An erotic story about two girls and the first lesbian experience. In the picture, the girl’s Margo and Alisa. 20 years old and you get wet panties by the live camera.

The back of her shirt was wet with sand as Alisa took her last running steps to the dorm’s courtyard. The snow crunched lightly under her sneakers and the cold air churned in her lungs; behind her was her nearly nightly ten-kilometer run, twice around the nearby pond and home. Alisa took a moment to brace her slender thighs and catch her breath. Her energy was running low, and she was about to finish the first lap today, but “you don’t stop when it hurts, you stop when you’re done.” Her years of gymnastics had trained her into a determined young woman, and Alisa was proud of her resilience. And how her fortitude helped her change her body in the direction she wanted. Maybe soon her roommate, Margo, would notice her and think she was beautiful. Alisa shivered a little, the winter sun not warming much for the petite young high school student in a strange city. On the other hand, she was usually cold, but for her jog, she had already warmed up the sauna.

Alisa lived in a student house in a double room. Both had their own rooms, but they shared a kitchen and a bathroom with a sauna with Margo. A ready-made protein shake and a large glass of water, already filled, stood on the kitchen table. Next to it was a bill that read “for my little jogging girl.” Alisa smiled and felt a small joy inside. In long gulps, she drank the water glass empty. Then she took a protein shake and tasted a little of it. Chocolate and milk. The sweet stuff in her mouth made her saliva come out. Alisa walked to the sink and poured the contents of the shaker down the drain. Margo meant well, Alisa thought, but she didn’t want to sabotage her performance for the day. On the bill, she wrote in beautiful handwriting, “Thank you!” After a moment’s hesitation, she added a heart after the “Thank You”. Alisa admired her roommate, who was five years older than her, even though they had only known each other for a few months and hadn’t spent much time together. They both had similar backgrounds in gymnastics, but these days Margo was more into gym training and lived a strict life. Margo’s body was wiry and muscular. Alisa herself never wanted to be as tall as Margo, but she admired her firm, slender body and her ability to discipline herself. And maybe soon she would impress Margo. Possibly if she had the courage to say something about her feelings. Perhaps soon she would be good enough for her first lesbian experience


The bathtub was already filling up when Alisa came in. The bath was warmer than the rest of the apartment, some warm air was coming from the sauna, and the floor heating felt good against bare feet. Alisa took off her thick bathrobe, hung it on a hanger next to the towel, and stood naked in front of the scale. The enemy. A friend. She first placed a slender foot on the scale and the meter swung up. A sigh. And then she stepped on the scale full force. “42.5 kg. 200 grams less than yesterday! Achieved results always feel good and encourage you to keep going! Only half a kilo to go! Now I dare to look in the mirror. Alisa stepped off the scale and went to stand in front of their fitting mirror in the bathroom. A body checks before each sauna, her own little personal ritual. A former gymnast, 159 cm tall and overweight, looked up at her in the mirror. Alisa opened her ponytail and her long blonde hair fluttered open, some of it clinging to her back and thin upper arms. She raised her arms long and high, making her body appear much slimmer. Small breasts popped up, and the nipples clearly protruded above them. Ribs and a narrow waist, of which she was particularly proud. The hips were curved. Heels together and a “legs together, thighs apart” mentality. There was a small slit between the thighs, and Alisa smiled as an almost heart-shaped pattern formed just below the bottom of the pussy. The heart reminded her of Margo.

With her other hand, Alisa took hold of her wrist, the fingers lightly intertwining. Slowly she stroked the skin up along her arm and repeated the process on her biceps. Again the fingers went together! Progress. The fingers continued their journey along the young, tender naked skin. To the collarbone, the fingertips groped a clearly defined area. And down to the small breasts. Touching the nipple, Alisa happened to think of Margo and her slightly larger breasts, and instinctively her nipples hardened. Today her nipples seemed more sensitive than usual to touch, pleasantly. Her fingertips were still slowly trying to trace the areola, and she contracted with it. The small apple breasts felt good in Alisa’s own hand, and she didn’t miss the larger breasts, even though the boys in high school had called her a plank and batten. And in sports, big breasts would have only been a handicap. Then the fingers routinely went to the ribs and Alisa counted them as usual: ‘one’, and watched in the mirror as her own fingers moved slowly down her slender body, ‘two’, ‘three’. She smiled wryly and brought both hands to her waist. The navel doesn’t look comfortable at all, and the belly isn’t flat enough yet. The hands can’t squeeze the belly. At least on the pelvis, the pelvic crests are visible, and there is at least some pleasure in touching them. And the mound of the Venus clearly sticks out above the rest of the lower abdomen, with a light layer of hair on it. I should probably have it shaved, but on the other hand, Alisa thinks she always looks like a child after that. And if it ever came to it, she would want to prove to Margo, who is older than her, that she is a woman. Alisa stubs her toes, something she always does when she feels that throbbing sensation and desire for touch in her pussy. There is a little dampness on the labia. She felt like touching herself and fantasized about her first lesbian experience.


“You look beautiful,” Margo’s voice comes from behind Alisa. Alisa freezes in place. She doesn’t know it! She didn’t notice! Margo opened the sauna door and stepped out into the shower room. Alisa didn’t dare turn around, but in the mirror, she saw an older woman taller than herself walking behind her. Margo was naked and she was gorgeous! After the sauna, light sweat glistened on her abs, which clearly stood out. Her dark hair was in a bun. Margo was noticeably taller than Alisa, and her long arms ended in long, manicured nails. “The sauna was on, so I thought I’d take advantage of it.” Margo continued. “I left you a cup of drink in the kitchen, did you notice?” Alisa nodded softly and coughed slightly, but couldn’t form a full word. Her roommate looked so beautiful. “Did you have a good run? You’re still all sweaty, let me wash you”.

“What,” Alisa managed to mutter in reply. What was going on. She was standing naked in the same shower room with her crush, who also happened to be her roommate. And had she just maybe been caught body checking, she was going to be made out to be anorexic again, as her sister had always called her at home. And what! Margo wanted to wash him? Margo, with her perfect body and gym-trained physique. A woman who took care of herself, was confident and intelligent. “O-okay…” Margo tapped Alisa on the shoulder and guided her to the shower. Alisa’s whole body shuddered at the touch, and her hair stood on end. “Your skin feels wonderfully smooth” reassured Margo, as she turned on the shower water and made sure it was warm enough. Then she began pouring the water over the younger girl. The warm shower water washed the sweat from jogging off Alisa’s skin, and Margo watched greedily as the streams of water ran down the slender gymnast’s back and united at her buttocks into a single stream that disappeared somewhere between her legs. Alisa was thin, but she still had some muscle and roundness she had acquired in gymnastics in her buttocks. “You’re a sweet little thing,” Margo said. So tasty for female love. Alisa was nailed to the floor! Her legs were shaking and Margo noticed. She turned up the shower and hugged Alisa tightly from behind. “Can you get up?”

“Mhmm” Alisa mumbled back and sank into the embrace of a girl stronger than herself. Margo pushed Alisa wet hair aside and kissed her lightly on the neck. “Aaah…” Alisa received support from Margo’s muscular arms and felt her breasts against her back. Hardened nipples pressed against Alisa’ back as Margo began to repeat the routine Alisa had just done to herself. Margo ran her hands along Alisa’ body, starting at her slender wrists and moving slowly from there to her shoulders and collarbones. Margo studied the whole body intently, enjoying how the younger girl felt, how small and light. Slowly she moved her hands to her nipples and Alisa’ chest heaved with anticipation. Margo took a firm hold of the small breasts with both hands and rubbed them. At the same time, Alisa finally dared to touch Margo and reached back slightly with her hands and brought them to Margo’s strong thighs. There was no unnecessary softness in the round thighs, except that the skin had been treated to silkiness. Margo took the nipples between her fingers and gently pinched them. Alisa sighed deeply and her palate tingled. “Go on…”

The fingers continued their journey, first to her ribs and then down to her hips. Alisa pressed her buttocks against Margo’ body. She felt her pussy leaking and wanted something inside her, something to touch, something on her clit, a nice continuation of the first lesbian experience. Her ass made a little twisting motion against the woman behind her. Margo slid her fingers lower, but to Alisa’ disappointment, not on her pussy, but on her thighs. Thighs had always been Alisa’ aversion, too big, too fat. “Nice slim legs,” Alisa’s hands squeezed her thighs. Fingertips slid along the smooth skin of her thighs until they touched the scars. “Did you cut yourself? You’ll never do it again. The next time you want to hurt yourself, come to me first. Is that clear?”.
“Yes….” Said Alisa, embarrassed, and turned her head to the side. Margo put her hands on the girl’s hips and gently twisted her around. “You are so beautiful” whispered Margo in Alisa’ ear and lifted her chin with her hand. His hand lightly caressed her cheek and traced along her slender neck. Alisa took a tentative step forward and at the right moment Margo moved forward for a kiss. The lips of the two girls met, delicate and soft. Both surrendered completely to the situation. The kiss became more passionate as Margo explored the young girl’s mouth with her tongue. Strong fingers brushed the wet hair. Alisa felt a little inexperienced and didn’t know exactly what to do with her hands, but Margo helped her by grabbing them and pulling Alisa’s hands to her buttocks. Alisa stroked them, while Margo brought her own hands to Alisa’ buttocks and rubbed them. Alisa still had to try to rub her pubic area against Margo, but it was already a bit challenging because of the height difference. As the kissing continued, Alisa brought her own hand to her crotch. “You’re impatient” Margo said as she grabbed Alisa’ hand and turned it behind her back.
“Sorry, I’m never really…or I mean, I don’t really know…”. Margo silenced the younger girl with a kiss and said, “sit against that sink and open your thighs”.


Alisa obeyed the command, and Margo got down on her knees in front of the younger girl, putting her hands on Alisa’ knees and opening her thighs more. The young, inexperienced pussy opened up nicely and glistened before her. The labia were small but slightly swollen. Hands slid from her knees to her crotch, and Alisa stared at the scene in disbelief. Her crush, her love, was about to make love to her. Alisa was a lover of masturbation, but this would be the first time another human being had touched her most sacred spot. Long clawed fingers touched her crotch and spread her labia apart, exposing a sensitive clitoris. Margo admired the sight for a moment and then lightly pressed her wet tongue against the clitoris. “Uuuhh” sighed Alisa immediately and became even moister. The pussy tasted clean and Margo slowly began to tease the small pussy. Alisa’s hands rested on the sink while the other woman licked her.
Margo looked up in between to see how beautiful Alisa looked as she enjoyed herself, licking slowly and gently over her clitoris and between her labia and vaginal opening. “Have you ever played with a shower?” asked Margo rhetorically and disconnected the shower head from the hose, letting the water flow with pressure from the end of the hose

She then aimed the jet directly at the younger girl’s sensitive clit, and Alisa jumped up slightly. “Relax, it feels good.” The water rubbed Alisa’ pussy in a whole new way and she felt an explosive orgasm approaching. Alisa moaned and squirmed, but Margo held her firmly in place with one hand, and the other squirted water onto her clit. “Laugh at me.” This would be Alisa’ first orgasm in front of another human being. Her first orgasm from another human being. “Come on me” Margo repeated. And then it was off, a warm explosion in her lower regions spreading throughout her body. Alisa’ supple body arched, and she felt her pussy pulsate. And then she bent the other way, leaning over Margo, who was still holding the jet of water in the younger girl’s lower abdomen. Alisa bit Margo on the shoulder as the last waves of orgasm shook her. “Sorry…” “Don’t apologize” said Margo and gave Alisa a kiss. Little by little, Alisa’s breathing became more even. Margo got up, and showered herself clean from the sauna and the intense first lesbian sex. Alisa was confused about what had just happened and could not get up until Margo had already left the shower room.

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