Early in the morning, I heard a knock at the back door. When I went downstairs, I saw Jenny standing in the garden in her dressing gown. Fancy a cup of coffee,’ she asks, ‘I really need it for a while. Just a minute,’ I reply, ‘sit down and I’ll make some coffee.

I grab the cups, put them on the table, and sit down next to Jenny at the kitchen table. What is it?” I ask worriedly. We had another fight this morning and Jasmin left for work angry. I put one arm around her and comfort her. She rested her head on my shoulder. Later, when she has calmed down a bit, she tells me her story and is soon back to her old self after the sadness has subsided.

We continue to make small talk. Meanwhile, I have noticed that her robe is open a bit and I can see her big tits wrapped in a fire engine bra. Jenny is so busy with her story that it takes her a moment to notice me looking at her. Nice, huh, I got it for my birthday,’ she says suddenly. I feel blind sided and blush. “What are you wearing?” she asks. Before I can answer, she lifts my blouse and sees my pink bra and my modest tits. “We’ve seen this before,” she says as she pulls down my blouse. Is this the same deliciously soft fabric?’ I ask as I run my finger over the fabric of her bra. She just smiles and looks at me hornily, but it remains silent for a while. Jenny stands up and comes to stand next to me, then drops her dressing gown to the floor. This will make you feel better,’ she says as she looks at me horny and takes my hand.

I stand up and put my hand on her big boob, Jenny leans down and gives me a long tongue kiss and puts her hands on my ass and pulls me closer. “I always get so horny when I see you in that horny skirt,’ she whispers in my ear. I’m all wet already, feel it,’ she grabs my other hand and slides it between her legs. Her panties are already soaked with pussy juices. I let my hand slide over her pussy and playfully push the panties aside and let my fingers slide inside. Jenny unhooks her bra. I want you to suck my tits while you finger me. I don’t let her tell me twice. I suck and lick her beautiful tits. More fingers,” Jenny finds herself horny. When I fuck her with 3 fingers, she wants more.

She pushes me on my knees and I slide my hand into her pussy while I lick her steaming slit. She shockingly cums soon and squirts a big load of pussy cum in my face. She pulls me up and I let my hand slide out of her, she starts kissing me and licking her cum off my face and hand. Jenny pushes me backwards onto the couch and pulls off my soaked thong and slides up my leather skirt. Greedily she begins to lick my pussy as she lets her fingers disappear inside me. You forgot a hole,’ I began to feel horny to my own surprise. She slides 2 fingers into my wet pussy while she pushes her finger into my asshole. With her tongue on my clit I come while she fucks me with her fingers. We lie in each other’s arms for a while, our legs sticky with pussy lust. Then I get up, take her hand and lead her to the bathroom.

Jenny is standing in front of me in the shower. “I want this so much,” I tell her with a horny smile, “let it flow. I crawl under her with my mouth open. She holds her clean-shaven pussy open and squirts a yellow stream into my face. Greedily I catch as much as I can, when she is done I push my face between her legs and start licking and fingering her pussy. Let’s see if she likes it too,’ I think to myself as I slide a wet finger between her cheeks. Jenny immediately moves her legs further apart so that my finger can reach her horny asshole properly. I push more and more fingers into her asshole while I lick her clit, and she starts to moan louder and louder. Not much later I have my whole hand in her horny asshole and she willingly lets me fist her.

Almost screaming, she cums on my face. As we shower Jenny lets her fingers slide inside me until she has her whole hand in my willing pussy. To my surprise, her whole hand fits in my slit and I let myself fist deep until I cum. We shower each other with lots of foam and when we are downstairs Jenny says she has to go but would like to come back soon for coffee, then together with Jasmin.