This day in February started like any other. It’s 8:30, and I just woke up. Still in my bed and my boyfriend is still sleeping. First let’s see if there’s anything nice to see on my phone. Facebook, of course. Just browsing around. A few weeks ago, I subscribed to a page for lesbians. Just out of interest, or is it more?

There is a picture with the text “Enter your name and whoever likes you can invite you for a private conversation“. I scroll through, but halfway through I start to have doubts. I scroll back up, click on it, and before I’ve thought for another two seconds, I put my name down. I close my phone and get out of bed. All sorts of things are running through my head. Would I have a like? But they are women, I have a boyfriend. I turn on the faucet and step into the tub. A moment for myself and nothing to think about. In the back of my mind it keeps going through my head and after ten minutes I want to know.

I see a message from Facebook. Someone who liked my comment and a private message, what am I going to do now? Good morning beauty, are you okay? This is a woman who likes women. But is that something I want? How would it be? Is this and naughty thoughts. Maybe I should just let it go. I put my phone away and put a mask in my hair. Many questions go through my mind. She sees that I have read it, which is not clean anyway. Then answer anyway. Good morning…. Yes, what do I put behind that? Oh, what do I care, good morning handsome. Immediately her status jumps to online, she read it. I hear various noises coming from the hallway, so he is awake. Fortunately, he knows that when I take a bath, it is really my time. No one around me for a while and enjoy. ‘Buuuzzzzzzzz’ you have one new message. What is a pretty girl like you doing here, what am I going to say? I can hardly say that I am just looking around and my boyfriend is still in bed. I’m not looking, I’m just looking and you? In the meantime, I rinse my hair, the mask has been in it long enough. I get out of the bathtub and sit on the edge of the band. Is this really what I want? Am I that curious about what it would be like? I grab my phone and there’s another message. Excitement is something I am looking for.

Are you in a relationship?

‘This is what I mean, so what am I going to say to this. No, I am not in a relationship. Excitement, what do you want then? What do I say now, I cannot do this? I put my phone away and get dressed. Half an hour later, I enter the living room. My dear friend is already dressed and ready to go. My friends are coming to pick me up and they are leaving for the day. I will be home tomorrow.’ Now I can react in two ways: angry or just let it go. I choose the second ‘cozy honey, hope you have a good time’. I turn around and walk back to my phone. New message, maybe you want to go out for a drink this afternoon. What do I say? Yes is fine, but she wants exciting things. I have never done anything with a woman before. This is the only way to find out and he is gone anyway. Let me be brave and say yes to something.

I open the message, “seems very nice, I will come to you? Now I can’t go back, I said yes, but maybe she’ll cancel. You never know. I hear the door close behind me, so Sir is gone. In my pocket I feel my phone vibrate and yes, a message. ‘ I didn’t expect this from you, here is my address, do you want to wear something nice? ‘ OK there we go, something nice so she wants something. Something fun and exciting to wear. Meanwhile, I stand there looking in my closet with big question marks over my head. Don’t women see lingerie the same way men do? Matching lingerie? Red or black? Okay, wait, now I’m rambling. I do know something, pull open the bottom drawer.

A red lace bra with a red thong. And then black stockings underneath? High heels dress over it and ready, right? Haha, yes, can you do that? I get it out of the closet and put it on. I turn around in front of the mirror and don’t know what to think. I grab my cell phone and check how long it will take to get there. Fifteen minutes, I say, then I’ll be there. I open the app and send her a message. I’m putting my shoes on and I’ll see you in a minute. Within a few seconds, I get a message back. ‘ Is good beauty, see you soon’. I get out of the car and walk to the door. Before I can ring the bell, the door opens. In front of me stands a woman with long black hair, beautifully made up, and a short black dress. I looked at her and she asked me to come in. With sweaty hands, I walked on. As I passed her, I felt her fingers sliding along my bottom.

We don’t greet each other like that, do we? I go back and want to help her. She grabs my hand and pulls my body into her hair. I feel her other hand slowly slide down my back. She pushes my back against the door and slowly begins to kiss my neck. I feel the buttons of my dress open and her lips sink down. She takes my hand and walks away with me. Come, let me make you comfortable. Before I can say anything, I walk with her and see that she is now taking off her clothes. A beautiful black lingerie set with a well padded bra. Am I really going to do this? I can’t even think about it. My dress is taken off and my bra is undone. I feel her lips sliding along my nipples. Hmm, how delicious this is.

On the inside of my legs I feel her hands sliding slowly along my lips which are already well wet. She pulls off my thong and I feel the kisses moving slowly to my clit. First a few small horny licks, then she gets wilder and wilder. I feel her fingers sliding inside me and I can’t stop moaning. I am soaking wet and just want more. I can’t stop and just want to come. Without thinking, I let it all happen and it is so horny. I feel that I cannot hold it any longer. I can’t stay still, and my moans get louder and louder. I come faster and faster. I feel that I am going to come, but this feels different than normal, this is much more intense. I feel her tongue moving quickly over my clit, and then it happens.

I let it all go and cum intensely and deliciously. I feel the moisture running out of my pussy. I tremble with pleasure. She looks at me, “You beauty, you are so horny, does this meet your expectations? I won’t say anything to your boyfriend. Don’t be afraid”. She laughs and turns around, “Your profile is public on Facebook, so I could see everything, but that is not a problem, every woman wants to know how it would be with another woman”. Red with embarrassment, I get dressed. Now I don’t know what to say. She grabs my hand, ‘shall we do it again next time’. To which I can only say ‘yes is good, see you soon’.