I had just turned eighteen and was on summer vacation. My Aunt Barbara, my mother’s youngest sister, was coming to stay with us for a few months. She lived all over, often with friends or in communes. I had finished high school that summer and was going to start college after the summer. In many ways, I was a freshman. I had concentrated on my education and my table tennis career.

The other side of the story is that I had no girlfriends, let alone sex. I was a bit of a wanker. Watch videos, drop your pants and go! Technically I was no longer a virgin, but other than my own hands I had not been allowed to experience my dick. My mother’s younger sister was a debaucher, according to my parents. Barbara traveled halfway across Europe to train in levitation, dancing around a fire while drumming, singing levitation, and invoking the gods. Her life was dictated by tarot cards….

To each his own, I thought. Barbara was an afterthought, 16 years younger than my mother and only 7 years older than me. She dressed in the latest hippie fashion. Duffle clothes, rags as dresses, Jesus sandals on her feet and a hairband around her long, wavy, dark hair. I was almost sure … she never wore a bra, her big tits rocked too much for that! Sometimes she would sit for hours braiding her hair into dreadlocks. Aunt Barbara stayed with us that summer, she was studying again. An education in something oriental and vague. We had a four-bedroom house, her room was next to mine.

We shared a bathroom between our bedrooms. One night, around midnight, I was in my bedroom, horny, watching a webcam girl. I heard something vibrating, or was it buzzing, coming from my aunt’s room. I listened carefully and heard vibrations and my aunt moaning softly. I immediately got a raging boner. Suddenly I heard her moan louder and come hard, moaning a little, “PUT!!! Fuck me, please … fuck me”. I heard her moan and sigh a few more times. Suddenly she was completely quiet. I knew that she often went to the bathroom just before going to bed. I opened my door halfway, hoping she would walk by and see me. I pulled down my boxers and covered about half of my cock with the sheet.

My dick was stiff! My blood was rushing through my body, I wanted to jerk off so bad, but I hoped she would go into the shower and see me like this. I don’t know how my dick compared to older men, but it was my virgin dick, so I wanted her to at least see it. Soon I heard Aunt Barbara’s door open and she walked past my room and into the bathroom and closed the door. I doubted she had seen it. By now my dick was leaking pre-cum. After a few minutes, I heard the toilet flush. I quickly started jerking off. I saw her walking down the hall. Could she have seen me? She went into her room and I heard the door lock. My hopes were dashed. I jumped up and opened my door a little more. The light from the hallway was dim, but she should have been able to see me! Slightly disappointed, I lay back down. A few minutes later, I heard her door open again. I heard her stop at my door and closed my eyes. Between my eyelids I saw her standing at my door. My cock throbbed, my hand involuntarily went up and down. My heart was racing. She was entering my room! She closed my door behind her and came to stand beside my bed.

She had a petite build, covered in a loose t-shirt. In the dim light, I could see that the fabric barely covered her pubic mound. I saw her standing there and wanted her to touch my cock so badly. My hand slowly moved back and forth over my cock. Would she enjoy my little show? The floor creaked and she came to sit on the edge of my bed. I pretended not to notice and continued jerking. I felt her hand glide lightly over my cock. It felt so good! I pulled my hand back, she grabbed my cock and slowly moved her hand up and down. My pre-cum flowed so strongly, she used my moisture as a kind of lubricant. I was going crazy! She jerked me off with slow, slow movements. My glans and the top of my cock had her attention. She whispered, “I know you’re awake, so just stay and enjoy it. I opened my eyes and let my hand go to her to touch her breasts.

“Go ahead … caress me.” When she released my sex, I was startled. She lifted the t-shirt and revealed her body. She had big breasts with hard nipples. My hand went to her tits. I cupped them and squeezed them gently. “Please … play with my tits.” Her hand went back to my dick. Then I saw that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her free hand was rubbing her mound. That was new … in almost all the movies I had seen, the pussies were bare. Barbara’s pussy was covered with hair! She moaned as she played with herself and pulled me off. Her hand quickened and I came close to my first orgasm from someone else! I rubbed her tits and suddenly she moaned louder and seemed to come. Her nipples were so hard and big when I rolled them in my fingers. She jerked me off even faster.

“Please, stroke my little mound.” She moaned. Curious, I moved my hand down from her breasts to where her legs met. She opened her legs wider for my hand. Her stomach was soft, her hair downy. As my fingers explored her lips, I felt my orgasm coming on. As I moaned louder, she reached forward and pressed her mouth to mine, her tongue caressing my lips. I began to cum, squirting my semen against her breasts and over my stomach. Her hand continued to pump until the last drops of semen were released. “I want more.” She moaned softly. I sank back into the pillows and Barbara laid her head on my chest, releasing my sagging cock. As the vibrations of my orgasm subsided, she scooped up some of my cum and rubbed it all over her tits. She tasted it too and whispered, “This is our secret, okay?” I kissed her and ran my hand over her breasts and stomach again.

“Maybe it will happen again, but it has to be our secret.” She said quietly. I nodded YES! In the moonlight she grabbed her t-shirt and patted my belly dry. Then she got down on her knees and wiped my sperm off her breasts and belly. After a night kiss, Barbara got up and went to her room. After a few minutes I came to and realized what we had done. My dick got hard again and I masturbated while reliving my first sexual encounter.