For years Celine and your writer Ilse, have been good friends, and although I am a lesbian, I have never done anything with Celine, well-tried of course, indeed I have never seen Celine naked. Of course, I have seen her in a bikini or in decent underwear but when she had to change I had to either leave or at least turn around. Celine was missing something I couldn’t see, or she was just a prude. Today the weather was beautiful, and we had agreed to go to the beach. Photo from Celine.

Celine cycled and I sat on the back with the bag full of food, drinks and reading material in one hand and my other I had put around Celine’s waist to hold on a bit. During the short ride, I could not resist stroking Celine’s bare belly and playing with the small chain she had in her navel. Of course, I got comments like “what are you doing Ilse?”, I said “sorry” and put my arm around her normally. Arriving at the beach, it was super crowded and we had trouble finding a nice spot.

On each side we were within a meter of our neighbors and Celine and I complained that it was so crowded, “shall we go to the nude beach anyway?” I asked and Celine said “she would never do that”. Suddenly we were addressed by a woman alone who was lying to our right, “hi she said my name is Sarah and I come here just for the fun around me but what I want to say is that I have a villa less than 500 meters from here that stands with its backside against the dunes and if you wish and take care of the fun I have the space in my garden”. Celine nodded at me and we decided to go with the woman, it was indeed close by and on the way we took the bike.

It was a beautiful bungalow Sarah had.

It was a beautiful bungalow Sarah had said nothing too much and when we went in through the side gate, we also saw a small sized swimming pool. “Insane” said Celine and looked her eyes “welcome to our home” said Sarah and I responded “our?” “Yes” she said, “I live here with my twin sister Amber, but she works at the hospital and is on emergency room duty today and won’t be home until after 5”. “Just make yourself at home and find a chair, lounger or bath towel, go swimming if you want and if you don’t mind, I’ll take everything off. And doing the same she got out of her clothes,” ” great” I said and joined her only Celine stayed in her bikini and lay down on a lounger. I took a good look at Sarah and even though she was well over forty, she looked nice, all clean-shaven except for a small triangle above her clit. I guess I had dozed off for a moment and when I looked up Sarah was sitting on the edge of the lounger chatting with Celine.

She was talking so softly that I couldn’t hear what it was about until I saw Sarah helping unbutton her top and I saw Celine’s snow-white tits for the first time. Wow, how beautiful they were and how had Sarah managed that. Sarah grabbed the sunscreen and started rubbing those white bulbs as well and Celine’s mouth opened and her tongue licked her lips and boy was I jealous. I could see everything clearly and because I had my sunglasses on those two couldn’t see that I was watching them either, although I don’t think they would have ever realized that because they only had eyes for each other.

Celine turned around and Sarah continued to lubricate.

Celine turned around and Sarah continued to lubricate and undid the bows of the panties and Celine’s white buttocks came out, the juice ran out of my pussy, and Sarah lubricated those buttocks as well. Celine was enjoying it I could tell and I could also see that her legs were open and that Sarah was stroking her lips, my own hand had also made its way under my body to my pussy and was happily fingering it and still pretending to be asleep.

Celine and I did almost the same, we both put our hand in our mouths so as not to make a sound, and when I could clearly see that Celine was cumming I went over the edge too. I dozed gently again and was startled when the gate opened and Sarah’s sister came in, she looked at me and came to introduce herself and asked where Sarah was. I said who was inside with my friend for a while and from the cries I could hear they were having fun. Amber went inside and also came back naked, would you like a drink she asked and put a glass of water in front of me and came and lay down next to me on the big lounger.

She asked how we ended up here and I explained as she took me in from head to toe. “Are you girls staying for dinner?” asked Amber as she put her hand on my leg, “if Celine likes it too I will” and Amber said Celine was now being fed something completely different, I knew what she was referring to and told her I couldn’t understand it after trying all these years. “Sarah has a lot of conviction on people and she knows how to get through to everyone well and presumably your friend was just scared but I don’t think that will bother you later”. Later I understood that Sarah was a psychologist and it became explainable what she had accomplished with Celine. “And what do you do at the hospital” I asked Amber to keep the conversation going, “I am an emergency room doctor and unfortunately that includes weekend shifts”.

We talked some more about relationships and such and I found out that she also had regular sex with her sister. A little later the two came out naked and red-headed and yes we were staying for dinner. The food came and Amber pulled something on for a while to open the door and when she came back she was already naked again, after the food the sunshine became less powerful and the campfire was stoked so there were four of us sitting around the fire. Celine and Amber were continuously flickering so we didn’t have much use for that and Amber asked if I was up for some fun too, I nodded and Amber came and sat close to me, put her arm around me and started giving me kisses in every place she could reach while sitting like that. Slowly we lowered ourselves back next to the campfire and continued to caress each other without paying any more attention to Celine and Amber.

She had experience with women I could tell because within a short time I was on fire just like the campfire next to me but Amber managed to hold me back every time on the edge until she pulled my lips apart between my legs and her tongue finished the job I felt like my insides were exploding with pleasure. When I looked around again I saw Celine and Amber caressing each other looking at me and Celine raised her thumb and Amber who was behind me gently squeezed my tit. Then it was her turn and I gave her about the same treatment as she had given me and just as I was about to start the licking job I felt two hands on my ass, I looked back for a moment and saw Celine just bending down to suck on my pussy and in front of me Sarah was playing with her sister’s tits. All four of us got another big fuck that night and for the first time I also got Celine’s juices on my tongue which was totally changed and many more would follow.