The story is from the 1990s. Reading electricity at an older, sexy woman’s house. I didn’t like this job at first. But then in came across her. What do you think of my adventure? Photo for illustration. You can also see the others.

This week, I had another job that I didn’t like at all. One of our field workers had gotten sick, and so I had to go out, read the electricity meters in his area. And I always had to go out because I was the youngest. “You’re good on your feet,” they said. None of the others wanted to spend all day trotting up and down stairwells. Then I had the constant drama on my shoulders. Sometimes someone wasn’t there and I had to go back several times, sometimes people didn’t want to let you into the apartment, sometimes they moaned at you about how expensive the electricity had become, and so on. Ding, dong. Nothing. I waited a short time and was about to leave again when the door opened. A woman, about 50, tall, with red hair, a sleepy look, a grumpy face, and a bathrobe on, opened. Oh dear, that was a tough one. “Well?” she said briefly in a low, raspy voice, looking at me a bit sullenly. “Uh, I want to check the electricity,” I replied, a little intimidated. She took a step back and let me in. “Where is it hanging?” I asked. Now she was getting gruff. “Who, the man, the dick or what? Am I the one who reads the meter? You must know that”. Phew, that got off to a good start. “My husband used to do everything,” she added suddenly, explaining. I looked around the hallway, nothing.

Finally, we searched all the rooms together and finally found it in a storage room. I wrote down the numbers. The lady had meanwhile calmed down again and looked me up and down. “Come with me,” she said. Her voice brooked no argument. So I went after her and we came into the living room. And as I surveyed it, the place was quite a mess. Untidy, laundry lying around and a few empty bottles of beer on the table. “Sit down,” she said and walked out of the room. I looked around for a place to sit and settled into an armchair. The furniture was modern but nasty. The woman came back with two bottles of beer, took a bottle opener and opened them, hissing. Then she put a bottle down for me, sat down on the sofa herself, picked up her bottle, and held it out for me to toast. “Cheers,” she said, and I bumped my bottle against hers. Clink, and we drank a beer. As we did so, her robe loosened and I caught a glimpse of her cleavage. It was dark there, but you could still see that there were lush breasts hidden.

Reading the electricity was not an option for a while.

Yes, I could even almost see her nipples. I seemed to be quite fascinated, because suddenly she asked, “What are you looking at?”. Startled, I pulled myself together and said, “Ah, uh, nothing, nothing at all”. We looked at each other, the lady narrowed her eyes slightly and leaned back. “Do you know what I was doing when you rang earlier? “Pause. I didn’t know what to say. “I was jerking off,” she then said. I swallowed. “My old man’s been gone a few years” she continued unaffected. “Heart attack. You just have to help yourself along like that”. I was totally confused, got a congested throat, and cleared my throat. “And a new partner?” I asked. “Am I stupid?” she hissed at me, “another bum I always have to serve and who tells me what to do and what not to do? Thanks, I’d rather wank off and have my peace otherwise”. She looked at me a bit aggressively as if to say: “And if you don’t like it, I’ll give you a long one”. Suddenly she bent over, grabbed the TV remote and turned it on. I heard moaning and since the TV was behind me, I turned around on the armchair.

There was actually a porn movie playing. My hands got wet and I stared at the TV. I saw a close-up of a stiff cock that a woman had in her mouth and moved her head back and forth. I got quite warm and my cock started to grow. “Come,” the woman said suddenly, knocking on the sofa next to her, “sit with me.” So I got up, walked around the table and sat down next to her. There we sat and watched the porn. “Do you like it?” the woman asked. I nodded and we continued to watch the porn. The woman put her hand on my thigh after a few minutes and went up until she reached my hard cock. “Makes you horny, huh?” she said, stroking the bulge in my pants, “but me too. Look.” With that, she took my hand and guided it under her bathrobe. She opened her thighs a bit and pressed my hand on her pussy. And really, the cunt wasn’t just wet, it was dripping wet. “And now that you’re here,” she continued, “you’re going to fuck me too.” She let go of my hand. “How do you like this?”. With that, she pulled open her bathrobe and showed me her breasts. Magnificent darlings that were revealed.

I got horny eyes. The lady watched me closely. Then she opened her bathrobe further, spread her legs and showed me her pussy too. My cock barely had room in my pants. It was stretched to the breaking point. The woman noticed exactly what was going on with me. “Stand up,” she said, and I slowly rose from the chair. She looked at the bulge in my pants. Then she reached for her robe, opened it all the way, spread her thighs wide and said, “And this, how do you like it?” I looked at her fleshy, hairy pussy. Long and wrinkled, her labia hung down. I began to sweat. “Come on,” she said, “now it’s your turn. Now I want to see your cock. So take off your clothes.” Hesitantly, I reached for my belt to undo it. “Come on,” she said again, “don’t be a bitch. Take off your clothes”. And so I gave a jerk, stripped off my clothes, and finally stood naked in front of her. My cock was sticking up steeply. The woman took my hand and pulled me to her. She stared at my cock. Then she took it in her mouth and moved her head back and forth. Finally, she released it from her mouth. “He’s all right, fuck me, fuck me hard,” she said. She leaned back and reached under her breasts. She held them out to me. “Well, are they horny?” she asked. My cock twitched. “Go ahead and grab it,” she said, “You can lick my nipples too.” I bent down, took her breasts and kneaded them.

Wonderful darlings, they didn’t show their age at all. They were thick and firm. I went even further down and licked over the nipples. Then the woman pushed me away. She reached down to her labia and pulled them apart. “Yes, just look closely. You’re about to stick your cock in this hole, you horny goat,” she said and laughed vulgarly. She closed her legs again and stood up, slipped out of her bathrobe and threw it on the sofa. Then she knelt down on all fours in front of me on the floor and stretched her butt out to me. I looked at it. Like her breasts, it was full and round. A magnificent ass without wrinkles. Hard to believe that it also belonged to a 60-year-old. I waited there. The woman turned her head back. “Come on,” she drove at me, “fuck me finally. First in the cunt and then in the ass. And I’ll tell you right away: don’t come too soon. It must be enough for both holes”. So I knelt behind her, took my cock in my hand and pushed it into her cunt. The woman moaned and I began to fuck. “Ah”, she said, “that’s good”. I fucked and fucked and was careful as hell not to come. I thought of all sorts of things to distract myself. My cock, however, continued to stay hard. “There, that’s enough,” the woman said suddenly, sliding off my cock, “put it in my ass now.” I hesitated a bit. I had never fucked a woman in the ass before and didn’t know exactly what to do. The hole looked pretty tight and dry. It certainly wasn’t slipping. The woman snapped me out of my thoughts. “Come on,” she shouted, “get on with it. My old man fucked my ass regularly. It’ll work out. I’m well broken in.”

With that, she spits into her hand, reached back, pulled one ass cheek to the side and rubbed the spit over her hole. My cock was stretched to breaking point. So I stepped behind her and pressed my glans on her rear entrance. And really, quite loosely, my cock drove into her. I grabbed her hips excitedly and pushed my cock all the way into her hot bowels. Over and over again. Finally, I squirted inside her. She straightened up and my cock slipped out of her ass. Then she stood up. “You’re a tight little guy,” she said, “but now I have to go to the bathroom and take a dump and a piss.” Then she disappeared into the bathroom. I got up as well and let myself fall backwards onto the sofa. I was totally exhausted. I looked at my cock. You couldn’t tell by looking at it that it had just been stuck up an ass, only a slight scent of ass rose up to me. Only now did I notice that the porn was still playing on the TV. And while I watched the lively goings-on, my cock was already getting hard again. I heard the toilet flush and the lady came back. First, she looked at the TV, then at my cock. “You like that, don’t you, you little piglet?”, she said and held her tits under my nose, “then grab again here, this is real nature”. With that she climbed on top of me.

She placed her snatch above my cock and lowered herself. My cock disappeared between her labia. And my head disappeared between her lush breasts. She moved up and down on my cock while massaging my head with her tits. I almost couldn’t breathe anymore. Then she let go of her tits and held a nipple to my mouth. “Here lick,” she said, “and feel free to bite lightly too. I like that.” We did that for a few minutes, then I got restless. “What is it,” she asked, “something doesn’t suit you? Out with the language”. “I want to fuck your ass again”, I said, “I have never fucked a woman in the ass before. I liked it very much and I would like to do it again”. The woman looked at me. Then she got up from me and pulled her pussy off my cock with it. “Well, well,” she said, “the little boy has demands.

It would suit you so well to hang out here the fat guy. You had your fun earlier, now it’s my turn again. You will now lick me first, then we’ll see. Come on, get up.” So I got up and the woman sat down on the sofa and spread her legs again. I knelt down and took a good look at her pussy. Fleshy and long her labia hung down and above them her clit stood out. I was amazed. I had never seen such a clit before. Like a small penis, it protruded into the air. “Come on,” growled the lady, “don’t stare so long, lick.” So I went to her clit with my mouth and began to lick. I first licked over the tip, then all around the clit. Finally, I took it lightly between my teeth. I sucked and nibbled, the darling getting hot and hard. I was starting to enjoy this thing. I sucked and licked and the lady moaned loudly to it. I also seemed to do it just right, because after a short time she let out a loud “Ahh”. Her clit twitched, she straightened up and pressed her thighs together. She had had her orgasm. Her thighs loosened again and she let herself fall back. I also got up and sat next to her on the sofa. We sat like that for a few minutes and the woman was breathing deeply and had her eyes closed.

She seemed to be slightly exhausted. Then all of a sudden her spirits came back. “You did a good job,” she said, and for the first time I saw her smile, “You really deserve a second ass-fuck.” She patted my thigh. “Stand up,” she said suddenly. I stood up. “Look at the porn,” she said. That’s right, it was still on. I turned around, looked at the TV and watched the fucking there. And my cock rose again. The woman reached around me from behind, grabbed my cock and jerked it. “Now turn back to me,” she then said, getting down on her knees and squeezing her breasts around my cock. “Now fuck my tits first,” she said, “we don’t want to leave anything out. Then you can still go up to my ass”. With that she spit on my cock, which was stuck between her tits so that it slid nicely. And I fucked her tits. I watched as my cock drove back and forth between her breasts. And that looked so horny that after a short time I was about to cum again. But just before that, the lady grabbed my cock and took it in her mouth. I squirted and she sucked my entire load into her. “My name is Inge, by the way,” the lady said after she had swallowed my semen. “And I’m John,” I said. “Well then, John,” Inge said, spinning around and getting on all fours, “now if you can still, shove it in the back of me again.” She stuck her ass out at me.

And really, my wiener didn’t want to get really stiff at the moment after the two orgasms. I first had to get back into the mood a bit and began to occupy myself with Inge’s asshole. I took a closer look at her rosette. Again, there were hairs around the hole. The hole was pink, wrinkled and smelled slightly of ass. I wet my index finger with spit and stroked it lightly. Then I squeezed a little and pushed my index finger into her ass. I jerked a little back and forth, then the entrance had become smooth. Now I added my middle finger and pushed both fingers into her hole. The horny thing felt good and my cock already began to lift slightly again. I pulled out my fingers, took my half stiff cock and put it on. I pushed, but my wiener was still too soft to penetrate. But I didn’t give up and stuffed it piece by piece into Inge’s ass. Finally, it was back up to the sack. Now came Inge’s hour. She rhythmically squeezed her warm intestine and her sphincter, let go again, and thus massaged my cock in the most pleasant way. This did not miss its effect. After a short time, my wiener was rock hard again. I fucked leisurely and with pleasure through Inge’s ass, while she moaned comfortably.

We did this for a few minutes, then I pulled my cock out again. Now I was knocked out. We got up and sat down on the sofa again. Inge turned off the television. “That’s enough for today,” she said. She looked at me. “Actually, you can go now. But I’d like you to cum in my mouth again. Who knows when I’ll get semen from a young guy like you again? “Well, I’m always happy to. But after two orgasms, I was sure to have trouble getting another orgasm. I explained my concerns to Inge. “Wimp,” she said, “then we’ll just have to go harder. Sixty-nine.” She stood up. “Lie down with your back on the floor”. I did that and Inge climbed over me. She lay upside down on top of me, put her butt up to my face and grabbed my cock. “Lick my ass or pussy or wherever you want,” she cried, then took my limp cock in her mouth. I stroked her ass cheeks, smelled her asshole, and licked her labia and back hole alternately. I took her labia in my mouth and sucked on it, stuck one finger in her ass, did everything I could think of. Meanwhile, Inge sucked on my cock, squeezed and jerked it and slowly it lifted again. And soon he had become really hard again. And while I was still licking around Inge’s asshole, I felt my juice rising up. Inge jerked and sucked, and finally I actually squirted for the third time. I squirted everything into Inge’s mouth and Inge sucked and sucked until the last drop was out. Then she got up from me. She swallowed again, then said, “There you go.”

She bent down, threw me my clothes and said, “Now get lost. I need my rest. Maybe you’ll come again to read the meter. And if it’s not current, you can read from my pussy whether I want to be fucked, I’m your cougar now”. With that, she trolled off to her bedroom. I got dressed and left. I would not forget that so quickly. Nor would I forget Inge’s name and house number. Oh, boy. The lady was already quite old, but an extremely horny hottie. You had to look for something like that for a long time. And while I went down the stairs, I had Inge’s horny ass before my eyes again….