I walk the busy streets of the city looking for prey for tonight. I am Amber Jansen, 20 years old, and I love to make men grovel for me. My brown hair dances on my shoulders and I feel the eyes of the men on the street on me. I enjoy it, I can tell they desire me. I go into a bar and sit down at the bar. The bartender greets me with a wink and pours me a drink. I scan the men in the bar, looking for the perfect prey. My eye catches a man in an expensive suit; he looks charming and has a confident air.

I decide to approach him. “Good evening, may I sit next to you?” I ask with a sweet smile. The man looks up in surprise and agrees. He introduces himself as Mark and we begin to talk. I use all my charm and body language to seduce him. I notice that he appreciates my attention, and I decide to go one step further.

I caress his arm as we talk and notice that he is sensitive to it. After a few drinks, I invite him to come back to my apartment. He hesitates, but I convince him with my touches and my promise that he will have a great night. Once in my apartment, I have Mark pour me a glass of champagne. I lead him to my bedroom, where there are toys and ropes on the bed. “What’s this?” Mark asks in surprise. “Don’t worry, honey,” I say with a smile as I take his tie and tie it around his wrists. “This is going to be a fun night.” Mark looks at me with a mixture of fear and excitement. He’s never done this before, but he can’t take his eyes off me. I leave him on the bed while I slowly undress. I can see him longing for me and enjoying it. I sit down next to him and start to take off my leather dress while I keep looking at him. I see how his breathing accelerates and his hands remain bound by the tie. I climb on top of him with my dress half off and begin to kiss him.

My lips move down his neck and I feel his excitement grow. I hook my fingers into his pants and slowly pull them off. He is all mine now and can’t go anywhere. I enjoy having him so vulnerable to me and begin to make him experience real pain and ultimate pleasure. I use the ropes to bind his hands to the bed, I notice that he is excited by the feeling of helplessness. I play with his body, my way, and see how he craves more. I am the master of the situation and he is my toy. I show him every corner of the room and he begs for more. He has completely surrendered to me and I feel more powerful than ever.

After a few hours of intense pleasure, I release him. He is exhausted, but his eyes are shining with happiness. I smile at him and give him a tender kiss. He thanks me for a wonderful evening, and I smile back at him. “Thank you for submitting to me, Mark,” I say with a wink. “Come again soon. And with these words I leave him alone in my apartment, longing for more. And that’s how I, Amber, an ordinary lover from an ordinary city, seduced a man and taught him to live for me. It was an experience he will never forget and I will always enjoy making men grovel for me in this way.