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I have to tell my story here from my wife because I am such a worthless guy. I am Gerd, am 48 years old, and have been married to Kysia for 8 years. From the beginning of our relationship, I have been quite submissive and Kysia is a very strong personality, although you wouldn’t say it immediately if you saw her. She is 48 years old, 1.65m, weighs 58 kg, has a nice little ass and lovely tits cup B. She has a pretty face with bright blue eyes and medium-length brown hair. Just a picture to see. I always enjoy the looks the men give her and Kysia likes to flirt openly, even when I walk next to her. Our sex life until recently consisted of making love once or twice a month. I did have to lick Kysia to orgasm a few times a week. As I wrote, I have a fairly submissive attitude and usually, after her orgasm, Kysia turns over and falls asleep. I never insisted that I felt like it too.

A few months ago Kysia said to me that she didn’t need my cock anymore. However, I would have to lick her when she asked for it. The reason she gave me was that I couldn’t satisfy her with that little cock of mine anyway. If I would lick her well I could jerk off above her pussy and if I had done my best she would give me a hand with it. I felt myself getting smaller and smaller and agreed. It went on like that for a few weeks. About five times a week Kysia would command me to lick her pussy. I had to undress completely and often I had to massage her first and then suck and lick her pussy until Kysia came moaning loudly. Each time I sat with a rock hard cock massaging her and/or licking her pussy.

Kysia had forbidden me to masturbate myself!

Only once in those weeks, after massaging her extensively and licking her to orgasm, was I allowed to jerk myself off over her pussy. When I was jerking my dick Kysia belittled me by saying; look at him with that dick of his, do you really think you can please a lady with that? Go away, man. Now go ahead and squirt that shit all over me and then get the fuck out of my sight with that pathetic little prick of yours. Strangely enough, I became super horny from these words and moaning loudly I spurted my spunk over her bare pussy. Look at you smearing me with that little cock of yours. Clean it up quickly and get the hell out of here. I cleaned her pussy thoroughly with tissues and then cleaned her with a damp tissue. Strange, but I thought our relationship was more than fine that way.

A month or two ago, Kysia asked me if I didn’t give her a good sex life. How come I asked surprised, I still please you when you ask me. I’m talking about fucking stupid bag, she bit me. You have never been able to satisfy me with that cock of yours. Do you sometimes begrudge me a good fuck? No, I stuttered, but do you still want me to fuck you? No man, I’m talking about a real bull. I suggest you find me a good Bull who can satisfy me in bed. But how do you want me to do that I stammered. Here that is what I mean she bit again. You have no imagination at all in that head of yours, let alone in your cock. Go look on a dating site or put an ad do something man to make sure your wife is satisfied in bed.

That night I sat at the PC and found a nice dating site. It was I filled out the profile. Husband seeks potent, large-breasted guy for my wife! Soon the responses flooded in. After an hour on the computer, I had my eye on Gino, a big black male with a 23 cm cock. We continued on MSN and there was the cam on. It was indeed a BBC and when he lowered his cam I saw a huge and thick cock that was strongly veined standing straight up. I knew enough and called Kysia. She came and sat down behind the computer. I was allowed to watch for 5 minutes and then Kysia sent me away. I sat on the couch with a stiff cock waiting to see what Kysia would discuss. It all seemed very horny to me.

After an hour, Kysia came into the living room.

She came and stood in front of me, placed one leg on the couch and lifted her skirt. She had no thong on and I looked right up at her lips glistening with horniness. Look what Gino did to me just by talking to me and showing me his cock. Yes, I see, I stammered. Well, said Kysia, wouldn’t you lick it dry then. I buried my face in her crotch and smelled her spicy pussy. With my tongue, I felt and tasted how horny her pussy was. Quietly I licked her to orgasm. When she had finished, Kysia told me to undress. A moment later I stood naked next to her. My cock straight up with my glans wet and exposed. Kysia grabbed my cock and started pulling hard on it. Meanwhile, she whispered that Gino would come by tomorrow night to fuck her properly and if I was good I could watch so I could see how a woman should be fucked. I would get to see how a thick cock would be put into her pussy and how it would stretch and fuck her pussy ready. I couldn’t hold it any longer and came stormily. One ray of cum after another shot out of my penis all over Kysia’s blouse. Kysia pulled hard for a while and then gave a tap on my cock and told me to put it away again that pathetic little cock of mine.

The next evening, after dinner, Kysia told me to come upstairs. I had to pick a nice set which she would wear for Gino. I chose a nice black thong, a belt with fine stockings trimmed with beautiful black lace and a black bra. And what clothes should I wear with it asked Kysia. I chose a short black skirt, a black transparent blouse and a pair of high black boots. Ok, said Kysia, I think Gino can get excited with that. Now go get my lady-shave. I ran into the shower and got her lady-shave, shaving cream, a bowl of warm water, a wet washcloth and a towel. When I got to our bedroom, Kysia was lying naked on the bed. I stood next to the bed and looked at Kysia questioningly. Yes, what do you think Kysia said. Wouldn’t you shave my pussy so Gino has a smooth pussy at his disposal tonight?

Silent and with a hard cock from here to Tokyo, I began the job. I wet her mound and lips with the washcloth and then lathered it with shaving cream. Carefully I shaved her lips, mound and buttocks. When everything was nice and smooth, I carefully dabbed the last bits of foam from her intimate parts with the wet washcloth and dried her with the towel. Ok, she said, clean everything up and then go downstairs and clear the table while I take a bath. When Kysia came downstairs an hour later I looked at her admiringly. What a hot goddess she is. Her hair was done up. You looked right through her blouse and saw her little firm titties in the bra. I felt my cock begin to grow at the sight of that goody which walked into the living room, came and stood in front of me, spun around and asked and? I think Gino will be very satisfied, I whispered. Ok she said, now it’s time to make it a bit cosy here don’t you think. Light some candles here and upstairs in the bedroom. I jumped up and went to work. When I was done, Kysia instructed me to take a shower and come downstairs only in shorts. Half an hour later I was standing beside the couch dressed only in Bjorn Borg shorts in which you could clearly see my cock. Now pour me a glass of wine.

Half an hour later the bell rang. I looked at Kysia who in turn looked at me and said, won’t you open up now? I walked to the front door and opened it. There stood Gino, a big broad handsome negro. Come in I said to Gino. Grinning, Gino walked past me into the living room. Kysia was standing next to the couch and Gino walked up to her and gave her three kisses, pressing the last kiss to her lips. Here I am said Gino. Yes, fortunately so said Kysia. Kysia sat down and tapped her hand next to her so that Gino sat down next to her. What do you like to drink asked Kysia. Just a baco. Kysia looked at me and I was already walking towards the kitchen. I poured a baco and another glass of wine for Kysia. When I came in Kysia and Gino were already kissing. I put the drinks in front of them and sat down silently in the other couch.

I felt my cock grow at the sight of my wife kissing a BBC. His big hands slid down my female’s back. The kiss lasted as long as five minutes, and all the while I was watching the scene with big eyes and stiff cock. When they finished the kiss they each took their drink and sipped it. Gino looked my way grinning, Kysia didn’t even give me a glance. When they started kissing again Gino’s hands slid all over my Kysia’s body. He kneaded her titties and squeezed her buttocks also slid his hands under the skirt between my wife’s legs and from her panting and moaning I could tell he was rubbing her pussy. Kysia slid her hands over Gino’s crotch and began to knead his cock. Then Gino hung back, opened his pants and fished his huge pole out of his pants.

Gino grabbed Kysia by her neck and forced her to his crotch. Kysia began kissing and licking his cock and kneading his balls. Then she took his glans into her mouth and began to suck him slowly. Gino looked at me grinning for a moment and then closed his eyes to enjoy her mouth. I felt my glans getting wet. I know how divine Kysia can suck. although it had been so long ago for me. Gino started pulling on Kysia’s clothes. Kysia stopped sucking and suggested we go to the bedroom. Both got up, drained their drinks and walked up the stairs. Kysia turned around halfway up the stairs and called out to me, wouldn’t you join me limp. I got up and followed them to the bedroom.

Arriving in the bedroom they stood in front of the bed kissing. Kysia detached herself from his embrace for a moment and instructed me to undress her. I walked over to them and unbuttoned the blouse and pulled it off. Then I unbuttoned the skirt and unzipped it so it slid off her blissful ass. Thank you whispered Kysia, undress Gino as well. Kysia grabbed Gino by the neck and pressed her lips to his again. While they stood kissing I undressed Gino down to his boxers. Then they lay down on the bed and continued kissing. A little while later, while kissing, Kysia went over his stomach through his neck and chest in search of his cock. Again she began to suck him. When he almost came she stopped and lay down on her back. Gino wanted to strip her thong of her pussy but Kysia stopped him and said to me; I think Gino wants to fuck me now, so could you not take off my thong? I stroked her thong off her nice buttocks. Kysia said to Gino, come and sit here for a moment and tapped next to her head. And you, as she pointed at me, are going to lick my pussy ready and make sure it gets well wet so this Bull can cover me properly.

I crawled between her legs and saw that she was gripping Gino’s cock in her mouth again. I started kissing and licking her pussy as if I were licking her divine pussy for the first time. After Kysia finished she pushed me away and whispered to Gino that she wanted to be taken. I sat down next to her legs so I had a good view of her pussy. Gino sat down between her legs. So Kysia said to me, could you maybe give him a hand. Hesitantly I grabbed the big thick cock of the grinning Gino and sent it to my Kysia’s small pussy. Gino pushed his cock forward and I watched as slowly the lips of Kysia’s sweet little pussy began to give way.

Then his thick cock plopped into her pussy.

Mesmerized, I sat and watched as slowly a large portion of his thick cock slid into her pussy. I was still holding the cock. Then Gino pulled his cock back almost all the way and then thrust. With a deep moan my Kysia received him. When he was all the way into her tummy Gino lay down heavily on Kysia and started kissing her. When Kysia got used to the feeling of being completely stuffed, Gino started thrusting into her. I sat and watched as the thick veined cock slid in and out of her pussy. Her pussy lips bulged all the way out as he withdrew and disappeared with her into her pussy as he thrust. Gino was a real Bull, fucking her for at least fifteen minutes in multiple positions, with me watching closely as he plowed her pussy. Kysia cummed several times and whispered to me over and over again, now you see how a woman should be fucked, this is just a real guy with a real cock that really fills my pussy. Then Gino laid Kysia down on her back again, folded her legs over her shoulders and then looked at me and said; put that thick cock in that narrow pussy of your female so I can fuck her hard for a while and then fill her up.

With trembling hands, I grabbed his wet cock and placed his wet glans in front of my little wife’s pussy. Then he thrust in and began fucking Kysia hard. His cock slid in and out of my loudly moaning female’s pussy at a furious pace until with a loud roar he squirted his seed into my little Kysia’s pussy. Panting, he gave a few more thrusts and then plopped down heavily on my female. Kysia lay under him panting heavily and again they began to kiss. Then Gino pulled his cock out of her pussy and I immediately saw a wave of seed flowing out of her pussy with it. Kysia looked at me and said you can squirt all over my pussy, but after that you have to lick up the whole mess. I had become so horny from this spectacle that I wanted only one thing, no matter what the consequences, and that was to remove the unbearable tension from my balls.

I sat down in front of Kysia’s pussy and began to masturbate.

It only took a few seconds or I was squirting my seed all over my female’s ravaged pussy. Another four, five hefty jets of seed produced my cock spraying over the red lips of Kysia’s stretched pussy. Immediately after I had cum I bent down and started licking out her pussy. Meanwhile playing with my cock and balls I stuck my tongue deep into Kysia’s pussy and sucked and licked it out. Much longer than necessary I kept licking her pussy and ass until Kysia came again moaning softly. After this, Gino and Kysia disappeared into the shower after Kysia instructed me to change the bed. When I entered the bathroom with the dirty sheets to throw them in the sink I saw that Gino was in the shower leaning against the wall and that Kysia was on her knees in front of him sucking him.

Quickly I left the bathroom again and changed the bed. After half an hour the couple came downstairs and in the meantime, I had poured some more drinks. So Kysia said from now on Gino is my permanent lover and he will come and fuck me regularly to satisfy my needs. I nodded that it was okay. From that day on Gino came by a few times a month to fuck Kysia.