The following erotic diary story is perhaps one of my best and most passionate recent love affairs with a woman. In all my 1991 memoirs, I was allowed to write these very accurately with her permission. These are without a doubt the most enjoyable of a very fine series of experiences that I was able to have with her on an almost daily basis in the same year, because both she and I were eager to attack each other sexually with our passionate declarations of love, since we had both been dry for quite a long time. At that time, however, it was a reality that I have only been able to reenact sparingly with this woman in the time since. So who was this woman I had fallen in love with? At that time, I had recently fallen in love with a natural red-haired woman, 5 feet 5 inches tall, who is still my wife today.

She is seven years younger than me and I fell in love with her like a log when she showed herself to me after two years of divorce proceedings with my ex. I lived as a bachelor in my mobile home on a campground, where we of course also made our first erotic acquaintances, but when my future mother-in-law was in Canada for a month and the little daughter of my new-found girlfriend was at a youth tennis camp for a week and a half, my girlfriend and I of course also managed to have our sexual contacts there every night, since she temporarily lived in the upper floor of my future mother-in-law’s sanctuary. Especially after work, I could find the front door of her apartment very well, and of course I wrote my best story about one of our best sexual exploits there in a later diary entry. I have hardly changed or adapted it to be able to tell you in the original colors and scents, just as the event of that evening.

Exactly at eight o’clock I stand in front of your door. After ringing the bell, you opened the door a little earlier than I expected, not only to arouse my passion, but also because you hurriedly asked me to follow you into the bedroom, after carefully closing the door behind me. “Undress!” you command me in the meantime. I don’t think about disobeying you, because I am already as sexually aroused as you have already revealed. So, while we are walking, I take off all my outer clothes and put them on one of the chairs next to the big bed. A little later, I take off my shoes and all my underwear. My erection, which had already started before I entered the room, is now clearly visible to you, hard and proudly pointing upwards, as stiff as a tree trunk.

I sit down on the edge of the bed and you, still wearing your short pink dressing gown, drop beside me; you push the blanket completely off the bed and begin to gently stroke my chest. First my nipples, then you scratch at a small blister on one of my breasts until it disappears, and then both your hands go slowly but surely over my still slightly overweight belly to my crotch, where my manhood waits with steeled interest for the things that are now about to come…. When my cock feels that it is coming, it bends slightly towards your hands, so that the mouth of my glans opens drooling with lust and with your fingertips you stroke with much tickling feeling with one hand over the sensitive groove of my glans from there to my oh so sensitive balls, in which I can already feel the hot seed bubbling. Now you grasp my cock completely with the other hand and pull my foreskin up and down very slowly and oh so deliciously for a moment. Then you lean forward a bit and suck it into your mouth bit by bit. I feel how your warm lips surround my cock, and you run your tongue along the edges of my glans. You suck me with all your might, and I feel through your warm saliva that my body begins to tremble with pleasure. You suck me deliciously and because of the pressure built up today, I feel after a few seconds that I am already close to a discharge, but can avoid a climax much too early.

I grab your head to signal a break. You understand this telepathically and straighten up a bit while you continue to suck me slowly. After a firm tongue kiss you ask how long it’s been since I fucked someone else. “It’s been so long, I can’t remember,” I answer not quite truthfully, because just a month before I let Hans fuck me in my anus and jerked off afterwards, because I also get horny on young boys from time to time, but of course I shouldn’t mention that anymore. “Hmm, then I’ll finish this first. Otherwise we’ll be done too soon,” you say hornily and show your mischievous eyebrows, which are framed by those few cute redheads and therefore very natural hair without any makeup. You bend over again and continue sucking where you left off. I was on the verge of coming, so in a few seconds I really do reach my first climax.

I feel how my balls want to contract and so, growling, I squirt my first jets of semen into your mouth a moment later. “Hmmm,” you growl approvingly. The vibrations of your growl increase my pleasure even more, and I squirt jet after jet of the entire contents of my sack into your sweet smiling mouth. Greedily, you swallow it all. What an overwhelming orgasm I revealed there, having had to wait all day for this moment of excess. “mmm,” your large dose of sperm is still a good sign for a long and good married life. Besides, the taste of your semen is the best thing that has happened to me with men in all these years,” my lover murmurs in a sweetly pleasured voice as she rises to sit behind me.

After we catch our breath, I crawl over the sheet and suddenly I’m lying next to you. You straighten up to your knees and kneel next to me, and I begin to slowly undress you. “It’s been a long time since I’ve come so deliciously, so thank you,” I tell you, giving you a quick kiss on the mouth, but still keeping my lips close to hers so that they touch her gently from time to time. You can’t control your tongue anymore, so she licks first the inside of her lips, then the outside of her lipstick, and then my lips, and when I open my mouth a little, you explore my mouth, and I even taste some of my own cum. “Certainly not a bad taste,” I whisper again, and then:. “I want to see more of you and feel more of you.” I break our kiss and kiss your neck. I grab your breasts with both hands and rub your nipples. You moan softly under my caresses. Carefully I grab the edge of your nightgown. You raise your arms and I pull it off over your head. I lay you on your back and take your nipples one by one into my mouth and suck them until they feel stiff and hard.

After a while, I look directly into your eyes. I kiss you again on your tight lips and our tongues quickly find each other. Your experienced hands lovingly cradle my head and then pull it tightly against your red curls. I pull away from you once more and let my hands slide along two plump white bellies, adorned with your countless tiny freckles. Your beautiful blue fake eyes follow me with a greedy, hot stare. When I get to your little bulbous mound of Venus, you spread your legs slightly. All the way down, I can see your wet cunt glistening in the lamplight and sniff the strong aromatic scent of your juices. At last, I can touch your vagina. You are already soaked with your own moisture, and I have a great desire to lick you dry. I start kissing you while holding your hips with my hands. You spread your legs a little further apart and also up. You are more flexible than I expected, and with one hand you press my head against your crotch. I can even reach your butt hole and I lick your anus between your firm buttocks until you start to sigh and then my tongue continues along your two tight labia to the top of your horny slit. On the way I test the entrance of your cunt for a while and then I also try to enter your pee hole with my tongue, which of course threatens to fail in advance.

“Yaa, delicious!” you moan. My cock starts to grow from the delicious licking, and then I know that at least a second company is coming from that side. You start to pant harder as I concentrate a little more on your swollen and now fully bloodied, but also super stiff clitoris. Listening to your sexy sighs and moans, I stroke you there until your wide open slit overflows with your juices and you too reach your orgasm, moaning softly. I am a little shocked by the amount of fluid you are producing. I struggle to catch it all. I keep licking until you are completely engulfed and panting. I let you recover for a moment and then slowly slide up to receive another grateful, delicious tongue kiss from you. With great pleasure, you now also taste your own juices around my mouth.

I lie next to you and feel my full erection pressing against your thighs. You grab my head again with one hand and press your lips even harder against mine. Meanwhile, with your other hand, you grab my stiff pleasure shaft and masturbate me with three subtle strokes to test the strength of my thing. Satisfied, you crawl on top of me and position my cock against your soaking wet labia to easily slide it into your sheath in a moment. “I want to ride you like a cowgirl,” you pant. I answer by slowly thrusting my thick, hard cock between your arrow-shaped, swollen lips. You enjoy how my glans slowly slides in and seems to want to possess you like this. You put your hands on my chest and can still slowly lower yourself further. When my cock is deepest inside you, you sit up.

Panting you moan: “Ohh, how delicious to have your hard horny cock in my wet pussy”. You start to ride me gently. First you let my cock slide again very slowly until it is almost out of your sheath. I see how well you can time it as it glistens in the light with your juices. Then you lower yourself over my cock again very slowly until it is inside you again to my root. I feel my balls sliding against your labia like two marble sacks. You continue at this pace for a while. “I want to see how your cock disappears inside me every time. I want to see the details,” you say suddenly. “I will put your head as close as possible to the mirror so I can see it better.” You get off me and I turn around a little and lie down with my head almost against the mirror. “So horny thunder, can you see it better that way?”

You grab my cock, which is smooth as glass from your juice, put it back against your labia and lower yourself over it again very pleasantly. While you look in the mirror, you go up and down a little faster than before. Your breasts dance in time to your movements. “Nghja,” you moan. “A deliciously horny sight.” Panting heavily, you alternate between looking at me intensely horny or at our reflection. Suddenly I feel your body tighten and you moan heavily for the second time and yet you come again so shortly after each other. Exhausted, you fall forward onto my chest and give me a fiery tongue kiss. “Delicious as a cock to cum on. But I don’t think you are finished yet. Now fuck me from behind, big boy,” you pant at me in all your unquenched lust, “but I want you to come in my mouth again.”

I nod and you turn around. You get down on your knees with your left side facing the mirror and lean on your elbows. To get low enough, I kneel with my legs spread over your legs behind you. I gauge the position of your ready pussy and thrust my cock, still slippery from our horn from just now, back into you. You see it in the mirror and moan loudly. I pump my cock slowly but very deeply in and out of you. Because of your tilted pelvis, I have a nice direct view of your beautiful butt and your pussy in between where my cock is stuck. Through the mirror you watch our horny game and after a while I go faster and your delicious butt presses hard against my lower abdomen. The whole house could hear us moaning now if there were anyone there, but of course there isn’t. I feel a second orgasm trying to rise from my balls to my prostate. You also notice it by the strong swelling of my glans and quickly turn around to grab my cock. Just not in time to put it in your mouth, because a first shot of cum lands on your cheek. The rest I squirt directly into your horny mouth. Eagerly you then release my beautiful penis of my and your juices, while you finger your pussy for a while and yes, provide it with a third orgasm. Smiling, you come and sit next to me, and we feel each other’s delicious bodies. I lick the remains of my cum from your cheek.

When both of us have recovered a bit from our erotic togetherness, we jump under the shower together and enjoy making love to each other for a while, praising ourselves for being able to enjoy each other so intensely and of course both of us long for another time.

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