A fantasy story about a porn star. Her name is Alexa Nicole sometimes written as Aleksa Nicole, and she is the daughter of Mexican parents, raised in Los Angeles. Camsoda has a page with pornstars.

It was unbelievable. I had been living in my small cozy apartment for three years now, and in terms of neighbors, it had never been much. In fact, it had been empty for six months before the newest resident made her move in. And my mouth almost fell open with surprise. It was a famous actress. Her long blonde hair waved down and her blue eyes shot a greeting to me when I saw her. She was busy schlepping her belongings inside. Her long legs were in tight blue jeans and she was wearing a loose-fitting wide sweater. Even despite the wide loose sweater, her figure looked stunning. Let’s call her Alexa for convenience. I myself am Rick. Brown hair, green eyes, and an athletic figure. I introduced myself nicely to her and offered to help carry her things inside. “No, not necessary,” she cut off.

Wow, that was unexpected I thought and I turned and walked back to my own little apartment and closed the door. In the movies and television, she came across as a lot nicer. Of course, that is a role or a facade to create good publicity for herself. Always the same with those famous actresses or actors. Arrogant and not approachable at all.It was late at night that same day that the doorbell rang. I looked through the peephole and there she was. Alexa Nicole, still in the same outfit, with a bottle of wine in her hands. So what was this? I opened the door hesitantly.”I wanted to say sorry,” she said immediately, “with a bottle of wine and hopefully some good conversation.” I invited her in and escorted her to the living room.

There we began that promised good conversation. She explained that she was trying to live this apartment as incognito as possible. She was in town doing research for a future film. She wanted to empathize as best she could with the residents and the city itself. And so she wanted to remain incognito because the project was a big secret. I promised to keep it quiet. She smiled contentedly. The later in the evening, the emptier the bottle of wine became and the more sociable it became. I had made some appetizers with what I had in the house and Alexa got a little clumsy later in the evening. She spilled some sauce on her sweater. Whether it was the drink or the fact that she was open herself, I don’t know, but she pulled her sweater off over her head like that without shame. There in a red bra were two full beautiful breasts. Blushing, I tried to look the other way. “Don’t you like them?” she asked “yes,” I stammered, “But maybe a little inappropriate like this.”

“Not at all, I already had my eye on you this afternoon. And I also want to have a little fun while I’m here,” she said confidently. She stood up and sat wide-legged on my lap. “And preferably with such a handsome man like you.”She took my head in her hands and caressed affectionately through my hair and across my cheeks. I felt the tingles in my lower abdomen. She brought her mouth to mine. Our lips met and a kiss followed. Our eyes met. Her brown eyes shone with certainty, with love. I’m sure my eyes told the same story, what the next moment we were entwined in an intimate kiss. Her hands slid down my back and pulled off my sweater. She tossed it somewhere in the corner of the room. Her hands slid down my chest, she moaned and let her hands slide over my crotch.

Slowly she began to knead there. With my hands, I unhooked her bra. Two beautiful full fake breasts came out. While kissing I went down from her neck. She slowly began to breathe more heavily. She slowly bent back and I took one of her nipples into my mouth and began to gently suck on it. Alexa began to moan. I held her and lifted her up. I laid her on the couch and while I was still fondling her breast I slowly unbuttoned her pants. I let go of her breast and gently pulled her pants down off her perfect ass. She smiled at me and sat up and kissed me again. She started unbuttoning my pants with me and in one move pulled down both my pants and my boxers. My now rock-hard penis jumped out.

She put her warm hand on my hard penis and began to passionately jerk me off. I moaned approvingly, now it was my turn to be pushed backward in the couch. Alexa kissed me passionately one more time and then moved to my chest with small kisses through my neck. She let her tongue swirl around my nipple. I felt myself start to breathe more heavily. She sank down even further and caressed the inside of my legs. A tremor went through my body. I felt her slowly give small kisses to my cock. This made it even harder. Arriving at the top, she licked the whole thing once more from top to bottom and then took it into her mouth. I felt her warm mouth begin to slowly slide up and down my penis.

With her tongue, she rotated small circles on top of the penis. It was a wonderful feeling and began stroking her through her beautiful blonde hair. She began to increase the pace. And because of all the excitement that had already built up and her earlier massage session, it was only a matter of time before I came. I tried to warn her, but she ignored it and continued full steam ahead with her delicious sucking session. I felt thick jets of cum coming out of my cock and heard Alexa trying to swallow it all. I looked at her and saw that a small amount was running out of her mouth. Alexa saw me looking and smiled sneakily, she climbed up and gave me a passionate kiss. This caused some of my own cum to run into my own mouth. It didn’t even taste as gross as I thought it would.

But I knew now that Alexa’s turn for spoiling had come now. I pulled myself up and pushed her under me again. While I was pampering her breasts with my lips as before, I worked with my hands to get her panties off. Carelessly, I threw that away and without warning pressed a finger into her warm pussy. A shudder and a loud moan followed. Slowly I began to go up and down with my finger. I felt her getting wetter and wetter. Meanwhile, I went slowly up with my mouth and when I reached down I saw her beautifully shaved pussy in front of me. I put my mouth on it and gave her little kisses, while I was still slowly fingering her. She slowly began to moan louder. My tongue took over the work of my mouth and flashed over her wet pussy.

Soon I found her very sensitive spot and focused my attention there. And so Alexa lay on my sofa enjoying the finger inside her and my tongue over her most sensitive spot. Her breathing became heavier and heavier and her moans louder and louder. Until the moment she came with a loud moan. Panting, she pulled me to her mouth and began kissing me passionately. But Alexa was far from finished. She was still enjoying what I had just made her feel, but her hand was already on my still half-hard penis again. She began to gently jerk me off. And because of the excitement and the whole situation, it didn’t take long before it was hard again. With some maneuvering, I was back under her and she was on top of me. I felt her soaking wet pussy slide up and down my stomach, while she was still jerking me off with her hand.

When it was back to full strength, Alexa Nicole lowered herself to my cock and hovered above it. Slowly she aimed my penis up with her hand and lowered herself over it. I felt and watched as my hard dick disappeared into her soaking wet pussy. She grunted contentedly as she felt the cock inside her and began to ride me. It was a tremendous pleasure to see her so engaged. With my hands, I began to play with her perfect breasts, while she gradually increased the pace. She had now put her hand on her own pussy and began to play with her most sensitive bud. Where Alexa got the energy, I don’t know. But she began to ride me ever wilder and harder. Her breasts began to sway along to her fucking rhythm and her moans were even louder than before. And it was only a matter of time before her second orgasm. I felt her pussy squeeze together around my cock and this was also the stimulus I needed to experience my second orgasm of the evening.

I filled her up with my load of seed. Satisfied, she let herself slide off my cock and put her mouth on it. She licked it all clean. Then she nestled against me. I embraced her and gave her a kiss. We continued to kiss and kiss for a while. Not long after, we both fell asleep. The first rays of the sun woke me up. I noticed that I was still lying naked on the couch with an equally naked Alexa against me. I gently woke her up and with the same infatuated smile as the night before, she looked at me and gave me a kiss.”I think we should do this more,” she said. And I couldn’t help but agree with her.