A fantastic, long story to get nice and excited about. The main character is a 45-year-old man who finds another couple to fuck the wife. But then an older couple joins him. The photo you can fantasize about is from Carrie, but let’s call her Melissa. She asks so charmingly if you will fuck her while her boyfriend is watching….

I didn’t really trust it anymore, but I decided to register once more on a dating site. After I placed the ad, I received the first response within half an hour. It was a message from a young couple, she was 24 and he 29 years old, I am 45. They were also slim just like me and the picture they sent immediately appealed to me. The couple was looking for a bisexual cuckold lover, for people who do not know what cuckold is, roughly speaking it means that the woman has a lover with the knowledge or in the presence of her husband and tells him in detail how good and how horny it is. So she respectfully humiliates the man. For this couple it was the first time but he really wanted this, she still had some doubts but the idea seemed horny to her. They had a preference for a more mature man, with my 45 years I met that requirement.

Soon we wrote emails and a little later we saw each other via skype. She introduced herself as Melissa and he called himself Marc, I think these were not their real names, I had introduced myself as Johan. And indeed they were a super hot couple. It clicked immediately and we had a wonderful chat and soon we were all three naked behind the cam. While I was chatting with them, I saw a second reaction coming from a couple, it was a couple of whom he was 60 and she 56 years old. I told Melissa this and I saw that she got a glimmer in her eyes, she sent Marc away and said, Johan wouldn’t it be horny if three generations would do it with each other? I emailed the couple back, introduced myself and attached a picture. Pretty soon I got an email back from her with pictures. They were, as it is called, both full slim, I saw a delicious full woman with huge tits, she wrote to have cup E and indeed that was super horny to see. They introduced themselves as Elly and George. I saw that her tits were hanging beautifully, how horny isn’t it when those huge titties hang down on the belly. They too were intimately shaved just like Melissa, Marc and myself. I mailed back that I had contact with a young couple of 24 and 29 years old and that they very much wanted to get in touch with them.

With Melissa’s permission, I sent along the photos of Melissa and Marc. I soon got a reply, it was just one sentence, can you make it tonight? Well that was clear, unfortunately, Melissa and Marc couldn’t, but they could the next evening. After emailing back and forth some more, an appointment was quickly made. We agreed at my home, I had a great feeling about this, I really felt like it. Although it took a long time, the evening started and the bell rang, it was Elly and George, Elly came in and she knew indeed what she wanted. She stepped over the threshold and a second later I already felt her tongue go into my mouth. She kissed wonderfully, something I already enjoyed in advance. To my delight, she was wearing a transparent stocking without a bra and her huge memes were clearly visible and I immediately gorged myself on them. Oh my, what a horny body a 56-year-old woman can have. I teased her by quickly reaching under her short skirt and running my fingers over her pussy, she was obviously already in the right mood. We continued to get horny like this for a while, she stroked my crotch and moaned, Mhhh, she can fuck my ass later. We were still standing in the hallway and I looked at George, he was clearly submissive and experienced in the cuckold business, he looked at the ground and was waiting for what was to come. Elly saw it and said, oh moment, slave undress and then wait.

Elly and I walked into the room and closed the door to the hallway. Elly took place on the couch, and soon we were in a pleasant conversation. She told me she was really looking forward to it. I took her in and found it super horny to see those extremely large memes going back and forth on her breathing. Elly told me that she had had email contact with Melissa and that they had agreed to let the men wait first. I was fine with that, knowing that they would be available for the three of us. The bell rang and Elly said, oh there they are, shall I open it? I nodded and Elly was already at the front door. I heard the door open and Elly’s voice saying, girl first give me a wonderful French kiss. It became silent and a moment later I heard Elly’s clear voice saying, you slave undress too and stand next to the other slave.

Then they both came in. Melissa also looked lovely, she had on a tight leather dress in which her body was clearly visible. She smiled at me and came walking towards me, I stood up and gave Melissa a lovely French kiss as well. I unabashedly caressed her body and that also felt wonderful, I estimated her body on size 38 and cup C. I had already seen her body through the webcam and now I felt that horny body too. While I let my hands go over her buttocks we ended up in a horny tongue kissing fight. Suddenly I felt Elly’s hands go over Melissa’s buttocks and heard her say, mhhh I’m not the only one with a horny pussy. Apparently, Elly already had her hands under Melissa’s dress. I loosened up and said, shall we have a drink first? The ladies agreed and we all three grabbed something to drink.

Elly said that she had been in contact with Melissa and that Melissa had indicated that she would very much like to be dominated by us, but the men she would like to dominate herself. Elly said, well my slave is well-trained and you can both do whatever you want with that. Melissa looked at me and asked, do you find it strange that I would like to be submissive to you? Your slut? I nodded and said, no delicious, then it’s clear, Elly and I dominate you and both men, you dominate the men. After talking about a few more things Elly said, so now it’s time for us to abuse you first. Melissa’s eyes began to sparkle. Elly didn’t waste any time and said, slave girl stand up and undress so we can inspect you. Melissa immediately jumped up and dressed herself in a horny and seductive way. Melissa was naked under her dress, so soon we saw a super horny slim body with a nice C cup that was very firm. Elly looked at me and said, honey may I inspect her first? I smiled and said, yes go ahead.

Elly stood up and ran her hands over Melissa’s body, she looked approvingly and said, I had such a tight body years ago too, now I am full but still enjoy my body. She kissed Melissa sensually and I could see they were tonguing with open mouths. Elly ran her fingers through Melissa’s pussy lips and I heard Melissa moan. But that wasn’t what Elly wanted. No slut, you indicated in the mail that you wanted to lick a ripe pussy and I want to cum first right now because I am insanely horny. At the same time, Elly began to undress and five seconds later I saw her full, almost fat body with those huge memes. Elly sat down on the couch, looked at me with a smile and said, you can try this slut in a moment, I want to test her now and see if she can lick me ready. I nodded back and was itching to see this woman cum.

Elly turned to Melissa and said, so slut, on your knees, I don’t need any foreplay, you’re going to lick me ready first, I want to cum now. Melissa sat down in front of Elly her spread legs and hungrily attacked Elly’s undoubtedly wet shaved pussy. Elly closed her eyes and let it wash over her, well that was obvious, Elly was really into it. It was not long before I heard Elly moaning, a little later I heard her scream, slut suck my pussy lips in your slave mouth, apparently coarse language excited Elly. With eyes closed she grabbed Melissa by the head and pressed her firmly against her ripe pussy. Suck, suck my pussy lips, both of you equally, suck. And it was already there, Elly was already clearly cumming. Indeed, Elly did have a lot of desire. She recovered a bit from her first orgasm and looked at me hornily. So, she said, I was in the mood, do you want to own her now or can I have another go, because I am super horny and would like to cum again. I nodded and said, first get the worst of the horniness out of your body and let yourself go with our slut. For Elly that was the signal, she grabbed Melissa by the hair again and said, slave woman, it was good, but now I want you to lick my clit ready. Without waiting she pushed Melissa’s head back into her crotch, I stood up while watching this horny spectacle and undressed as well.

Then I sat down next to Elly on the couch and began to tongue her in a horny way, meanwhile playing with those horny memes. Oh, how wonderful of those big hanging tits. Elly looked at me and said, honey wait a minute, just get ready. I looked at her but she didn’t wait for anything, she grabbed Melissa by the head again and called out, slave girl bite my clit. I watched the spectacle while playing with those memes, but Elly was clear, harder slave, bite harder, even harder, slave, bite my clit hard, hard, hard, yaaaaa. Elly was cumming again, clearly audible she was cumming, she pushed Melissa’s head aside and she finished the rest of her orgasm by going over her clit very hard with her index finger. Wonderful to see, this horny mature woman lying so openly enjoying herself. The orgasm subsided and she turned her head to me and gave me a kiss. Mhhh, said Elly, so the first fires have been extinguished, now you may test our slave girl too.

I spread my legs apart and said, slut make me horny with your mouth. Quickly Melissa got down on her knees between my legs and without holding back took my pole in her mouth. Elly watched and I could see in her eyes that she thought it was a wonderful sight. She moved closer and we began to tongue horny again. While Melissa was licking my balls, I felt Elly’s hands over my body. I played with her memes again and said, I’m going to cum between them later, Elly got a smile on her mouth and said, please, but when you cum you may only squirt it in my mouth. I find it horny when a guy fucks me between my tits and when he comes, he squirts everything in my mouth. I moaned because Melissa was sucking me again, I let myself get carried away in the feeling of pleasure and felt that I was about to come and decided that I didn’t want that yet. So I pushed Melissa’s head to the side. Elly looked at me questioningly, honey don’t you want our slave to cum in her slut mouth yet? I nodded and said, no not yet, I don’t want to cum yet. Elly nodded and said, shall we abuse our slaves too? I nodded and said, yes let’s do that. Elly stood up and said to Melissa, honey sit on the couch, spread your legs and stroke your tight pussy so you will get well horny. Melissa came and sat down next to me where Elly was sitting, and I immediately took the opportunity to play with her body for a while. I felt the tight body and let my fingers go into her pussy for a moment and felt that she was not only very wet, but also very tight.

Elly came in with both slaves and said, so now we can continue playing. However, I had already started tonguing Melissa and apparently, Melissa enjoyed the tonguing as much as I did. Elly got to work on the slaves and said to George, slave, give your colleague a good stiff blow first. To Marc she said, look how horny your female is, she just made me nice and hard twice and just gave Johan a great blowjob, just look how horny your beautiful female is. Elly left the two slaves where they were and Marc stood watching as I was tonguing his beautiful wife, while I was playing with her tits and she herself was stroking her pussy. Elly saw it and now took a seat in front of Melissa’s pussy and said, so, now I will taste this tight pussy. At the same time I heard Melissa moan, she was clearly getting hornier. I was playing with her tits and still tonguing her, while Elly had launched the attack on her pussy. And what was to be expected happened, it only took a moment and Melissa was ejaculating, she cried out in pleasure. Apparently Elly could lick very well because Melissa was super horny and clearly felt and audibly come.

When her orgasm had subsided, Elly came up for a moment and said with a smile on her mouth, this tastes like more. She turned around and looked at both slaves, George was sucking Marc assiduously and Marc was clearly having a hard time not cumming. Elly was clear though, slave come here and fuck me from behind while I make your wife cum again. Without waiting she began to lick Melissa again, now her hands also came up while she licked Melissa’s pussy she also played with Melissa’s nipples. Marc had now come behind her and Elly raised her ass further. Although I couldn’t see it from my position, but from Elly’s reaction I could tell that Marc was penetrating her. I looked at George and said, come here and suck me.

He came right away and immediately started sucking my hard rod with great devotion, this man had obviously sucked before. This was real sucking, he took my eighteen inches completely in his mouth and he sucked insanely well. I looked next to me and saw that all three of them were horny. Melissa was the first of the three to cum and for the second time that night I heard and saw Melissa cum, she was enjoying the mature woman who was licking her off. Elly stopped licking and called out, harder slave, fuck me harder. She looked up and said to Melissa, under me, come lie under me and lick me while your slave fucks me. Quickly Melissa lay down on her back under Elly, Elly visibly enjoyed and cried out, harder slave, harder, fuck this ripe cunt, fuck me, I want to feel you fucking this ripe cunt. I want to feel your cum squirting in my cunt. This language and the idea that he was fucking this ripe slut was too much for Marc and I could see that he was cumming, he was squirting his cum into the ripe cunt of Elly who noticed and commanded him, keep going, I want to cum too, keep fucking, fuck this ripe bitch, Melissa bite my clit, bite it, you know I cum when you bite my clit. Elly was talking herself hornier and it was clearly having an effect. Apparently, Melissa wasn’t biting hard enough, because Elly called out, harder bite harder. And at that moment she clearly audibly orgasmed, very clearly audible it was as Elly ejaculated, this made me even hornier and I was contemplating whether I would cum in the super sucking George. Or that I would let myself be sucked empty by George because he could suck. But I decided to do this at a later time, I saw Melissa lying there and pushed George aside. I took a stand and pressed my bursting pole in one time in the oh-so-tight pussy of Melissa. Oh how wonderful that was. Elly noticed and said, yes honey fuck you ready in that cunt, wait a minute, she said to George, lie down you, you are going to lick my cunt clean.

George lay down next to Melissa, Elly sat over his face and called out, you slave, just watch your wife get fucked good. Just watch another guy fill up your beautiful wife. I saw that Elly was holding her cunt open with two hands and so Marc’s cum ran out of her cunt, greedily drunk by George. To George, she said, yes taste how horny my pussy just got fucked by another cock. Lick the cum out of my pussy. She looked at me and said, baby fuck you ready, come show me how you fuck our little slut, spray that cunt full. But I already didn’t need those words anymore because I felt myself getting super horny. I grabbed and could just reach Marc’s pole, which was still stiff even though he had just cum inside Elly. So I pulled him to me and full of devotion I started sucking Marc, Elly obviously found this horny too. Although I could not see it I heard her say, slave, lick my cunt, lick my cunt empty, suck the cum out of my cunt. By now I was tasting Elly’s cunt through Marc’s hard pole which I was sucking. I also felt that Marc was about to cum and I began to suck even more fanatically. And at that moment I felt and tasted that Marc was about to cum. Elly said, baby, yes, go on, pipe our slave ready, I am watching and stroking my pussy ready. I wondered how a woman could cum so many times because I heard she was already cumming again. With Marc’s seed squirting pole in my mouth, Elly moaning and clearly audible cumming and Melissa’s very tight cunt made me feel my cum coming up. Melissa’s cunt was sucking me in, so to speak, and I was cumming deliciously deep, squirting into this delicious cunt. I knew I would own this horny cunt more often, but now I was enjoying the audible ejaculation of Elly and the sucking cunt and I felt like I kept squirting. But unfortunately, my super horny orgasm came to an end.

When I had finished I saw that Elly pulled Marc aside and said, do you see your wife being fucked deliciously by another cock? Do you see how nicely your wife is being fucked. And indeed just when I wanted to withdraw from this delicious horny cunt I felt that Melissa was coming, this time very quietly but not less intense. She was visibly withdrawn into herself to come, so I decided to continue fucking her. When Melissa has finished she looks at me and asks, was it nice baby? I nod and say, delicious. Elly asks, honey can I suck you clean? I get up and sit down on the couch, Elly comes over to me and quickly says to George, you slave now fuck your way into our bitch. That did not fall on deaf ears, George jumps up and a second later he is diligently fucking himself into Melissa. Elly takes my cock into her mouth and clearly enjoys licking it clean. With eyes closed, she licks me completely clean. I see that George is cumming after a few thrusts and is squirting his cum into the tight young pussy. He audibly cums. My pole is decreasing in size and I enjoy the licking of Elly with a half stiff pole. She stops and says, so now you lick. She looks at Marc and he immediately understands what I mean. Apparently, he had also hoped for this, fanatically he starts licking his own wife. He knows that two guys have just squirted into her pussy and he obviously finds it super horny. Elly looks at me with satisfaction. She comes and sits next to me on the couch and asks, if the pussy of our slave is clean shall we go for a drink? I nod because I feel like having a drink by now.

Then suddenly I hear Melissa moan, slave lick me, lick my pussy clean, taste how two real guys have squirted my beautiful pussy full. You are only good enough to lick me clean. Melissa, like us, clearly enjoys humiliating Marc. I find it very exciting, although we were going to have a drink my cock is already slowly coming back up. Elly looks at me with hope and says, honey, I will suck him good stiff again, then you can fuck yourself in one of the holes ready. I smile and say, I don’t know which hole yet. Elly kneels in front of me and says, honey, think about what you want to fuck yourself in. I’ll give you a blowjob so you’ll be horny again. And indeed, this mature woman knows what a blowjob is. It doesn’t take long before I feel super horny again. I feel like fucking my ass. Melissa drops out because she needs to be trained first, she has indicated that she is still a virgin in anal and wants to change that, but I want to take my time with that. So I decide to own George. I take Elly’s head and say, honey, I’m going to fuck your slave in his ass. Elly stops and says to George, sit down doggy style so your new master can own your ass. Clearly well trained George soon sits ready to receive me. I take a seat behind him, Elly takes my hard pole and guides it towards her slave’s ass. I grab George by his hips and begin to take possession of his asshole, which is quite easy. Elly looks at me and with a smile she says, yes honey, this slave is well trained. Just like my ass that you get to fuck later too.

Although I have more or less already forgotten them I hear Melissa say to Marc, lick my ass, lick my ass. I look and in doing so look Melissa straight in the eye. She looks at me and asks, Master, would you please deflower my ass? I look surprised and am still fucking George’s ass. It feels wonderful and George is clearly trained. As I just continue to fuck I say, shall we not do that a little later so we have quiet time? Melissa, however, looks at me tightly and says, master would you please rape my ass, even though I am screaming in pain, I am yours now and would you please rape me in my ass, your ass. I look at Elly questioningly and she looks with a smile and says, honey, come we will take her together. As I pull out of George’s delicious ass Melissa already pushes Marc aside and says, you watch as a real guy is going to make my ass his. You are going to watch my ass get fucked by a real guy. Elly and I get to Melissa, Elly says, stay on your back and she pulls Melissa’s legs all the way up so her ass is accessible this way too. I see Elly run two fingers through Melissa’s ass and she says, honey she can have you. Take hold of her, no more stopping, we are going to teach our little bitch something now. Elly sits down on top of Melissa and looks at me full of triumph and says, so she can’t go anywhere. Take hold of her, her ass is yours and fuck yourself nice and ready in this virgin ass. I place my glans in front of her ass and press a little, I feel the resistance and press a little further. My glans is now in her ass, I hear Melissa scream, no not yet, I’m not ready. But then it’s too late, sitting on top of Melissa Elly grabs around me and pulls me towards her, this makes me penetrate Melissa completely and I feel my cock go into her asshole. I hear Melissa scream in pain, Elly is ahead of me and yells, slut be quiet, your master is going to fuck your ass now.

After a few pounding, I feel Melissa is relaxing and things are getting easier. Elly continues stroking my buttocks and calls out, baby fuck you ready in our slut, fuck you nice and ready. I lie with my eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of possessing this delicious woman anally for the first time. I hear Melissa groan, now not in pain but in pleasure. Then she cries out, Marc watch me get fucked in the ass, I want you to watch a real guy fuck me. Melissa is clearly enjoying humiliating Marc and at the same time I feel Elly push two fingers into my ass. I open my eyes and see a smile on Elly’s mouth and she says, yes baby I will finger you while you fuck yourself ready. We continue to look at each other, Elly does not notice that I am about to cum and as we continue to look at each other she continues to hornily finger my ass with two fingers. Together with Melissa’s tight ass it makes my cum rise again and I feel from my toes that I am going to cum and indeed at that moment I start to squirt and I hear Melissa say with a lot of triumph, Marc I feel a squirting cock in my ass. I feel cum squirting into my ass and indeed I am squirting deliciously into this super horny ass. She squeezes me hornily as I continue to fuck, Melissa is clearly already used to fucking in her ass. To me she says, thank you, master, thank you. Delicious it is, Elly’s fingers in my ass and how she still looks at me and says softly, yes go ahead, cum nicely and the screaming Melissa, she clearly enjoys.

Then I feel my pole start to shrink unfortunately and a moment later I feel myself slipping out of this delicious ass. Elly comes up and gives me a wet kiss. We get up and go for a drink, it had been enough for today.