We go back in time to 2003. A woman has made an appointment with a man for an Internet date. Due to circumstances, they end up in a hotel together. The photo is from another internet date. You can meet live.

It was cold! Completely cold during the first internet date, they stepped into the pub. Here it was nice and warm. They quickly ordered two large coffees to recover from the long walk from the station. They were unlucky, there were no more trains to their final destination because of the bad weather. It was a nice day, going into town, completely unknown territory for both of them.

Still quite unknown to each other, an internet date

Storm damage, flooding, you name it! There they appeared. Still quite unknown to each other, an internet date and stuck at the central station of an unknown city. So together they had decided to go to a pub and talk about their options. Well, options? Both of them were not very familiar with this city, right in the middle between each other’s hometowns.

They had chosen to meet on neutral ground to avoid any awkward situations, but to be honest, they clicked. There was even a little tension in the air when they were forced to sit close together in the crowded pub. The warm coffee slowly dispelled the chilling feeling from their bodies, and neither of them found it entirely unpleasant to sit so close together in the corner of the pub. The conversation slowly started again. Occasionally a bit stumbling, but much more fluent than at the beginning of the day.

Then they were both even a little overwhelmed by the appearance of the other. They had seen pictures of each other, but they were nowhere near the reality. In fact, they found each other extremely attractive, and that made for an awkward start. But here in the pub, snuggled up close, there was less and less evidence of that. A great start for an internet date.

It was getting later and later, and still the storm was raging. The storm itself seemed to have become even more serious. Slowly the pub emptied, people trying to get home on foot. They had it easy, just go home ! A consultation was necessary now. . . How were they going to spend the night? Going home was not an option. But then we would have to arrange a hotel somewhere.

He asked an employee for the phone book and called a number of hotels. Close to the pub, they still had room, but only for 2 people. …. They looked at each other and decided to go for it. They were both tired by now and a little sleep would do them good. Checkout and then to the hotel….

Once there, they checked in and paid for 1 night. They felt a bit cheap, it was as if they were lovers of each other and booked this hotel to be with each other without the knowledge of their partners. They smiled nervously at each other once and looked for the elevator. The room turned out to be very cozy and most of it was occupied by a double bed. Along the wall was a dresser with the obligatory television on it.

On the card it could be read that only three TV channels could be received for free. The description of the other channels ‘Adult, pay per view’ left nothing to be desired. And to the surprise of both of us, there was a real bubble bath in the bathroom, which caused a nervous smile on both their faces. It was all a bit uncomfortable.

Neither of them had counted on this and so they had not brought any sleeping gear. They decided to turn off the lights and get under the covers in their underwear. The atmosphere was getting better, they both laughed about the situation and bickered a lot. Tired though they were, they dozed off now and then. He noticed this and stopped chatting. There was a tension between them….

He watched her sweet little face in a faint moonlight and got all warm inside. Yes, this lady he really liked. He thought she had fallen completely asleep and gently stroked a lock of hair from her face. A soft moan was in response. Oops, not quite in a solid sleep after all…. His hand stroked along her ear, which elicited another soft moan. And didn’t he see her lips part a little? It was hard to see, but he even thought she was slowly moving her tongue along her upper lip as another moan escaped her mouth.

The tension that hung there, the sight of her lips and the soft moaning caused some stirring in his boxer. Well, what’s called stirring, he was just getting pretty turned on by her as she lay there next to him. He shifted a little bit away from her, he was a little embarrassed about the fact that she could feel him getting a hard-on….

She couldn’t really get to sleep, a little doze, that’s about it… Her special internet date was so great! A quick look at her watch, already 3.00 am… Yawn! He was lying next to her, with his back to her. Carefully, she sat up and leaned over him a little. He was still asleep, thankfully. For a moment, she crawled out of bed to drink some water and then crawled back into bed. She heard him breathing slowly and heavily. She lay a little closer and felt the warmth of his body, her hand slipping softly over his back.

Quickly her hand returned, what was she doing? Still surprised by her action, he suddenly turned around. She had realized that he was still asleep, but now they were suddenly very close… She took a good look at him from head to toe: nice haircut, sweet face, nice lips, his chest moving slowly up and down in response to his breathing. Furthermore, she pulled back the blanket a little and looked at his belly, still nice and tight, a sweet navel, and then at the place where his belly went over into his crotch.

Completely smooth! Not a hair to be seen. Slowly her eyes slid further down….. The blanket was still a bit in front of it…carefully she shifted the blanket a bit…. But just at that moment he began to stir again and rolled over on his back…. By then she could see it, he had a wonderful hard-on that caused a bulge in the blanket. This made her very excited! Her hand slid over her panties for a moment, warm and somewhat moist…

She closed her eyes again, stroking over her panties, one hand over her breasts…. Her hand disappeared into her panties and felt how wet she was. She had become so horny from this man! Delightfully enjoying herself, when she suddenly….. noticed that he had his eyes open and was looking at her with a grin on his face. She saw that he also had his hand in his boxers, she saw slow but firm movements of his hand. He had obviously become immensely horny with her as well, making her even hornier than she already was!

She decided to play a little, to get her internet date a little excited. She stroked her finger through her lips and over her clit, then removed her hand from her panties. Looking at him piercingly, she brought her finger to her mouth. Her tongue came out a little, and she licked the moisture from her finger with the most horny look she had. She saw his hand going up and down his shorts ever so quickly. It wound him up immensely, and she found that wonderfully horny! She closed her eyes again and played quietly, as if he were not there.

Suddenly, she felt his hand take hers away

Suddenly, she felt his hand take hers away. His big warm hand took the position and began to stroke gently…through her groin over her clit and occasionally teasing between her lips. Now he was doing the same. He brought his finger to his mouth and licked…. He bent over her and kissed her. MMM…. Wonderful, the way he could kiss!!! Full of passion, intense…. His hands were now sliding over her body, which caused wonderful tingling.

She was getting hornier and hornier… She felt his hands exploring every spot of her body, the tingles expanding. The warmth took hold of her body, she felt her heart beating. She intensely enjoyed his caresses and his intense kisses. And she shuddered when he occasionally ‘accidentally’ ran his finger over her clit. Her nipples were hard and were occasionally touched by his warm tongue.

She felt his hard-on throbbing against her thigh; she was about to lose herself in a warm glow of lust, hotness and passion. She brought her hand to his nipple and played with it. She squeezed it gently and then continued her way down his body, along his chest, across his belly, circling his navel. Slowly, her hand slid further down….

She felt, savored, stroked… and slowly kissing along his neck, chest and belly she followed her way down. Agonizingly slowly, she began to suck him, her hand caressing his balls. A soft moan of pleasure, she knew it was good. She stopped, crawled back up and kissed him. His hands wanted to feel her body, but this she stopped. She grabbed his hands and pushed them against the mattress. She crawled on top of him and kissed intensely.

By now she had become quite wet and pushed her wet pussy against his crotch. Again a moan escaped from his mouth. She felt him move his hips, he made twisting movements and through her enormous wetness his hard-on slid deliciously along her clit and between her lips. Dry fucking they used to call it, but there was nothing dry here. He heard her moan, softly at first, but then louder and louder.

Spurred on by her expression of hornyness, he tried to turn his hard-on so that it would slide deliciously into her pussy but she turned the other way! What a tease this girl was. He could hardly contain himself, he wanted her…..now! She noticed that he wanted nothing more than to slide his cock into her pussy… but it was too soon. Just a little more delicious teasing first! She let go of his hands, which were still pressed to the mattress, and slid down his body.

Her tongue through his groin, gently taking his balls a little in her mouth…. her hand around his cock…He was clearly enjoying this…. He started breathing heavier and faster…. This girl was driving him crazy…it wouldn’t be long before he was filling her mouth with his hot seed. She had figured it out, he couldn’t contain his hornyness for long… she stopped sucking and looked at him mischievously He bit his teeth, he really had to concentrate to not come yet, but by that horny and mischievous look in her eyes it was extremely difficult. He grabbed her tightly and turned her around, now it was his turn….

He kissed her passionately as he looked deep into her eyes. A wink followed, and then his tongue slowly found its way down, through her neck to her breasts, circling around her nipple, occasionally nibbling it with his teeth. She felt his tongue go lower, through her belly to her groin…. Just past her wet lips. He grabbed her ass firmly with two hands, waited a moment, and then….his tongue found her sensitive spot.

He licked her with long, firm strokes

He licked her with long, firm strokes. Over her clit, along her lips, and occasionally an excursion into her ass. He felt her squirm with pleasure, her breathing going faster and faster, His tongue disappearing teasingly into her wet pussy and from there back to her ass. She held her breath as he slid his tongue inside, even there for a moment. Slowly she felt a finger slide over her clit, she pushed against his hand with her crotch, she wanted to feel that finger inside her.

But he was now in control…. He too stopped pampering after a while… a short pause… and then inserted two fingers into her pussy. He moved them slowly in and out of her pussy, deliciously! She didn’t know how to lie down, she was enjoying and felt an overwhelming sensation rising. His tongue slid over her clit… the fingers still inside her… when suddenly a finger slid into her ass. A moan, heavier breathing and the delicious feeling intensified… hmmmmm…. soooo good! It didn’t take long for her to cum in a delicious way….

He was enjoying her explosion! He saw the sweat droplets on her face, watching her cum made him even hornier than he already was! Likewise, he wanted only 1 thing, to take her…. While she was still in her stupor, he took hold of his rock hard cock and stroked it over her clit and between her wet, swollen lips. The tip of his glans slowly pushed her lips apart….and then with a deep thrust….. He slid his cock deep inside her. It felt overwhelming! She was wet, tight, hot and oh so horny!

With long strokes he began to take her, and occasionally he would pull his cock out of her to stroke her clit and then slide it deep inside her again. He was hornier than ever before, all thanks to her. He felt the moment was almost here! Quickly he got out of her and installed himself on top of her, he offered his hard-on, and she quickly took the plunge. She gave a great blowjob, the moment was getting closer and closer. He lost all sense and grabbed her hand, wet her finger well and brought it down slowly.

She understood immediately what he wanted… Her wet finger first gently stroked his ass, and then it suddenly slid in! She fingered him deep while she sucked him full of devotion, she felt him cramp up, she saw his eyes close… one last thrust with her finger and there was the moment, he came! She felt his warm seed squirt into her mouth, how horny!