I was with my girlfriend Valentina since together we were very much in love and as is often the case in long-term relationships, our love life was somewhat fixed. We want to escape the cold winter and booked us 10 days in Gran Canaria in a dream beach hotel.

The story is from a German gentleman. The photo is from the 31-year-old Valentina. She is a Ukrainian model and needs all the help right now. Are you in Europe, and can you take her in? Make contact and help her.

In the last vacations my darling had shown himself with pleasure times topless at the beach, and we were also already at a nudist beach, therefore I was pleased also in this year again on naked activities.

Valentina has a great body long dark brown hair 60 kg, 80c breasts hard with large nipples and large areolas also a very plump trained butt for me the hottest ass in the world and on vacation my Valentina is already very brown after a few days and looks like a Latina. Her pussy she had times shaved and sometimes not. I liked the variety.

The first day in our beach hotel

The first day in our beach hotel, and immediately on the way to the beach, which was almost empty of people. Immediately Valentina took off the light top and the short jeans and her bare naked breasts came to life in the warm sun. I watched her strip and lay down next to her in my bathing suit. Her naked tits looked beautiful and also gave me a bump in my pants.

Later that day we went for a walk on the beach, and we passed the unofficial nudist area. There lay couples naked as God created them, and there were small cocks to hide and who knows what else. Valentina looked at me with her dirty look: “Well sweetie, shall we look for a nice place here?”

Of course I did not miss that and we got our things. In a style that was unseen we spread out and stripped naked. On the way there we passed by an older couple the woman around 40 had her leg spread wide and presented her partially shaved pussy and her sweaty tits sure 80D silicone horny in the sun.

She just looks at me and grabbed him “Well, the old lady down there has probably pleased you with her big fake tits and the horny fuck bush I know that you want to know” and she kissed me with her tongue while lying down. From her horny dirty talk and her firm grip on my stiff dick I became even sharper.

The couple was only a few meters behind our hiding place and my sweet me so horny wow. “I also took a good look at her husband’s cock, which was pretty big and horny” she sassed again and lay down on me and rubbed her pearl against my dick. “You bitch would probably like to feel his cock what” I moaned and slapped her my hand on the horny ass.

She grabbed my pipe and pushed it into the bare sweaty pussy that took up my cock willingly, it smacked horny on and my sweet moaned loudly. She moaned further and rode me really horny off her breasts jiggled in front of me and I licked her over the horny hot nipples sucked horny and wilder. “Come fuck me as if I were you!!!”

I grabbed her butt and turned us around, she lifted her leg under me and drove her my cock deep into her greedy pussy. Again and again she moaned loudly, which made us even hornier because we could be caught. I imagined how I fuck the horny silicone woman and Valentina sure how she fucks her husband. Oh, that was so hot.

Then I turned my little one around, and she stretched her ass against me. I licked her from behind through the column and tasted her heavenly juices. Then I put my glans on her dripping wet pussy and rammed my spanking into her greedy fuck hole. She cried out and quivered under my treatment, and her pleasure grotto twitched with every thrust. Her butt and back were covered with beads of sweat that glowed seductively in the hot sun. She circled with her ass and I drove her, my darling harder and harder in the demanding pussy that smacked horny.

She pressed her pelvis hard on my cock every time and my thick full balls hit her clit. She was caught in her delights and only quivered as she came moaning loudly, and her plum squeezed my cock hard and massaged I squirted her deep in the wet cunt and pumped my Valentina horny full.

After this horny fuck we ran naked past the older couple

Exhausted, we sank on our towels. After this horny fuck, we ran naked past the older couple and plunged into the cool waters. The two threw us a slightly reproachful look to You had heard nothing.

In the cold water we recovered from the hot game and then lay down wet in the blazing sun. I must be the women moaned. I looked around Marion lay next to me in deep sleep nude and beautiful. So the cry of pleasure had not come from her. I got up and looked around the corner that protected us from prying eyes. There was the sexy woman lying on the towel her husband above her between her legs and fucked her from behind.

Immediately, blood shot again in my cock and I watched the two cum. He pushed her hard on the towel while pulling her ponytail, which seemed to make her even hornier. She gasped louder and louder and ordered, “Give me the horny stud!!!”

Damn horny that were also Germans. He got faster, and she could not get enough of it. Wow, they need it really hard!

I stood there jerking around the corner and the show went on. She sat backwards on his darling and let herself down on him both moaned horny on it. With spread legs she rode the long cock skillfully off her plump fake breasts bounced easily at every push, her nipples were nice big and stiff, a goddess.

They moaned their desire unabashedly out and she came horny in a heavy orgasm ” Ohjaaa I comeeeee uhhhhh…” She got up in front of him and rubbed her tits and pussy. “Come my stud suck me full give me your cum!!!”

“Oh fuck” I whispered, extremely excited when suddenly from behind Valentina grabbed my cock and began to jerk it. She breathed into my ear, ” Come on, jerk off on her treasure!!!” At the same time with her husband I came horny and splashed in the sand I watched them and imagined I would jerk off the beautiful silicone breasts in the face and her partially shaved pussy. At the same time, I had to stifle my moaning not to be caught.

My cock was half stiff in Valentina’s hand She kissed my neck. I was sweaty and how smiling the woman still cum splashed on the towel. Then we jumped naked into the water. “It’s me totally hot when you horn up on other women sweetie” she said wrapping her bare leg around me and kissing me in water.

The beach day slowly came to an end, and the couple left just as we came out. They shouted goodbye after us and then they disappeared. Valentina and I enjoyed the last warm rays of the sun and then packed our things.