I’m a French pavement worker, here is my naughty story.

Oh, sorry for mistakes. It’s translated to English by a friend. Phtoto from another hot French woman. Okay, madam, the terrace you want is about 20 square meters. I estimate the cost to be around €550. But then you have to make sure that the grass and such has been removed from the garden yourself. The cost includes materials and hourly wages, so just say so. And, of course, pay cash immediately. I had to stop by a house in an industrial area where there were also some residential houses. Not really these small ones. Really a luxurious area. The woman who opened the door gave me an instant boner.

She was the kind of chick I like. She was good looking, about 50 years old cougar. Blonde, a little plump, big tits, wide ass and hips. I walked behind her to the backyard where she wanted the patio. I had to stop myself from squeezing that nice full ass for a moment. The weather was nice and she offered me a cup of coffee, which I didn’t refuse. On the small terrace she now had, I could watch her for a while. She was wearing pretty tight clothes, her big tits were clearly visible through the low neckline. What a delicious, bite-sized piece. I really hoped I would get the job, then I would have another reason to come back.

After we discussed exactly what she wanted, I grabbed my phone. “I’ll just take a few pictures of the piece I have to pave, ma’am.” “Just tell Angelique to listen and take some pictures.” I stood up and took some pictures, making sure she was in them a few times. She didn’t even notice. I had a bunch where she was in full glory. Even with her clothes on I was getting all horny on her. After the deal was done, I drove down the street. Around the corner I stopped the car to look at her pictures. The pressure had to be off. I took my dick out of my pants and jerked off a little while looking at the pictures. What a delicious bitch…

It was bloody hot and not really doable in this heat.

A week later I was back. Now with the trailer with all my stuff to do the job. It was bloody hot and not really doable in this heat, but a deal is a deal. Through the garage I could get everything into the garden with the wheelbarrow. Angelique had also dressed for the temperature. A light summer dress and that was it. I noticed as she walked that she hadn’t packed her tits either. Everything swayed beautifully. I was sweating my ass off at that temperature, my t-shirt was sticking to my body and my jeans had had drier times too. Periodically she came with that delicious body to bring me something to drink. I really didn’t have to look at her too much. My cock was not at rest the whole time. And believe me, that is not very pleasant when you are on your knees. It was quite a job, but by three o’clock I was satisfied with the result. Angelique had also expressed her happiness with her new deck. I helped her with the table and chairs and sat down with a cold beer. “Marc, do you mind if I pay for part of it today and the rest later?” Shit, cash, I had said. And now this again. She couldn’t pay the whole amount at once, she had some problems. I told her that really wasn’t possible, we had an agreement. But something else was going through my head. Could I get her to fuck me? I could imagine everything. Then she wouldn’t have to pay my hourly rate. The tiles I had laid were a bargain anyway, but she didn’t need to know that. “That wasn’t the intention, Angelique, I want to get paid today. Can’t you arrange it some other way?” It was now or never.

I stood up and stood behind her. Carefully I placed my hands on her shoulders. “How about showing me your delicious body sometime?” She turned her head and looked at me questioningly. “You mean?” I didn’t let her finish her sentence. “Yes, that’s what I mean. If you spoil me now, we’ll leave the rest of the money. But when I say spoil you, I mean really spoil you.” She hesitated and looked at me. “Do I really not have to pay the rest, Marc?” It took a moment. She got up and went inside. Had I gone too far? “Come on Marc, I’ll do it!” sounded inside. She had gone so far that she had already undone the buttons of her summer dress. She had nothing on underneath. Her big tits were half exposed and I could see the huge nipples and her fat, hairy pussy. My dick was hard as a rock as I walked in and unzipped my pants. “Get on your knees first and start with a nice blow job, but take off that dress.” Angelique dropped her dress to the floor and collapsed. Without hesitation she grabbed my cock and pulled back the foreskin. With her soft hand she began to pull it off with her warm lips against my glans. With her tongue she swirled around, licking my entire shaft from my balls to the tip. Kneaded my balls.

The sexy cougar had guaranteed to do it before. I really had to try not to squirt all my cum in her face. She really fucked me with her mouth, but there was something else I wanted to fuck. Her horny pussy and when it was in there, her anus for a while. But she did not know how to stop. I felt my balls tighten. Whether I wanted it or not … my seed was looking for a way out. I pushed her horny whore’s mouth further over my cock and began to squirt. With my glans against her uvula, I squirted my cum into her throat and mouth. She swallowed, but it was too much and I watched as my cum slowly dripped out of her mouth over her big memes.

She stood up and grabbed my hand. “Will you come upstairs with me, darling? We’ll continue there.” I wanted nothing more, but she would have to do her best to get my cock back to full strength. If she tried her best, I could fill her up twice more. I looked up at her rocking ass as we walked up the stairs. I couldn’t resist putting my hand between her legs and grabbing the full flame. I thought we were there, but we had to go up another flight of stairs. It was one of those block houses, as I call them, with three full floors. She opened the door and I walked into a huge room. There was a big bed in the middle with a big TV screen at the foot of it. I took a quick look around and saw an open cabinet against the wall with a collection of dildos, vibrators and attachments. And next to the bed about two cameras. And the cunt couldn’t pay the bill? Angelique went to the closet, grabbed everything and lay down on the bed. With the remote she turned on the TV and I saw her in all her glory. “My ex ran off with one of those stupid 20-year-old blondes two years ago. And since then I’ve been lying in front of the webcam regularly for an extra penny.” I had to make do with that statement.

But she had to get back to work. I went down on my knees next to her on the bed and put my glans against her lips again. She immediately opened her whore mouth and started sucking again. I reached down with my hand and grabbed her pussy. Her whole body was nice and full, her pussy lips too. I pushed my fingers between them and soon felt her clit. I hadn’t seen it before, but it looked like a small cock I had between my fingers. With my cock in her mouth, she moaned immediately as I started fingering her. I wanted to get a closer look at the flames and maneuvered my body into position 69. She had her legs spread and I pulled open her meaty cunt with both hands. What a clit this sexy cougar had, it was like sucking on a baby’s dick. The harder I sucked, the louder she moaned. I lowered my lower body a little more and was sure I could see down her throat now. She was no longer moaning, I could hear her making gurgling sounds.

From her pussy I could see her cum slowly dripping out and I knew she was ready. I pulled my cock out of her mouth, turned around and lay on top of her. I placed my cock in front of her fuck hole and rammed it right in without any effort. Everything about this broad was big. I had never stuck my pole into such a big hole before. And she was hot too. Her pussy flesh just glowed around my cock. I rammed it as deep as I could, she moaned terribly and encouraged me. “Jaahhh…fuck my fat whore cunt! Ram it in the street. Fill my kut…fuck me…” It was getting wetter and wetter between her legs. I may have already come in her horny mouth, but now I felt it coming again. I drilled as deep as I could and started to come again. Sweaty I stayed on her for a few minutes. But she obviously wanted more.

Push it in my pussy!

She grabbed one of her dildos from the bed and told me to push it into her pussy. I grabbed it and saw that it had some kind of pump on it. It was one of those inflatable dildos. I sat between her legs and pushed the not so small fuck rod into her wet hole. As easily as my cock slid in, the artificial cock slid in as well. I immediately started pumping a little and slowly saw her fuck hole getting wider and wider. I thought it was enough, but the sexy cougar told me to keep pumping. The more I pumped, the more she moaned. “Fuck me with the rod, fuck me…” she cried. But the thing was pumped so far that there was almost no movement in it. “Pull it out of my cunt … pull it out!” I began to pull as hard as I could. The more I pulled, the more I saw her pussy opening get bigger and bigger. I pulled a little harder and didn’t know what I was seeing. The artificial cock had grown so big it looked like I was pulling a volleyball out of her. I was looking into a gaping, pussy smelling hole.

“You fist, put your fist in my whore cunt asshole!” She became more and more disgusting and wanted me to fuck her with my fist. I didn’t have to be careful. I clenched my fist, pushed it between her fat labia and thrust it in at once. “Fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me deep.” I had worked a pussy with my fist before, but believe me, I had never experienced anything like this. Without any effort I was in her far beyond my wrist. With long strokes I pumped it deep into her dripping flames over and over again. The whore moaned and groaned and turned wildly with her lower body. I got horny again and felt my cock getting hard for the third time. For minutes I was pumping my fist into her big crack. And then she came. With my fist deep inside her lower body, she clamped her legs together and began to jerk violently. I felt the stream of hot fluid along my arm as she began to squirt. With a jerk I pulled my arm out of her pussy. It seemed like her orgasm never ended and she stayed in it. But my cock was so hard again that I had to fuck her again. Being a pretty firm guy, I lifted her heavy body slightly and pushed my cock between her fleshy buttocks. I pulled them apart a little and soon found her anus.

Two fuckholes I had already filled, the third needed a load from me as well. She still hadn’t recovered from her orgasm when I pushed my cock into her bowels. And I didn’t fuck her asshole gently either. My balls rattled against the full asshole again and again. This hole was a little tighter than her emaciated pussy and I didn’t need much more to shoot my cum into her for the third time. I had had enough and lay down on the bed next to her, I needed to recover as well. I played a little with her huge tits and thought to myself that I hadn’t fucked her yet. But maybe that was something for the next time. “You’ve paid your street whore now, just stay down, I’ll come out on my own.” I went downstairs, found a beer in the fridge and got dressed. Before I went out the door I looked back. I was happy with my terrace though, that’s how I wanted to get paid every time.

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