“Would you like to join us for dinner and a film this weekend?” Victor asks via WhatsApp. “Of course!” I reply. We agree on a time and I ask if I can bring anything. “A toothbrush and your good mood,” is the standard reply. Victor and his wife Nora have been a great support to me over the past two years since my wife’s sudden death. Photo above this story is by Katya

They’ve supported me and kept me going, so I don’t sink into depression. And we visit each other so often now that I think of them as family. Even more than my own family.

One Saturday, as usual, I arrive for a drink around four in the afternoon. As usual, Nora is busy in the kitchen and Victor is ready with two cold beers. Usually, as soon as the door opens, I am mobbed by two of my friends. But this time it is remarkably quiet. “Where are the kids?” I ask as I look around, half expecting them to be hiding. “We sent them to Grandpa and Grandma’s for the weekend,” Victor says with a grin. Nora comes out of the kitchen and hugs me. “Yes,” she says. “Just a lovely adult weekend.” Nora is a beautiful woman in her mid-thirties. Her body has survived the birth of her two children very well. She is dark blonde, with a sweet, open face and brown eyes. She has a mischievous smile. She wears a summer dress that ends just above her knees, barefoot and her toes are beautifully painted red. I secretly always like to look at Nora’s legs and feet. They are always beautifully manicured and make her look super feminine.

She turns and goes back into the kitchen. “Come on,” Victor says, pointing to the garden. We sit down and enjoy our beer. Nora joins us a little later with a glass of wine. We talked about everything, laughed and joked. Then, as always, the subject of my late wife comes up. How wonderful she was, that I still miss her every day, but that things are getting better. Nora always asks if I’m dating again. And my answer is always, “mwah, not really serious. And there’s always the irrevocable question of whether I’ve been fucking lately. I have to be honest and say that I have not been actively looking for a relationship or even a one-night stand since my wife died. Nora and Victor exchange glances and Victor raises his eyebrows. There is a moment of silence and I look at them both. “What?” I ask. “Nothing,” Nora says with a smile. She gets up and goes back to the kitchen.

Victor asks if I want another beer and follows Nora into the kitchen. I shrug and let him go. I lean back and enjoy the sunshine.

The food was delicious as usual. After coffee we clear the table and I help Nora clear the kitchen. After some more talking and hanging out, Nora says she is going to take a shower to wash off the sunburn and if we want to watch a film. Victor suggests a long adventure film and that’s fine.

We set up in the living room. I sit on the couch and Victor sits in his armchair. We wait for Nora to be ready. After a few minutes, Nora comes into the living room. Freshly showered and wearing a bathrobe. “Sorry, I really didn’t feel like getting all dressed up again, you know,” she says. “Don’t worry,” Victor laughs, “we’re not prudes.” And he gives me a wink. Nora comes to sit next to me on the couch and as she sits down I catch a glimpse of her breasts. I quickly look back in front of me. Victor turns on the film.

The film is entertaining. Half an hour into the film, Nora sits down. She shifts a little in my direction and leans half against me. “Cramp in my leg,” she whispers. I nod and try to concentrate on the film. Nora smells fresh, with a hint of perfume. She smells fantastic and I have to try hard to concentrate. Carefully, I look at her out of the corner of my eye. I can see through her robe to her right breast. Her nipple is stiff. She has pulled her legs up under her and is slowly rubbing her feet and toes.

I am torn from my contemplation when Victor pauses the film. “Just a break,” he says and goes into the bathroom. Nora shifts again, this time back to her corner of the couch. I’m very sorry, but also a little relieved. After all, she is the wife of my best friend. “The cramp in my feet just won’t go away,” she says. “Can I stretch my legs for a minute?” She asks, and before I can answer she puts her feet in my lap. “Does it hurt a lot?” I ask sheepishly. “Mwah, it whines,” she says. And in a sort of automatism, I begin to gently massage her feet. “Whew…” Nora says. “That feels good.”

I feel like I’m dreaming. I gently massage the soles and insteps of her beautiful feet. I don’t forget her toes, her heels, her achilles and her ankles. Nora lowers her head back, obviously enjoying my massage. I jump as Victor comes back into the room. “Wow, can you take it like that?” Victor asks Nora. “Yes, delicious,” she sighs. Victor acts as if it’s the most normal thing in the world and sits back down in his chair and puts the film back on. Distracted, I had stopped massaging. Nora impatiently moves her feet and gestures for me to continue. I concentrate on her feet again and can only half concentrate on the film.

I begin to massage a little harder, and now and then Nora lets out a soft moan. I get the impression that she is not concentrating on the film at all. I look at Victor and startled to see that he has turned his chair towards us and is intently watching Nora enjoying my massage. I give him a questioning look and try to apologize. He winks at me and smiles. Then he gets up, walks over to us and crouches close to Nora’s head. He kisses her forehead and asks if she likes it. She said yes as he kissed her on the forehead.

What happens next is something I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams. Victor slides his hand under Nora’s robe, grabs her breast and begins to pinch her nipple. To my surprise, Nora lets him do it. She moans loudly. I was already aroused, but now I notice that my cock is getting harder and harder. Victor undoes the knot in the belt of her robe and opens it. Nora has no panties on and her breasts, belly and pussy are now fully visible.

Nora lifts her head and looks at me. Her look is horny, “I…..” I stutter. Victor stands up. “We’ve been planning to seduce you for a while and thought today would be a good time.” He walks back to his chair and sits down with his legs crossed. “I’ll leave you to it now.” Nora pulls her feet back. “Thanks for the lovely massage,” she says. And spreads her legs. “Do you want me?” she asks.

I can only say yes. I shift on the couch and dive onto her pussy, kissing the inside of her thighs and sniffing the scent of her femininity. It intoxicates me. I spread her lips and see the pink folds of her beautiful wet cunt ending at her clit which protrudes boldly. I lick her clit gently. She shudders and moans. Then I lick her whole pussy from top to bottom and back again. Alternately I suck gently on her clit and her labia. Nora turns with her ass. I try to push my tongue as deep as possible into her pussy. “Oh yes, fuck me with your tongue,” she gasps. I push my tongue as deep as I can and try to lick her inside.

I am in a delicious high. What an incredible experience to have sex with Nora, the wife of my best friend. I come. My face is wet with her juices. I grab her legs and push her knees towards me so that her pussy and ass are easily accessible. Her pussy is glistening and her anus is nice and pink. I hold her legs and bend down to lick her sphincter. “ah ah ohhh” Nora moans. “What is it, darling?” asks Victor. “He’s li-i-ing my ass,” she answers panting. “Does that feel good honey?” asks Victor again. Nora nods “yes”.

I now alternate between her pussy and her anus. Then I leave extra saliva on her ass and while I lick her pussy I gently push my index finger into her ass. She responds by grabbing my head, pushing her pelvis up and pressing her pussy firmly against my mouth. I suck and lick and suck. Nora now moves her hips up and down and rubs her pussy hard against my face and mouth. I keep my finger in her ass and push it further and further. Then she stiffens and lets out a moan that she is coming. And then her lower body explodes. She held my head and her body shook. It seemed to last for minutes. She lets out a deep sigh and relaxes. She lets go of my head and I stand up, slowly pulling my finger out of her ass.

“Fuck,” she sighs. “I suspected you were good, but damn!” She comes up and pulls me to her by my shirt. She gives me a deep, long tongue kiss. “Now it’s his turn,” Victor says from his chair. He is now sitting with his legs apart, holding a drink in one hand and rubbing a visible bulge in his trousers with the other. Nora pushes me away and stands up. She drops the robe on the floor and gestures for me to get up. She helps me take off my T-shirt and then crouches down in front of me. She unbuckles my belt and pulls my trousers and panties down. My cock practically jumps out of my trousers, it’s so hard. She grabs my cock. My glans is wet with pre-cum. Nora sticks out her tongue and licks the pre-cum off my glans before taking it in her mouth.

She sucks my cock deep into her mouth. She looks at me as she tries to get my cock as far down her throat as she can. “Grab her head,” Victor says. I put my right hand on the back of her head and help Nora to swallow my cock deep. Nora cries and drool runs down her chin. “Fuck her in the throat, she can have it,” Victor shouts. Now I grab her head with both hands and start fucking her throat rhythmically. All the time Nora is looking at me. A rhythmic wet smacking “mwah mwah mwah” sound fills the room as I fuck Nora almost mercilessly down her throat. As a final thrust I push her head as far as I can over my cock. Nora grabs my bottom and coughs and chokes. I hold her down and release her after a few seconds. Nora gasps for breath. “Are you all right, darling?” asks Victor. Nora nods. “Was it deep?” Nora swallows and nods again. “Deeper than I have ever been in your throat?” “Yes,” Nora says now, still gasping for breath.

“Are you going to let him fuck your horny cunt now?” Victor asks. “Yes, he can fuck me deep and hard now,” she replies. Nora stands up and gets on her knees on the couch with her elbows on the backrest. “Do you have a condom?” I ask. Nora replies, “No, you’re fucking me deliciously raw.” I look at Victor who nods encouragingly. Nora continues to bend over. I stand behind her beautiful ass and grab my cock, wet with her saliva, and aim it at her pussy. I slowly push it into her. Nora moans. When I am completely inside her pussy I hold still for a moment and enjoy the feeling. Then I start to fuck her slowly, with long, lazy strokes. After a few minutes Nora moans that I should fuck her harder. I slowly increase the speed.

Nora supports herself on the back of the couch with one hand and rubs her clit with the other as I fuck her harder and harder. Victor gets up, walks behind the couch and kneels down beside her head. “What are you?” he asks her. “A horny slut!” shouts Nora. “Are you being deliciously fucked by my best friend?” “Yes, he fucks so deliciously!” she says. “Where do you want him to come?” asks Victor next. “In my pussy!” gasps Nora now. “Did you hear that?” Victor asks me. “This horny seed slut wants your sperm deep in her pussy.”

As Victor says this, I start to fuck Nora even harder. Relentlessly I ram my cock deep into her. I feel my orgasm coming. It comes from my toes. “I’m going to fill you up!” I growl. I thrust a few more times deep inside her. Then I come. I haven’t had such an intense orgasm in a long time. I feel my hot cum filling her pussy. My head falls back and I can’t help but moan loudly. As I fill her, Nora rubs herself to her second orgasm. Victor is still kneeling in front of her, holding her head in his hands. “Come, darling,” he whispers. “Come deliciously while my best friend fills your pussy.”

I hold my hanging cock in Nora’s filled cunt for a while longer. I feel my hot cum inside her. Then I pull out slowly. My glans is super sensitive. The last bit flies out along with a wave of my sperm which drips onto the couch. I take a step back and sit down on the couch next to Nora. Nora is still in the same position. Victor has now taken his trousers off and is walking around the couch. He spreads Nora’s bottom and pussy and watches as my cum drips from his wife’s pussy. Then he stands up and thrusts his stiff cock into Nora’s filled cunt and starts fucking her. “Ah, I’m fucking your cum-filled cunt!” shouts Victor. Nora moans as Victor immediately starts fucking her hard. I watch as my cum drips from her pussy onto the couch with each deep thrust from Victor.

Soon Victor cums and squirts his seed into his wife’s cunt where it mixes with mine. When he pulls out, his half-flaccid cock glistens with cum and pussy moisture. Nora straightens up, sweat on her face. She gets off the couch and looks at the semen that has dripped onto it. “We made a mess,” she says, laughing. She goes to the bathroom. Victor went to the kitchen to get a cloth. I get dressed in the meantime.

When we are all a little excited again, it is uncomfortable for a moment. “Did anyone catch anything from the film?” I ask. We burst out laughing. Victor tells us about the fantasy he and Nora had been having for a while, and after deciding that I would be the subject, they made a bet to see if they could get me to do it. “Was it successful?” I asked. “More than,” says Victor. “You can have delicious sex,” says Nora. We talk some more about the experience and before we go to bed we decide that they can always call me if they feel like an adventure.