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I have been in a steady relationship for a couple of years now, and we are having a rough time. When you both work, the house got a bit messy, but fortunately, Alena, my girlfriend Renate’s mother, was prepared to do some little housework during the day a few times a week. Not at a pre-arranged time, but when it suited my mother-in-law. She had given us the key to the back door, so she could get in at any time. I should have thought of that, but that morning I just forgot.

I had taken a day off to do some administration. I woke up at nine o’clock, my friend had already left for a few hours and was probably once again stuck in traffic. I decided to do the administration right away so that I would be done with it an hour later. I was already bored and wondering what to do for the rest of the day. Furthermore, I went on the internet and looked at some sex sites and got excited.

An older, more mature brunette was taken pretty hard by a young man and I immediately thought of my mother-in-law. Small, brunette, full lips, funny little naughty eyes, nice big breasts, wide hips and a nice ass. Hmmm, the idea of doing it with my mother-in-law, even if it was only a blowjob, oh, how I would squirt a load then… I thought and felt my cock grow between my legs! As I continued to look at the series of pictures, I opened my boxers and pulled the foreskin over my thickening penis so that my cock could swell to its maximum strength.

” Oooh wow, Alena, if only you were one hmm” I moaned from behind the PC, playing with my cock. “hmmm I would lick your tits and slub your shaved ripe pussy empty hmm….” I left the horny pictures and now began to jerk off nicely. My balls were already starting to swell from the seed, and they were starting to itch! “Hmm oh Alena oooh yummy mother-in-law hmm oooh delicious oh Alena…..” I moaned loudly as I sat wide-legged, pulling on my cock. “hmmmm oh suck me…” moaned I as in heat as hell. Being quite slim and limber I bent over in my chair, and although I had never sucked myself before, I was now at the buttery point of tasting my own cock.

Fantasizing about my mother-in-law’s lovely ripe buttocks and tits I bent forward further and further and opened my mouth feeling the heat of the cock against my lips and closed them tightly around it and sucked. “Hmm!……..” I moaned as I felt strands of pre-cum flashing across my tongue soooo exciting so horny ooh this was what my mother-in-law would feel and taste now! “Hmmmm Alena ooh Alena…..” I moaned as I stopped for a moment, stared at my blowhole and pulled the foreskin down nice and firm once more. “oooh I’m going to squirt… ” I moaned, standing up and grabbing my glass and holding my dick in it and suddenly squirting a great jet of cum in it over and over again! “ooooh wow!……” I sighed as I squeezed my limp cock, milking the last drops out. “oooh sigh oh… oh….. i need to lie down…… phew, it makes me dizzy… oh…” I left things as they were and lay down on the bed for a while. Half an hour later, I had regained my strength and went downstairs to pour myself a drink.

I was in the kitchen when I saw someone out of the corner of my eye and the kitchen door opened. There was Alena standing there! She was wearing tight black trousers and a blouse. “Hey, are you free today? ……” she called out and kissed me on the cheek. “Yes Alena…..” I said surprised. As if it was the most natural thing in the world, she hung her coat around a kitchen chair and opened a kitchen cupboard and took out the cleaning cloths and detergent. “Well, I’ll get right to work….” said my mother-in-law and left the kitchen. I still hadn’t realized that I’d forgotten something….

Only a few minutes later I realized that the PC was still online and oh dear the glass with sperm was still there! I quickly ran up the stairs and hoped my mother-in-law was busy in another room, but I was out of luck. I saw the woman looking at the glass in the light, the viscous slimy white blobs of sperm were hanging on the inside of the glass. Fortunately, the screensaver on the PC had come on, but in her turn to the PC, she nudged the mouse and the porn pictures of the ripe woman appeared. She then looked at me and shook her head.

Jeez Stefan…. oh jeez what a pervert you are!…pervert!”

Shouted my mother-in-law in anger as she held up the glass. I went to stand by her and wanted to take the glass from her hand but she pulled it away. “No no no…. this I will keep with me…..” and we started to frolic a bit over the glass. “Please Alena……” I said but Alena leaned back so I couldn’t reach it. “No Stefan…… no…… this…. “Before I knew it I was kissing my mother-in-law on the mouth. Was it her smell, feeling her lovely soft body, but suddenly I was kissing my mother-in-law on the mouth and she was kissing me back! “Hmm hmm…….Stefan…. don’t do it…. dirty hmmp fag hmmm……….” Alena now began to moan. In my panic I kissed her, thinking there was no solution. A bit forced, I ran my hands over her ripe body, touching her big breasts to which she moaned. “Oooh boy hmm hmm hmmp…… you understand that this is not acceptable at all hmmm … arch!” moaned my mother-in-law and looked down at my massaging hands, then this mature woman, my mature mother-in-law looked at me passionately but I did not know how far she would let me go.

I reached under the edge of her blouse and wanted to go under to grab her breasts, but she held her hands on her tummy for a moment, so I could go no further and shook her head. “No Stefan, no ….. This is not … not…. Stop Stefan… stop but I again what you want to do…. I…” but I pushed on and noticed that the resistance my mother-in-law put in quickly lessened and looking down a bit shyly she let min hands do their thing up to the edge of her bra and around it and pulled it down a bit so I could now feel Alena’s swollen nipples. “Hmmmm oh what are they big and firm hmmm bigger than your daughter….” I complimented my mother-in-law. “Oooh sigh hmm……..” I pushed my thigh between her legs, rubbing her crotch in those tight trousers.

My cock started to get hard and formed a firm bulge in min shorts and without asking anything Alena started stroking my mother-in-law’s crotch!!! “Ooooh Alena oh nice….” I moaned. “Hmmmmm oh he is already nice and big hmmm and I think there is a lot of ehm seed between your legs huh?…..” I nodded quickly. “Yes, but I think you’ve already squandered most of it, huh?….” looking at the glass for a moment. “No way Alena, there is still enough for you to hear hmm….” I groaned, and suddenly she grabbed the glass and held it between us. “So this is just a taste hmmm?” whispered my mother-in-law hornily “Yes Alena hmm call it the appetizer…..” “Oh yeah?… hmmm……” she stared at the bottom of the soda still in it with a thick layer of viscous semen floating on top. Looking at me, she opened her mouth and in one gulp took the contents of the glass in her mouth and swallowed it!

My mother-in-law! “Hmm…. Wow! That’s another mixed drink?”

“I moaned hornily as the woman nodded and put her hands around the edge of my shorts, pulling them down to expose my cock. What a huge cock you have between your legs,” she said, “I love it, though….. Look at your cock hmmm……” My friend’s mother moaned lustily as I stood with the shorts on my ankle in front of my mother-in-law. I put my hands on her back and opened the clasp of her bra, the expensive bra slid off her smooth and I finally got to see my mother-in-law’s ripe breasts! They were huge…. sunbed tan, lily-white where the bikini sat while sunbathing.

My mother-in-law’s big heavy tits were pointing straight ahead, with a pair of big round pink nipples sticking out of them. Smiling, my mother-in-law looked down as she tenderly stroked the full length of my cock. “Oooh, soft skin hmm but he is so stiff Stefan hmm well? What do you think of my breasts? Are they still good? ….” “Oh Alena hmm lick slurp they are amazing so horny… so horny hmm…” I sucked on her ripe nipples for a moment and then I caressed them with both my hands and I let them go to undo the button of her trousers and again my mother-in-law stopped me but I kissed Alena on her mouth and she let me go and the trousers slid off her wide hips and she let me go. She looked up at me as I pushed forward, and the woman greedily rubbed my cock on the soft material of her panties at the level of her ripe fucking slit.

“Alena you’re driving me crazy… oooh shall we take off those panties too….” I groaned and helped her pull down the knickers and, damn, the woman was shaved bald! Between her thighs were two bare swollen labia and a little shyly my mother-in-law kicked the white pants off her ankles and repeated the rubbing over her now naked slit.

“Oooh boy gasp I want your cock in me…..” she moaned!

I sank down a little and aimed my upward-pointing cock at my mother-in-law’s slit and with a little effort, I felt her pubic walls close around my cock and pushed up so that I filled my mother-in-law’s ripe slit with my cock. “OOOOH BOY ANYWAY! OOOOH!….” moaned the woman to me as she felt more and more of her future son-in-law’s cock thrust into her lower abdomen. Immediately, she put her hands on my shoulders as she was poleaxed by her son-in-law. “Oh Alena oh how deliciously tight you are hmmm such a young pussy you have Alena oooh so delicious!…” I moaned and we looked deep into each other’s eyes as we started fucking standing rhythmically. “Oh you make me so wet boy so wet… oh your cock is so hot! oooh I’m glowing all over from that piece of meat of yours inside me! ….” screamed my mother-in-law as I squeezed my cock up to the balls in her ripe shaft and I grabbed her big buttocks and lifted her up so the ripe woman started dancing on my cock! “yes yes yes! ….oh nice! oooh yes yes Stefan fill me up, fill me up! ….” screamed my mother-in-law as I started to come and empty my testicles into my mother-in-law’s womb! “Ooooh you squirt Stefan ooh boy anyway hmm oh so much oooh so thick… I cum…. I cum!….” moaned the ripe woman in my hands as I slowly fucked my sperm into her!

Carefully I put my mother-in-law on the desk whereupon my cock slipped out of her ripe vagina and my mother-in-law, motherly took my cock in her palm and stroked it sweetly. “Alena, what do we do with that glass? ……” I asked her. “What glass do you mean? What are you talking about?….” she said smiling naughtily. “hmm I think today you should do your best with your mother-in-law to further erase her memory…..” the woman said and playfully squeezed my cock for a moment. “Sure thing Alena….. hmmm hmm….. let’s go to the bedroom……” “What’s wrong with this room?……” said Alena and turned around and bent over … wide-legged and looked back. “Hmm, I still have a few fires that need to be put out Stefan…” I got behind her and put my cock in her butt crack to which she arched her back and squeezed her bottom.