Hubert and I visited my brother Erich and his wife Sabine in the middle of the country. The men had gone golfing, on a golf course not far from Remo’s house. Sabine and I lay down by their pool to enjoy the beautiful weather and the enticing water. Since the men were gone and the garden was surrounded by a wooded embankment with a fence, we decided to sunbathe topless. Sabine had a beautiful body in my eyes. Tight 85C cups that glistened when she resurfaced after diving underwater. We didn’t swim much, but mostly sat in the deck chairs, chatting and sharing a bottle of wine. Photo “Thehottestblonde“.

Suddenly, without prompting, Sabine asked, “Are you still the faithful husband?” The question was based on a booze-fueled, out-of-control encounter with her husband, my brother, and an adventure with a colleague. I thought I could be honest with my sister-in-law. I suspected that Sabine was asking this question because she had had similar erotic experiences herself. “Well, not exactly,” I replied. In my mind, probably out of some kind of survival instinct, I tried to minimize my missteps. “And you, Sabine, have you always been a faithful wife?” Would she admit to cheating on my brother?

“Ha, ha,” she laughed harshly. “No, not exactly,” she scoffed. “And how many times is not exactly?” I asked curiously. “Oh, a few times.” “Exciting, I’m listening.” “Well, Erich travels a lot,” she began. “Yes, I know that, tell me what happened!” “It happened after work.” Sabine paused for a moment. “In a bar. A nice sports bar from my work. We stayed and chatted. I always liked him.” “And?” “He put his hand on my leg under the table. I was wearing a short skirt and my legs were bare. It felt like an electric shock. I didn’t push his hand away. So he slowly slid higher.

I don’t remember what possessed me or what happened to me, but I told him that it would be better to do this somewhere else. He stopped immediately and we walked to the parking lot.” “Nothing much happened in the parking lot. We kissed and again his hand went up my skirt. I went with him to his house and spent the night there. I was actually shocked at how easy it was to fuck another man. And what about your experience?” “Also a colleague, the company had something to celebrate and so there was a company drink. Hubert was abroad. For a short time. We got into a conversation about sex and seduction.

I was open to an adventure.

As a joke, I said I was open to an adventure. Who could be surprised when my colleague showed up at my door around midnight. He had not taken my comment as a joke, but as a serious invitation. He had gotten his wife drunk and left her at home asleep. And it was a delightful and exciting experience, not as it should have been, but I don’t regret it. “Any others?” “No other special adventures,” as if fucking my own brother had been nothing special?! “You mentioned a few. Would you like to share them with me? I love to tell and talk about our adventures.”

She described a few more pleasures. To my surprise, I saw a wet spot in her bikini bottoms and wondered if my bikini bottoms had also made my arousal visible. Suddenly I heard the gate lock rattle and a dark-haired young man in shorts and sandals stepped into the yard.” “That’s Lex, he maintains our pool.” I wrapped my towel around me and covered my bare breasts. Sabine made no attempt to cover her partially naked body. “Hello Lex, this is Bea, my sister-in-law.” “Hello ma’am, nice to meet you.” “Me too,” was my reply. I noticed that it was a good looking boy with a tight muscular body.

“Nice to have you here Lex, you can also meet my sister-in-law.” Sabine grabbed her breast and pushed it towards Lex. He nodded at both of us. I was startled. What was going on here? Was Lex more than the young man who maintained the pool? Was she fooling around and having sex with this boy? Lex approached reluctantly. He seemed a little unsure. Sabine got up from her pool chair and bent over me. She grabbed my towel and opened it. “She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” He nodded nervously. “Help me with her bikini,” Sabine said. I should have stopped, of course, but our conversations had gotten me pretty excited. And, well, it wouldn’t be the first time I’d colored outside the lines since I’d been married. I arched my back enough to let the panties slide off my hips. As I lay naked on my bathing chair, I noticed that Lex’s gym shorts had also begun to move. His stiff cock was clearly visible.

It made me feel good and horny. My no longer young body still caused erections. Sabine bent down and sucked on one of my exposed nipples. I marveled, not knowing that she had bisexual tendencies. A topic for another conversation shot through me. My bikini and Lex’s shorts were on the floor a moment later. Lex was an attractive, well-built young man. Especially his stiff cock caught my attention. In my opinion, his cock was now at war strength. It was a fine specimen. Long, straight, nice and thick and veined. The kind of cock that, because of its size, could hit any spot in your pussy sack and fuck me to orgasm in no time. I spread my knees invitingly. Lex understood the invitation and immediately started to play with my wet pussy. Sabine lowered the back of my chair. Lex climbed on me. He pushed two fingers into my pussy and rubbed my clit with his thumb, which began to swell spontaneously.

I want to feel him deep.

He bent down further and began to suck on my tits. Each time he worked on a different nipple. He sucked, gently bit and occasionally blew. I could feel my nipples getting hard. I searched and found his delicious cock. I had to work hard to crawl around his cock. Despite its position, I rubbed it as best I could. I could tell by the twitching of his cock that he was on his way to orgasm. His fingers were going in and out of my pussy. My pussy was generously producing pussy juices and dripping. My body was also tingling and vibrating with pleasure. Lex grabbed his pole and maneuvered it into my pussy. It felt great as he pushed his hard cock a little inexperienced against my yearning pussy. He was wild and eager. He was powerful and had more to offer me than Hubert. Wildly, hard and violently he pushed his pole into my wet pussy. His strokes were powerful and youthful. He hit every spot in my pussy. A completely new experience, such a thick cock. “Jaahh fuck me fuck me nice and deep, jaahh Lex fuck me. What a delicious thick cock you have.

Yes, come deep, come deep, you fuck my womb, jaahh I come, I come. This delicious pussy is all yours” I came moaning and panting. With each thrust I contracted my pussy muscles to feel Lex’s hard veined cock even more intensely. I felt his warm cum squirt into my cunt, shot after shot, spurting into my lower body. It was wonderful to be fucked by such a young, horny stud. I lay there blissfully panting. Sabine moistened her fingers with spit and played in my asshole. I found Sabine’s pussy. Her slippery love hole opened spontaneously for my fingers. Suddenly another wave of orgasm raced through my body. Shoots of pleasure shot from my nipples to my clit. I came again. It was obvious to Lex that I had come. He had also orgasmed, but his cock was still hard and stiff. Slowly he pulled his hard cock out of my pussy and went to Sabine. She was also naked now and spread her legs. Her small labia were hanging out nicely, glistening from the pussy juices Sabine had produced before. Lex moved between her legs. With his fingers he opened her pussy and pushed her labia apart. Sabine gasped and sighed.

“Fuck me, fuck me, horny stud, I want to feel your nice thick cock in my pussy. Fuck mehhhhhhh!” she moaned. Lex put his glans against her cunt and Sabine spread her legs and he entered her with a hard thrust. “Jaahh, jaahh, fuck me, fuck mehhhh,” she moaned. They fucked intensely and passionately. It was obvious that this was not the first time they had sex and enjoyed each other. Sabine pulled her legs up and grabbed her feet. She spread her legs as wide as she could. Lex’s hard, thick cock thrust in and out of her pussy. Sabine moaned and gasped. Soon Sabine and Lex were both coming hard and moaning. They moaned the most horny words to each other. I could see by the reaction of Lex’s body how shot after shot his semen spurted into my sister-in-law. Slowly they came to themselves. Lex pulled his hard veined cock out of Sabine’s pussy. Spots of semen remained in Sabine’s trimmed pubic hair. More sperm dripped from her pussy. I watched in fascination, because I only knew such a scene, a seed dripping pussy, from porn movies. But now I saw it for real. It made me extremely horny. As if nothing had happened, Lex put his shorts back on and went to work vacuuming the bottom of the pool.

Sabine and I slipped naked into the hot tub section of the pool, not only to enjoy the water, but also to rinse our pussies clean. “How old is he?” I asked. “Well, he has a driver’s license,” she replied with a wink. Sabine sat down on a high spot in the bubbling tub and started to play with her breasts in a way that Lex couldn’t miss. I just sat there with my breasts above the water. Lex got more attention for us. “Aren’t you glad you met her?” asked Sabine to Lex, who nodded and put his hand on his crotch. “Wouldn’t you like to get to know her a little better?” “If I could,” he laughed. His dick grew stiffer and was clearly visible despite his gym shorts. I looked surprised and horrified. Was Lex going to take me again? A suggestion to which I actually had no objections. He lowered his shorts. His cock was already fully erect, hard and straight. A hard straight cock with a majestic scrotum underneath. He slid into the warm water and waded towards me. He dove under the bubbles and soon I felt his tongue between my pussy lips. A moment later he came to the surface gasping for air. He was holding his pole.

He positioned himself between my legs. I felt his head against my pussy. Even though I was in the water, I still felt like my pussy was wet with my own pussy juices. Lex pushed his glans into my fucking slit. “Jaahh Lex, fuck me. Come deep inside me. I want to feel your delicious cock. Slowly he conquered my pussy. Sabine sat opposite me on the edge of the tub and fingered herself. I got hornier watching her doing it. Lex grabbed my shoulders and started fucking me at a fast pace. It was a new sensation to feel such a nice thick cock going in and out of my pussy at such a fast pace. “Jaahh, jaahh.” So it wasn’t long before we both came violently. Again I felt his semen squirt forcefully into my lower body and soon it was dripping out of my pussy. Slowly he pulled his throbbing cock out of my pussy. I clenched my pussy muscles to feel that delicious thick cock as long and as hard as I could. But Lex was still not satisfied. His cock flicked out of my cave. He turned around and snuggled between Sabine’s wide open thighs.

With a violent thrust, which Sabine answered with a violent scream, he pushed his still hard cock deep into her cunt. Sabine also received a strong thrust. Soon she came, panting and moaning loudly. Then Lex climbed out of the water. He put his shorts back on, wished us a nice afternoon and left. Sabine and I slipped back into the bathtub and rinsed the traces of our cheating from our pussies with the wonderfully warm water. Needless to say, at my insistence, we visited Sabine and Erich regularly ever since. The men enjoyed playing golf and, coincidentally, the pool was cleaned during our visit.