Arrived in town and bang …in a parking space, my car shakes and I hear a scratching sound…. Probably it was a little too narrow. Yes, I am a woman and I wrote this story because I caught my husband watching porn in the loft with one of those fuckmachines. So this is for you, honey. The part about the damage is real, the rest is fantasy. Thanks for reading. Note: Photo is from webcam Latina Ary

You look a little surprised at the owner of the damaged vehicle, nothing but passersby. Then a man of about 40 comes and says that the owner of this vehicle is in the workshop of house No. 60, you smile, thank him and go with him to house No. 60!

Oh no, it’s a small sex shop with a non-stop cinema

Arriving there you realize – oh no, it’s a small sex shop with a non-stop cinema – with slight unease but nevertheless confident you enter the store, past the video booths, you notice a distinctive, slightly pungent smell! You go to the cash register and ask the cashier about his car. You tell him what happened, and actually you want to settle it very simply through the insurance. But the cashier offers you something else and gives you to think that your insurance premium will go up.

Somehow this light, this mysterious man, and the horny looks of two customers at the shelves! You want to settle it quickly and uncomplicated and agree, in a voice that is foreign to you. Without waiting for a response from me, he grabbed my hand with his greasy fingers and, passing several video booths, purposefully pulled me along to the back of the room. Between two video booths, there was a small door, which he opened with his large keychain. Should I have run? I couldn’t. Now my curiosity was aroused and I wanted to know what was behind that door.

Disappointment followed on the heels of this. When the fat man turned on the light bulb hanging from the ceiling, the room turned out to be a simple cleaning and junk room, or rather a garbage dump. Reluctantly, he wriggled through the door and pushed the cleaning cart aside with his foot. In one of the back corners, lying in the darkness, was apparently the target of his desire. With moans and groans, he brought a strange device into the light. “So.” he panted, “here we are. This is the newest addition to the masturbation market and just the thing for you, sweetheart!”

One more thing is missing

He brought a pack of tissue and headed out. I stood in the doorway, trying to understand the purpose of what I saw as a not-so-new device. Closer inspection revealed it to be a construction of several iron parts welded together. At the bottom was a small drive motor. “Well, honey, now you are speechless. Believe me, with this marvel of engineering, we’ll soon find out what you like.” He bent over the iron construction and made various adjustments. Two minutes later, he looked satisfied with his work. It was still not clear to me what it was. “One more thing is missing…” muttered the chubby little man and looked around the room.

Behind the door, he found what he was looking for. With a loud roar, he pulled out a large chair with several buckles and straps on the armrests. Satisfied, he maneuvered the chair in front of the iron structure. “Now, if the lady would like to take a chair ….” With his left hand he made a welcoming gesture. ” Is this?…” I stammered startled. I couldn’t even tell where front and back were, that’s how confusing the technology was. “In front of you is the world’s first fuckmachine. This is an unsaleable prototype that can only be seen here with me. This is where the vibrator is set up, and this drive shaft provides the in-out effect.” he announced proudly and this time in impeccable and perfect English. “Undress” his eager gaze falls on my belly, “and sit with your nice ass on this chair. Slide forward a little and ….. Yes, where did we …” His hand dives back into the darkness and pulls out an open box with dildos of various sizes.

He cleverly fishes out a “normal” one and expertly attaches it to the iron structure. “… And here we have a selection of different vibrators. With studs, thick, thin, etc. What shall we start with?” Suddenly the features become clear to me. In front of me is a crappy machine. The iron rod, at the end of which is the dildo, is aimed at the center of the chair. It is connected via various connections to the small motor that provides the drive. So the woman herself takes a seat on the chair, spreads her legs – presumably the buckles serve to secure the legs – and allows herself to be indulged. Despite the non-erotic setting, I’m excited. I’d like to try that.

Well, let’s take your clothes off

And without waiting for a response, he continued, “Well, let’s take your clothes off.” But we hadn’t bet on that. And the discussion immediately followed. Despite an unmistakable request to leave me alone, Chubby made no move to leave. On the contrary, he began to explain to me the exact functions and concluded that I could only enjoy it, but that he absolutely had to fine-tune the settings. I allowed myself to be discouraged, not least because I was not entirely familiar with the technology, and we agreed that he would do the basic settings, perform a real test, and then leave me alone with the remote control and the device, which had also appeared in the meantime. “Madam has not yet selected your dildo.” He held the box under my nose.

A disgusting fishy stench rose in my nose. The smell brought back memories of an 18-year-old lout who nearly knocked me over while jogging. Out of sheer horniness, I fucked him in a grove in the city park. First he wanted to be sucked on his equally dirty smelly cock, which I resisted at first, but then emphatically requested (his two hands on my head). And as if that wasn’t good enough, he squirted the entire load all over my face. Without many words, he then jogged on, and I stayed in the bushes until it got dark. ” Hello!!!” called chubby to me and pulled me out of the realm of dreams. Ad hoc, a thick flesh-colored tail caught my attention. I bravely pointed at it. Chubby cleared his throat, “No offense, but this one is 20.5 cm long and 4.5 cm in diameter.

Maybe we shouldn’t start with such a caliber right away

Maybe we shouldn’t start with such a caliber right away.” How dare he. Does he think I’m still a virgin? But maybe I had overestimated myself? Confidently, I said, “I’ve had a lot of different cocks in me and I think we can start with this size.” When I looked in the box again, my courage almost left me. It was pretty big, after all. “You’re the customer!” gasped the fat man, as he removed the cock from the box and placed it on top of the machine, where it was secured with three clamps. “Now, when you get free, you can sit here on this chair.” He slid the old, partially fabric-covered chair right in front of the dildo tip. “Then we have to use these loops to hold them in place, so they can’t slip.

Otherwise, the effect would be missed. With this remote you can turn on and off, control the speed and activate the vibration effect” Now had I understood that correctly? He wanted to tie me to the chair? The thought of total surrender quickly overcame my emerging concerns. Besides, the fat man had now become very amiable. He lulled me to safety. “The only thing you should do now is undress” he asked me again. “Anything?” “As you wish. I don’t know your preferences, but I can tell you from experience (clears throat) that there are many women who prefer to be completely naked in front of the machine.” As I undressed, he fiddled with his machine without taking his eyes off me. I was mostly concerned about cleanliness. Where to put my clothes. I found a spot behind the cleaning truck. I spread out my thick coat like a dirt repellent.

I had to climb over the dildo

Sweater and pants followed. I didn’t dare get out of my pumps, because the floor lacked any sign of cleanliness. So I didn’t take off my stockings either. I hoped for total ecstasy and therefore undressed completely. I felt his eager gaze as I unhooked my bra and a moment later stepped out of my panties. But I didn’t care. And I was not ashamed to show my face to him. My luscious breasts with their pointed nipples and the clean-shaven pubic area, where on closer inspection a wet film was certainly already visible. To sit down, I had to climb over the dildo.

The chubby little man, meanwhile, had nestled himself on the floor and thus had the best view of my intimate insides. Once I was seated, my legs were placed on the backrest, where they were tied with two leather straps. He did this so conscientiously that no room for movement was left. The whole setup was so artfully done that my buttocks were at the end of the seat and my upper body was pressed into the back of the chair. I could barely move. “Now, would you like to stimulate yourself a little, so we can adjust the vibrator.” Great. Now I have to finger myself for the old bag too. With the greatest of effort, I brought my right hand to my clit and began to slowly stroke myself.

It didn’t take much encouragement, because indeed there was already wet slime all over my pussy. The cashier looked eagerly at my pussy, which I now candidly presented to him. It didn’t matter now. My thick, swollen labia indicated total horniness anyway. “You let me know when you’re ready” he suddenly said again very politely. “I guess we can try,” it came back to me spontaneously. He gave me a dirty smile and put the machine in position. I felt him fidget at my slit with his fingers, but found it hard to judge whether this might be unnecessary. Then I felt the cold rubber cock at my kissing entrance and noticed how the thick cock separated my labia. Unstoppable, the horny pouch pushed the rubber cum further. He passed his thumb over my clit a few times. I inhaled noticeably. “Is it too fast for you?” he asked sanctimoniously. “No no,” I breathed, trying to put as much indignation in my voice as possible, “totally fine.”

The tip was now about halfway in and stretched my slit in the most brutal way possible. “You have to bulge your labia outward. Otherwise, it will chafe too much.” was his expert advice. I tried to follow the sensible advice with my right hand. But I didn’t succeed. My arms were just too short at that moment. “Wait, I’ll help you,” he said again very politely, but with a hint of gloating. Without waiting for my answer, he grabbed my pussy, deftly pulled out my labia and rubbed them lightly between his fingers. And whether it was intentional or not, in the process he again touched my clitoris so intensely that I flinched. “Sorry, I didn’t know you were so sensitive!” he said hypocritically. I’m not sensitive, asshole, I’m horny!

I thought to myself. “We’re ready now. I’m going to start a test run now.” Again, he didn’t wait for my answer, but pulled a lever on the remote control. The fucking machine started immediately. When the rubber cock was pushed all the way into my pussy for the first time, I agreed with a loud scream. He had done that on purpose. My pussy was aching. But before I could say anything, the cock withdrew, to enter me again at the same moment. A steam hammer. But I was still too dry. Suddenly, the fat man turned off the machine. “Are you okay?” he grinned at me. I gasped for air. “I’m not all wet yet,” I replied. “Mhhh,” grumbled my mate. “I’m afraid I don’t have any Vaseline here. Would you like to stimulate yourself some more?”

Then he pulled his cock out of my pussy, but probably changed his mind and came with his face to my lower abdomen. “Well, let me give you a hand with that!” he said with a grin, as he bent over my pubic mound and began to lick me. Before I could object, I felt his thick tongue on my clit. And how he licked me. So well that after only 2 minutes, my pussy was dripping with juice. In no time at all I was on 180, moaning and screaming, stretching and stretching. My nipples were sticking straight up. But of course it didn’t stop there. At first, I wasn’t visible, but the cashier had pulled his cock out of his pants and driven it up. Just as I was looking forward to the first orgasm, he stood up, and I saw the mess. With an “I can try” he shoved his small but thick cock into my pussy. What was I supposed to do then? I was far too horny to stop now.

How could I have resisted? He put his left hand on my tit and twisted my nipple. His cock stretched my pussy, but before it could get really nice, I felt my hole fill with warm fluid. He grinned at me with a twisted face during the orgasm. “Now everything is well lubricated” he said and pulled out his cock to replace it with the rubber cock. “Do you want to go on alone now? I’ll put the remote control here on the backrest for you. This lever is for the speed, this one to turn it on and off and here is the vibration effect. Everything okay? I nodded wildly around me. It didn’t seem so hard and I wanted satisfaction at last. “I’m going to turn it back on now. Enjoy it and report to the cashier later.” The machine started up again and immediately made me go full throttle as well.

I had to turn off the fuckmachine first

The cashier stood beside me for a while longer. His now totally limp tail was still hanging out of his pants. And as if I had guessed it, he took it in his hand and pressed it into my open mouth, telling me to clean it. I did the same, but I failed to activate his little cock. At one point, the fat man just disappeared, leaving me alone with the fucking machine. Less than 5 minutes later, my first orgasm came crashing in, which I screamed out for a moment. 10 minutes later, I had activated the vibration effect in the meantime, orgasm 2 and 3 followed in quick succession. Both came from deep inside me and were fantastic. As the third wave subsided, I considered testing another rubber cock. To do this, I had to turn off the fuckmachine first. During this attempt, I accidentally increased the speed again. For a moment, I enjoyed the faster setting and reached for the remote control again.

But instead of grabbing the control, I gave the stupid thing a shove so that it fell to the floor. Damn! With effort, I tried to lift myself up, but I couldn’t even reach the leather straps. What a bloody mess. I got a little confused and finally couldn’t move at all. Meanwhile, the steam hammer was beating me mercilessly. My pussy had produced so much mucus that a smacking sound could be heard every time it went in and out. The 4th orgasm was inexorably approaching, which I again screamed out loud. After that, my excitement ebbed a bit and I became aware of my situation. I needed outside help. Where the hell was that fat man? Should I call for help? It was unfortunately just inevitable and mega embarrassing…. I started calling…. Nothing. After another 10 minutes, I came for the 5th time. I was soaking wet with sweat and exhausted. Now I was screaming even louder for help and just as I was about to give up, the door opened slowly and carefully. “Hello…hello…help me…. I’m stuck….” Behind the door frame appeared the fat face of a man about 50 years old.

His gaze lingered on my pussy, which was probably glistening in all colors. Oh no…I thought and tried to talk some sense into him. “Please help me…. Undo the straps…. I can’t move….” The man moved closer, but only looked at my body lustfully. “Hello … I’m here … untie me!!!” I shouted at him. He closed the door and pulled the fuckmachine back, so the dildo came out of my pussy. “HELP ME… I can’t breathe…!!!!” I screamed. The man paid no attention to me. And now came what had to come. He fiddled with his pants and pulled out his cock, which was already half stiff. A few jerky movements later, it was more erect than not and the man crouched between my legs without saying a word.

Without any problem, his cock sank as far as it could into my pussy. No wonder! After 10 thrusts at most, all I felt was my pussy filling up with warm cum, and the man theatrically slumped down on my upper body with a groan. Now I was trying again. “Can you please untie me now. You’ve had your fun, haven’t you? No answer. His body trembled. “Listen, untie me and I’ll suck your glans clean as a thank you…” I whispered to him. He moved and stood up. His pill man was all smeared. He stood next to the chair, lifted my head and pressed his cock into my mouth. I realized resistance was futile and sucked the smeared and stinking thing clean until it was shiny. And without saying a word, the man suddenly let go of me, stowed his cock and disappeared through the door.

I shouted an “ENTER ME”

Squealing, I shouted an “ENTER ME” after him. Moments later, another fifty-something appeared in the doorway and began to have his way with me. I could barely feel his much too small cock in my stretched opening. Of course, he noticed my lack of arousal. It probably irritated him. He must have had this kind of experience with this small cock before. “You old fuck slut! What are you grinning at? Are you kidding me? NA WAIT! I’ll show you!!!” With a jerk, he pulled my ass forward a little more, and before I knew what was happening to me, he placed his cock against my asshole. The cum-slime mixture had already made the back gate nice and slippery, so the little cock poked through my sphincter at the first squeeze.

Despite the small size, I let out an “AHH”, which encouraged my cock to fuck me hard. As I said, I had been taken anal many times before. This assault was quite harmless. And so I allowed myself to be quietly nailed in the ass and watched my fucker in the meantime. He was apparently married, because he wore a ring on his right hand. His mighty beer belly denied me the view of his lower body. His face was contorted in pain as he emptied himself into my ass. Of course, he hadn’t cared about me. But that’s how men are. Without a word, he dressed and disappeared. And only with brief interruptions did about 12 men climb all over me. Three young foreign boys took me particularly hard and brutally. All attempts to free me failed. No one helped me. And so I gradually came to terms with my situation and tried to achieve one or two more orgasms.

I remember Thomas, a 40-year-old family man, very well. He even introduced himself when he entered the room and asked me about my preferences – but that was all! He was very well groomed, nice smelling and fully shaved. While fucking, he told me about his wife, who unfortunately was a bit too reserved for him. He preferred dirty and uninhibited. This became obvious as time went on, and he insulted me with various vulgar expressions. I didn’t put up with that and scolded him back, which in turn seemed to give him great pleasure. After he unloaded his cock into my ass, I licked his cock clean, so his wife wouldn’t notice. He wanted to go fuck her right after, because the kids were staying at Grandma’s. Strange family circumstances! But Thomas didn’t want to get me out of my predicament, either.

About three hours after the cashier tied me to the chair, he finally reappeared. Since my latest fucker had reactivated the fucking machine before leaving the room, the cashier didn’t know what had happened. “You’ve been here for three hours now. They seem to like the machine…. Unfortunately, they have to stop now because I’m going to close. But they are welcome to come back tomorrow.” I refrained from commenting. My pussy was glowing dark red, soaked in cum and completely smeared. It burned like fire. Even after the cashier released me from the machine-made dildo, my pussy still remained wide open. The fat man was casting greedy glances at my belly even now, and could probably see all the way to my uterus. “Boy, what a mucus production….” he muttered to himself. Only when I stood up did I understand what the fat man meant. A plate-sized puddle of semen had immediately formed in front of the chair. The juice of my 12 fuckers.

My disgust was overwhelmed

My disgust was overwhelmed. I quickly put on my clothes and left the room. As I entered the salesroom, the fat man drew my attention to my real concern. Horrified, I reached into one of the shelves, fished out a large package and paid without a word. To this day, I can’t remember the way back. When I got home, I tore off my clothes. My thong was completely soaked with semen. Only an extensive bath followed by embalming revived my battered bones and soft tissues. Using my makeup mirror, I examined my plum and discovered to my relief that my shaved little bear was battered, but still fully intact. And only then could I take the time to look at what I had bought in the first place.

It was a small strap-on dildo! About 10 x 3.5 cm. Despite the ordeal I had endured, I didn’t let myself miss the opportunity to test it out in the bath. A few days later, when I was washing my clothes, I found a 50 euro bill with a small bill in my pants. It said: – The cashier cheated you. All men had to pay him 60 euros for the fuck. So did I. But it was cool. And I want to thank you for that. – That was my first self-earned money – as a whore. And yes, that damage was paid for thickly!