I’m actually a little worried about my son. Maybe they are worries about nothing, but still. A mother is supposed to worry if something is wrong with her son. Photo by Milf Soft Body.

Maybe there is nothing and he just likes to be alone. He just likes to read. He just likes to watch television. Doesn’t he like to go out with friends? Doesn’t he have any friends? Girlfriend? I’m sure he has a girlfriend. My son is a handsome young man. A handsome man of seventeen. Blond hair, blue eyes, tanned skin. What girl or woman wouldn’t want someone like that.

My oldest son of twenty is completely different. Has been in a relationship with the same girl for over five years, has friends. Goes away for weekends. Toon is a real bon vivant. And with his blond hair and blue eyes, he is as much a don Juan as his youngest brother. Yet the brothers are night and day differences.

Hi, I’m Rose, forty-seven years old and mother of Joost seventeen and Toon twenty. Divorced for four years. Have half-long black hair and dark eyes. Rather pale skin and a tight stomach. Cup double d breasts.

Fridays, my oldest son goes into the shower right after work and then off into the weekend. I will see him again on the Monday.
Joost likewise takes a shower after school and retreats to his room until I call him for dinnertime. Today we were supposed to have pizza. I didn’t particularly like it, but Joost loved it. So pizza would be on the menu.

After supper, he cleared the plates and put them in the dishwasher and called out that he was going back to his room. I said it was ok and sat down on the sofa and flipped on the TV. There was a movie playing that I had seen at least three times, but there was nothing else on. As usual, I thought and heaved a sigh and looked at my watch. It was eight-thirty. I turned off the TV and decided to take a shower and maybe get into bed early with a book. I won’t see my youngest again anyway, I thought.

The bathroom was rather small but very functional. A small shower on one side and a stone sink on the other. Washing machine beneath the dryer.

I turned on the hot water tap and let the water come to the desired temperature. Meanwhile, I removed my yellow T-shirt over my head and stepped out of my white leggings, which I had gifted myself a year earlier. In only my lingerie, salmon-colored panties and ditto bra, I stood before the oval mirror that hung above the stone sink and looked at myself. The woman on the other side of the mirror smiled. I smiled back, unbuttoned my bra and stepped out of my panties. The woman had just done the same thing.

Ten minutes later, I got out of the shower and was shocked. A strange man was standing in my bathroom, and he was as naked. It is to say there was someone standing in the bathroom who shouldn’t be there. Not right now. ‘Joost,’ I tried to hide my nakedness as best I could, which only partially succeeded. He looked at me and giggled. Had he been drinking? He just looked at me, his mouth dropped open and said, ‘Fuck!’
‘Joost,’ I said again, involuntarily directing my gaze at his out-of-control cock, which was erect and pointing in my direction.

My son recovered slightly and chuckled. ‘Fuck man! Wow, look at your tits! Can I grab them’ without waiting for my permission, he grabbed them with both hands and kneaded them rather hard. My nipples reacted immediately and became hard as steel. I made an attempt to get his hands off my breasts but failed in my intention.
‘I am your mother,’ I remarked.
‘I know that’ he replied.
‘This is wrong,’ I tried. ‘Soon will come…’
‘It won’t come again,’ he said.
I knew he was right. Of course, he was right. Toon would not come home that night. He wouldn’t show up until Monday.
‘You have a nice cunt. Bald. Nice and bald.’ Joost looked at me, his hands still squeezing my breasts. ‘Can I stick it in? Fuck you?
‘No, Joost. You may not. Very definitely not.’ I looked at him sternly and made an attempt to push him away, but he was far too strong for me.
‘Why not?” he asked, grinning his teeth.
‘Because I’m your mother.’
‘And a delicious bitch,’ he said, gently forcing me against the wall. ‘Lovely and delicious,’ he said and rammed his cock into me.

‘Damn! Yelled I. I got no further as he pressed his lips to mine and tried desperately, since he had no experience, to slip his tongue into my mouth. After several attempts by him, I involuntarily opened my lips and his tongue slipped into my mouth. I went searching and found my son’s tongue and wriggled around it. I now had my son’s tongue in my mouth and his cock in my pussy. I sighed and felt an eruption. “Damn, Joost! I exclaimed.
‘Fuck! He looked at me. ‘Surely nothing can…’
I looked him straight in the eye and shook no. ‘Not since you were born,’ I muttered.

‘Did you enjoy it?’
‘You?” I asked him.
‘I did.’
‘Me too,’ I nodded.

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