Amanda, in her mid-twenties, had a slim and athletic body, but she still had a physical problem. Because she had a slender torso and small breasts, she found it challenging to find a good fit in almost all of the major lingerie stores. Most of the bras she bought were really meant for thirteen and fourteen year old girls buying their first bra, with cute prints, but too silly when you’re twenty-five.

Often these things lost their shape after a few washes or tore at the seams. Also, a friend had once commented on the flowers and bees on her bra when she let him in there. In fact, Amanda was ashamed of her breasts, or lack thereof. The thought of spending a lot more money and time on a custom-made bra didn’t appeal to her, so she went bra-less for about a year. “No one seems to notice my breasts anyway, so why bother?” she thought as she stood in front of her bedroom mirror and brushed her long blonde hair.

During their monthly girlfriend night, the topic of the evening had been “Finding the Right Bra” and she had decided to follow Liam’s tips. Liam was also a “knitting needle with peas” size, as she described herself. Amanda had never looked at her like that. She thought she was a cute girl to look at and thought she was just proud of her body and breasts. Liam laughed and talked about her favorite lingerie boutique and the importance of a good fit and how a custom-made bra can increase comfort and confidence. She explained the benefits of a well-made bra over a Wibra offer. “In the long run, a better bra will fit better and last longer than a standard size bra off the rack at Hunkemöller, for example.” She had said.

Amanda had been mulling over the idea of spending a considerable amount of money on a custom-made bra for a few days. In preparation, she had scoured the Internet and dared to confront her body. She had even shaved her armpits, which were not covered with hair in any of the pictures she had seen. That afternoon, an ATV afternoon, Amanda walked into a branch of François Boutique. “Hi, I’m Noelle, may I help you? Are you looking for something in particular or for a special moment?” Noelle began to explain what Amanda should look for when shopping for a bra.

Amanda thought as she listened to Noelle, “I bet she has no problem finding a good fit. She has the perfect body, medium sized breasts and shapely for an older woman”. After this explanation, Noelle asked Amanda if she would like to take advantage of the free fitting François Boutique offered for their custom bras. Amanda was skeptical at first, thinking it would be another expensive option, but Noelle assured her that the boutique had options for different budgets. So Amanda decided to give it a try, hoping it might be the solution she was looking for, as she followed Noelle into the screened-in area.

As Amanda took off her blouse to try it on, she felt tension over her small, now fully visible breasts. Noelle seemed startled at first when she saw her client’s breasts. She cleared her throat and waited a moment before saying, “We usually measure over a bra. But without a bra, we can get better measurements.” Noelle’s professional demeanor quickly put Amanda at ease. During the measurement, Amanda noticed that Noelle’s touch was gentle and precise. To her great surprise, as Noelle took her measurements, Amanda experienced a strange sensation: a tingling sensation that seemed to send small electric shocks through her body as the tape measure moved over her nipples.

Noelle’s hand moved the tape measure over different parts of her breast, sometimes stopping and holding her hand in place as if she could feel the heat building up inside. She couldn’t quite put her finger on the nature of the sensation, but she loved it. Amanda enjoyed it, but she wondered if this measurement went beyond purely professional control. “You can get dressed now.” Noelle said after fifteen minutes of measuring and taking notes. “Come to the sitting area and I can show you some models and ideas.”

Moments later they were sitting together on the sofa with a cup of coffee and some chocolates. On the table was a screen on which Noelle presented photos showing the variety of custom bra styles. However, after carefully considering the prices, Amanda decided to postpone her purchase. She was not sold on the designs, but there was an elusive element she could not put her finger on. I’m sure they’ll provide a lot of comfort, she thought. Perhaps I should think of them as gifts to myself?

Later that week, after reflecting on Noelle’s measuring session, she realized that she wanted to relive the sensation of having her breasts touched and measured. It had excited her that someone, in this case a woman, had touched her so gently and lovingly. Amanda’s rock-hard rejection of her first boyfriend was still painfully fresh in her mind. But with what she had now experienced, she felt empowered as a woman. She began visiting various luxury stores for bra fittings. She didn’t consider herself attracted to the same sex, but the feeling of someone’s hand on her breasts gave her an unexpected and pleasurable sensation, no matter how brief the encounter. She also enjoyed the sometimes puzzled look on the sales associates’ faces when they saw her bare breasts as they measured her.

One day she visited Victorias Secret and met Cara, a young, knowledgeable saleswoman. She wondered if she would get the same shocked reaction as Noelle. Cara appeared to be in her early twenties, with a slim build, short brown hair, and a boyish appearance from a distance. Amanda was surprised when she took off her top that Cara seemed to have no problem not wearing a bra. As Cara took her measurements, she repeated the same gentle, precise movements that Amanda was beginning to enjoy. Cara pulled the cloth tape over Amanda’s nipples a few times, causing Amanda to shiver. “I’m sorry, ma’am, but this is an important measurement. I have to do it to the millimeter,” she warned.

Amanda silently enjoyed the touches. It seemed that her search for the ideal bra had led her to unforeseen thrills. Back in the store, Cara showed her a few styles, but was constantly interrupted by other customers, leaving Amanda alone to find the one she wanted. By the time Cara managed to get back to her, Amanda’s enthusiasm had waned. As she left the store, she couldn’t help but think of Cara’s warm hand on her breasts. She had enjoyed the search for the perfect bra for weeks; it seemed her exciting search would never end.

She realized that the excitement Noelle and later Cara gave her was far from universal. While in Antwerp, she went to “Charrelles design”. A small, intimate building in a side street. She was startled when a neatly dressed man in his fifties came in and stood behind the counter. “I’m Charel, the owner, salesman and cutter.” It turned out that he was the owner and did everything himself. After Amanda explained that she wanted a custom-made bra for her 65A breasts, he looked at her. “May I measure you to make sure the size is correct and fits your body exactly?” She had to swallow for a moment. Her experience with men was limited to two boyfriends, both of whom had complained about her small tits. “Uh, you… no problem.” Her voice sounded shy. Charel showed her to a dressing and measuring room and she stepped behind the curtain.

When she had hung her coat on the hook, she swallowed again and thought. This man has seen so many breasts. Maybe he will see mine, she thought to herself. “Are you ready to be measured?” his voice sounded from behind the curtain. Charel stepped in and she turned to show him her body. Tough, she put her hands on her flanks. “These are beautiful!” he complimented her. “When I take your measurements, I touch your breasts. You don’t have a problem with that?” She smiled proudly at his compliment and nodded no.

He stood behind her and first took some standard measurements that she had had with everyone else. Measuring the space between her breasts was new. His hands were soft and warm. Then per breast the distance from the torso to the breastbone above her, now the stiff little nipples made her shiver. She began to blush. “You have beautiful breasts,” he said again as he ran his fingers gently over them. “Shall I take some samples I made earlier?” She agreed, startled by her own voice. It sounded a little hoarse. She felt a strange tingling in her crotch. She was so curious that she briefly felt her mound and discovered that it had become wet. It had been years since that had happened. He returned with a pile of bras. “I can change anything for you. Different material, different colors, anything.”

He handed her a dark blue one with lace cups. She pulled on the garment. He watched in the mirror as she admired herself. “How does it fit?” She looked at the man in the mirror and ran her hands over the cups. “A little too tight…” her voice sounded uncertain. “May I check?” He stepped between her and the mirror. “May I?” He ran his forefingers over the cups. She shivered at the touch. Her nipples were so sensitive. “Okay, I’ll just grab another bra.” From the pile he grabbed a dark green bra. “This one has half cups. Do you dare?” Amanda didn’t respond to his comment and blushed as she took off the dark blue bra and placed it on the table. Without looking further, she accepted the next garment. Surprised, she looked in the mirror and saw that her nipples were free above the cups.

Charel looked and ran his fingers over her breasts. “With half cups you can choose to cover the nipples, then the fabric comes up a little further.” She felt his fingers go over her tits. “About this high.” She shivered. “I… uh… don’t know if I like that.” She said hoarsely. Charel smiled, “You shouldn’t do things you don’t want to.” This bra also disappeared back on the table. Now she had a shiny white bra with lace cups. She looked in the mirror and ran her fingers over the smooth lace. She shivered at her own touch. Charel watched intently. “With this bra, I also made a pair of panties. Two, actually. A tanga or a French panty with legs.” He held them up. “Would you like to try them on? I think they both fall a little too far, but I can adjust that too.” Amanda seemed to hesitate. “Think about it, but I’ll throw in the panties for free if you choose this bra.” She began to look at the other bras on the table.

There was one that caught her attention. It was a printed bra. Printed with two hands that seemed to be over the breasts from behind. Amanda smiled. “Nice idea!” and she pulled off the other small bra and had to search for a moment to find the clasp on this garment. “Front clasp…” said Charles. Blushing, she slipped the strap over her shoulders and struggled to close the clasp. “Just like real!” she giggled as she looked in the mirror. “Your hands?” Charel nodded yes. “Take a look.” He came up behind her and mimicked the hands on the bra.

“Doesn’t look like it.” She challenged Charel. He put his hands on the cups and they both felt each other’s warmth. His hands seemed to glow through the thin fabric of the small bra. Her breasts seemed magnetic and pulled his hands closer to her. They stood like that for almost thirty seconds, much longer than it took to make a good comparison. Amanda shivered and stepped back against her ass, feeling his….she swallowed, his stiff sex. She shivered again and heard the salesman swallow. “You’re beautiful…” his voice was soft. She hadn’t felt a hard cock since her second boyfriend. It boosted her confidence as a woman; she cheered in her head. *I arouse a man!

He had lowered his hands and they seemed to float free of her body, near her navel. She took a step forward and his hands landed on her stomach. “Go ahead … Touch me … You can.” She said softly. Charel moved his left hand to her navel and waistband. His other hand moved up to her breasts. Amanda moaned softly as he pinched one of her nipples. For minutes he caressed her and they enjoyed each other’s attention. “Would you like to sit down?” He asked. Amanda looked at him in the mirror. “I’d rather not. I want to see your hands as well as feel them.” He smiled and moved his hands again. Amanda stepped back and leaned against him. His hard sex was against her buttocks again. His left hand slid back and forth along the waistband of her pants and even down her flank to her thigh.

She moved her ass back and forth along his sex. Now he was moaning softly as well. She shivered as he reached up to her thigh. Amanda put her hands behind her back on his thighs and let them slide up. Under her left hand she felt his sex slip through. In a reflex, he pushed his pelvis forward. She squeezed his hard sex gently. His right hand remained on her breasts for some time and his left hand slid down her pants to her pubic mound. She enjoyed his touches. “I don’t know what to do…” her voice sounded sympathetic.

Charel was also overwhelmed by the situation. He hadn’t experienced this since the loss of his wife six years ago. “This is new for me too…” his voice was soft. He let go of her and she turned around. “May I kiss you?” Eager as she was, her mouth sought his lips. They kissed and the kiss turned into a soft tongue kiss. Slow and intimate, their tongues explored each other. His hands hovered on her buttocks and her body rested against his. Amanda fumbled for the buttons on his shirt. He stepped back to make room. “Are we just going to get out of our clothes?” She nodded no. “I live above the store. Let’s make ourselves comfortable there, shall we? Give me two minutes and I’ll shut everything down.” Shutters down, alarm on, lights off.

When he was done, she held out her hand and they walked up the stairs together. His apartment was pleasantly warm. They hugged and Amanda continued to unbutton his shirt. She had moved behind him and felt his warm body against hers. She slid her hands inside his blouse and caressed his stomach and pecs. Charel shivered under her touch. Amanda marveled at his body and skin. He seemed a bit wiry, but under the blouse was a rather firm body and he was blessed with beautiful soft skin. She squeezed his pecs and pinched his nipples. He growled softly. Amanda felt the tension rise in her frail body. Her caution gave way to curiosity.

She lowered her left hand down his body and placed it on his sex. The pleasant warmth and hardness of his cock surprised her. Taking a breath, she pressed herself against his back and began to unzip his pants, fishing his hard cock out of his clothes. “Go ahead…” he moans softly as Amanda’s hand slowly moves back and forth over his cock. He moans softly, “I haven’t felt this in so long…” She realizes that his wife passed away several years ago. Amanda’s hand slides over the skin of his sex at first and then she closes her fingers around the cock with a slight downward force. Now the skin slides over his hard sex. With her right hand she strokes his balls. They are still standing in the hallway. She has spotted a mirror there and pushes him in that direction. “I want to be able to see you.” She says softly as she pulls him away. He puts both hands on the wall to the left and right of the mirror. She looks past his torso and sees his body. What a man, she thinks. She feels her pussy react again to what she sees and the excitement of the moment.

When she was sixteen, she had jerked off a boyfriend before, but this was so different. Now there was no rush, no chance of getting caught, and now she had time to enjoy herself, something she hadn’t had back then. Charel lowered his right hand and caressed her thigh, stroking her pubic mound through her panties. The thought of him touching her there later drove her crazy. She shivered and felt his cock continue to swell. With a loud moan, the first jets of semen splashed against the mirror and onto the floor. She released his sex and he turned to her in his arms. The last of the seed gushed from his sex and dripped down her legs. The embrace was warm and intimate. “How I have missed this…a woman making me come.” Amanda felt proud at this beautiful compliment. Two steps he stumbled into the room. He stopped, kicked off his shoes and pants. Then he took her hand and together they walked into the living room. A mixture of classic and IKEA furniture. On the dresser was a black and white picture of a young woman. “This is my Karin, my late wife.” His voice fell silent for a moment. Amanda grabbed him and held him tight.

She felt his sex against her crotch, his still half-hard sex against her throbbing and leaking pussy. “Would you like a drink?” the man asked. She nodded and picked out a glass of wine. With shaking hands, she accepted the glass of Chablis. “To a beautiful evening!” she toasted. Charel had turned up the heat and put a blanket on the couch. Amanda snuggled against him, feeling her excitement and curiosity rise again. After another sip of wine, she turned halfway over him, caressing his body as she kissed Charel. In a flash, she saw the picture of his wife. Suddenly she felt uncomfortable. “Do you mind if we put the picture of your wife away or go somewhere else?” She asked carefully. He smiled shyly and turned the picture away.

Their lips found each other again and his hands caressed Amanda’s breasts and flanks, she shivered as she felt his. His hands stopped at her panties. “Go ahead. Feel. Caress my pussy.” Her voice was soft and she opened her legs a little for him. Charel held back and stroked her panties first. He felt her fur and a little lower he felt her labia and a wet spot in her panties. She shivered as his fingers explored her labia. She moaned when his fingers applied a little more pressure. “Off … do off …” she moaned softly. He pushed the panties down and through her spread legs. She rolled off him and onto her back. Charel came up beside her and pulled the panties off.

He kissed her feet and went down on his knees in front of the couch, his lips sliding along one calf to her knee as he kissed her. He put her legs on his shoulders and continued kissing her. She moaned softly. His mouth moved down her thighs toward her womanhood. When he reached her crotch, he stopped kissing and looked at Amanda. She was blushing and had taken her breasts in her hands. She tweaked her nipples. “Go on then … Go on.” She ordered him. Charles teased and landed his lips on her other thigh and kissed down from there. Amanda’s hands gripped his dark curls and pulled his face to her femininity. “Go on … taste me, lick me, finger me.”

Charel listened and knew enough. This young woman was up to it! He placed his lips on her labia and slowly pushed his tongue out. Amanda shuddered. Then he moved his tongue from her vulva to her clit. She shivered. “Yaaa…” his tongue moved slowly up and down her lips. His left hand went to her stomach and he felt her tense and relax to the movements of his tongue. For a moment he let go and licked the tip of his thumb. As he licked, the thumb stroked her clit. Amanda moaned louder, enjoying his play. Deep inside her, feelings were being torn loose that she hadn’t felt in a long time, certainly not the way she felt now. Again his tongue stopped. Amanda protested.

“Why are you stopping? I’ve come so far…” Charel shifted slightly and licked her lips again. Slowly he slid his left thumb into her sheath. It was tight and she reacted very loudly. The effect of his lips and thumbs was overwhelming. She encouraged him. “Please … please … you’re going to make me …” she got no further. With a loud moan she came. Charles continued with his fingers but drew his lips back to look at her. Satisfied, she lay on the couch as he kissed her lips once more, pulled his thumb out of her back and crouched down on the couch against her.

As they grew cold, they began to cuddle again. Kissing, caressing, his hand sought her sex and she cupped his half-hard cock. The feeling of power she felt as his cock came back to life in her hand was indescribable. He slid two fingers inside her. She moaned and rode his hand. “Do you dare… ” his words were lost in a deep kiss. She was startled by his question. “I use nothing.” Her voice sounded soft. “Well… I never thought about that.” He confessed. “Shall we look for my bed?” He lifted her from the couch and led her into a warm room with a large bed and sparse lighting. Together they slipped under the covers. Close and tender, their cuddling and lovemaking continued. There was a moment when Amanda let go of her restraint and kissed his stomach and later his sex. She sucked on his glans. Charles began to moan. She moved her hand back and forth over his hard-on. She was startled when some fluid came out. She pulled back. “Are you going to come?” she asked startled. He smiled and kissed her tenderly. She lay down next to him and enjoyed his attention.

She felt her calm return and pushed him back into the mattress and rolled on top of him. Amanda pushed his legs together and sat on his thighs. Gently she pulled Charles down. He caressed her thighs and moved his hands to her breasts. He pinched her nipples and ran his fingers along her curves. With her left hand she caressed her pussy. “I changed my mind,” she said, rocking her body up and sliding toward him. Zet let his cock travel along her labia…relaxed her thighs and let out a loud sigh as his sex slid a bit inside her. First a few inches and back again. Then a few more inches. She watched him closely as she felt his pubic bone against her pubic hair. All the clichés rang true…bigger, thicker, longer than ever. She was seventeen when she took in a boy. After he came, he rolled off her and left. She later learned that he had won a bet. After that, she had never let anyone come so close to her, until now!

She began to slide back and forth a little faster and faster. She leaned forward and they kissed. She felt great! Charles’ hands were on her ass, controlling her powerful movements. She moaned and supported him as he felt her stiffen and her sheath contract around his sex. She held still to feel the power of her orgasm. After a short time she moved her pelvis up slightly and Charles began to thrust. “Go ahead… Do it…” Faster and faster and harder he rammed his sex into the frail girl. His orgasm was fast and hard. She was shocked when she felt his cum spurting inside her. But she let him go and savored the moment. She sank into his arms and they relaxed together. “What a night…” she moaned softly. She curled up against him and they fell asleep together.