The delicious smell of rain on hot asphalt and concrete fills my nose. It has been bone dry and hot for weeks. A bit of a reflection of my sex life these past few weeks. Not a horny guy to be found! A faint hum fills my ears – the sound of my favorite toy, the vibrations deep inside my pussy. With my right hand, I push the black, vibrating artificial cock deep into my pussy each time. My left hand is on the mouse of my laptop. My eyes shoot across the screen looking for a horny boy at Studurbate. My eyes search. I type in a keyword, creampie. Nothing is more delicious than being squirted all over by a horny guy!

Two clicks later the video chat starts, I look at the pictures and my mind wanders, I think of the cum that came out of my pussy after it was filled or the time my boyfriend covered my face and tits with his delicious cum. The actors start talking, and I am pulled out of my momentary fantasy. I look at my laptop and gently press the sex toy vibrating between my soaking wet labia. On the screen I see how the boy has first inserted his cock into a fleshlight. With his cock in his fist, he lets the head of the penis go back and forth between his lips. My toy follows his example. I am terribly horny, my hormones are going crazy. I push the vibrator deeper and feel the head against my cervix. It is painful, but oh so delicious. Pain is so close to pleasure, an ex fuck once said.

My left hand goes to my right hand. One controls the vibrator, my left hand caresses my lips and clit. I know that if this works, I can cum twice in quick succession, on my clit and on my G-spot. My left-hand moves to my wet pussy, my index finger following my opening. I let out a soft moan and quickly grab my toy, I am getting needy. My sheath squeezes hard against the plastic sex that fills it. My cunt begs to surrender and wants to be allowed to come and, if it were a real cock, to receive the seed. I thrust, sometimes slowly, sometimes shallowly, then again hard and deep. I feel my pussy throbbing, aching harder to be stretched, and I let out a louder moan. As I push the vibrating phallus into my sodden center, I am interrupted by the bell of my apartment. In my lust, I had completely forgotten to order my weekly groceries from Jumbo. “Damn,” I gasp as I pull my toy out of my pussy and quickly pull down my t-shirt to cover my breasts. I walk to my bedroom door and grab a pair of short sweatpants from my dresser drawer and pull them on. I run to the front door and peek through the peephole in the door.

On the other side is a tall, muscular man. He is wearing a sweatshirt, his short, tousled brown hair tucked under a black baseball cap that says Jumbo. His blue eyes are fixed on the moon peeking out from behind the rain-filled clouds, and his strong jaw is tilted upward toward the overcast sky. I carefully open the door and smile, “Hello, I have your order from Jumbo for you! I nod, smiling.

“Great. Here are your groceries, ma’am,” he takes a moment to break eye contact and look me over from head to toe. The look in his beautiful blue eyes makes me even wetter. I watch him linger on my chest and look down, my shirt barely on. My shorts are pulled tight against my vulva, leaving little to his imagination. I look back at him and bite my lip. He grins a little, but still looks at my shorts.
“You know your bedroom window is open.” My eyes go wide and I feel my cheeks heat up. “I, uh. It was a movie, I…” he laughs, cutting me off. “It’s okay, I really liked what I heard,” he winks at me and smiles. This clearly irritates me. I feel the crotch of my sweatpants start to get wet, I am more than needy at this point. Could he see it? “I’m sorry, I’m ovulating and I just got so horny I didn’t even think to close the window. The rain smells so delicious, and again, I was so horny,” I manage to get the words out fast enough not to stumble over them. I shyly break eye contact and look down at the ground as my eyes slide over the obvious bulge of the Jumbo driver on the way down. His sex seems to be hard, he has a strange bulge in his pants. He grabs the box from the truck and asks me to put it in the kitchen, “Extra service. He says. I don’t answer and he walks in my direction. I step aside into the narrow hallway, his arm sliding along my sensitive breasts. I moan softly, steer him to the left towards the kitchen. He looks at me boldly. “I’m 12 minutes ahead of schedule.” He says. “You know I’m usually here to get tips, but I’d like to give you one… if you know what I mean.”

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My face jumps to his, analyzing his expression for any hint of insincerity. He means it. My eyes widen. He smiles bashfully at me; I drip more into my shorts. I take a deep breath and force myself to grin back at him. In the window of the balcony door I can see that my cut is visible and that there is a big wet spot in my shorts. He slides his left hand down his pants, clearly showing the shape of his genitals….

His arousal visible, he grabs my hand and places it on my sex. I grab his pants with my left hand and pull him into the kitchen. I sit down at the dining table and hastily begin to whip at his pants. This is my chance for a real cock and cum! He pulls up my t-shirt. “Jesus, how nice these are.” I push his pants down and wrap my fingers around his cock. I gently pull him closer. I rock up and he pulls my sweatpants down. Our bodies press against each other and the reaction in me is immediate. My shorts were soaked, but now I feel it dripping down my thighs. I am already breathing heavily, waiting for our lips to touch.

His eyes meet mine and he smiles. With his left hand, he cupped my neck and with his other hand, he pushed his sex towards my sheath. As I almost drown in his eyes, he suddenly thrusts his sex into me as hard as he can. I feel his glans touching my uterus. The subtlety is lost. I want to come and he has to make me come. After all the preliminary work, things happen quickly. My fantasy, the film, the vibrator. The coil with Mr. Jumbo, who is certainly not small-breasted….

His free hand goes to my breasts, he squeezes them deliciously, just not too hard. His unshaven jaw rubs one of my nipples while he takes the other one between his lips. Is it pain or is it horny? Then my gaze fades. Everything inside me begins to glow. An orgasm cannot be stopped. I moan, I support myself, I pull his face away from my breasts and push his mouth onto mine. He continues to thrust as I come. Then he slows down and looks at me as the orgasm slowly subsides. I hug him and kiss him. I feel my pussy tighten around his hard cock. “Do you have to? Where do you want to come?” He looks at me. “In your beautiful face and all over your delicious tits…” I push him away, get down on my knees and take his cock in my mouth. I blow like a man possessed. Soon I feel his cock swell and pull back. A loud roar and the first jet of semen lands between my eyes, then I feel a quid land in my hair. I aim the next jets at my neck and breasts. His legs tremble, and he drops to his knees between my legs. He looks proudly at his cum leaking from my body. “”

“Would you take some pictures with your phone?” I ask him, handing him my phone. “I find it so hot to be sprayed.” He takes the phone and takes some pictures. Then he presses his cock against my lips. I pant and he takes a few more. Then he taps something on the screen and hands the thing back, “Will you send me the last pictures?”