It is summer and we end up, against my habit, at a campground on the border of Piedmont in Italy with my new Italian girlfriend, with whom I was madly in love. As it turned out, our tent was not at the edge of the quiet campsite, but very centrally located near the reception and right next to the swimming pool. When I handed over the tent upon arrival, just out of sight of the other guests and the campsite owner, I had grabbed my crotch and whispered to Luna, “What now?”. She had smiled and said, “Don’t worry, relax, everything will be fine.

After a full day of travel the day we arrived, we slept in the next morning. It is clear that it is going to be a sweltering hot day. I get up, shave, jump in the shower, and then put on a pair of short, tight jeans and a t-shirt. When I get back to the tent, I call out, “I’m going to the bakery; I understand the closest one is in Pareto; fifteen minutes from here. “I want to go with you…” I hear Luna say, coming out of the showers just after me. “I think it would be annoying for you if you had to go all alone. And it seems nice to see some of the scenery already,” she gives me a wink. “Nice shower too?” I ask her only for form’s sake, but I can already feel my enthusiasm in my body. Luna is clearly ready for the hot day, standing next to me in a lovely short summer skirt and tight top. The straps that extend just below the top reveal the top of one of the many thong bikinis I have given her.

I grab the keys to the car, Luna slips unseen into a pair of heels and we get in; we roll down the windows and the roof as we leave the campground. Then we turn left and we’re off. “I think we’re going to get lost,” I say. Luna smiles and puts her left hand on my crotch. I feel like royalty and press the accelerator of my new Audi; we whiz past the fields and meadows of Piedmont. In picturesque Pareto, we stop at a typical Italian village store that doubles as a bakery. An old boss sitting on the bench in front of the shop, enjoying his cup of cappuccino, follows us, or rather Luna, with his eyes as we get out and then with every step we take as we cross the street. The same thing happens 4 minutes later when we walk back to the car. “I’m not the only one who wants you,” I say to Luna.

She doesn’t move, looks aside to the old boss, waits two seconds, smiles and says hello to the old boss in an extremely friendly and correct way. “Definitely in the mood for a threesome again?” I continue teasingly. “I always like two, you know, baby. Are you going to ask for the number of his two grandsons?” Luna replies adroitly and gets in without looking at me, but obviously satisfied with her answer. “Sweetie,” I murmur. I start the engine, Luna puts her hand on my crotch again and gently squeezes my already somewhat stiff cock. “Oh! Does that feel good?” she says shyly. We drive out of the village towards the sun and almost immediately turn right onto a country road towards our campsite. After a few hundred meters I see a dirt road disappearing through the bushes to the top of a small hill. I slam on the brakes and back up onto the path, stopping the car after 5 meters. Luna and I look at each other and lean in for a passionate tongue kiss.

The touch of our tongues, her hands beginning to roam over my body and ending up between my legs, makes me even hungrier for her. Luna gets out of the car and closes the door behind her, motioning for me to stay seated. She is now standing in front of the car and between the car and the road we just drove down. Without hesitation, she begins to undress, exposing herself right in front of me. Feeling free and untroubled, Luna continues to strip with only the chirping crickets as her audience. She obviously enjoys the sun on her half-naked body. Then she walks past the car and down the path to make sure we are alone. I see her through my rearview mirror in her shiny black and silver string bikini, walking up the hill and disappearing into the bushes. After a few minutes she returns, opens my door, puts a hand on my crotch and watches me react to her performance.

The bulge in my tight shorts gave me away. She pulls my pants off, revealing my stiff pole. “I’ve been thinking about nothing else for a day,” I hear her say as she leans forward. The warmth of my rod in her mouth matches the warmth of the air against her bare skin. I sigh and moan; this encourages Luna to suck harder, teasing with her tongue and pulling hard on my cock. “Ahhh Luna,” I whisper, “what a hot bitch you are. I take off my shirt and expose my body. My swollen cock feels great in her mouth. I grab the roof of the Audi and stare at Luna’s breasts and she knows what’s coming. I can no longer resist her temptation and get out of the car. Luna takes off her bikini top and stands next to me in her thong and heels. I guide her to stand with her back to me, her hands on the eaves above the left rear door.

As I run my hands over her breasts, she grabs my pole and strokes it. Luna imagines the sun kissing the pink skin of her pussy as she arched her back and offered herself to me. I don’t hesitate for a second and gently slide inside her, moaning animalistically as I feel her sensitive flesh around me. Now Luna’s last inhibitions are gone as well and I hear her loud voice: “RICO, OH RICO! DEEPER! YES, YESSS! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD!”. “Fuck how good you feel, nice vulgar thing,” I growl and moan. This adds more fuel to the fire of Luna’s arousal. She enjoys my hands around her waist, then over her hips, breasts and buttocks. My legs push me forward and backward, controlling the rhythm with which I thrust my pole into her. Then I take a small step to the side and reach my hand into the compartment of the driver’s door where I pull out a Womanizer toy. “Tasty horny beast, are you always prepared?” I hear Luna say. We continue our game while Luna places the Womanizer on her clit with one hand.

The sucking toy on her clit with the rhythmic slapping of thighs against thighs mingles with her frenetic sighing. “Ahhh, ahhh, yes yes yes yes yes.” Luna rocks against me, the reflex intensifying her pleasure. I increase the speed and she gives herself completely. She screams: “I come, I come, oh baby, I…”. A sudden, shuddering climax bends her double and I slowly come to a stop. I caress her lovingly, embracing her orgasm with touches and kisses. Luna turns to kiss me, the burning metal of the Audi now against her bare ass. “I love you,” I whisper into her ear. Luna is too out of breath to answer and watches me in silence, my hard cock full in the light of the sun. I want more and lift Luna’s left leg, hold her like this and guide myself back into her. I feel how her pussy welcomes me and embraces me. Panting heavily, I get even bigger and harder inside Luna, she grips the roof of the Audi. Our lips are on top of each other and our tongues are dancing. In the morning sun, her moisture glistens along my shaft. I lift Luna up and place her against the car with her legs spread. Now I can take her deeper with my cock unhindered. With the hard metal at her back and my hard cock pinning her down from the front, she can do nothing but hold on and be fucked, fucked and fucked extensively.

When I then slide my penis out of Luna and put her back on her feet, she looks at me for a moment bereft. I lean over to kiss her again. My stiff cock presses against her ever-needy pussy. The gravel crunches under our feet as she pulls me to the front of the Audi. Now it’s my turn to feel the hot chassis against my buttocks. Luna reaches down and grabs my pole. She sees how stiff and big it is. She is in control again. Luna crouches down to take it in her mouth and runs her tongue along my cock; licking, tasting and savoring every inch of my shaft. She strokes me and lifts my cock with her hand so she can devour my balls. I then take her hand and gasp. Birds chirp as Luna worships my cock. A warm breeze rustles between her thighs, tickling her exposed vulva. God, how she always goes wild on my cock. She presses it to her face, her eyes closed in delight at the sensation of the hard flesh against her soft cheek. This adoration drives me crazy. Luna gives my cock one last appreciative kiss and then stands up. She pushes me against my chest so that I sit on the edge of the hood, turns between my legs and offers herself.

She sits carefully on top of me, clearly looking forward to every inch of impaling herself. Her hands rest on my legs and she pushes herself up and down, completely in control. “Oh, ohhh fuck yess,” I moan. “Mmm, you like that don’t you honey? I can feel it.” There is a slight rustling in the nearby bushes and Luna is momentarily distracted by the thought that someone might be standing there watching. It is clearly the breeze that is disturbing the branches. But the thought of being watched remains. Although we are sure that we are far enough into nature not to be seen, there is a slight possibility that someone could walk around the corner at any moment. The thought of being so completely exposed to a complete stranger excites us. Luna rides me even harder, spreading her legs a little further to reveal more of her glistening slit. I can no longer just sit there and let her ride me. I use my legs to thrust into Luna, who looks down to watch the thrusts.

“Do you feel that, hmm?” I ask. “Do you like what you see?” “Oh. Yes, what a wonderful sight, how well you always fill me,” she says half moaning. Luna presses her legs together and squeezes my sex to stimulate me. I gently squeeze her nipples and let my hands slide down her slender body. My fingers find the V between her legs and spread her lips so I can stimulate the pink flesh beneath. With gentle touches, I tease her clit, which is getting harder and more swollen. I rub it between my fingers, making sure I also feel the top of her vulva so that she is thoroughly stimulated. Luna encourages me to continue and whispers in my ear. “That’s it, fuck me, take me, fill me, take my pussy. And then she is completely taken over again by the feeling of sensation, devotion and pure pleasure. “Mmmm…nnnn…nnnn.” Her sighs encourage me and I redouble my efforts with my cock and fingers. In total surrender, Luna wraps her arms around my head and neck. My hand between her legs is now a combination of caressing, occasional slapping and stroking.

I continue to fuck her and then after a few more thrusts I hear her moaning, growling, “I …, I …, I …, I …, I … come…. “. “Fuck how good you are” Luna says as we continue fucking at a slightly slower pace; she enjoys after her climax and starts kissing me; “mmm how lucky I am to have you” she continues. Then between kisses, she whispers, “I want to taste you”. I let my cock, soaked with her horn, slide out of her and lean against the front of the Audi, spreading my legs as Luna crouches in front of me again. I run my fingers through her hair while she holds my wet, shiny cock. “That looks good, baby,” she says, and begins to lick her ecstasy from the bottom to the top on all sides of my pole. Then she takes the throbbing head of my rod is in her mouth. Her hand is like an extension of her mouth and she strokes, sucks, jerks, licks, sucks with long strokes. How spectacular she looks, her naked body, perfectly lit, her horny action.

I go crazy: “Oh, ohh Nanny, like this! Yes! I come…I come…nnnggghhh”. I squirt in and around her mouth; Luna uses one hand to hold up her breasts and catch some of the load of hot cum. Then she stands up where she slides her pearly breasts over my cock, lower abdomen up until we are facing each other a few inches apart. Luna says nothing, just smiles and looks mischievous. Then she places her lips on mine, opens her mouth and tongues me briefly and sensually, but long enough to share the CUM she has captured with me. “Mmm, good boy!” and is silent for a few seconds, then continues: “Don’t you dare go to the bakery without me tomorrow.”