A naughty story about a redheaded lady who seduces a married man. The picture shows Julia, she is going to seduce you during a video call. Immerse yourself in love with this lady.

She was slim, had long legs and long red hair. Not painted, but a rich flame-red. It went wonderfully with her green watching eyes and the tight green dress she wore. I had been watching her all evening, ever since we stepped through the door. My girlfriend seemed to have noticed it too, because she made sure that I was not left alone with the beauty for a moment.

Her name was Julia, a beautiful redhead.

Her name was Julia, she hadn’t been in town for long and had just separated from her husband. She knows the guy who hosted the party, that’s why she’s at this party in the first place. Her voice is dark and smoky, much deeper than you would expect from such a slim, small person. But then again, it fits perfectly. She’s sipping bourbon from a tumbler, and the whole time we’ve been talking, not once has there been an embarrassed silence. She had style, was funny and easy to be amused by. I liked her a lot. Anna, my girlfriend, pulled me into the kitchen, which was currently populated by quite a few party people.

In the past, the parties that were held at home always took place in the kitchen, but that’s probably one thing that will also change when you wake up. You have to get up earlier, the nights are no longer drunk because they are already too short, and the parties no longer take place in the kitchen. That’s just the way it is. “Can you explain to me what you’re actually pulling in there?”, Anna could be seen to be more than a little displeased. Jealousy had always been a big problem for us. Well, for her… “What do you mean?”, I asked, although I already had a hunch. “Oh, now don’t pretend you don’t know!

You’ve been undressing that redheaded tramp.

You’ve been undressing that redheaded tramp with your watching eyes all night. You don’t even notice if I’m standing next to you or not.” She crossed her arms, always a bad sign. “You’re looking at it all wrong. I notice you all the time. The side of the room you were standing on is much colder than the other.” That wasn’t particularly insightful, but I didn’t feel like letting her ruin my mood tonight. “Oh, sorry to get in the way of your new conquest. I just thought you’d like to have me around, what with us being a couple and living together and all. But I guess I was wrong about that.” Her tone got more and more caustic. I couldn’t stand it when she talked to me like that. “Just because we’re a couple doesn’t mean I can’t talk to other ladies,” I countered, visibly annoyed. Always the same old story, I was tired of it. “I didn’t see any lady tonight.

Just this little redhead tramp with her plunging neckline and huge boobs that almost jump in your face when she turns to face you. Don’t tell me you didn’t notice, you could barely look her in the eye.” She was seriously angry now. You know what, I think we should continue this conversation tomorrow. One of us is not emotionally capable of not making a complete fuss here right now,” with those words I walked back into the living room. Over my shoulder, I added, “And that someone is certainly not me.” I was already back at the bar getting myself another whiskey when I saw Anna storm out of the kitchen, scowl at me just once, and leave the apartment.

Her friends had been the hosts of the party. Well, what the heck, I had more important things to do than to worry about that now. I let my eyes roam the room, but before I got to see Julia, I heard her voice behind me, “Where was your girlfriend going in such a hurry? Are you two okay?” I turned to her and smiled, “Yeah, everything’s fine. We just had a little disagreement, nothing that can’t be worked out in the morning.” She looked a little disappointed, “Oh, too bad. I thought it might be something serious.” She winked at me. I looked at her in surprise, but then I smiled too, “No, it’s not something serious. But it’s already serious enough that I don’t want to think about it tonight.” “I can help with that,” she looked deep into my watching eyes and the tip of her tongue gently stroked her upper lip, “I’m so alone right now too, a little distraction would do me a world of good:”

She whispered in my ear.

The naughty redhead whispered in my ear, accidentally touching my crotch with her hand, “And you look like a good distraction. I’m going to leave the party now, I’ll meet you outside the door in half an hour.” Without waiting for another word, she left. I took a sip of whiskey and grinned to myself. You little redhead, I thought to myself, watching her go. I was still mingling with the other guests, Anna’s friend still asking why Anna had left so suddenly. I couldn’t remember her name, but told her Anna wasn’t feeling so well and had already gone home. I would follow her soon, too. I took a little over half an hour to not make a fuss and stepped out the door into the open.

Julia was sitting in her car, had the radio on and was looking at the clock when I knocked on the window. “You’re late, handsome,” she said this in her deep, sexy voice that immediately made my pants tighten a little. “Good things can wait” I winked and got into her car. As soon as we got to her house, we ripped each other’s clothes off. My white shirt landed on the floor, just like her gorgeous green dress. I kissed her, felt her slender back under my hands and let them wander deeper and deeper until I got hold of her bottom. I squeezed and massaged it so that Julia let out a soft moan.

She broke away from my lips, got on her knees in front of me, and opened my pants. A smile played around her face as she gets to see my hard cock in my boxers. It almost hits her in the face as she pulls down my pants, and it can’t go fast enough for her until I’m not wearing any underwear either. “Wow, you have a huge cock,” she says with admiration as she takes it in both hands and the glans is still visible. She starts jerking me off, first slowly and then a little faster. Her hands are warm and feel a little sweaty. “Take it in your mouth,” I command more than I ask and groan as Julia obeys my command. She takes first the tip, then more and more of the shaft into her mouth, watching my eyes.

The sight is so sharp that I moan again and close my watching, afraid I won’t be able to control myself. Julia is very skilled with her mouth and tongue, trying to take my penis all the way in, but she can’t manage it. I take her head in my hands and start fucking her mouth. I could never do that with Anna, but now it felt so horny that I almost couldn’t hold on to myself again. So I pulled back. “Your mouth is too good, if I’m not careful I’ll cum without you having had your fun,” I said, breathing heavily. “But we don’t want that. Come on, you can return the favor,” she said, lying down on her couch and spreading her thighs. She was almost completely shaved, II like to see a red hair bush, but ok, With only a small strip of hair that was just as red as her main hair. Underneath was a small, swollen, pussy that was just waiting to be licked. So I kneel down in front of her and started kissing the inside of her thighs. The closer I got to her crotch, the louder her moans became. Her whole body shook as I slowly slid my tongue over her lips and then gently lapped at her clit. I moistened my index finger and penetrated her, while I continued to spoil her with my tongue and lips.

The beautiful redhead Julie tasted wonderful.

The beautiful redhead Julie tasted wonderful and was so deliciously wet that I immediately took my middle finger to help. She moaned again and again, in time with me pushing my fingers in and out of her. “Please, your fingers are not enough anymore. Fuck me with your huge cock,” she was almost as red in the face as her red hair, and I was so horny that I didn’t let her tell me twice. I turned her so that she was now stretching her stunning ass towards me and penetrated her. She was so tight that I could not penetrate her all at once, but had to work my way in slowly. But when my balls touched her clit, it was as if I would go insane. I had not experienced something like this in a long time, so intense and wet. I embraced her hips and now began to fuck her with harder and harder thrusts.

Her moans turned into screams, the neighbors must have caught on to what we were doing, and she kept cheering me on, “Yes, give it to me. Harder, fuck me harder.” I took it even harder and already felt the harbingers of a huge orgasm. “Pull out when you cum, I don’t want to get pregnant. Rather squirt me in the face,” she said, smiling at me with her head twisted back. When she said that it was time for me to come. I sucked my cock out of her pussy, pulled her to her knees in front of me and unloaded all my pent-up lust into her face. I had an orgasm that would not end. Load and load of hot cum slapped Julia in the face, and she seemed eager to catch it all with her mouth. My knees were shaking so much that I had to sit down first while Julia licked her lips again with pleasure and then swallowed my whole load. “We’ll definitely have to get that again sometime,” she said again with a wink, and I could only smile wanly and nod my head.