped off her scanty thong. When she presented me with her shaved pussy from not too far away, still bent over, I could see that it shone a little. She must also have thought that what she was showing was pretty horny. I held out another euro to her, she took it and held the money in her fingers, but I didn’t let go of the money and asked her again what I could expect in return. She decided to let me take it a step further, as she seemed to need the money.

She bent over me naked and with her Spanish accent whispered in my ear, “For this money I would suck you! I didn’t quite understand that yet and wanted to finger her a little while she sucked. I told her that I was not a selfish person and that I wanted to give her some pleasure too. Since she already had the money in her hand and her pussy seemed pretty wet, she let me do my thing. I went through her shiny slit with my index finger and pushed my finger into her a little. At the same time, I stimulated her clit with my thumb.

She moaned quite loudly. I thought about the neighbors for a moment, but then I felt her wet mouth on my hard cock. The drops of pleasure were immediately licked off, and slowly she guided my rather wide cock about halfway into her wet mouth and continued to suck it. I remembered that I had just cheated on my girlfriend for the first time and that it was a one time thing after all. So I decided to be a little bolder, knelt down and fucked the little Latina slut in her mouth. She knelt on top of everyone and tried to control her gag reflex to take me deeper inside her.

I held her long dark hair and brutally fucked her

Gently but firmly I held her long dark hair and brutally fucked her mouth for a while with her sexy full lips. She was now my delicious fuck slut. Unfortunately, Ivana doesn’t like it when I’m a little rough with her mouth. I liked the situation all too much and had to be careful not to cum in the Caribbean beauty’s throat. I felt the young Latina take my cock all the way down her throat with enough pressure. I had never been so deep in a woman’s mouth before! At that moment I thought to myself, well, I’ve experienced enough, haven’t I? With my free hand, I reached into my purse and looked to see if there were any euros in there. With a grin, I held out another euro to the girl. She looked at me with her big beautiful brown eyes and the cock in her mouth and thought. Unfortunately, she told me that she wouldn’t let me fuck her for money. I replied that I had already fingered her and there was nothing else.

That wasn’t so bad. She wrestled out her inner conflict, took the Euro and turned around. She knelt in front of me on one knee and stretched her nice ass out to me. I entered her swollen pussy and licked her with my tongue from the bottom to the rosette. I’ve always wanted to do that with Ivana, but never dared. I circled her rosette with the tip of my tongue and then penetrated lightly. The Caribbean girl moaned loudly and crammed her fingers into the bedding. No one had ever done that to her before! Now I brought my cock to her pussy and felt her wet lust with my glans.

With a firm push I penetrated into the exotic beauty

With a firm jerk, I penetrated halfway into the exotic beauty. I had never had such a southern woman, the contrast of my white cock thrusting into this beautiful brown pussy almost made me cum. I tied her hair in a braid and pulled her back a bit. This really got this horny bitch going, she slammed her narrow ass against me really hard. For a moment I remembered what kind of situation I was in and that this southern woman didn’t understand a word I was saying. But good girl, come on with that pussy and ass.

As I continued to fuck her hard, I yelled at her in Danish what a little horny whore she was. My little horny Latina whore. And that I was punishing her for spreading her legs for money. “You dirty whore deserves to be fucked hard!” If she had understood that, I wouldn’t have dared to say those things. I also told myself that the neighbors, if they understood, would think I was fucking Ivana. I felt the little whore rub her clit with her hand and began to moan and shout louder and louder, “Fuck me harder, fuck me! Her pussy twitched and her muscles gripped my thick cock even tighter as she cried out her orgasm. For a moment I thought about squirting it all into her face, I had paid for it…. I would never see this woman again, but then I couldn’t stop myself and squirted all my cum deep into her pussy. I lingered in her for a while and then pulled my cock out of her dark pussy and watched as my cum ran out of her.

I had to smile a little as I looked at the clock. It was another 30 minutes until Ivana would be back at the poolside lounge chairs. The sexy woman from the ranch was now licking my cock clean, so Ivana wouldn’t notice, and insisted again that I really believe her that she had never done this before. It was apparently important to her that I didn’t think she was a cheap little whore. I then went back to the pool with the sunscreen and smiled to myself as I remembered that this Latina beauty had to tear up the room again. I lay down in the lounge chair, enjoying the sun, and was glad when Ivana returned. I wondered for a moment if it would show on my face what I had just done? My GF was probably still horny for me and immediately kissed me on the mouth. She grinned and said, “If I didn’t know better, I’d say your mouth tastes like my pussy.