I had met the Russian Margarita through Twitter. I had recently separated from my wife and was following the war between Ukraine and the Russian aggressor in full. We had had some exploratory conversations and Margarita would come to see me. She worked for the Russian propaganda channel RT, but had fled to Germany during the recent unrest in Russia. She lied a lot for that murderer Putin. Photo from mistress Sofia.

Margarita was in her mid-thirties, pleasant looking and, at first glance, didn’t look too much like a mistress I was looking for. Besides BDSM, we had two other common interests, literature and racing bikes.

I showed the brunette Margarita around my apartment, the kitchen, living room and of course the bedroom. “Hmm, nice view of the canal, clean sheets, besides it smells very fresh here” she remarked. “Come here, that deserves a horny kiss ” said lightly lisping.

She wrapped her arms around my broad shoulders and entered my mouth with her wet, moving tongue. Suddenly, she gave me a knee in my crotch…. “Oh Margarita” I moaned…. “But Koen still I hurt you,” she laughed slightly defiantly, meanwhile treating me to a second knee, a little less hard now but enough to get me on the bedroom floor.

I was off for a while, which Margarita took advantage of by sitting on my chest. She pushed her knee on my throat and ripped my shirt off my upper body. The heat of her body on my chest, the deliciously dominant behavior soon drove the pain out of my scrotum, more, so I got a big erection. This did not escape Margarita, of course.

Margarita, will you please humiliate me?

She made me stand up. ” Take off your pants,” she said. “Your hands” she spit on my hands and let me jerk myself off. My cock was soon at full strength by her humiliating command. But still not big enough for Margarita…. ” Is that all you have for me?” “Come stand in front of me!” She took me by my nipples and twirled circles. She looked me in the eyes. “Ask me, beg for it” I looked at her questioningly. “Come on, you want it so bad” “Margarita “, I groaned as she had one of her nails pressed deep into my nipple. “Margarita, will you please humiliate me? “Sure, boy she said tidily” I’m going to make you blush like a miss, and finally like…, you are a miss. Maybe I’m going to make you cry…” She spat in my face, rabidly, and laughed at my bewildered face…. “Get on your knees and stick your missus ass backwards.

Meanwhile, Margarita had pulled my waistband out of my pants, one of those sturdy wide belts and she began to flog my ass until I cried out…. In the big mirror in my bedroom, I could clearly see the stretch marks…. ” Ok boy, time for something else, I’m going to sit in your ass. “Lick my fingers,” Margarita put two fingers in my mouth, when they were moist enough, she started penetrating my ass roughly. “Oh, a sissy like you must be enjoying this…. I think you are such a hidden gay man, aren’t you?

She now went very deep with her fingers into my hole.

She now went very deep with her fingers into my hole. “Yes Margarita” I confessed…. I am a “… “Slut completed Margarita…. “A slut who lusts after my feet, or did you think I hadn’t seen it?” Beg for it, if you humiliate yourself enough, you might…. Well try it.” I was suddenly so horny on Margarita and on her feet tucked into horny red boots that I was ready to say anything…. ‘ Margarita I am an inferior slave with a small cock humbly begging you to lick your goddamn feet clean” ‘hmm, maybe that measly cock of yours will get harder from that…” I carefully removed her booties and smelled that nice smell of leather and slightly sweaty feet, delicious. Margarita sat down on the edge of the bed and boldly pushed one foot into my mouth…. “Lick it slut” She had placed the other foot on my shoulder. This way, she let herself lick it all clean…. “

And now lick gently upwards, along my beautiful ankles and calves, over my thighs until you reach my pussy… Slavishly I followed her orders and a moment later I was eating that delicious Margarita…my cock had become hard again and Margarita strong as a Russian from Siberia threw me on my back on the bed. She speared herself on my cock and started riding me, clinging to my hair, concerned only with her climax. ” Don’t you dare cum in me, slutboy I don’t need your slave seed…” she cried out viciously….

“I’m coming yes, yes, yes” she came violently and slapped my face several times, oh yes delicious slut Margarita

“Ok, now I’m going to torment you some more.” She first made me drink a liter of water and forbade me to pee…. Then she made me light a big candle. I could see the storm coming…. I had to take a seat in the bathtub. Margarita stood in front of the tub with the burning candle in her hands…. She only had a skirt on, and I had an excellent view of her firm tits…. No matter how full my bladder was, I got a hard cock…. Margarita came and sat between my legs and slowly dripped the candle wax, first over my chest then over my belly, then she went towards my cock and balls. i could hardly hold back my pee from the shock….

Margarita knew that of course and she warned me.” If you dare pee, then … I’ll pour on your stiff cock and balls…. ” Of course, it happened anyway and no matter how I begged, Margarita could not be swayed, more so she visibly enjoyed my screaming and crying. “Oh boy anyway, will mom comfort you, yes? Then stop crying. She let me lick her stiff, brown nipples, which naturally calmed me down….

Then she made me promise to be her personal slut. To seal our agreement, she began to jerk off my ravaged cock with her lithe, muscular feet, my seed quickly looking for an outlet… but just before I came she stopped for a moment…. “What are you, say it again? “Oh Margarita, I am your personal slut with a too small cock”. “Very good, Koen” and she let me squirt generously all over her slender ankles…. Big flakes of cum came out of my quivering cock….