A German man meets a woman at a swimming pool and maintains contact via Skype. They fall in love and the woman is hungry for sex

Only people like me, who just want to swim a few laps and then go to work, come to the pool where I go every morning. Occasionally I would notice a young woman swimming her laps very fast, and she was much faster than me. Sometimes I would glance at her as she came out of the water. Under her bikini, you could see small, apple-shaped breasts and – typical of swimmers – a very firm butt.

Last week, I ran into her on her way out of the pool. She had on cut-off jeans and a sleeveless top. She had her wet blonde hair tied up in a ponytail. I walked to my car and guessed she was going to the bike rack. However, she walked across the parking lot and was clearly on foot. Getting into my car, I stepped up to her and asked if I could give her a ride.

I found her on Skype

She smiled at me and said that she didn’t have far to go, but that she would like a ride. She did indeed live nearby, in a dorm at a school for social workers. Furthermore, she told me that she was from Kassel and had been training as a social worker in Hamburg for a year. When we stopped in front of the dormitory, she smiled at me and asked if she could invite me for a cup of coffee as a “Thank You”. Since I still had some things to do that day, I asked her for a Skype address. She gave it and in the evening I found her on Skype. A week later, I saw her again and asked if the coffee appointment was still open. That was no problem.

Since I had to work late that day, I went out with her. She lived in a small 1-room flat with a kitchenette, a table with two chairs, a closet, and a small bed. I sat down at the table. She put her backpack in the corner and made two cups of espresso with the espresso machine in the kitchenette. We sipped the coffee, and she told me about her education and that she had settled in well in the new town, having already made some friends at school.

I told her briefly about my work, and she listened with interest. During a break in the conversation, she asked me if I had a girlfriend. I truthfully said yes, but that she had been in Munich for two years and that we rarely saw each other since. She looked at me with a look I could barely make out. Then she got up and carried the espresso cups to the sink. On the way back, however, she did not go to her seat, but came up to me and swung her right leg over me so that she was sitting on my lap. She looked me in the eye and said that since she had been in town, she had not had sex and that she had already noticed me in the pool. She was also very impressed with those fun Skype conversations. I leaned forward and kissed her. She immediately stuck her tongue in my mouth and we kissed wildly. She shifted slightly to the side on my lap so that she pressed her sex against my right thigh and slid back and forth as we kissed.

I noticed how she was getting wilder and felt it getting hot and wet on my bare thigh, I was wearing shorts. So I reached under her top and slid it up. She stopped kissing for a moment and raised her arms so I could pull the top over her head. She had nice, firm, apple-shaped breasts. I bent down to lick her nipples and take them into my mouth. Man, this was the follow-up to webcam sex I had been fantasizing about.

This made her even wilder and she pressed her wet pussy harder against my thigh. She moaned wilder and wilder and said, “oh yes, bite my nipples harder, I’m about to cum.” I took her nipples in turn in my mouth, sucking on them firmly and playing with them with my tongue, sometimes lightly using my teeth – which she seemed to be particularly fond of. Finally, I heard her moaning louder and louder and leaned back so that I had to hold her by her hips and she finished with a loud moan.

Afterward, she fell into my arms, kissed me, and said, “I needed that!”. I took off my T-shirt and pressed her against me so that her rock-hard nipples rubbed against my chest. After she calmed down a bit, she stood up. I saw that her cut-off jeans were completely soaked in the middle. She pulled off her shorts with a jerk and I saw a girlish, clean-shaven pussy. Although she had just cum, her labia were not showing, only a small, tight slit could be seen.

I also stood up and took off my shorts. My cock was hard as a rock and stood proud. She came over to me and kissed me standing up again. I had to bend down a little as she was a head shorter than me. My cock stood up and pressed against her belly. She kissed me and said, “I guess I should return the favor now” and sat back down on the chair. She grabbed my bare buttocks and pulled me towards her.

She looked at my hard cock from all sides and said, “wow, that’s a nice piece”. Then she opened her little mouth and pushed my glans into her mouth. At first, she only got the first few inches in her mouth. But my cock got wetter and wetter from her saliva, and slowly she started pushing it deeper into her mouth. She rhythmically slid her mouth over my cock, pushing it deeper into her throat with each stroke.

I took that as an invitation and put my hands behind her head against her ponytail. Gently, I pushed her deeper and deeper on my cock. She seemed to like that because she let go of my ass and stroked her pussy with one hand while I fucked her neck. Slowly I felt that I was about to cum. I removed my hands from the back of her head and said, “careful, I’m about to cum”. She took both my hands and put them behind her head again.

She looked up at me and said, “squirt it all into my mouth, I want to swallow it!” I didn’t need to be told twice and fucked her hard in the mouth and throat. She rubbed her pussy and pushed herself so deep on my cock that my balls touched her chin and she pressed her nose against my belly. When I realized I was cumming, I pressed her head hard against me and squirted the entire load into her mouth.

I then removed my hands from her head, but she kept my cock in her mouth and played with her tongue around the head of my penis. I watched her swallow my cum, but without letting the cock out of her mouth. She kept sucking me for a while so my cock stayed hard. Finally, she let it slide out of her mouth, licked off some more cum and said that, “that’s great, I also came when you squirted the cream in my mouth.” We got up and went to her bed. We laid down and kissed, I tasted my cum in her mouth. She realized at one point that my cock was still hard and said, “do you want another round?” I kissed her and said, “gladly, how do you like it” “You may fuck me deep and hard but you may not cum in my pussy. I don’t use any contraceptives and I don’t have any condoms. “I said, ‘okay, I’ll pull it out in time.

” She smiled mischievously at me and said, “You can cum in my ass, though, you can’t get pregnant from that. “I could hardly believe my luck – a young girl who was clearly sexually starved, swallowing my sperm and wanting me to fuck her in the ass! She lay down on her back and pulled her legs closed. I knelt between her legs and gently played with my cock in her pussy.

She was very nimble and pulled her legs back so that her lower legs were to the right and left of her head. This gave me easy access into her tight pussy and carefully I pushed my cock inch by inch into her vagina. She moaned as I fucked her then harder and harder, my balls slapping against her ass. Gradually I noticed how I was approaching orgasm again. I pulled my cock out of her tender pussy and placed it against her closed rosette.

She pushed so that her pink asshole slowly opened and I slowly pushed my hard cock into her asshole. She rubbed her clit as I did so and moaned louder and louder. Carefully I drove my cock deeper and deeper into her bowels until I was completely inside. This seemed to make her very horny and she rubbed her pussy faster and faster. I fucked her hard in her ass and finally squirted the load deep into her bowels.

She squealed with pleasure as she also cummed shortly after. I was completely done, pulled my cock out of her ass and lay down next to her. We kissed and she said that she had never had such a big cock in her ass before and that she had never cum while ass-fucking before. She climbed over me and slid to the foot of the bed. “I need to clean you up,” she said and took my cock, which had just squirted a load of cum into her ass, into her mouth.

Since he was only half stiff, she had no trouble taking him all the way into her mouth. She licked him clean, but as she did so he slowly became hard again. “Oh,” she said, “it wasn’t meant to be like that, I just wanted to freshen you up. “Nevertheless, she continued to suck as if she had developed the ambition to make me cum three times in a row. This time, however, she proceeded more quietly, slowly sliding the cock into her mouth and out again, massaging my balls as she did so.

After 10 minutes, I noticed my balls starting to bubble again and I said, “go faster and I’ll cum again. ” She really got going, stroking my balls and pressing her mouth so deep on my cock that her nose pressed into me. Finally, I cummed – though I couldn’t squirt much more cum into her mouth. She swallowed it quickly, licked the cock clean, and lay back down next to me.

Before I left, I licked her to orgasm one more time. I stuck my cock in her pussy again, but I couldn’t squirt anymore. Before I left she told me her name and I learned that she was 19 years old. I am curious to see if we will meet again soon in the pool or else definitely via Skype.

Skype Lady
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