This is the moment. Margarita is sitting in her car in the parking lot of a country club. Shielded from the outside world by a large hedge of conifers is what Margarita now sees as the lion’s den. She left on time and made all the preparations he asked her to make. Alissa on photo.

In her mind she goes through the list again, she deserves to be punished for the many lies she tells every day.

  • 1) Completely bald below the neck.
  • 2) White lacy stockings and white stiletto heels.
  • 3) Whole body slathered in a specific brand of body lotion.
  • 4) Light make-up.
  • 5) No touching and/or masturbation.

She should have admitted to herself that she found the drive to the club exciting. No one knew she was naked under her coat in the car. She should have stopped herself from putting a finger on her clit while driving. But she wasn’t allowed to. The fact that she and her car were in the parking lot of this fancy club was the result of hours of chatting. She had met him online, on a website that had kept her busy for months. She kept coming back to the BDSM club site, and it frightened and delighted her at the same time that there were people who shared her fantasies…and put them into practice.

She had never dared to ask her ex for more than the occasional slap on the ass, but the desire for more was there. Dormant, but present. Margarita couldn’t believe she was going through with this. Two weeks ago she didn’t even dare to talk to Ian, her potential Dom (!), and now she was going to meet him. She gets out of the car. Her stiletto heels have little grip on the gravel path to the front door of the pompous white villa. Margarita feels uncomfortable in the heels, in the too-cold white stockings, in the unpleasant autumn wind. But she is especially conscious of walking outside in nothing but a trench coat and stockings.

Her breath hurts in her lungs, her cheeks burn. At the top of the stairs to the door, she pauses for a moment to catch her breath and pulls the old-fashioned bell. Now or never. This is what she wants. A woman in a satin kimono opens the solid wood door and looks at her. Margarita is confused for a moment, but then remembers that something is expected of her. Master Ian has requested my presence, her voice sounds hoarse in her own ears. Has she really appointed a man she does not know as Master? She, with her position of leadership? She, who in her normal life prides herself on not being inferior to anyone? The woman in the kimono nods and gestures for her to enter. Margarita struggles to focus in the dim light of the hallway. She sees wall lights and the same solid wood doors. 4 of them on each side. A red carpet on the floor. Nothing else.

The kimono points to a small footstool that Margarita hadn’t seen and says, “I’ll take your coat. This was not a question and Margarita unbuttoned her trench coat. Again the gesture to the footstool. Where were they going with her coat? With her car keys? She tried to maintain some dignity as she sat down on the stool, finally deciding to just cross her legs behind her. To her horror and excitement at the same time, Margarita saw people walk by over the next 10 minutes. They looked at her. Some amused, some judgmental and many with lust in their eyes. She was very conscious of herself, sitting on that idiotic stool, her heart pounding in her throat. Dom Ian had told her not to be afraid. But she was anyway. She had been inside for less than fifteen minutes and had lost all control. She couldn’t go outside. Without coat and keys.

There you are. The voice behind her sounds warm and masculine. don’t turn around. she almost has to force herself to obey this command. She feels a hand at her throat. Stand up. With light pressure it moves her head up. She feels his warmth behind her. You are beautiful. She feels something around her neck. For your own safety. You belong to me, that should be clear. Otherwise you are wild meat. She feels a great aversion to the band around her neck, but at the same time a confusing reassurance: you are mine and he thinks she is beautiful. With his hand on her throat, he leads her to the first door on the right and she sees his arm pulling a cord. The door is opened by an unseen hand and Margarita’s breath stops. This was what he had called the game room. She sees a cross on the wall. On the opposite wall is what looks like an apothecary’s cabinet.

Next to the cross hangs something that looks like a coat rack, but for whips and other objects whose usefulness she cannot estimate. In the middle of the room is something that reminds Margarita most of the buck she had to jump over in gym class at school. She smells the leather. Dom Ian leads her to a chair in the corner of the room. He comes out from behind her and sits down, kneeling in front of me. She kneels down and looks up at him. Good.

Most Doms don’t like to be looked at without permission, but I like it. After all, the eyes are the mirror of the soul and I want to know what goes on inside of you when we are together, Margarita. Margarita is completely surprised by the sight of the man in front of her. He wears jeans and cowboy boots. His muscular, tight torso is bare and hairless. She looks into a pair of soft brown eyes that look back at her mischievously from behind a blond fringe. Margarita, we talked about this in the chat. I know your limits. That doesn’t mean I won’t push them. What’s your safe word?

Margarita feels a shiver run down her spine. She has to say something. Cake, master. Good. The tone of his voice has changed. The game has begun. He hooks his finger through a ring on the front of her collar and pulls her up. He turns her around and leads her to the buck. Position yourself on the bench. Margarita decides to take the only logical position. On her belly, she slides onto the leather of the device. She holds her arms out in front of her. Because of the slightly tilted position of the bench, her ass rises a little higher than the rest of her body. She feels open. She feels him position her feet and pull her heels off.

He buckles something around her ankles and then one by one he fastens the straps to the couch. Slowly he walks around her. She hears him open a drawer in the medicine cabinet. More straps. Now around her wrists. Margarita notices that she is beginning to get wet at the sight of the leather cuffs around her wrists. She more or less expects him to bind her arms as he had bound her ankles to the floor beneath her. But in one smooth motion he brings her wrists to her neck and fastens the cuffs to the back of her collar.

Then he grabs the ring to which her wrists are now attached and pulls her backward. She staggers. She cannot correct her position with her ankles cuffed to the floor. She feels him behind her. She feels vulnerable with her hands on her neck and her tits in front of her. Her long hair is already sticking to her back with sweat and she feels a trickle running between her tits toward her navel. She feels his hand caressing her bottom. Then he searches her pussy. Margarita knows what he finds there. She feels her own lust running down the inside of her thighs. Margarita doesn’t understand what’s happening.

She is already hornier than she has ever been. She wants this man to press himself against her, to touch her tits, to fuck her. Again a hand on her throat. He puts her back on the couch. She can’t help but look ahead with the hands on her neck. He puts a finger in her pussy and after a few seconds he pulls it out and the finger is replaced by something she thinks is a vibrator. Then she is confused by the sound of tape ripping. She feels the tape being applied from the middle of her ass to her navel.

The vibrator is stuck. Then it starts to vibrate. Margarita cannot stay on her feet because of the sudden sensation and has to put all her weight on the couch. The vibrations are not strong enough to bring her to climax, but it feels delicious. For a while she hears nothing behind her. She knows better than to ask what is going on. The humming of the vibrator now fills the room along with her excited breathing. Later, Margarita can’t remember which sensation came first. The hearing or the feeling. The first blow on her right buttock was hard and well placed, the board he used did its job effectively. Short, intense pain. Counting. This is what they talked about. She swallows. A master, thank you. The next slap lands on her left buttock. Two Master, thank you. So it goes on quickly to 10.

Her bottom now glowing harder than her face, she tries to move away from his relentless plank and hand, but all she can do is take it with her ass in the air. and thank him. The pain is sharp and sweet at the same time; her orgasm begins to build. The vibrator is constantly vibrating inside her and combined with the slaps on her ass, she is getting hornier and hornier. He slowly walks around the couch and comes to stand in front of her, then grabs a chain lying on the floor and attaches it to the front of her collar. She really can’t move now. She cannot look up and only sees him unzipping his pants right in front of her. His stiff cock immediately jumps forward and he places it against her mouth.

She can’t help but accept him and he puts his fingers under her collar and fucks her mouth. He goes deeper and deeper until she feels him against the back of her throat. He continues to thrust lazily into her. She tastes his wetness against her palate. As she lies there with her ass up and a vibrator in her pussy while he uses her, she feels more attractive than ever. Then he pulls out. Margarita feels strangely abandoned. She wants him back. Inside her. Then she feels a hand under her stomach. He tears the tape with a jerk. The vibrator shoots back slightly and he pulls it out. Then she feels him press his cock against her perineum. He’s not careful. Why should he be. With one thrust he is inside her.

He grabs her hips and fucks her like she’s never been fucked before. Hard, raw and without mercy. She feels the front of her pussy rubbing against the leather as he tightens his grip around her hips. She will come. In a blur she remembers that she shouldn’t. She doesn’t have permission. Panic making her even more horny, she manages to call out, “Master, may I come, Master? The answer seems to take forever as she fights her oncoming climax while he pounds into her. Then he says now. And as he pulls out and she feels her back wet with his cum, the orgasm ripples through her, shaking her violently, a sob escaping her mouth. This is what she was looking for. All this time. Margarita has a Dom”.