I write here my first story. It is based partly on true events and part of my imagination. That part is the webcam girl . Enjoy reading and I hope you like it. It was a normal working day in the garage for me, I was looking forward to the end of work. Around 3pm, I got a WhatsApp from a very good webcam girlfriend in my hometown. She wrote, “Hey how’s it going, I need your help on my car.

When do you have time? “In my mind, I saw her immediately before me. She is 21 years old, 1.65 cm tall and has dark hair just above her shoulders. I would say decent C-cups and a hot ass. I immediately replied “hey sure, no problem, I’ll be with you at 17:30. I could already feel something happening in my pants. Full of anticipation, I ended my work and showered quickly before I went to her.

I arrived at her house, rang the bell and waited for her to open the door. Less than a minute later, she opened the door for me…… and she was beautiful. She was wearing black leggings that were so thin that I could see her skin underneath, and a shirt that showed off her big breasts very well. She said” come on in, do you want something to drink? Sit down”” Yes, a glass of water would be great” I couldn’t think of anything better because I was too busy hiding my steadily increasing erection.

When she brought me the glass to the couch, I couldn’t take my eyes off her breasts. She noticed this very well and sat down with me. With one hand, she pulled her shirt to the right, so that I got an even better view of her neckline. We got to talking, and I asked what was going on with the car… she said she could hardly describe something like that and it would be better if she showed me what she meant.

We went to the car and drove a bit.

We went to the car and drove a bit. After a while, I said that she should look for a place where I can look at the car in peace. She drove into a small forest road that leads to a parking lot by the river. We got out, and I looked at the engine compartment… suddenly she put her hand on my back and asked if I could see anything yet. I said no, whereupon she answered with a ” pity”.

” Maybe you can see something here” I turned around and saw her standing in front of me. With her hands, she lifted the shirt so high that I had a clear view of her bra. “You already looked there in my apartment, is that what you wanted to see?” “Um no… I didn’t look, you must have misunderstood!” I said. “Oh, and your bulge in your pants? Which, by the way, is also growing right now? Well, come on and take what you want.”

I didn’t have to be told twice and took a step towards her, took her face in both hands and kissed her very intimately. She returned the kiss and she also took me in her arms. My hard cock pressed a big bump and I felt her body against my cock. She noticed my bump and stopped kissing me. She got down on her knees and started to open my pants.

I was glad to have taken a shower first. My pants fell to the floor faster than I expected. She didn’t hesitate long and started kissing and caressing my cock through my pants… I couldn’t help myself and said” come on I finally want to see you naked and fuck you “She looked at me and stood up…stood in front of me and said” then here you go, I’m yours, do what you want to me! “I could hardly believe it.

I immediately started to remove her pants to see her in her underwear. She looked unbelievable. On the thigh and wrist a tattoo, I took off my shirt, then I opened her bra. These breasts are so beautifully firm and shapely, the skin so soft… a dream. I left the panties on. Said to her in a somewhat rougher tone “Blow my cock now” Without even a moment’s hesitation she pushed me towards the car and tore my underpants off my body.

My bulging cock immediately shot up and she was a little startled by its unexpected size and hardness. She took him in her hand and slowly began to wank my cock. “I don’t think I can get it all the way in my mouth” she said. Before I could even say anything to that, she put her lips to my glans and started circling my glans with her tongue. I leaned back against the car and enjoyed her arts.

She blew my cock very noisily and took my balls.

She blew my cock very noisily and took my balls with her other hand and also played with them very skillfully. Again and again she took him in her mouth and it felt just wonderful. Also, the sight that offered to me was excellent. I looked down at her. She was squatting in front of me and her black thong on her plump ass looked so wonderful. She was watching my eyes… so horny with my cock in her mouth.

I said” then show me how far you can get it in your mouth” She tried with visible effort to get it as deep as possible, but she didn’t succeed completely. I took her head in both hands and held it tight. This feeling awakened new fantasies in me. I began to fuck her mouth with harder and harder thrusts. She started to drool and the sound of my cock in her mouth became louder and lusher.

I managed to get past her reflex after a few thrusts and was able to push the entire length of my cock into her mouth and throat. It was an indescribable feeling. I drove it down her throat a few times and she started to gag. These sounds make me so horny. I let go of her and looked at her. Her discreetly applied eyeliner was somewhat blurred by the tears that ran down her throat as she gagged.

I said” you did well, but now I want to see your pussy and fuck you properly, I have always wanted that. “She said” then come with me and fuck me. But you have to get me first”. She got up and ran away… I looked around and quickly locked the doors of the car. When I looked inside, I saw a rope lying on the back seat, I took it and ran after her.

After a few meters, I caught up with her and grabbed her arm. Turned her to me and said” you want it the hard way? Then you shall have it that way”. I think I heard her say “finally”. I took the rope and tied her hands behind her back. Led her a bit further towards the river. Nobody was here at that time. Darkness fell and it was very quiet.

Now she stood there, her hands behind her back, dressed only in panties and black sandals. Dreamlike. “So now I take what I need” I said and went towards her. I grabbed her hair, which was tied in a ponytail, and dragged her behind me to a tree. I pushed her back against the tree and reached into her panties with one hand.

With the other hand, I pushed her neck and choked her lightly. Her pussy was soaking wet and my finger immediately felt her already swollen clit. I fingered like crazy and she started twitching and moaning loudly as she came to orgasm. Her legs were shaking and it was hard for her to stay on her feet. I pulled my hand out of her panties and put my fingers, wet with cunt juice, into her mouth.

She licked them greedily clean. I turned her around, took off her panties and kept them in my hand. She bent over and I drove my bulging glans up and down between her swollen labia. She was so deliciously wet that the penetration was very easy for me…I gave her with each push a bit more of my cock in the tight wet column. She moaned loudly and soon it was heard everywhere.

I took the panties and put them around her neck. I tugged on it and choked her neck with it. Her screams became quieter and it was hard for her to scream the sound out. In the meantime, I fucked her so hard that I soon came. To get a break, I took out my cock and straightened her up. Loosened her bondage and put me on the floor. She sat on me and I drilled my cock into her tight little wet hole again.

She rode me very nicely and I grabbed her ass. My finger felt her little asshole. I started to make circular movements around the closed hole with my finger, drove my finger to her cunt where my cock was hammering in and out incessantly and took up some cunt juice with my fingertip. This used as a lubricant, I could put my fingertip of the middle finger in her tight asshole. She noticed that she liked it.

So it went for a while. My cock in her cunt in and out and my middle finger to the middle, always in her asshole in and out. It didn’t help and she came on top of me to another orgasm. She was shaking and stayed on top of me. I kissed her and kneaded her breasts as I did so. “I want to cum on you and I don’t want you to wipe it off until we get home”. She turned off me and I stood up.

Took her hair in one hand and put my cock in her mouth, fucked her mouth a few times and started wanking my cock. I held her head and squirted my entire load all over her face. It shot the first of the three loads on her forehead, the second on her left cheek and the third in her open mouth. She was nicely sprayed and looked beautiful with it. We got up and went back to the car.

I got dressed and helped her cover herself with only the most necessary. She put on the leggings without panties and the shirt without the bra. She wore the cum on her face until we arrived home. She said that it was a horny experience and the thrill she had of being caught or seen with all the cum on her face pleased her very much. I thanked her very much for what had happened and promised her to come again to live out more fantasies….

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