When your parents ask you to go with them to the US, what do you say? Yes, of course! What a trip this would be! It has always been my dream to be able to admire the States one day. One tip: if you want to undertake something like this, don’t do it with your parents. Already after day two, I was completely fed up with them. Everywhere they wanted to sit for a while, the most boring places, we stayed for hours.

I was relieved to have the third day to myself. Dad wasn’t feeling quite well and so I was free to go. Fortunately, I was able to persuade my parents to go to LA, not New York, and so I plan to catch the first cab I want. But, I hadn’t left our hotel room yet or I already hear my mother call out. “Marc, can you stop by the super first?” Of course, you can’t refuse something like that and so it came to pass that on my day off, I found myself in some little store doing the shopping.

The place was quiet, besides me and the store owner, there was another brunette. Well-shaped and perhaps persuasive for a babble. Now, a store is not the best place to pick up girls, but I’ve been dry for two weeks and am in need of a diversion. As I quickly fill my basket, I continue to watch her for a bit. She is wearing tight pants that show off her ass quite well. Her brown hair is in a bun and she is quite slim, only her ass is nicely rounded. When she finally turns around to walk to the cash register, I get the scare of my life: it’s American-Czech porn actress Dani Daniels!

Ever since I watched porn I have been a fan Dani Daniels.

Ever since I watched porn I have been a fan of her videos and it is simply surreal that I am here in this store at the same time as my favorite porn star. For a moment she looks at me, winks and walks through to the checkout. Meanwhile, I stand there in a kind of shock, trying to process everything that just happened in those few seconds. I hear the door close behind her and that wakes me up, I need to talk to her! Quickly, I charge in as well and run after her.

Luckily it’s not very busy, but not very busy in LA is rush hour in Utrecht, so I still have some trouble finding her. But it’s my lucky day because she runs less than ten meters from me, in the direction I came from. I rush to catch up with her, something that is still quite difficult with all those people going in the other direction. Meanwhile, my brain is busy trying to figure out what on earth I want to say to her and whether my English is good enough to hold a conversation, because I’m not a star at that either.

The moment draws closer, just a little longer and I have overtaken her, but then she turns right. The little street she’s walking down now is considerably quieter, it’s more like an alley than a street. I follow her but freeze on the spot when she turns and looks at me. “Why are you following me?”

She looks at me insistently, but not at all afraid. Rather a kind of irritation. “I ehh…. I wanted to say hi?” It just came out more like a question, but soon I realize that’s not very meaningful either. “This probably sounds creepy but I’ve been a fan for a long time and when I saw you in the shop, I just had to go and talk to you.” Dani appears to have a healthy dose of people skills, as she allows a smile and asks me where I am from, since she can hear that I am not an American. When I explain that I am from the Netherlands, her smile widens.

“How nice! I have family living there, so I can speak it a little. Probably better than you can English,” she says with a wink. I have to smile now, too. Her smile and wink melt my nerves a little, even though for a moment it looked like a very scary situation.
“So you’re a fan, a big fan too?” She looks briefly at my crotch, where fortunately nothing has grown due to the tension. I laugh, but don’t answer further.
“You seem like a nice kid, feel like having coffee somewhere this afternoon?” I can hardly believe my ears, is Dani Daniels inviting me for coffee now?

Hesitantly I nod. “Nice!” She gives me an address where she says there is delicious coffee, and we agree to meet there around two. I rush to the room to deliver the groceries and get myself a little more decent.

“Are you going on a date or something?” I hear my mother call out as I step back out the door in my neatest blouse. I don’t respond and get in the first cab I can find. At 1:30 I am sitting on a chair at the agreed-upon address.

After half an hour, however, there is still no sign of Dani. I haven’t ordered anything and the waitress is starting to get a little irritated with me. Quarter past two, still no Dani. I begin to get a little despondent, but then I see the door of the establishment open and the beautiful porn actress step inside. She soon sees me and waves to me. I wave back in relief and get up to pull her chair back a bit, as befits a gentleman. Anything to make the best possible impression.

She giggles a little and sits down. “Did you order already?” “No, I waited a while for you.” “Sorry it took so long, traffic in the city is horrible.” I nod that I understand and signal the waitress, who is relieved to finally take an order. Five minutes later we’re enjoying delicious coffee, truly the best I’ve had here so far, and talking about all sorts of things. About my life in Holland, about her school days.

That connects us, her career as a porn actress.

Eventually we also get to the subject that connects us, her career as a porn actress. She tells me that at first she was a stripper, but later preferred to enter the world of porn. “And how long have you been a fan of mine?” It’s an uncomfortable subject for me, but the most normal thing in the world for her. She doesn’t blush when she talks about sex scenes or behind-the-scenes adventures. To talk about sex I am not used to and so I speak with a red head about how I found her, something that does amuse her.

When she asks me if she is my favorite porn actress, I am quick to answer. It’s not a difficult question either because she is head and shoulders above the competition for me. Without realizing it, I go into more detail about why I like her the best and suddenly I hear the people at the table next to us coughing. Apparently, my enthusiasm has made me talk a little louder and they don’t thank me for it. Not that they understand much of it, but words like “sex” they understand very well.

Dani laughs it off. “Maybe not the best place to discuss such things,” she indicates. I nod somewhat embarrassed and for the rest of the time we don’t talk about her career. I tell her about the vacation here, which so far has been pretty boring, and she talks a little more about her life outside the porn world. The afternoon flies by and before we know it the waitress arrives asking if we want something to eat too.

I look at Dani and she shrugs, apparently she still has time for me. So how can I say no? I quickly order something and then say I have to go to the bathroom. Quickly I app my mom that I won’t be home for dinner and within a second I get a thumbs up. “I ordered you a beer too, no big deal right?” Dani asks when I return. “No yummy!” Even without the porn part, there is apparently plenty to talk about, because even after we finish our dinner and dessert, we are not done talking.

“You know, I’ve seen it here now, do you feel like coming with me?” Dani suddenly asks and I nod. We’ve both already had a few drinks and there’s no more nerves with me, there never were with her. She asks for the bill and when I see the price my heart jumps in my throat: going out to dinner with my whole family in Holland is cheaper than this. I reach for my wallet but Dani is ahead of me. “I’ll pay.”

With a bill like this, I don’t bother with that and I thank her warmly, but she waves it away. “This is one of the most expensive places in LA, I picked it so I can’t make you pay for that. Now come with me!” We get in a cab and Dani mentions an address. No idea where it is but we sit in the back for quite a long time. It could be because of the booze, but I feel a healthy tension in my body. The kind I also experience a bit during a night out. A pretty girl next to me, who by the way has become quite touchy. Her hand is almost continuously on my leg.

“Here we are,” indicates the driver. This bill is less peppery so I take it, although Dani doesn’t quite agree. The address turns out to be a large apartment building, but a lot more expensive than the one I spend my vacation in. I follow Dani inside and into the elevator. “Normally I don’t take people into my apartment so quickly, but since you’ve put up with me all afternoon you deserve something special.”

My cock did start to grow a little now. The way she said it, with a sultry tone I hadn’t heard from her before. We got out on the fourteenth floor and the first door on the left led us into her room. Her apartment is quite spacious, with a black leather couch in the middle. In the back right is a kitchen island and several doors suggest the room is larger than what I see now. “Have a seat.” I seat myself on the leather couch and Dani walks into the kitchen, returning a moment later with two glasses and a bottle of wine. By the looks of it, not the cheapest.

She plops down next to me. “Since we’re alone here, tell me everything you find so sexy about me.” I spontaneously get a red head again. Her sultry voice gives me all kinds of horny fantasies, and I have to swallow for a moment before answering. “Well ehh, your appearance of course. You come across as confident, which is always sexy.” “Go on…” “Ehh, yes ehh you have a lovely body of course, really a horny face.” She crawls on the couch and turns to me.

” You know Marc, I’ve never had sex with a fan before.” I turn my head toward her and see one and all horniness in her eyes. I should have expected that a porn star wouldn’t put up with me that long without wanting something in return. “Is that a horny fantasy?” I ask. “Fuck yes.” She leans forward and presses her lips to mine. Almost immediately her tongue slides into my mouth and her hands slide over my shoulders.

Somewhat unsure, I place my hands on her ass, but a soft moan from her gives me more confidence and I grip her firm behind more firmly. Through her tight pants, I feel the warmth. I feel her slowly push me down and before I know it I’m lying on the couch with Dani Daniels on top of me. My hard prick presses against her belly, but we are too busy kissing to do anything about it. Our tongues slide along each other and my hands now slide from her ass to her head and back. Dani pulls her tongue back a bit and gently bites my lip, only to strike again. It’s clear who is dominant and I don’t give a shit, this is an unexpected, undreamed-of dream come true here!

We kiss, but then she breaks the kiss and looks at me. “Let’s see how a ‘big’ fan you are.” She climbs off me and, before I can even come up, she starts on her pants. I myself quickly take off my blouse, before she pulls the buttons apart later, and so in no time I am naked on the couch.

“Since I have everything off, it’s only fair that you show some skin too,” I say, and Dani looks at me with lust. “Go ahead.” I climb up and press my lips against hers again, fiddling with her tight pants a bit with my hands. With some difficulty I get the rim over her ass and from there it’s an easy job. On each buttock I place a hand and come to the realization that my hands are not big enough.

“Holy shit your ass is big.” “Yeah, I know, nice right?” I nod and give her another kiss. I want to see more and, after breaking the kiss, pull up her shirt as well. To my surprise, or actually not, she wasn’t wearing a bra and her beautiful, round breasts are exposed. Around her small nipples, the skin is white, suggesting she has been at the beach recently. “Like what you see?” I nod slightly in trans and my hands move up, toward those beautiful breasts.

It’s not as if I’m seeing them for the first time, but there’s still a world of difference between a video and real-life. Her hands are now on my cock and she barely gives me time to play with her breasts before she gets down on her knees in front of me. Her tongue slides over my pole and the warmth makes me shiver. With long strokes, she wets my cock thoroughly and then opens her mouth to let my glans in. I have been sucked many times, even by girls who have been known to be real blowjobs, but as good as Dani is sucking me now has never happened to me before.

It can’t be a surprise, but I still notice that I’m having trouble keeping my cum in. Her hand is on the underside of my stem and she quietly but deliberately nibbles around my glans, which is not used to this. Her hand moves up and down my pole, making it even harder than before. She lets my glans slip out of her mouth and places her mouth on the side of my cock, sliding it back into her mouth. This time she does not limit herself to my glans and she takes my entire cock into her mouth at once. My cock isn’t huge, but it’s certainly not the smallest either.

Still, Dani has little trouble with it. She lets my cock slide out of her mouth again and stands up. Deftly she lets her thong slip off and she climbs on top of me. “Time to put that cock of yours to work.” She grabs my cock from behind and effortlessly guides it into her soaking wet pussy. An explosion of sensation occurs when my entire cock is in her pussy. I kiss her again as she moves slowly, but faster and faster, up and down on my hard cock.

“Fuck yeah,” she moans out as she prepares me faster and faster. There is too much sexy around me right now. My hands slide from her breasts to her ass and back. There is so much to see and feel but so little time! The porn actress knows no mercy and keeps going up and down at a brisk pace. With all my might I try to postpone my orgasm but am not successful. “I’m going to come Dani…” She keeps driving and after at least ten more seconds I surrender and squirt my seed deep into her pussy.

It is the most intense orgasm I have ever had, and I lay my head on the backrest to pant after. She climbs off me and looks at me for a moment. “Maybe I was a little too enthusiastic?” I shake my head. “No, ya, it’s just been a while since I fucked. Give me a moment and I’ll be ready for round two.” For a moment she seemed disappointed, but at my last words a spark came into her eyes. She walked to one of the doors and turned around.

“Don’t keep me waiting….” A short sex scene, but realistic of course, because if this happened to me, I wouldn’t last long with such an experienced lady either.

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