Squirting my last shot of semen into her.

Tired and satisfied, I lowered myself onto her through my arms after squirting my last shot of semen into her. I couldn’t believe how amazing, yet exhausted and proud I felt.

I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. Kiery is beautiful, but something was different. She was my first! That was my first time. The first time I didn’t come in a towel or on my stomach! I came inside a woman! It must have looked strange. She had opened her legs to welcome me and had raised her knees in a way that looked strange and must have felt uncomfortable. My cock was still inside her, but shrinking as she reached out to stroke my cheek. Her smile was bright as she looked up at me. “I’m not a virgin anymore.” She said softly. I barely noticed what she said. “Neither am I.” It must have sounded very strange, but it was the best I could come up with. “Have you…” “Shh…” She cut me off. “You were great. It felt, it felt so good to have you inside me.” I didn’t know if she had come. But it was great! We were each other’s firsts! This orgasm for her was something I had to work on.

I rolled off her. The little bit of my cock that was still inside her, I pulled back. Inexperienced as we were, the condom was left behind. It looked funny hanging out of her vagina, and I saw semen oozing out. I pulled it out and mumbled an apology. As good as sex with her had been, this was stupid! My embarrassment disappeared when I saw her beaming smile and she said, “That’s okay. I’ll be right back. She got up and went to the bathroom. I rolled the filled condom in tissues, wiped myself and threw the mess away. Then I lay down to wait for her, promising myself that I wouldn’t be a bad lover for her. Okay, I meant well, but I let myself fall asleep before she returned.

When I awoke, the room was dimly lit by the moon. Kiery was hovering over me, her mouth closed around my sex. Her one hand held the base of my penis, the other cupped my balls. Her mouth slid lightly back and forth over the shaft of my cock. I felt some pre-cum flow. I moaned as she sucked me off, and I reached out to stroke her shoulder. I grabbed the back of her head and felt her slide my cock in and out of her mouth. She looked at me and got a naughty smile around her lips, her lips where my cock was caught between them.

As she held my penis, I saw her go between her own legs with her other hand. She had to lift her body slightly to reach down, but kept a gentle pressure on my penis as she moved. Was she fingering herself as she played with me? Whatever she was doing took only a moment. She let my cock slide out of her mouth and planted a kiss on my glans. Then she sat up straight.

My right hand replaced her mouth around my erection. Before I realized what I was doing, I gently jerked off. I didn’t want the feeling to end, even though my touch didn’t come close to the feeling she was giving me. I was stroking myself when she bent over the edge of the bed and took something out of her purse. She held it up in the faint moonlight; I recognized the package! A condom. I felt even more excited and knew right away! Now IT was going to happen! A while ago we had undressed and caressed each other. She had pulled me until I came and I had caressed and licked her. With some prompting, she had come. It had been the first time for both of us to come from another person! Now she wanted more! I wanted it too and continued to caress myself as she opened the package.

She seemed pretty sure of herself as she pushed my hand away and took control of my penis. Even in the dim light, she rolled the condom over me with a deft, firm touch. Even more deftly than if I had done it myself, but the surprise at that disappeared in an instant. I wanted to get up, but she said “No” and pushed me back down. I had to lie down and waited to see what she had in mind.

With a quick movement she rolled against me and swung one leg over my hip. She lifted herself as high as she could over me and then reached for my covered erection. She shifted slightly to bring her pussy close to my cock. Then she slowly sat up. The tip of my penis pushed gently between her legs. She shifted again and rubbed her labia with my condomed cock. She used my boner as if it was her dildo… She relaxed a bit and…

I slid in! Just a little bit. With a firm grip she held my cock at the entrance of her body as she lowered her hips a little more. I had my hands on her thighs and felt the muscles move as she rocked up and down, pushing herself inches against me. Soon I was deep enough to stay in without help and she pulled her hand away. Her vagina felt warm and cozy. I almost came when I felt the muscles through her hips tighten around me. I felt every movement of her legs all over my body.

We kissed and my hands went to her buttocks. Every time she rocked up I filled her ass with tension, when she slid over my cock again her butt relaxed. I gasped at her breasts and sucked on her nipples. I was in heaven. Every part of my body was straining to be a part of our connection. I thrust as hard as I could a few times. Then Kiery did something special. She tilted her hips, causing my cock to slide even deeper into her. As she did so, she sat up straight and gave me a full view of her body. From my crotch to her crown, I could see everything. The moonlight made this moment even more beautiful. I felt a gentle pressure of her akont against my balls and moaned softly. “I’m all the way inside you…”

My God, that was incredible! She rode me with soft movements. I enjoyed everything… Her rocking breasts, but also the power of her tight pussy. It was a good thing that the condom dampened some of the sensation, otherwise I would have come within a second. And I would have ended the first time with a hangover. She grabbed her breasts and squeezed them. She pulled on her nipples. I shivered with pleasure. “Have you ever seen a girl play with herself?

I nodded no. Of course I knew girls masturbated, she had shown me herself! With her left hand she played with her breasts while her other hand went down along her stomach to where my cock was inside her. I felt her fingers against my cock and knew that she was now stroking her clit. This extra touch on my cock felt so intense, I could have come right then and there. I forced myself to relax. She had not come the first time we fucked (there, I said it!) and I was determined not to disappoint her this time! She did all the work. All I had to do was lie back and be her plaything.

The movements of her hips became deeper and faster. She began to pant and moan. The fingers between us became stronger and more irregular and she clenched her breasts tighter than I had ever dared. Kiery had come in my arms before when I licked or fingered her pussy, but this was new. I could see her orgasm coming. I could feel it inside her where she was using my penis to touch her deepest parts. As her moans grew deeper, I murmured encouragement and held her butt tightly.

Then it happened. Her breath stopped in her throat, every muscle in her body tensed, and she stiffened except for the fingers in our dark intersection. She relaxed for a moment, gasped, and stiffened again. This beautiful girl was coming and had made my erection a part of it.

It seemed to take an eternity. Sweating and blushing, she sat there. My still stiff cock deep inside her. She regained control of herself, pressed hard against me and froze again. Inside, the walls of her vagina pumped in their own rhythm, gripping me and giving her a feeling of depth and fullness that my fingers could never have reached. The deepest tremors passed, but aftershocks continued to hit her, gradually diminishing.

I sat up and leaned forward to kiss her. She leaned back, untied her legs and wrapped them around my waist. Then I was able to fully embrace her as all of her weight pressed down on my erection. The feeling was incredible. I kept whispering in her ear – I’m not even sure what I was saying, but I wanted the verbal contact on top of everything else. She melted into my arms, holding me as tightly as I held her.

With her face against my shoulder, I couldn’t see her expression. But a moment later I heard her sniffle. I tilted her chin to look into her eyes and saw her tear-stained face. When she looked back at me, she was crying seriously.

I’ve never been good at dealing with crying girls, and this was almost too weird for me. There I was, my penis inside her as far as it would go, and she had just had the biggest orgasm I had ever seen. And there she was, crying in my arms. I wanted to say something, but I couldn’t get the first word out before she said, “I’m fine, I’m just happy. Too happy. I had seen cries of joy before, but I had never handled them better than any other kind. I just held her and rocked her until her breathing evened out. Somehow I managed to keep my hard-on. I will never tell her, but her deep and irregular breathing translated into feelings deep in her belly, testing my control to the limit.

I had lasted longer than I thought possible, but my body would have its way. My thighs rose a few inches, lifting Kiery up along my shaft. She tried to climb down, but I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and pulled her down hard. Up again and down. She immediately realized what I meant and cooperated. She moved up and I felt pussy hair slide along my erection and down again. Kiery sat down hard on me and moved her hips to create an incredible feeling deep inside me. I had little control over myself at that moment. I hugged her and pulled her against me so hard that I thought I was going to hurt her. But the way my nimble little nymph held me was pure, generous love. She wanted to be a part of my orgasm as much as I wanted to be a part of hers. She must have realized that THE moment had arrived….

She looked at me with a beaming smile as I pressed deep and hard against her. I pulled her shoulders down and her hips together, made an animal sound and pressed hard again. It felt like my erection ran the length of her torso, that’s how deep I was inside her. I lost count of the number of times I thrust into her and the number of times she accepted that force into the deepest parts of her body. In that moment, I saw a whole new side to the strength of women: the gentleness that can accept my strongest embrace and turn it into love.

The moment ended with us holding each other tightly, panting and laughing. I felt my erection fading inside her and wanted to make sure I didn’t repeat that embarrassing moment with the condom. I leaned over and Kiery followed my movement and we fell onto the bed together. As we uncrossed our legs, I reached between us to hold the condom. I laughed as I pulled the full condom off my cock. “Let’s see…” Together we looked at the well-filled rubber and I tied a knot in it.

I handed her the box of tissues and we wiped ourselves clean. I lay down with her, knowing that no matter how good my intentions, I would soon fall asleep. She knew that would happen because she turned around and asked me to spoon her. My semi-hard penis nestled against her bottom and I was holding one breast from behind.

As I fell asleep, I heard her say, “Now I’m not a virgin anymore. We are not virgins anymore! That was the first time we made love. There would be many more.