I don’t often tell a story about my lesbian relationships. That’s because I often feel like I have to make a statement. But every now and then I can talk about it without feeling that way. I would like to talk about my third time with a woman. It was not with a lesbian I met somewhere in a pub or a club. I hadn’t had sex for a while and I was looking for it. I didn’t want to travel around the city and country to find a nice woman who might just want to have sex.

So I decided to call an escort agency. I know these days it is all very easy to arrange with two clicks, but I wanted a little more information. So I picked up the phone the old-fashioned way and told the extremely friendly lady on the other end of the line what I wanted. She had a few suggestions and I looked them up online. One stood out to me. A woman with medium-length black hair and what they call a killer body. I wanted to meet her. At my place if possible. The duration, the amount and everything else was agreed upon and she could come by that very evening. It would be 11 p.m., but I am a night owl, so it was fine.

Around that time I see an expensive car drive by and stop a little further down the street. I had to look closely and saw that it was the escort I had ordered. She walked back to my house and I opened the door before she could ring the bell. She turned out to be a very nice girl and she came in and we hugged intensely and talked for quite a long time. I could have gone on for hours, but she brought me back to reality and told me what time it was. She was right, of course. It was during her working hours. Besides, I really wanted to enjoy her body. I had let it be known that I wanted my escort to play with herself and if I felt the need, I would join in. So we went to the bedroom and started there. She had a bag of toys with her. She put it on the bed next to her.

I asked her to undress very quietly so that I could take everything in properly. I had an armchair in my bedroom where I lay down with my body exposed and my legs spread. I pampered myself very quietly while she undressed. Her body came more and more into focus for me. Every part of her body became a celebration of recognition for me. She took a vibrator out of her bag and started to pamper herself with it. I wanted her to look at me as well. I watched as she caressed her breasts with it and slowly moved it through her belly to her vagina and finally entered it. My fingers became faster and faster. With every moan she made as the vibrator went in, the hornier I got from it. I sat and watched her the whole time. And the amazing thing was that we orgasmed together.

We talked some more after that and I got her private number because we clicked so well and she wanted to get to know me better. We made a new date, without the escort thing. And then the roof really came off. That way I knew I really had her and not someone playing a role.