It’s a stormy winter evening and 45-year-old Guinevere is inside watching TV when suddenly the doorbell rings. She wonders who is ringing the doorbell at this time of night, but decides to answer it. Cautiously, she opens the door and to her surprise, Joe is standing in front of her. Joe is Guinevere’s 29-year-old neighbor and they have known each other since childhood. With a shy look, Joe says he just got back from work and the key broke off in the lock and he can’t get into his house. Standing in the doorway, soaked and shivering with cold, Guinevere asks him if he would like to come in.

She quickly grabs a towel to dry Joe’s face. Joe thanks her and says he’s sorry to ring the doorbell so late, but Guinevere doesn’t mind too much, she’s known Joe for so long and always found him an attractive boy. Guinevere asks if he would like to take a shower and put some dry clothes on, and Joe agrees. Guinevere had a boyfriend who left her two months before this meeting, and she still has a pair of his pajamas lying around that would fit Joe. Guinevere asks if Joe will go upstairs with her and she shows him the bathroom and gets the pajamas out of her closet. Joe disappears into the bathroom and Guinevere returns to her room.

She hears the shower turn on and thinks that Joe would like a nice hot cup of tea after his refreshing shower. On her way downstairs, Guinevere notices that the bathroom door is unlocked. She stops and her mind races. She can see Joe naked as she opens the door…. The thought excites her and she has doubts. What if he catches her? Would he be angry? Should she do this? Her curiosity takes over and she sneaks cautiously to the door. Cautiously, she pulls the handle down and opens the door a crack. What she sees next makes her even more excited! In front of her is Joe standing naked in the shower, the water running down his taut body as he stands with his eyes closed, enjoying a hot shower. Guinevere’s eyes search his body and as soon as Joe turns around, she also sees his cock. Hmm, Guinevere thinks, what a delicious cock! She keeps watching and she gets hornier and hornier, her hand slowly goes to her pants and she unbuttons a button, still looking at Joe’s body she starts to stroke herself. Joe doesn’t notice anything, as Guinevere now indulges herself by looking at Joe. Her hand glides deliciously over her pussy and she starts to get wet, she doesn’t notice that Joe has turned off the shower.

She hears the shower door open and is startled. She quickly closes the door and takes her hand out of her pants. Has he seen me!!!, she quickly sneaks downstairs and turns on the tea. 10 minutes later, Guinevere is sitting on the couch when Joe comes into the room, he sits down next to Guinevere and thanks her for the dry clothes. Guinevere says she has made some hot tea to warm up some more, and Joe takes a seat on the couch next to Guinevere. Guinevere turns on a program and there is silence for a while. Suddenly Joe asks “and did you like what you saw?” startled Guinevere looks at him and says “huh, what are you talking about?”. Joe looks back smiling and says “I saw you looking” Guinevere starts to blush and says nothing, to which Joe says “I saw you starting to play with yourself” Guinevere doesn’t know what to say and before she can utter an apology, Joe comes closer and starts to kiss her.

Guinevere is overwhelmed and it takes her a moment to realize what is happening. Within seconds, she regains her composure and kisses Joe back. Joe opens his mouth and tries to find Guinevere’s tongue. Guinevere leans on her arms while Joe lies half on top of her. Their tongues are engaged in a lustful battle and Joe strokes through Guinevere’s hair. Guinevere recovers and pushes Joe back and kisses him. They become increasingly rough as Joe begins to caress Guinevere’s leg with his hand. Guinevere grabs Joe’s shoulder and he starts kissing her on her neck, satisfied and aroused Guinevere moves her head so that Joe can reach her neck properly. After kissing for a while, Joe starts stroking her inner leg. Automatically, Guinevere opens her legs to give Joe free play and soon his hand goes up. The atmosphere in the room changes to a horny setting and they both want more. In an instant, Guinevere sees that Joe is incredibly hard. His hard cock is bigger and thicker than it was in the shower and is clearly visible in his pants. Looking at Joe with a willing eye, she playfully bites her lip and immediately begins stroking his delicious cock, her hand sliding easily over the soft fabric covering his cock and feeling how hard it really is. Joe seizes the opportunity and begins to stroke Guinevere’s pussy, gently at first but then increasing the force, causing Guinevere to moan softly. Joe pushes her back and she willingly lets go. Joe keeps up the pressure and unbuttons Guinevere’s pants with his hand.

He looks at her and starts kissing her the moment his big, strong hand enters her pants. She feels his firm fingers slide over her wet pussy and she strokes Joe’s chest. Joe continues to circle her labia and kisses her hard on her neck. Guinevere begins to moan harder and lets out a scream as Joe inserts a finger into Guinevere’s pussy. Guinevere slips into Joe’s pants and grabs his cock tightly and begins to jerk him off. Together they pick up the pace, with two fingers quickly and deeply groping the inside and outside of Guinevere’s pussy and Joe’s cock being tamed by Guinevere’s delicious jerking off. Joe pulls his hand out of her pants and leaves, leaving Guinevere on her back. He lifts her shirt and begins kissing her stomach. He goes higher and higher and pulls off her shirt, kissing her all the way to the edge of her fire red bra, seeing how delicious her breasts are. He grabs one of her breasts with one hand and caresses it as he continues to kiss her. Guinevere unhooks her bra and pulls it off, and Joe takes this as an invitation. Quickly cupping her breasts and sliding her hard nipples between his fingers, he looks at Guinevere hornily and kisses her, squeezing her breasts deliciously roughly. Guinevere slips her hand back into Joe’s pants and takes that delicious cock in her hands again. She wants more! She pushes Joe off and hovers over him. With one hand she feels over Joe’s chest and with the other she starts to jerk him off.

She kisses him and speeds up her jerking off. Joe begins to moan and pulls down his pants. Guinevere willingly looks at his cock and begins to jerk off harder as she goes down on him with her mouth. She takes his hard cock between her lips and begins to play with his head with her tongue. Joe strokes her hair as Guinevere licks Joe’s entire shaft with her tongue. This is the most delicious cock she has ever had in her mouth and out of lust she takes it as deep as she can. Joe enjoys the moaning and after a short but hot blow job he thinks it’s time for Guinevere. He grabs her and lays her on her back. His thick wet cock is inches from Kaylee’s wet cunt. He looks into her eyes.

With a wild horny look Guinevere says “I want you to fuck me, I want your hard cock in my pussy now and I want it deep”. Joe obeys. He places his cock against Guinevere’s labia and with a hard thrust he breaks into her warm wet pussy. He begins to thrust gently and every movement feels like a gift to Guinevere. Her pussy is finally being fucked by the boy she has longed for so long and every inch of his cock thrusting into her feels just like she wanted it to. Joe’s long deep thrusts hit all of Guinevere’s sensitive spots and it doesn’t take long for her to come moaning. Joe pulls his cock out of her pussy and Guinevere has not fully recovered. Joe asks her if they can go upstairs and Guinevere agrees.

They both walk up the stairs in their naked bodies, where Joe has a view of Guinevere’s delicious ass. Once they’re both upstairs and standing in the doorway of Guinevere’s room, Joe can’t control himself anymore and he craves more. He squeezes Guinevere’s ass and an echo travels through the room, Guinevere screams ouch but also giggles. She finds it exciting to have someone slap her ass like that. She turns to kiss Joe, but he has another idea. He easily lifts Guinevere up and begins to kiss her hard. Guinevere wraps her legs around Joe’s waist, and with one hand he brings his cock back to Guinevere’s pussy. He slides in easily and with his hands on Guinevere’s ass he begins to penetrate her deeply. In this position, the glans rubs along Guinevere’s G-spot with each thrust, causing her to moan uncontrollably. Joe’s kisses on her neck excite her as his hard cock moves in and out of her soaking wet hole.

Joe leads Guinevere to her bed and she pushes him off. Guinevere lands on her back on the bed and Joe leans over her. He pushes Guinevere’s legs out and immediately starts fucking her hard again. In this position, Guinevere can hold out quite well. This hard fucking turns her on so incredibly and she clamps her legs around Joe’s ass allowing him to thrust even deeper, her nails digging into his back with pleasure as she gasps again and again with each deep thrust. After a while, Guinevere wants something different and she pushes Joe off and sits on her knees in front of him, playfully moving her ass towards Joe who immediately takes a seat behind her. He puts his hands on her hips and thrusts his hard cock right into her pussy. Guinevere cries out in pleasure, her hands clutching her pillow. Joe thrusts wildly into her pussy, his hips rattling against Guinevere’s ass with every thrust. Guinevere lowers herself further and rests her head on the pillow. She lifts her ass a little further, allowing Joe to thrust deeper.

He continues to thrust faster and deeper. They both moan louder and louder. Guinevere begins to jerk and her cunt is straining from the pleasure of coming on Joe’s delicious cock. The squeezing of Kaylee’s cunt gives Joe a huge stimulation around his glans which causes him to cum as well, he thrusts several times deep inside her. He fills her cunt with thick jets of cum. He pulls out of her and falls onto the bed. Guinevere lies on her stomach and stretches her legs. She feels satisfied and filled. The still warm cum that has just been injected deep into her pussy begins to drip out of her pussy and she catches it with her finger and looks at Joe horny as she licks it off her fingers. After a short break, they decide to take a shower together anyway to wash off all the sweat and cum from their lustful sex. Both satisfied and dressed again, they fall into each other’s arms on the couch and both know that this is not going to be a one-time thing.

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