Hello dear readers, after not posting anything for a while, I would like to share something again about webcamming. My life was very wild for a while, but since I got back into a steady relationship I have calmed down again. I have been living together for quite some time now, and my sons have moved out on their own. To be honest, I got a little bored and felt that the boring bourgeois life is not something I want.

Sometimes I secretly meet up with an escort lady when my boyfriend James is away on business. After discovering sex with a woman with one of my then opposite neighbors, I still feel like playing with a woman once in a while. Only through this Corona time, it is not easy. Escort ladies were not allowed to work, and I don’t have a nice neighbor either. Therefore, I decided to seek my feelings through the webcam.

I decided to seek my feelings through the webcam.

No, I do not do this through public sites. I don’t want to run the risk that someone recognizes me. Especially, the fear of being recognizable to family is great. I now have quite recognizable tattoos that I cannot hide for the webcam. Everyone in my circle of family and acquaintances found the choice of tattoos very strange. Especially the spots of my body that I have chosen for these tattoos really bother them.

They know I have them on my upper legs, neck and lower back. The tattoo of a butterfly just above my vagina they thankfully do not know. Speaking of this tattoo. Apart from the pain, this was a very pleasant experience. On a Thursday evening, I was able to visit the female tattoo artist. She closed the shop and put a screen in front of the windows to keep out curious visitors. I undressed from below and took a seat on the cold couch that was covered with plastic sheeting. The girl who was going to tattoo me looked at my vagina and determined the location of the butterfly.

She placed the stencil and rubbed it gently. Meanwhile, I looked at her almost bulging breasts in her leather top. Combined with the rubbing of my venus mound, I became very excited. Almost automatically I opened my legs a little and saw her looking at my vagina. For a moment I thought she wanted to touch my vagina because I opened my legs, but instead she put my legs back together. “Effeminate…That way I can see if the picture is right.” She said. I was embarrassed and said it was accidental.

But my moist labia betrayed me. The maid gave a small smile and prepared her tattoo machine. She put the lines of the butterfly. This hurt a lot on my usually very sensitive Venus mound, but I endured it well. After putting the lines, she started putting the shadows. This too was painful, but a lot more pleasant than the lines. She rubbed away the excess ink with a cloth. More and more often that cloth went over my labia.

Each time under the rubbing she bit her lower lip without looking at me. I was sure she was doing it on purpose and this turned me on again! As inconspicuously as possible, I opened my legs a little again and enjoyed it. After the tattoo was done she put Vaseline over the tattoo. Very gently she rubbed my Venus mound. In my opinion much longer than what was needed. The excitement gave way to bawdy horniness.

I didn’t care anymore, and I grabbed her hand and pushed it towards my now soaking wet pussy. She allowed it and let her gloved fingers slide over my wet labia. I felt at her breasts, but with her other hand she pushed me away. She fidgeted for a moment longer and stopped. She turned around and began to clean up her ink and device. I was so horny that I started fingering myself. It took less than ten seconds for me to cum. Right after, I was extremely embarrassed.

The tattoo artist acted as if nothing had happened and she gave me a mirror to take a good look at the tattoo. It was a beautiful picture. I put my clothes back on and paid her. After I walked with her towards the store door which was locked, she said, “Will you come back again?” She squeezed my bottom when she said it.

I smiled sheepishly and promised to do so once. But to date, this has not happened. I think the shame is too great. But judging by the blushes on her cheeks, she thought it was a nice experience. So who knows, maybe I’ll get tattooed there again.

Back to the webcam.

The webcam lady with whom I sometimes meet has sent me her profile URL, she turned out to be a German webcam lady on webcamfrauen. I then transfer ten Euro and can chat with her for an hour and watch her play with herself. It’s not really fun, because along with me, there are other people who are watching.

Meanwhile, I can see the men who are watching jerking off. But in order not to stand out too much as a woman, I have my camera off. So the other men don’t know that I am a woman. All those erect and booming dicks and the delicious pussy of the webcam lady make sure I always get an orgasm. But I don’t really get any satisfaction from this. So I finally decided to quit.

After I stopped, I got an email from the webcam lady. She was sorry that I had stopped and asked if I wanted a private chat for twenty Euro with all the trimmings. If I wanted to see live sex with her partner, it would cost me thirty Euro. This seemed like fun, so I decided to go for it. We agreed on a day as I wanted to make sure I was alone.

I mailed the webcam lady that I was ready.

One Friday night, my boyfriend went to a friend’s boozer. Whenever he goes there, I know for sure he comes home drunk in the middle of the night. I don’t begrudge him that pleasure, of course. He works hard enough already. I mailed the webcam lady that I was ready. I was wearing a nice lingerie set and had some toys ready to play with. In a previous conversation, the webcam lady had indicated that she found it horny when she saw me play.

After a while the invitation came. I opened the chat and saw her sitting with her boyfriend naked on a bed. He was a very handsome guy and was reasonably large. We chatted pleasantly for a while, and soon things got sexier. I got to decide what they were going to do, so I started by asking her if she wanted to suck her boyfriend. This she did, and I took my dildo in my mouth to supposedly join in.

Let me see your pussy.

“Let me see your pussy.” Groaned he. I quickly took off my thong and used two fingers to pull my labia apart. It made me hornier than I had expected. The idea of a couple sitting at a distance watching me while they had sex themselves was very nice. “Mmm, put that dildo in your nice pussy.” Said the webcam lady after letting her boyfriend’s stiff cock slide out of her mouth. I did as she said. In one smooth motion, I slid the dildo into my pussy. “Oh honey! She has such a lovely, juicy pussy. I always enjoy licking her.” Moaned the webcam lady to her boyfriend.

These words stroked my ego and I quickly let the dildo slide in and out of my pussy. Her boyfriend laughed and said he would like to lick me too. “If your friend lets you, then please!” I moaned. But there was no reply to this. By now I was very horny and wanted to see my regular webcam lady being fucked by her boyfriend. While they kept watching me spoil myself with the dildo, her boyfriend took a seat on the edge of their bed.

The webcam lady sat on him and let her pussy slide over her boyfriend’s hard cock. She moaned as she let that cock go all the way inside her. A jolt went through my body and I felt an orgasm coming on! I put my legs in the air and rammed the dildo into my pussy as hard as I could. Not much later I had a violent orgasm.

“What are you doing?!!!” I suddenly heard behind me. Still fully in my orgasm I didn’t really realize what was happening. I saw on screen that the couple was alarmed, but they continued to fuck.

I turned around and saw my friend standing there, startled. But this wasn’t the only thing. Two more of his friends were standing behind them. I covered my pussy, but that I had been caught was obvious. Because of my lust and the moans coming from the computer speakers, I hadn’t realized that my friend had come home.

“Ehhh, what are you doing home?” I stammered.

“We wanted to continue partying here because Hans wanted to get to bed on time. But it looks like you’re having your own party!” Said my friend angrily. The couple on screen were watching with interest and by now they had capped fucking. Never before had I felt so caught! My friend’s friends stood looking at me in awe, but said nothing. For me, there was no point in getting dressed quickly, since they had seen everything anyway.

“Honey, this is Destiny with her boyfriend. I’m just going to keep an open mind. I have a fantasy what they are fulfilling.” My boyfriend is very open-minded and not averse to an orgy. We had had that before. So that couldn’t be the problem. But he did feel very embarrassed in front of his friends.

“Hey James. You didn’t exaggerate when you said you have a horny wife!” Laughed one of his friends. Soon James started laughing too. I guess he was glad his friends were making fun of him.

“Why don’t you guys join in on the fun?” Sounded the laughter from the computer speakers.

James sat down on my knee in front of the webcam. “Let’s see something then?” He asked. The couple soon began to play with each other again. Her boyfriend’s now limp cock became stiff again as the webcam lady put her hands around it.

“Lick your wench!” Laughed James with a horny look. The webcam lady got down on her knees with her ass towards the picture. Her boyfriend sat down on the floor next to her and stretched his tongue out as far as he could so we could all see it slide across her pussy and asshole.

Soon, James pushed my still free leg to the side and began to run his fingers through my pussy as he watched the webcam lady get boned. I looked back and saw James’ friends running their hands over their crotches as they watched me and James. I was freaking out! “Are multiple people really going to watch me get fingered now?” I thought to myself.

“Fuck your wench from behind.” Said James suddenly. The couple laughed. “I guess you want to join in too huh?” Said the webcam lady.

James also looked backwards and saw that one of his friends was jerking off by now. “Oh well, what do I care! Let’s have a good time!” He called out. “Look behind you, babe. Now that’s a cock!” Groaned James as he got up to undress. I looked behind me and saw a gigantic, stiff cock. I don’t think I had ever seen a dick that big before.

“You can touch it, though.” Laughed the owner of the behemoth. I looked at James, who was still enjoying the fucking couple. “Just spoil Eric. And Gérard… you too?” Said James as he continued to look at the picture. Gérard by now had removed his cock from his pants but didn’t answer.

I got up and walked over to Eric and Gérard. James took a seat behind the computer to continue watching.

I went through my knees and grabbed both of their dicks. I was looking forward to feeling a little more of the club in my left hand. But so as not to give Gérard an unpleasant feeling, I began to suck him while I jerked the behemoth off Eric. Both men rubbed through my hair and enjoyed it.

Gérard soon ejaculated and pulled his cock out of my mouth as he let his seed shoot out. I let it fall out of my mouth and immediately focused on Eric’s huge pole.

“Hey move over…We want to see this too.” Said the webcam lady to James. By now James was jerking off violently because he was enjoying the cyber fuck immensely. He turned the chair to the side and looked at me as well. Ten eyes were on me. Ten eyes watched as I opened, well, spread my mouth wide to suck that huge penis of Eric’s. I didn’t get much further than just behind his glans. With my hand I squeezed his equally huge scrotum to give him a little extra stimulation anyway.

I took the cock out of my mouth and felt my jaws.

“Get fucked by that fat cock!” yelled the webcam lady’s boyfriend through the computer’s speakers. I took the cock out of my mouth and felt my jaws. They were stretched in terms of feeling. I looked at James with a questioning look. Holding his cock in his hand, he nodded. “You can do this baby!” He said sweetly. I stood up and leaned forward while supporting my hands on the couch. This way the couple could see it clearly too. Eric came up behind me and pushed his, to my mind, massive oak cock against my soaking wet pussy. After rubbing my labia a few times, he slowly pushed his cock in.

I cried out in pain and pleasure. Never before had I had such a huge cock inside me. James got up and walked over to me. He sat down in front of me and took my hands in his. He supported well, so I didn’t have to bend over too deeply. Right away that thick cock in me felt a lot nicer. Eric moaned while thrusting and said, “I’ve never been able to fuck my wife so deep.” Well, was it a compliment? Or an insult because he meant that I might have a worn out cunt? I didn’t care. I was enjoying that bang!

“Can I lick your girlie?” Gérard asked James. By now he had recovered from his orgasm. “You may do whatever you want with her to a certain extent! She’s your horny slut tonight!” He said as he looked deep into my eyes.

But I wasn’t ready for that at all. I wanted to keep my hole filled with Eric’s big cock. Every now and then I looked back and saw the webcam lady and her boyfriend watching us with lust. Her face was filled with gobs of cum, so her boyfriend had emptied his cock onto her face in the meantime. I hadn’t noticed anything at all, while this was my intention the whole time. That’s why I had paid. But I didn’t care anymore either. I had something delicious in me! My pussy hole had never been so tense before.

But Gérard kept insisting on wanting to go down on me. At that, James told him to just sit on the floor in front of James and try to get in. Eric did as James said and crawled in between me and James. He crawled under my belly and leaned on his arms while putting his head back. With his tongue he tried to touch me. But all he succeeded in doing was “cup” Eric’s balls. James and Eric were really having the most fun with this scene.

So Gérard dropped off disappointed to take a seat on the couch next to James. Since Eric kept on thrusting and it started to hurt a bit I hoped he would cum. To stimulate this I began to shout bawdy phrases, moaning loudly. “Your delicious cock is fucking me raw! Wonderful how your balls are slapping against my pussy!” I shouted.

Eric pulled his cock out of me and pushed me fairly hard to the floor. He hurriedly laid me on my back, put my legs around his neck, and shoved his club back into me. The hole was still stretched enough, so he could fuck on quickly. “Come!” Said James to Gérard. “She can spoil us too.” They crawled toward my head. I grabbed both cocks and started playing with them.

My breasts were violently jerking back and forth.

Eric began to fuck me faster and faster. My breasts were violently jerking back and forth. “Ooooh I’m going to cum!” Shouted Eric suddenly. “Finally!” Thought I. Eric thrust hard into me a few more times, and all I could do was scream in pain and pleasure as I pulled hard on my guy and his friend’s dicks. Finally, he pulled his behemoth out of me. He threw my legs off his neck hard and crawled up to my face. Never before had anyone squirted so much cum into my face! His seed came in jets from the huge glans. I closed my eyes and accepted it.

But Eric had barely emptied his cock, or Gérard yanked his hard-on out of my hand and crawled smoothly toward my stretched pussy. James remained sitting quietly, enjoying the attention I was getting. Also the webcam couple was still sitting full of admiration and playing with themselves watching how my pussy was being abused, so to speak.

I felt a soft tongue run over my raw lips. So soft, it almost tickled. But after all that violence in my pussy hole, this felt downright delicious. The tongue went from my clit to my hole. I pushed off Eric, who was still recovering on top of me. I just wanted to totally enjoy how I was being licked. Meanwhile, the cum dripped from my face onto the rug.

I licked away the blobs around my lips. Now I could prepare myself for a wonderful orgasm. The webcam couple encouraged me and the webcam lady shouted that she had never experienced anything so horny. I started moaning louder and louder. James meanwhile pulled hard on my nipples. He knows I like this right before an orgasm.

Gérard, while petting, easily pushed three fingers into my stretched out hole and gently moved them up and down. “Just do one more!” I panted. Not long after, I felt his entire hand shoot into me. This felt even tighter than Eric’s thick cock. James pulled even harder on my nipples and I squealed with delight! “Oh yes! Cum nice and hard!” Shouted the webcam lady.

The idea of everyone watching me was the final blow! With the loudest scream I had ever given, I cum for minutes at a time, to my senses! But in reality it must have been about thirty seconds. As I was cumming, Gérard pulled his hand out of my contracting pussy and came up. Without saying a word, he pushed his hard-on into me and pumped about ten times until he also cummed. The few drops he had left he sprayed against my labia.

James stood up and jerked off over my trembling body. He too soon had an orgasm. Thick drops of warm seed fell on my belly and breasts. I was covered from head to toe in gobs of cum. With my eyes closed, I heard loud moans through the computer speakers. The couple was so horny from all this that they fucked again and would soon cum.

After that last orgasm which was shown on the video everyone was lying on their backs recovering. Four people at home and two behind the webcam.

“Honey… I had that strange horny dream again!” I suddenly called out, half asleep. “I know!” Laughed James with a stiff cock next to me in bed. “You talk and moan in your sleep.”