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Animated, I stare at the hard nipples trying to pierce through her thin pajamas as I listen to her story that night. She was left by her Lithuanian partner when she was pregnant so that she doesn’t know how to make financial choices for her and her firstborn. After her story, I start with “it is good that you ask a budget coach for help in time. There is no problem now and you have not run up any debts etc.”. While I tell my standard story, my gaze alternates between her bright blue eyes and her enormous tits, which are undoubtedly in full production. For the third time, she stretches her back, causing her pajama sweater to tighten even tighter around her breasts, leaving nothing to the imagination in the process. “Would she care?” I think to myself, “she is almost 15 years younger than me, but gives the impression that she is flirting with me. “Is that of interest to you?” I ask at the end of my story, after suggesting that we should rank her costs and income so that together we can see what the possibilities are. I came from Norway to marry my Lithuanian wife and have a finance office in Vilnius

“Absolutely” she says calmly, in a sweetly foxed voice that makes my heart beat even faster, as honesty dictates that I struggle to contain myself. “Then I will leave a form with some things I need from you” I say, bending down to take the form from my bag. As soon as I sit up again and hand her the form with the words “if you fill it out for me today or tomorrow, we can get started the day after tomorrow”, I notice that a wet spot has appeared in her pajama shirt, exactly at the level of her nipple. In my mind, I dream of a good ten years ago: the birth of my first son, my ex-wife’s breasts, from which came that delicious, almond-like, sweet creamy taste.

Shaking off the thought, I pick up my bag from the floor and stand up, to put my folder back in, to further ask in a compassionate manner “how is the little one, anyway?” She also stands up and a smile appears on her face when she replies “he is very sweet and sleeps well ……. it is just a pity that he is allergic to breast milk”. ‘Not me’ I think to myself as I walk around the table to shake her hand, noting that the stain in her pajama shirt has gotten bigger and the other breast is starting to show a similar spot. “My ex always had to pump too” I remark dryly consequently, trying to point out to her that her breasts are leaking. “Heh, bah, yes” says Renate, hereby taking a look at her breasts, where she discovers what is going on. “Oops, sorry, I’m late again” says Renate apologetically, holding her hands in front of her leaking nipples. “It doesn’t matter … it can happen” I reply understandingly, but my voice skips a beat, which somewhat betrays my interest in the milk factories.

Standing opposite each other, a strange silence ensues; a silence in which we look each other unusually deep in the eyes. Renate breaks the silence with “he has tasted it twice, but both times he had to throw up”. I nod understandingly, longing so desperately for her breasts that it almost hurts, when she remarks “I think it’s a pity, because I loved the feeling and the intimacy”. With a fatherly look, I stare at her, when I say “be comforted, because fortunately the production stops by itself”. “Yes, but here and now I’m sitting pretty with it” says Renate, still holding her breasts. Staring at the hands that are hiding the wet spots, I reply “right, that’s annoying”. When I look at her again, Renate asks cautiously “I have the impression that you do want to help me”. “Yes of course” I reply to add professionally “for every budget a solution”. “No, I mean with this” says Renate, lifting her breasts once briefly, only to lower them again.

Confused, I stare at her breasts, thinking ‘am I going to admit? Am I going to confess my deepest desire to her?” as soon as I turn my eyes to hers, they seem to say questioningly “please, help me get rid of my milk,” causing me to clam up completely and stare at her perplexedly. “Don’t you want a taste?” asks Renate then in a soft tone, which I answer with an embarrassed, subdued nod. She lets go of her breasts so that I can get a closer look at the resulting spots. Delighted, I watch as she brings her hands to the hem of her pajama shirt and lifts them over her breasts. Two huge full breasts, each with a trickle of milk on the nipples, become visible in the subdued light of the living room. She nods, signaling that I may really do it, to which my eyes ask “really? Renate nods again so that I bend down and carefully lick the drop of breast milk from her nipple. Lightning bolts through my head, because the taste sensation in my mouth, caused by that one simple drop, is unprecedented.

Quickly I lick the other nipple, to once again experience the thunder in my head. Then I feel a hand on my neck, holding my mouth in position in front of her nipple so that I close my mouth around it and begin to suck carefully. Shoots of milk fill my mouth and slide down my throat enticingly, where I experience the sensation even more violently. “Boh, yes, that’s nice,” Renate whispers, as I proceed more and more greedily, for a button has been flipped in my head. With both hands I support her mighty prams, the nipples of which I take turns disciplined in my mouth, to suck the milk, alternately, so gradually, out of her. Groping, Renate reaches for the railing of the chair, which she is standing next to, to slide it behind her, so that she can sit on it. I follow her movements, so that I am half crouched, with her breasts in both my hands, and a nipple in my mouth, not missing any of the goodies. “Just a break” says Renate, guiding my mouth away from her chest by my chin, so that I, startled and embarrassed, let go of her breasts.

My natural reaction is ” run away “, so that I stand up and apologize for my behavior, saying ” sorry, I shouldn’t have done that “. “I offered it myself” she says softly, looking up, after which her gaze descends to my crotch, where a huge swelling is noticeable. She puts her hand on my crotch and says “it looks like it turns you on quite a bit”. “Sorry, but this is very unprofessional of me, I apologize,” I say again apologetically, taking a step back and picking up my bag from the floor once more. Since she is blocking the passage to the living room door I walk back around the table, to get out of the way, but Renate is closer to the door than I am and decides to prevent my departure, as she gets up and walks towards the door, where she stands back to back. Her pajama sweater is slid down, making her look more adorable than exciting, especially in combination with her fluffy slippers. However, she manages to turn this image into the most exciting thing I’ve seen in years within three seconds, as she pulls her pajama top off over her head and asks “don’t you want the rest?”

A thud sounds, as I drop my bag and plunge into her breasts, with her, who is about the same size as me, pulling me against her. The milk slides back down my throat as I begin to suck like a sucker, but that’s only half the pleasure, as Renate grabs my crotch with both hands and begins to knead and rub my hard-on all over my pants. Sucking on her nipples, I move my crotch along with her pampering hands, experiencing arousal I have rarely experienced. Moaning and panting, I pleasure myself with her breasts, which I even knead to be able to take the last drops of milk. Sniffing with excitement I notice that little or nothing comes out of her breasts anymore, but I do notice something else, because her hands have brought me so far that I am about to explode.

It’s insurmountable, my head is full of hornyness and so are my pants a few seconds later, because under her warm, lovely hands, my seed squirts into my boxer shorts in thick jets. “Sorry, we shouldn’t have done this” I mumble, while I pick up my bag and carefully push her away from the door, after which I sprint, like a thief in the night, through the hallway towards the front door, through which I disappear in a flash. In my car I only just realize what has happened, because I need three paper towels to dab and rub my crotch dry. Shortly thereafter I am at home in the shower, with my eyes closed, reliving the whole thing, which I do with my cock in my hand, so that I can once again orgasm from the delicious taste in my mouth.

Completely overwhelmed by the worldly experience, I sleep like a rose that day, to be surprised the next day by an email from Renate, who has already supplied the requested data. After looking into her situation and seeing what subsidies she is eligible for, I email her back that with some minor lifestyle changes she can do it. She is delighted to invite me to come and explain it that very evening, so I make an appointment, hoping that I can once again feast on her milk churns. “Hello Mr. van Dijk” says Renate, with her bathrobe and wet hair closed, when she opens the door for me that evening. “Mrs. Jansen” I nod somewhat formally, after which I follow her inside, where she invites me to sit on the couch.

I immediately grab the paperwork from my bag and put it on my knee, after which I start to go through it with her. Renate nods understandingly each time, but my eye keeps falling between the slightly open sides of her bathrobe, where I can clearly see that she is in any case not wearing a top. In just under half an hour, we have gone through everything, whereupon she even decides to appoint me as her mentor, which means that I will manage her finances and souffle her in making the right financial decisions. “That’s a load off my mind” says Renate with relief, after all the assignments and applications have been signed, after which she leisurely sinks back into the lovely soft sofa. “Glad to be of service” I remark professionally. “You can serve me with even more” she says with a wink, to then seductively open the plackets of her bathrobe at the top a little, so that I can clearly see the insides of her breasts. Despite wanting nothing more, I reply “I don’t know if that’s such a good idea, especially since we’re going to be in a professional relationship with each other for the foreseeable future.”

She nods understandingly, but completely ignores my comment as she opens the robe even further, revealing her pinch-hard nipples. “How can I resist this?” I ask her. “I hope not” she replies with a seductive wink “because I have many more treats in store for you”. “What then?” I ask to see how far she is willing to go. She brings her hand to my neck and says “I recognize a fetishist immediately at the first eye contact, so let yourself be surprised”, after which she leads my head towards her breasts. Immediately I suck on the offered teat, while she whispers “lie down on the couch”. I kick off my shoes, turn my body a quarter turn and take a seat backwards on the couch, without losing her nipple out of my mouth, because I don’t want to miss the creamy juice that spurts down my throat for anything. Renate puts her arm under my head to support it, exactly like a mother does with her infant. It gives me a warm feeling, because it is as if we are melting together, but my feeling changes to hot and horny, as soon as I feel her other hand caressing the huge bulge in my pants.

Apparently, she is not directly after my orgasm, because the stimulation is much lighter than yesterday, but no less delicious, especially in combination with the breast milk that I am drinking through her nipples. After Renate has switched breasts a few times and the amount of milk in them decreases, she leads my mouth away from her breast, guiding my head up with her hand. I follow the hand that leads me and kiss her breasts, her neck and her chin, ending in front of her lips, on which I also place a sweet kiss. She presses her lips to mine, whispers “I want to taste it too,” then her tongue slips into my mouth. Slowly and lovingly our tongues dart around each other, when I feel her shift slightly and open her robe further under my body (I lie half and cross over her). She ends the kiss with the whispered words “I don’t know if you’re going to like this, but this is how I like it”.

Even before I show a surprised face, she grabs my hair with one hand, to push my head straight towards her crotch, requiring me to turn half a turn to get a good approximation of the destination. She opens her legs slightly and presses my snout between her legs, right in front of her bald pussy. Her pregnancy is already a few weeks behind her, but her plum appears to be extremely sensitive because as soon as I stroke it with my tongue she shivers with pleasure and starts panting. Her hand holds the back of my head so tightly that I have no other choice than to pamper her juicy mussel, which of course is no punishment, because pampering the pussy of a woman in her twenties is a heavenly pleasure for every forty-year-old, and that includes me! With her hand still firmly in my hair, she closes her legs and slips out from under me.

She rolls me onto my back, letting go of my hair briefly to let her robe slide off her shoulders, then puts her hand on my forehead to keep me in this position. Her delicious full prams come closer, so as soon as I get the opportunity to take a nipple in my mouth, I do so, so that the taste of her arousal, mixes in my mouth with the soft sweet taste of the milk, which she pours me. Renate realizes that I accept her guidance, so she removes her hand from my forehead and begins to open the buttons of my shirt. Because I work out regularly, I don’t have to be ashamed of my body, despite the fact that I’m obviously less tight in my skin than her peers.

Renate seems to appreciate it, though, because she strokes my hairless chest and belly, and then sets course for my pantaloons, from which she opens the belt and slide button extremely deftly. She opens my ride, puts both thumbs in my boxers, so that I lift my buttocks briefly from the couch, to give her the opportunity to slide my pants down. My moans are drowned out by her satisfied remark, which reads “so, that’s a nice Mr. van Dijk”. Renate, standing behind the low armrest of the sofa, moves forward, which means that her breasts disappear from my reach, which she compensates by already placing kisses on my belly and pubic bone. Above me, I see her belly appear and even her plum come into view, as Renate places a knee next to my head on the couch and bends down deeply. I feel her lips touching my hairless pubic bone, but I have more of an eye on what’s going on above me, as her open mussel is within reach, so that I enticingly prick my tongue into it. A moan escapes her, which she stifles by suddenly biting my glans in her mouth.

Of course, this does not leave me unmoved, so I wrap my arms around her buttocks and pull her deeper down, so that I am absorbed in the silky bottom. Her mouth sucks on my pole and starts moving up and down while sucking, so I try to focus on her clit, which I give a feathery tongue treatment. Indulging each other in position sixty-nine, we further increase the pressure on each other’s excited minds, when she suddenly lets my cock slip from her mouth and, while kissing it, sinks further down over my rod, to work on my balls with her mouth and tongue.As a result, her ultra-tight rosette is right above my mouth and I can perceive the outline of the rump around it, which further enraptures me.

Since she just got out of the shower, her rosette is completely tasteless, but despite that, the feel of the tight ripples of her asshole on my tongue is a sighting that makes me shiver with desire. Renate gasps moans and sucks my balls into her mouth one by one, until she suddenly slides back and sits up straight. She prepares my face as if it were a cock, so I can do nothing but stick out my tongue and try to give her pleasure in this way, which proves to work wonderfully because within a minute her lower body is shaking uncontrollably on my face as I feel myself getting wet from my chin to my forehead. “Gently, gently!” cries Renate demurely, as I want to take all her juices like an unglued bear, but she is suddenly very sensitive after her orgasm.

However, mad with insanity, I obey her imperative request, so that I can be given the pleasure I desire, because for minutes Renate is still on my face, so that I can fully enjoy the delicious juice she has just secreted. After this, Renate gets off my face, looks at me gratefully and in love, and takes my hand, to get me out of lying position. As soon as I sit up, she takes hold of both my hands, so that it is clear to me that she wants me to stand up, which I do. Her breasts press against my chest, as she hugs me and gives me a kiss, which is followed up by her soft question “did you like my bottoms?” “Yes” I whisper hoarsely with excitement. “Would you like to kiss them again?” she then asks, which of course I answer in agreement. Renate places her knees on the couch, bends down to support herself with her arms on the backrest, thus giving me the most beautiful view ever, because I have never seen such a perfectly formed ass in the flesh. As if enchanted, I kneel down behind her, stroke her buttocks admiringly and then begin to lick between them, where I detect the same taste as just before at the front, which of course is caused by her juices flowing between them. Jerking myself to orgasm doesn’t even cross my mind, because Renate’s buttocks are so firm and soft at the same time, I can’t keep my hands off them.

Confidently she pushes herself up after a few minutes so that with her back straight, she lets me admire her fabulously beautiful, perfectly formed buttocks. After about twenty seconds, she slides gracefully off the couch, turns half a turn and sits down on it. She stares meekly into my eyes, shifts her gaze to my cock and says softly “poor man, you’re shaking all over.” My breathing is deep as I try to contain myself somewhat, as I would prefer to press her flat on the couch to ram my pole deep into her. Instead, her hand encircles my cock in an extremely light manner. She looks deep into my eyes and begins to jerk me off velvety softly, raising my spirits even further in the process. After a short minute, during which I begin to go crazy, she softly whispers “I know what you want,” to which she promptly releases my cock and whispers “just do it.” She raises her arms high into the air, folds her fingers together above her head so that her breasts spread a little. Immediately I suck on a nipple, which is probably not the desired action, because within seconds I feel Renate’s hand on my neck, which begins to exert pressure to the side of her breast. I kiss and lick the soft side of her breast and notice that she guides me even further up and to the side, so that I finally end up with my snout under her armpit. From this rises a woeful body odor; one that smells like the smell of her body, but a little stronger. I’m too far gone to think about it, though, so I start licking underneath and notice that it does her a lot, as she starts moaning with excitement. ” Jerk off, squirt all over me” says Renate in a modest, yet excited voice, as I let myself go completely under her armpit.

Her hand is no longer touching my neck, so I do all this of my own accord. My cock races through my fist, signaling that the moment supreme is approaching, so I bid farewell to her armpit and scramble upright, which is still not easy with the pants around my ankles. As soon as I stand, she supports her breasts with both hands, pressing them together and slightly upward, so that they form the perfect tray for my approaching seed, which seconds later, with loud moans, I jerk my cock out. With deep moans I cum p her breasts, which receive a serious ejaculation as a reward, for my seed production has not stopped, since the first glimpse into her bathrobe. After that moment, Renate is not a client of our office, as a serious relationship has developed between us, which still continues.