I met Agnes on a dating site. In her profile she told me that she was a divorced 43 year old woman. She was looking for a nice man with whom she could build a friendly relationship and do fun things with. At 43, she was 4 years older than me. Like me, Agnes lived in Copenhagen, half an hour’s drive from my home.

She still had two children living at home, but they were already at an age where they were more likely to be away on weekends than she was. Their semi-detached house was just outside the built-up area of their village. There were no other houses in the neighborhood except for close neighbors. In her yard she had a large barn with a garage. Behind the barn was a large garden where she could do whatever she wanted without being seen.

At first glance, Agnes was an ordinary, unremarkable, slender woman who did not dress in a conspicuous manner. Under her clothes were small, firm breasts with large nipples. She also had a nice small firm bottom. Despite having two children, her belly still looked nice and firm. Her pussy had full, large labia where her inner lips protruded boldly. Her clit was larger than I was used to seeing in women and protruded visibly above her slit. As it turned out, she could easily come on her clit while fucking. All in all, Agnes had a wonderful body under her clothes.

The first time we shared a bed, her pussy was covered with a large clump of pubic hair. I noticed that when I fucked her and grabbed her wrists, she tried to resist. At the same time, I could feel her pussy clenching around my pole and getting even wetter. I tightened my grip on her wrists and began to pound hard on her cunt. Agnes went completely crazy and came with a loud scream, while at the same time a flood of juices worked its way past my pounding cock. When we calmed down, I asked her if she liked being dominated in bed. She told me that she liked to be well treated in bed and that she regularly fantasized about being blindfolded and tied up and then being fucked hard.

After this event, all sorts of horny, nefarious plans began to develop in my brain. There was a big barn in her yard where her ex-husband had worked on cars. The possibilities of that barn captured my perverted, horny imagination. In fact, there was an electric hoist hanging from the high ceiling of the barn. I could already see her hanging in that hoist, at the mercy of my horniness. I made a spreader bar from plastic drain pipes with leather ankle cuffs and another with leather wrist cuffs. I attached a ring to the center of the wrist cuff bar so it could be pulled up. From my collection of sex toys that I have accumulated over the years, I took a blindfold, a riding crop, a set of nipple clamps, a thick butt plug, a thick dildo with a handle and about three suckers and put them in a bag. A large bottle of lube and a bottle of massage oil were also included.

The weekend had come. I went to her house. Her kids had flown out for the weekend and would be sleeping somewhere else. The rods and the bag of sex toys went into the back of the car. With a rock hard dick I drove in her direction. In my mind, very exciting ideas were already forming about how I was going to use this woman. When I arrived at her place, I only took the blindfold. Agnes was bent over in the kitchen loading the dishwasher. I could see the outline of her buttocks through the thin fabric of her sundress. I moved behind her and grabbed her hips. I pressed my rock hard cock against her buttocks.

Agnes pressed her buttocks even harder into my crotch. When she stood up, I kissed her neck. I moved my mouth to her ear and licked her earlobe. For a moment she flinched and moaned. You’re in the mood, I whispered in her ear. I certainly am, she said hornily. I took the blindfold and put it on her. When she wanted to say something, I told her to be quiet. Obediently she waited to see what would come. My hands slid down her dress to her breasts. I could tell she was not wearing a bra. Her hard nipples almost poked through the fabric. I grabbed the bottom of her dress and pulled it up over her head. Now, with her back to me, she stood naked in front of me. In addition to her bra, this little slut had conveniently forgotten her thong. I grabbed her firm breasts from behind and kneaded them.

I pinched her hard nipples for a moment. Agnes moaned hornily. Then I turned her over and pulled her against me. I pressed my mouth to hers and gave her a long wet tongue kiss. In the meantime, I grabbed her by the buttocks and pulled her legs apart. My finger found its way to her sphincter and I pushed it in. Again she moaned. Okay little slut, you’re mine and I’m going to do what I want with you, I said and led her to the back door. What are you going to do, she asked a little worried. I’m going to take you to the barn, I said quickly. But they can see me from the road, she protested. I pushed her out and led her to the barn. Fortunately for her, no one was driving by. I took her inside and sat her down in the middle of the barn. Stand here, I said sternly. I went outside and got my props and toiletry bag from the car.

I maneuvered the electric hoist over her head and attached the bar with the cuffs to the lifting hook. What are you going to do, she asked, her voice shaking. You’ll find out, I said. I told her to raise her arms and one by one I cuffed her wrists above her head. Excited, she moaned hornily. Spread your legs, I ordered her. I secured the first ankle cuff, but her legs were not spread far enough for the second. Spread them wider, I ordered again. This time she had to spread her legs wide enough to get the second cuff on. Her legs were now immobile.

I was squatting with my face close to her hairy pussy. Her lips were open due to the spread position. I could tell this was arousing her because they were soaking wet and swollen. I paused to put my nose between her lips and smell her pussy. It smelled wonderful. Using the controls on the lift, I lifted her up a little further so that her arms stuck out to her sides and her feet barely touched the floor. Her nipples were protruding forward and her swollen clit was protruding boldly above her slit. As I undressed, I gazed rapturously at the horny image before me. My dick was pointing straight up. Not knowing what her limits were yet, I slowly warmed her up and then loosened up on her. No mercy for this horny submissive. I wanted to use all of her holes.
First I grabbed a tub of water and wet her pussy. She flinched from the cold water for a moment. Then I lathered her lips with shaving soap. With the sharp blade I removed her pubic hair and revealed a deliciously naked pussy. I used my tongue to make sure I had not missed a hair. Then I did the same between her cheeks. There was no hair there either.

I stood silently behind her and blew softly on her neck and in her ear. A shiver ran through her slender body and goose bumps appeared on her arms. I cupped her firm tits with my hands and felt her rock hard nipples under my palms. I grabbed her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and twisted them hard and fast between my fingers. A moan escaped her mouth. I drove my stiff cock against her butt crack. Feel how horny you make me bitch, I panted into her ear. I grabbed the bottle of oil from the bag and began to oil her body. Agnes moaned as I smeared the fragrant oil all over her body, giving her breasts, buttocks and pussy extra attention as I rubbed it in. When I was finished she had a beautiful shiny body. I grabbed my digital camera and quietly took pictures.

I didn’t know if she would approve of me taking pictures, but now that she was blindfolded, she had no idea. From the bag, I took out the three transparent suction cups that allow you to control the vacuum with a dial. I placed them one at a time on her nipples and clit and turned the dials to the maximum. Her nipples were stretched to the limit and her already large clit was squeezed tightly into the transparent plunger. Her pleasure buds would soon be twice as big as they already were. Now I grabbed the bottle of lube and the lube injector. This is a handy syringe for injecting lube. I sucked it full of lube and inserted it into her anus. What are you going to do, she asked nervously. Wait and see, I said quickly. All at once I emptied the injector into her bowels. Then I grabbed the thick steel butt plug, lubricated it and pushed it in. Agnes pushed her lower body forward to avoid the intruder, but she could not move. A moan escaped her lips as the plug shot past her sphincter. I moved in front of her and inspected the suckers. Her nipples were stretched to the limit and her clit now looked huge and dark red. It was like a small cock inside the piston.

I grabbed her pussy roughly with my hand and stuck three fingers inside. She was soaking wet. I began to massage her G-spot hard with my fingers. Her cunt began to make loud sopping sounds. Her juices dripped down through my wrist. A large wet spot began to form on the floor. Suddenly she started screaming and squirting all over the place. There seemed to be no end to it. For a moment it seemed that she could no longer stand on her legs and was hanging limply in the restraints. I stopped fingering her and let her recover. Agnes recovered and stood up. I took the large dildo out of the bag, lubricated it with more lube and pushed it into her pussy. It slid smoothly in. With long strokes I fucked her deeper and deeper. The juice seeped out past the intruder. Agnes began to pant and moan and suddenly her body stiffened.

I pulled the dildo out of her open slit and again she squirted a jet of fluid in my direction. Her body relaxed again. I stood up, grabbed the riding crop and stood next to her. With a well-aimed blow I knocked the first piston off her nipple. There was a momentary twitch around her mouth. The second followed. I ordered her to tilt her pelvis forward. Agnes pushed her mons veneris forward and with a well-aimed blow I knocked the piston off her clit. Ouch, she cried out. I crouched down in front of her and sucked the big bloodshot bean in. Gently I sucked her clit and massaged it with my tongue. Yaaa better, Agnes moaned and began to thrust against my face. Again I smelled the delicious scent of her pussy. Obviously Agnes wanted to come again, but now it was my turn. First I quickly took a picture of her dripping red swollen pussy with a super large clit.

In the shed I had seen a heavy workbench on wheels. I placed it behind her and unhooked the chain from the electric hoist. I lifted her onto the workbench so that her buttocks were just on the edge. I braked the wheels. Then I moved the electric lift back a little so that she was hanging in the cuffs in more of a reclining position. Her thick nipples stuck out invitingly. I grabbed the nipple clamps and applied them to her sensitive buds. Oy, she moaned with a dogged pull around her mouth. I brought the dildo within reach. I fumbled in my pocket and found my steel ball stretcher. I wrapped it around my pocket and felt my balls swing deliciously under my body. I grabbed the spreader bar and brought her knees up to her breasts. I pulled the butt plug out of her anus. Her two tortured openings were now invitingly open. I moved forward a little and placed my purple glans against her swollen fuck cave.

With one thrust I rammed my cock into her cunt up to my balls. She blew all the air out of her lungs at once. With my rock hard dagger I began to fuck her hard. My heavy balls, caught in the ball stretcher, rattled against her buttocks with every thrust. I’m going to fuck you, bitch, I’m going to eat you up, I snapped at her. These words caused Agnes to moan loudly again and with a loud scream she squeezed out another load of pussy juice along my cock. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and moved it quickly from side to side over her lips. Jet after jet sprayed against my body. I put my cock against her anus and drilled it into her intestinal canal and now fucked her ass at high speed.

Again she started to squirt. Stop, stop, I can’t take it anymore, she cried. I grabbed the dildo and pushed it into her pussy. Both of her pleasure holes were fucked. The pressure the dildo put on my cock through the partition between pussy and anus made me feel I couldn’t hold back my seed for long. I quickly removed my cock from her ass and pulled the dildo out of her pussy. With a powerful thrust I rammed my cock between her open pussy lips. I began to fuck her again hard and deep. Agnes clenched her pussy muscles and began to milk my cock dry. I couldn’t hold back anymore and with a roar I filled her pussy and womb with my seed. When I was finished, I pulled my dripping cock out of her cunt. A wave of semen found its way out and threatened to run past her still open anus to the floor. I put my mouth into her butt slit and licked the seed from her seam and anus.

My tongue continued upward and my lips pressed over her open, tortured labia. I sucked and licked my seed mixed with her pussy juice inside. Then I moved over and placed my mouth on hers. She moaned as she tasted our togetherness on her tongue. After she swallowed it all, I put my still dripping glans against her lips. Agnes sucked it in and licked me clean. I untied her and removed the blindfold. She needed a moment to adjust to the light. I carefully removed the clamps from her nipples. I helped her up and pressed this delicious woman against me. Then I lifted her through the back door of the barn into the backyard and laid her on a couch. How did you like her, I asked? Wonderful, she said, a wonderful game. You can do that more often. I stayed with Agnes for several years, and we played many more exciting games like that together.