A story of a couple where the man is dominant. That means: sucking and eating when he wants. But the woman is going to change that. Now she is the dominant. Photo: live woman Dovia

Evan had let his wife suck him off while he was watching a baseball game on TV, and sent her to the kitchen halfway through the game to get him a beer. He paid no attention to what she had put on for him, a see-through top, a short leather skirt, nylons, stiletto heels. Underneath the clothes, no lingerie. After the game, which had gone well for him as a supporter, she had laid down very definitely on the couch, her legs apart, his wife Caroline had let her go down on him until she had come squirting into his face three times, and he could no longer keep his jaws together from the cramp caused by the continuous licking of her clit. He had also once handcuffed her to the bed for an entire day and then squirted a load of cum into her pussy, ass and mouth several times.

He is dominant and she had shaved her pussy

A few days later, she had shaved her pussy smooth and fingered herself a few times in front of him. Because he is dominant and wants to be. Squirting each time, while he was handcuffed to the bed with the same handcuffs and thus sat with a rock-hard cock that he could not reach. The result was that at some point he had cum without anyone even coming. After she had ejaculated herself, she had brought his cock back to full working strength by licking it and then sucking him off, which, by the way, she finished in no time due to his enormous lust for sex.

But slowly it became more and more horny and naughty. Evan had also made her cum with a remote-controlled clit in her pussy one evening in a crowded restaurant. Caroline had cum in an amazing way! The result was that she had to sit for a while to let her dress dry because her pussy kept dripping for a long time. Although she had enjoyed it very much, her revenge had come quickly. When they decided to go for a drink after dinner, she had jerked him off in revenge in a crowded pub while he stood by the bar to order a drink. To his left and right, people were standing and sitting at the bar drinking.

She had pulled down the zipper of his jeans

While he waited for the drinks she had pulled down the zipper of his jeans, pulled out his cock which started to stiffen at the first touch of her hand. As she stood talking to him as if nothing was wrong, she pulled on his hard-on. In a few moments she felt his cock thicken, for her sign that he was about to cum! She pulled the front end back as far as she could, putting even more tension on his cock. A moment later, he squirted a load of cum against the bar. She heard him moan, but luckily for him the music was on too loud so no one noticed anything. She pushed his still-stiff cock back in and pulled up the zipper, then accepted her drink from him.

Two weeks later, they had gone to a shoe specialty store to buy her a pair of high heels. At one point she had asked the saleswoman for a pair of stockings, which she had put on him, after which she had also let him try on a pair of high-heeled pumps, more or less forcing him to walk around the store with a butt-plug in his ass. “They don’t walk very nicely, it seems?” the saleswoman said with a smile on her face, and they both had to hold back to keep from completely bursting into laughter. What they were actually doing was playing a horny power game, which they both took great pleasure in and horny pleasure in. But the last time, Evan had gone too far.

When he came home with one drink too many, he growled; “Now it’s my turn. On your knees!”. She could tell from his face that he meant what he growled at her, so she had gotten down on her knees. He ripped her thong off her ass, and he had mercilessly fucked her in the ass without any foreplay. After he had filled her ass, he slid off her back and had fallen asleep immediately, leaving her feeling hung over. He may have cum, but she was more or less lying there like a salt bag, and, what was far more important; she hadn’t cummed! But she decided that her revenge would be sweet, when the opportunity arose. Through the Internet, she had ordered some new toys with which she would “spoil” him. On Thursday, the bell rang, and the mail delivered what she had ordered. When she had unpacked everything, she knew that her little plan would work.

Tonight it’s my turn to decide what we’re going to do

One day later, on Friday evening, they sat next to each other on the couch watching TV with a glass of wine. Caroline looked at him and said; “I’m now the dominant wife, and tonight it’s my turn to decide what we’re going to do,” she said, without elaborating on what she was planning. He looked at her, a little surprised by the tone in which she said that. In a short and concise manner, she said; “I want you to go to the bedroom now! Undress, and then get naked on the bed!” He looks at her with a pair of eyes that grow larger and larger, but says nothing else. Her facial expression does not show what she intends. So he walks up the stairs without saying anything, and she sees that by the way she said it his cock is already starting to get stiff.

That means something for the rest of the evening. In the bathroom, Caroline also takes off her clothes, then puts on the black body stocking she had bought. In the mirror, she sees that her firm breasts with the big, hard nipples and those round nipple courts are pressing against the fabric. As an added bonus, she decides to put on a pair of self-wearing nylon stockings because she knows he has a huge crush on them. Then she grabs a pair of black patent leather boots with a thin shiny steel heel that go up to her knees, and puts them on.

She grabs the bag of toys she had bought

Beneath her curvy belly, the now swollen and wet labia poke mischievously through the crossless body stocking. She grabs the bag of toys she had bought and walks into their bedroom. Her hard nipples scrape against the soft fabric. She sees Evan lying naked on the bed as she had requested, his rock hard cock pointing at the ceiling. He whistles approvingly as she enters the bedroom so hotly dressed, then looks a little uncertain but also very curious at the purse she holds in her hand. She sees the question in his eyes. “What’s in there, you’ll see in a moment,” she says, “put your hands above your head.” He does as she asks without objection. She handcuffs his hands to the bars at the head of the bed. He now lies stretched out on the bed, his legs slightly over the foot end.

She comes and sits on the bed, with her legs to the left and right of his head, her pussy right above his mouth. She clamps her patent leather boots against his face. Then she sinks down and immediately feels his tongue slide between her labia. When the tip of his tongue finds her clit, she arches her back and a deep sigh escapes her throat. She comes right away! He tastes her pussy-love from her labia and understands that she planned this in advance. His last turn to decide what was going to happen had been, due to the drink, a little too clumsy. He is curious to see what awaits him now.

She rides his face with her pussy

She rides his face with her pussy and sees his big throbbing cock standing up stiff. His glans, large and dark purple, almost snaps apart, so thick is it. She slides forward a little more and pulls her firm buttocks apart. Her asshole is now over his tongue, and she feels him make long, licking motions across her asshole. She leans forward and breathes on his cock for a moment without touching it. She hears the growling sound of his protest but despite that, feels his tongue still lapping at her ass. Furthermore, she grabs the purse next to the bed and pulls out a large, double dildo. When she saw this one on the site, she knew immediately what she was going to do to him. She steps away from his head.

His chin and lips are wet with her pussy fluid. She turns around again and sits on his chest with her wet pussy facing his head. She holds the double dildo in front of his eyes and sees the excited glint in his eyes. The sight of this huge dildo excites him considerably, his cock is rock hard. In a raspy voice he asks; “Are you going to put on another show for me?”. Shush, she does with a finger to her lips. She gets up, walks on those mega horny long black patent boots to her dressing table, grabs a lipstick and comes walking back to the bed with her hips rotating. She removes the cap from the stick and coats his lips with the red lipstick. When she is done she puts it on the cabinet next to the bed and sits back on his chest.

Somewhat hesitantly, he takes the thing between his now red-painted lips. His tongue hesitantly begins to play with the head of the dildo. When she sees that, she pushes it in a little further. Then she says; “You like blowjobs so much, don’t you? Well then, blowjobs! I want you to suck this yummy dildo!”. Caroline sits up and holds the other button of the big dildo against her labia. She slowly pushes the button in, right in front of his eyes. His eyes get them big as saucers! She slowly pushes the dildo further and further inside her pussy. Her labia are swollen fat.

The big knob stretches her wet cunt and she feels it filling her completely. Then she pulls the dildo out of his mouth. She slides backwards with the dildo still deep in her pussy until she can lay her forehead on his. Her black patent boots scrape across his hips and belly as she slides backward. His thick glans slides over her nylons again. Her ass is right above his fiercely throbbing, rock hard cock. Then she looks at him in a horny way and says; “How about double penetration?”. His big cock is throbbing like crazy, and she sees a few drops of pre-cum coming out. The idea that he gets to fuck her in her tight little ass while she is with a dildo in her pussy fills him with pure lust. “That seems fat horny” he whispers back.

She pushes the thick double dildo into his ass

She steps away from him. He looks at her, not understanding what she is up to, especially when she puts his thighs over her shoulders and pulls his buttocks apart. She spits on his ass and smears it with her spit. When she turns the head of the dildo against his ass, he only understands what is about to happen. It’s her time to get revenge for that last time he with a drunk head gave her a turn in a boorish and aggressive way by thrusting his big cock into her ass without any foreplay. He looks wildly out of his eyes as she begins to push the thick glans of the double dildo into his ass, very slowly, but also without any mercy. He begins to moan, and not from pleasure, but because it hurts tremendously to have something so big pushed into his tight and virgin ass.

He cries out; “No, please! Don’t, it hurts so much!”

But she pushes on mercilessly. Slowly but steadily the big dildo disappears, inch by inch, into his ass. He bites his teeth as he feels his ass being stretched by the large glans, and the clammy sweat breaks out on him. She pushes the dildo as deep as she can into his ass and gives him a moment to get used to the size of the dildo. She gently slides the other end of the dildo into her pussy, and a piece out of his ass. Then to push it back into his ass. And then into her pussy again. With every move she makes, those horny black patent boots and her nylons rub against his legs. This is how she fucks herself and him at the same time.

She has put a hand on his shoulder to guide him with every fucking move she makes. With her other hand she goes to her clit and begins to make circles around and over her clit with two fingers. Bob lies defenseless on his back biting his teeth. He groans inwardly. His pride is too great to cry out in pain and somewhere the feeling of being humiliated in this way has also become a source of excitement. Then, to his great surprise, he discovers that the pain is still there, but a unique and horny feeling has joined it. Despite the pain, pleasure begins to take over. He realizes that he has been fucked in the ass for the first time, and by his own wife at that! He sees her full breasts jiggling under the bodystocking, as she fucks not only him, but herself with that fantastic dildo!

And he sees her finger going faster and faster over her clit. Then she cums! Like a steam train! Like a shrew! Like she has never cummed before! The waves of her mega orgasm travel through her body as she continues to fuck herself and him wildly with that giant artificial cock. Through her eyelashes she sees him lying defenseless with his fiercely throbbing cock, gasping for breath, moaning, and a combination of pain and lust in his eyes. Her orgasm seems to last indefinitely, until slowly the intensity diminishes, and she lets the dildo slip out of her pussy.

She just leaves the other piece of dildo in his ass. As she slides off of him, she sees that the dildo remains tight in his ass. It is an incredibly horny sight to see! She lies down sweaty next to him and looks at him with eyes full of excitement, but also of pure emotion. “Do you want to cum too?” she asks him softly. He hardly dares to look at her when he softly; “Yes” he whispers softly.

The dildo in his ass wiggles between his legs

Caroline sits down behind him again and folds his legs up. The dildo in his ass wiggles between his legs like a real second cock. She folds it up until his real cock is above his mouth. Unfortunately, he is not limber enough to suck himself. She leans her belly against his lower back so she has two hands free. Her black patent boots rub against his back. He puts his hands firmly around her legs, his nails scratching the first ladders in her nylons, but that excites her even more. Other than that, he is defenseless. With one hand she grabs the large dildo, and gently fucks him in the ass with it. The pain is bearable, but the pleasure of being fucked in his ass like that gets bigger and bigger.

With the other hand, she grabs hold of his rock-hard cock. Gently, she pulls on it while looking at him lustfully. She pulls his foreskin back as far as she can so his glans gets thicker and thicker. “Open your mouth” she tells him, “You think swallowing cum is so horny too, don’t you?” He keeps his mouth shut. She rams the dildo all the way in with a firm thrust. “Open your mouth!” she says again, but now much more forcefully. She lets go of the dildo for a moment and grabs it by his cheeks. She squeezes it, forcing him to open his mouth and keep it that way while she jerks his rock-hard cock.

It doesn’t take long for his own lust to win out over his wife’s humiliation. Spraying heavily and in great waves, the first waves of cum gush into his face and onto his mouth. Gagging from the large amount of cum gushing into his mouth, he continues to cum as she slowly slides the dildo out of his ass. She aims the next jets at his eyes and his forehead. By the time only a few drops come out his face is completely covered in blobs of cum.

She puts the dildo down beside him and slides out from under his legs. She licks the cum off his face and swallows it. When he opens his eyes, she looks at him, but now with a tender look in her eyes. His wrung out face and the tension causes her pussy to start twitching again. She unlocks his handcuffs, and he locks her in his arms. Lying against each other, they fall asleep. Her last thought is that at least she enjoyed it. The wait now is for it to be his turn again.