I worked as a hospital security guard with irregular shifts and had a couple of night shifts by myself. During one of my shifts I walked the wards several times and in one ward a beautiful blonde nurse with nice full round breasts, beautiful lips and a perfectly shaped ass was hard at work preparing medicine. I went up to her and asked if it was quiet. Yes, thankfully, she said. I wished her another peaceful night and continued up the ward.

After making my rounds, I received a call from the ward where this pretty blonde girl works. She asked if I could help her with something because there was something she could not do. I indicated that I would be right there. When I arrived at the department, I saw her standing there. Only I noticed that she had unbuttoned an extra button on her uniform, which made her breasts appear even more. This caused quite a bulge in my pants. In order not to show this, I walked on as normally as possible. She asked if I would help her remove a spider from the ceiling. I grabbed a chair and tried to catch the spider with a cup that was on a table.

Before I knew it, I felt my pants fall and the nurse had already taken my hard rod in her mouth. Since there were several patients in the room, I had to be careful not to moan. Since she seemed to be able to handle my rod quite well, I came quite quickly for the first time and squirted all of my load into her mouth. It was so much that she almost choked. We left the room together and opened an emergency door at the back of the ward.

Once we were out in the open in the stairwell, we could make as much noise as we wanted. I grabbed her, turned her around with her back to me and put one leg over the railing. With two fingers towards her pussy, I could already feel that she was soaking wet. 2 fingers slid inside her. Then fingers 3, 4 and 5 came and slid in. She asked me to take my hand out of her pussy so that she could, like a gymnast, because she was so flexible, clamp her two legs over the railing to take my rod in her mouth again with her head down. This time my rod went faster and faster and deeper into her throat causing her to gag, her saliva splattered in her face and she got tears in her eyes causing her makeup to run. I pushed 1 more time deep into the back of her throat, pinching her nose and I saw that she was turning red.

I decided to take my rod out of her mouth so she could catch her breath. She told me she wanted to try something she had never done before. I asked her what it was. The wheelbarrow, she said. I knew what the wheelbarrow was, that is 1 of my favorite positions. She told me she had seen it in a porn movie. No sooner said than done. She goes with her hands on the floor and her legs in my hands and I slowly put my rod in her ass. Ouch! She screams. No worries, I say, this will hurt for a while. Faster and faster and faster I pushed into her ass until we both came, I admittedly for the second time, but never mind. We were both enjoying ourselves so much that we didn’t notice that there was a young patient at the window next to the emergency door, I guess in her early twenties, filming us but playing with herself in the meantime.

On my last thrust I came in her ass while the nurse jerked off, causing her anus muscles to contract around my cock. So I squirted all the cum I had left in me into her ass. We stood up, got dressed and went inside.
I looked at the patient, winked and said, “You’re on next shift.