This story takes place a few years back, when I, just 18, was in my senior year of college. Then I ran into Miss_Kelly on a webcam site. The year was almost over and most of them had little desire for classes anymore. But Math, everyone was looking forward to that. Well, the boys. Because, that class was taught by Mrs. Janssen. She was quite young, I guess maybe just 34, and a beautiful appearance. Long blond hair, a C cup and often dressed in tight jeans and tops. No, I didn’t care much for math, but I liked to sit in the front for a good look at this hot little thing.

With a few more classes to go, I sat on my laptop one Saturday night doing some browsing. The sort of thing you go into private mode for. On one of my favorite cam websites, I clicked on a stream of a ‘Miss_Kelly‘. My pole instantly hardened from a tight asshole sliding back and forth on a wall-mounted dildo. I began to jerk off, fantasizing that the dildo was my throbbing cock. Her moans echoed through my speakers as she slid her dildo into her pussy faster and faster. In my mind’s eye, I saw Mrs. Janssen in front of me. Like my male classmates, I too sometimes fantasized about her, and what I would do to her.

Meanwhile, Miss_Kelly had placed the dildo on the floor and was now riding it at a rapid pace. “Mmm harder!” she moaned, rubbing her pussy with her fingers. The voice sounded familiar, but I couldn’t quite place it. But then she moved the camera a little and I saw a tattoo on her arm. I had seen that before. Just yesterday! On the arm of Ms. Janssen! Could it be that this was indeed my math teacher riding a dildo on camera? With this realization, I came out moaning loudly, squirting large splotches into a cloth. Holy fuck!

Our next class wasn’t until Wednesday, and the days before I could barely get her out of my mind. The next class, I was back at the front of the class, with a big pole in my pants. The tattoo was indeed the same. I was tempted by her ass, my mind back to the naked buttocks on camera. I was clearly not paying attention to the lesson, and Mrs. Janssen noticed this as well. At the end of class, everyone left the classroom. “Mike, do you have a moment?” she asked me.

Miss_Kelly asked, “Is everything okay?

I pulled my sweater down a bit to hide my hard bulge. When the rest of the class had left the room, Miss-Kelly asked, “Is everything okay? You seem a little absent-minded today”. “Sorry, Ms. Kelly” I said softly, awaiting her reaction. I saw the shock in her eyes. “What?” she responded quietly. But she knew that full well. My eyes slid over her slender body, my cock rock hard. I leaned forward a little and whispered, “Isn’t that dildo a little small?” Blushing, she responded. “It’s 15 cm!” I chuckled. “I have 18.” I saw her eyes wander towards my bat. Bingo.

I walked quickly to the door and closed it. Quickly back to ‘Miss_Kelly’, or Sofie, as her real name was. “What are you doing?” she asked, but before she even finished her sentence I had her upside down against the desk. With my cock pressed firmly against her tight buttocks, I pushed her forward her table. “Ohh!” she slapped. How wonderful her ass felt. I had fantasized about her so many times, and unexpectedly suddenly seen her naked on camera. And now I would finally fuck her for real!

I unzipped her tight black jeans and stroked them down. With her pants on her knees, she was now standing before me in a red thong. I slipped my hand between her legs and felt the warmth radiating from her pussy. Not only that, I felt some moisture. This broad was just horny! “Don’t you want to get fucked by a real pole sometime?” I asked her, giving her ass a firm pat. “Mmmm yes” she moaned softly. “Fuck me nice.” I didn’t expect her to be that willing. I pulled my 18 cm dick out of my pants and slid her thong up. Wet as she was, I rammed my cock in effortlessly. “Yeah!!!” she cried out loud now. My cock was now completely inside her, my hips pressed firmly against her buttocks.

Slowly, I pulled my cock back, until only my glans was still inside her. As hard as I could, I rammed my cock back in. “Fuuuckkkkk!” she screamed out. I was tempted by her round buttocks. Where earlier I had been wildly jerking off to her cam session, now it was my cock deep inside her. I grabbed her ass firmly and fucked her with hard, deep thrusts. Deliciously tight her pussy felt around my throbbing pole. I gave her ass another hefty spanking. Moaning in pleasure, she lay forward on her desk as I continued to fuck her hard.

Like a true blowjob queen, she sucked deliciously

Soon I couldn’t hold it any longer, the excitement was too much for me. Without notice, I spurted my load deep into her cunt. For a moment I stayed like that, my hips pressed firmly against her ass. Then I slowly pulled my cock out of her fully pumped pussy. I pulled her up by her hand. “Lick me clean” I commanded her. Willingly, she sank through her knees. I placed my hand on her head as I eagerly sucked. I felt her tongue lick my cock clean. Like a true blowjob queen, she sucked deliciously. I tightened my grip on her head and began to thrust back. I heard her gag gently as I rammed my cock deeper into her little throat. I increased the pace and fucked her throat hard now. Her eyes were tearing, and I could see her mascara running out.


Fuck, the bell. Recess was over. Knowing that students would soon appear for the next class, I pulled my cock back. Uncomfortably, back into my boxers. I pulled my teacher upright and grabbed her between her legs for a second, sticky from the mix of seed and pussy juices. “See you next lesson, Ms. Janssen!” I shouted, as I quietly left the classroom. In the corner of my eye, I watched her quickly pull her pants back up as I saw the next class already approaching in the hall.

I was just late for my next class. Oh well, it was worth it. I paid little attention to the Economics class, or to Mr. Walters. In my mind, I was still standing behind Mrs. Jansen, my cock deep inside her. As I walked toward home after class, an email came in on my phone. It was from Mrs. Janssen.

“Hi Mike, Now that you know my secret… Shall we give my fans a real show ? Xxx Miss_Kelly.