I was at a birthday party at my buddy’s place in January, it was his wife’s birthday. They always have very nice birthdays and a lot of their friends come, and they are all friends of the same age that I have known for at least 20 years. The same crew has been coming to my buddy’s place for so long, first at his parents’ house and later at theirs. This was the first time I went alone to a birthday party, normally we always take care of a babysitter because it can get late and that is always the case, after eleven it is only really cozy when the crowds are gone and then there were usually 2 couples left and my mate and wife of course and a friend of hers know each other from work for years, Chantal is her name.

And Chantal is an everlasting single person don’t ask me why, she sometimes went over the table there and responded, ohhh no I shouldn’t have a guy hanging on my lip, and for the rest never heard if she ever has a boyfriend or something.

The thought had crossed our minds that she might be a lesbian. But also there never really noticed anything. And normally we always brought her home was a neighborhood earlier than where we lived, but now I live less than 5-min drive from my,n mate I could also walk it, but I was too lazy for that and it was too cold for me. So at 2 am we were planning to go home, they already wanted to call a cab because I couldn’t drop her off on the route.

Are you crazy? No problem, you have to wait half an hour for that cab, and it will cost you a lot of money. It is not even a 20-minute drive. Yes but she thought it was silly for me that I had to make a detour, my mate also said “he has to do it from me otherwise I will have to bring you” so I had a good laugh and she just went along with me. On the radio Veronica it was all house music playing, terrible is that, and I had received a CD from my mate, it was on the dashboard.

I asked her if she wanted to put the CD in the player because then we would have normal music again, and she thought it was a good plan and took the box. But at the moment she wanted to put the CD in the player we were driving over the railroad crossing (bumpy) and the CD shot out of her hands, against my chest and between my legs on the ground. And both tried to catch the CD and ended up with one hand in my crotch, not just a little bit, but her hand full on my crotch and my hand on top of her hand.

This scared the hell out of both of us, we didn’t know what the reaction was, it ended with sorry, we both laughed but didn’t know what to do, I picked up the CD from the floor and put it in the radio and just drove on, actually it had become quiet in the car. And boy at that moment I almost had heart palpitations I thought and I think she did too, but since that moment I was sitting in the car with a terrible hard-on I guess I got a little excited just from excitement I think, Chantal wore a long skirt with a high slit on the left side and wore a white blouse with it, and black panties with it, I had noticed that night of course every time she sat down and crossed her legs she pulled her skirt up to make sure she didn’t have an exposed leg.

In the car she also wore a short brown leather jacket.

In the car she also wore a short brown leather jacket and next to me, I saw her knee of course had her skirt so that I could see her knee and a very small piece of her upper leg, no not that she sat down for it but just like a woman with skirt will sit down nix challenging or so, well a piece of leg, but that is normal and that is allowed. But I had become totally aroused and sat there in the car with a hard-on, and whether it was because of that or because she had become aroused as well, it looked like I started to see more of her leg and I think I saw the edge of a stocking, the lace part just a piece of a few cm I thought, and then I was really totally aroused. it just started to hurt in my pants because it wasn’t quite straight when it started to get stiff.

And I think that was also the moment she decided to ask me if I wanted another drink, like, shall we have one more with me upstairs before we go to sleep? So that was the second time that I had heart palpitations and I agreed of course, but still in the back of your head you think to yourself, maybe something will happen later, but it won’t because we have known each other for so long and there has never been a reason for it, it must be because it happened in the car and maybe a little bit of guilt with her.

And with that thought we got out together and went into her house. I took a seat on the couch and she came later with the glasses on the other side and we chatted, just cozy. When I had emptied my glass, she said to me: “I’ll pour you another full one, it’s still fun now” and stood up and filled my glass and walked towards the hallway. So I was sitting on the couch hanging out when she suddenly came out of the hallway, what do you think all dressed up in lingerie she was wearing a body without a crotch but with suspenders and half cups where her breasts were laying in, a thong and no pantie but indeed stockings and everything was black. So that was the third time that I almost had heart palpitations, it coursed through me and at that moment I just didn’t know what to do. I sat still on the couch. And completely without words, she stood in front of me and crouched over me with one leg on each side, so she just sat on my lap, we looked at each other.

And right in front of my eyes were her tits.

And right in front of my eyes were her breasts which I took hold of and started caressing her whole body and we started kissing and licking it was from that moment on only intense passion or sex whatever you want to call it. I took both breasts out of the holders and started kissing and licking them and her nipples had become rock hard and started biting them gently. She was riding all over me and I also rubbed her lingerie and grabbed her by her ass and rubbed the triangle of her thong. I had nothing to complain about with my ex, but I had never experienced this before, I just felt like I was in seventh heaven, it was wonderful.

She started unbuttoning my shirt and taking it off and also my shirt came off and then got off the couch to unbutton my pants and take them off ohhhh mm she said when she saw my boxer which is a tight and smooth boxer and bent over it rubbing it, and she could see the outline of my dick in it. My cock was already completely stiff and my boxer. She pulled my cock out of my boxer through the opening and started to suck me and in a terribly horny way she looked at me at it well then you almost clap I can say and all I could do then was rubbing her back over that terribly tight and smooth fabric of d,r body.

At a certain moment I let myself fall to the right on the couch and lay out for a long time, so she came over me with her crotch above my face, I pulled her ring over one buttock so that her pussy (sorry to say it like that, but it sounds so rough and I don’t know how else) was completely exposed and started to slowly lick and caress her lips and spread them a bit so that I could come in with my tongue, n tongue in her hole to come and caressed her clit wall that I had found in between and she sucked me all the way through, occasionally I felt her mouth on my balls delicious was that. At one point I put two fingers in her hole and went on and on. Making her go all wild and excited, so sometimes she squeezed my cock so hard it just hurt.

She got off me and grabbed a condom from the table.

She got off me and grabbed a condom from the table which she had already put down there I had seen that once, I had to sit up again after which she took the condom out of the package and slid it around my dick and then turned around with her back to me and sat on me she lay my dick against her pussy and I felt them slide in so gently, delicious. So she now sat flipped over on my,n lap and began to slowly move up and down, I grabbed her breasts with both hands and began to knead them. Slowly I went down with my,n hands and played with her clit and I felt my,n own cock in her pussy going up and down come touch it.

She got so horny from that she lay back with her head in my neck well above my head and turned her head so that we could lick just a little with each other’s tongues and she then said don’t come until I come. Normally I would have come a long time ago, but now it was so that I could easily hold on without coming, I grabbed her on the inside of her legs just below her crotch and so she started to breathe faster and faster, I noticed that she was coming, so I started to come too and both at the same time we came.

What an experience that was because she just kept going up and down while we were coming, well I thought I was going crazy at that moment a kind of pleasure and pain at the same time. I was completely wet with sweat, she let herself fall against me. We sat like that for at least five minutes with my dick in her and it didn’t get limp either and only a little bit with my hands softly stroking her pubic hair and her lips just very softly, but we were both completely exhausted,

Then we sat on the couch and drank our glasses, she took me to her bedroom where I pushed her back against me in front of the bed and started to caress her with my arms around her, she wanted to go to the front. We walked together to the bed where she kneeled on the bed and stretched to the nightstand to get a condom and gave it to me and she stayed like that with her buttocks up.

I put the condom on and untied her suspenders from her stockings and took off her thong and took her again from behind and in between I undid all the hooks of her body and it fell right off her body on the bed her stockings had also fallen all the way down to her knees and after a few minutes she came for the second time. We then lay down in bed and she was still playing with herself, so at a certain moment I lay down between her legs and played and licked her pussy until she came for the second time.

We then fell asleep and the next morning she was already out of bed and had cozily set the table and had a delicious breakfast, we then went into the shower separately and I was the last to go. Then we had a cup of coffee and I went home and at the door a triple kiss on the cheeks as a farewell. Funny, the next morning it was just like we had known each other for years and as if I had just stayed there, I did it myself too, I didn’t want to make love or anything, it was just enough. We also said to each other well until the next birthday!