Let me introduce myself. My name is Chris, I am 42 years old. I am married to Anett, we have 2 daughters and a son. We have a good life and because the children stay at school we can both work where we alternate between working at home and looking after the children. Only our sex life is not what it used to be. My wife still wants to be fucked from time to time, but she takes little initiative. And she doesn’t want any “crazy” things like anal etc. Anyway, I’m not complaining. During my working hours at home, I’m quite capable of putting on a nice sex video sometimes and then jerking off deliciously. Nothing new, you might say.

Until one day. And because I’m pretty horny for fat women, I searched for it. Imagine my surprise when I suddenly saw the woman across the street in one of these videos. I knew there were private videos on there, but I didn’t expect her to be so recognisable on the screen. And I saw that it was not her own husband fucking her in the woods. I downloaded the video and wondered if she knew. Anyway, I had no intention of doing anything honestly at that moment.

A few days later, I was back at work when I saw her walking by. A bit wobbly because of her size. She has huge tits (at least E’s), a fat belly, really huge pillars of legs and a butt that sticks out backwards with a very round bottom. She is somewhere in her thirties and her husband is older. They have no children. To be honest, it made me immediately horny because the video showed her showing those very same buttocks. A dress pulled up and a cock firmly thrusting up and down doggy style inside her. Apart from that, she has a sweet face with a little too bulbous cheeks. I was still horny, so I decided to put the video back on. And just as she came over again, I squirted all my horny into the towel I had taken with me.

A few days later, I was sitting in the garden when I suddenly heard a loud scream in the neighbour’s house. I jumped up and ran to the fence. When I managed to look over the fence, I saw her lying there. She had fallen and obviously didn’t land properly. So I shouted that I was going to climb over the fence to help her. I grabbed the kitchen ladder and within a minute I was on the other side. She was lying on her stomach with one arm under her and her legs spread. I looked up her dress at her knickers. I couldn’t see anything else, but it was enough to give me a rock hard cock. It also showed well in my trousers. Anyway, I didn’t dwell on it for a moment. I asked her if she could get up if I helped her, and she did. Her wrist was twisted and swollen, but not broken. So with a little help I was able to get her inside and sit her on the sofa. As I did so, her dress slid up a bit and I saw her crotch again. Not only that, but I could see that her tits were hanging out of her dress a little. Some buttons were undone. It was like looking into a mountain canyon. They looked firm, by the way.

A little later, we sat down for a cup of tea I had made for her. She had made no move to undo her buttons or pull down her skirt. She looked very delicious to me. And that pulled my trousers in again. We chatted deliciously until she suddenly turned red. I could see that she had now seen the thick bulge in my trousers and understood that I had a hard cock. She didn’t look at me for a moment but kept her eyes fixed on my crotch. I slid a little closer to her on the sofa and asked ‘innocently’ if there was anything wrong with her blushing? Then she stammered for a moment that nothing was wrong. She kept looking at my dick and then I asked very nastily, “Is the view interesting, Rina (because that’s her name)? Then she didn’t know where to look. I decided to be bold and asked her if it was okay to ask something cheeky? Then she looked at me and said I really deserved it.

If she knew there was a video of her?

So I asked her if she knew there was a video of her on the internet on a porn site? She looked at me for a moment as if she saw water on fire and said she certainly knew nothing about it. If anything, she turned even redder and asked me how I knew. So I told her the story and what I had seen. Then she started to sob, tears rolling down her cheeks. I moved closer to her and put my arm around her. And as she cried, she really leaned into me. She told me that once she was driving, she had to pee. She went into the woods and sat down behind a bush. When she got up, she found a man standing behind her, pushing her forward. And before she knew it, she felt a cock in her pussy and was being fucked. And it felt good, so she let it happen. But she didn’t know it was being filmed.

Then she looked at me and said I should take her laptop and put the website on it. She wanted to see the video for herself. Well, I wanted to at that point, and in no time it was up. I had the laptop on her left leg and my right leg between us. As I pressed the button, I saw Rina turn bright red very quickly. She nodded that that was what had happened. But it made me horny all over again and she saw the thick bulge appear right next to her laptop. And then she said, “Does it make you horny when a fat woman like that gets fucked”? And I nodded vigorously. I did not expect what happened next. Her left hand appeared, she quickly put it on my rock hard cock. She rubbed it deliciously. And it was then that I realised that maybe this was an opportunity I shouldn’t miss. So I lifted my hand and quickly unbuttoned her blouse. Her tits just rolled out. They were amazing. And I lifted them both out of her bra, so they were just hanging out. I took one nipple between my fingers and started rubbing and pulling on it. It just made her horny too, I think. So I quickly put the laptop down and turned to her.

I pulled up her skirt and immediately rubbed her thick crotch with my hand. Her panties were already quite wet. And then I felt her hand open the zip of my trousers. And the button too. She immediately pulled my trousers and underpants off, leaving my cock sticking out. She looked at it with delight and grabbed it deliciously. When I looked at her face I saw a deliciously horny look. I stood up and gently got her to stand as well. I then took off her dress, bra and panties and saw her standing completely naked in front of me. She was literally and figuratively amazing. But as crazy as it sounds, everything was basically firm. So no sagging tits or overlapping belly etc.

I made her sit down again and took off the rest of my clothes.

She took one look at my cock and started to sigh deeply. She immediately grabbed it again and I slowly walked towards her. My cock came closer and closer to her mouth, then she understood what I wanted. She opened her mouth and swallowed my hard cock deep inside. And, something not many women can do, she swallowed it straight down her throat. I thought I would fill her gullet at the same time. But I didn’t want to do that yet, so I pulled myself together and started fucking her slowly down her throat.

My cock is about 19 cm long and quite thick. I could see a bulge in her throat each time. I knew I couldn’t keep this up for long. But I hoped we could do it more often. And now I could feel my seed shooting out of my cock into her throat. I pulled back a little so she got the rest in her mouth. She didn’t mind and swallowed it all cleanly. She looked at me horny and said she wanted to do this more often. At that moment, I happened to look at the clock. I was startled. My wife might already be home. And Rina also saw that it was time to get dressed. I was dressed in two minutes, and Rina was now very quick too. And just as I was getting up, my wife called to ask where I was. I explained that I had been to the neighbour’s house to help her and that we had chatted a bit too long afterwards. I also told her that she was feeling a bit better now, but that I might check on her again next week. And then I said I was coming.

Rina gave me another horny look and said I could come and check every day. And then your thermometer can go anywhere you want. I gave her a kiss and hurried home, where my wife was waiting. I told her everything that had happened from the moment she fell, but nothing about the horrible consequences.

Two days later I was back at home working all day. And I had seen the neighbour go back to work as usual. I hadn’t seen Rina, but I knew she was home. So I just went to look for her. I saw she was inside and knocked on the door. She was quick again because within seconds the door opened. And, how she did it so quickly I still don’t know, she was standing in front of me completely naked. I quickly closed the door and walked over to her. She dropped to her knees and immediately took my cock out. She sucked it in again, but this time not as deeply and intensely as the day before. Before I knew it, I was naked again and we went inside. She immediately closed the blinds so no one could see inside. Then she bent over the dining table.

She lay forward with her big tits pressed together and spread her legs. My cock became even harder, if that was possible, and I moved behind her. And without saying a word, I pushed it right in. She was very horny and slippery inside. I now had a nice view of her big round bottom and I couldn’t resist giving it a good rub with my full hand. I immediately saw a red stain appear. But she just moaned as I grabbed her as hard as I could. And then I slapped her other bottom quite hard. Again, just a deep moan. She seemed to like being slapped hard. So from then on I regularly slapped her bottom, which got redder and redder. And my cock got harder and harder. But before I even thought about coming, Rina came. She just sprayed me wet. But that’s no big deal when you’ve just finished fucking a woman, is it?

But last time she said I could fuck her in all the holes. So I pulled out and gave her starlet (say star) a good smear of her pussy juice and stuck a couple of fingers in. This was very easy so I didn’t have to do much preparation. I put my glans against her pussy hole and then slowly pushed through. She moaned in pain for a while, but that passed quickly. I soon shot through the barrier of her sphincter and was halfway in. I slapped her bottom a few more times and she pushed herself back so that my cock shot deep into her bowels.

Now I wanted to come myself. And as it was still early, maybe there could be a second round. So I rammed my cock right up to the root of her ass and started fucking her hard. She was trembling on her legs and every time I slapped her ass she pushed her asshole over my cock. I looked like a jackhammer as I pounded into her asshole. And now I could feel her twitching and moaning heavily again. She started to come again. And at the moment she was completely convulsed, I filled her bowels with my copious sperm. I was in her tight hole to the root and pulled out after a few minutes. And before I could say anything she was back on her knees in front of me, licking my cock clean.

But I was counted out for a while and sat down on the sofa. She put a towel under her ass to catch any saliva that might run out and then came and lay against me deliciously. And then she said for the first time that it had been a great experience. And that she would be happy to be a fuck slut for me if I wanted. And if I wanted to treat her hard and submissively, she was totally fine with that. I had unwittingly discovered her true nature. She was completely there for me whenever, wherever and however I wanted. So I looked at her and said I was going to call her a fat slut. She nodded eagerly and asked if I wanted her to be my fat slut all the time. Of course I couldn’t say no. And I didn’t want to. Because fucking at home was delicious, but this was of a different order.

We chatted for a while, but then I decided to work at home anyway. And Rina better make herself presentable again. And then she said I could take a picture or video of her if I wanted to. If she didn’t live up to her responsibility as a slut, I could put her name on porn sites. So I sat up straight and told her to go down on me. I took a few pictures and then started filming. Finally, I made her stand up and turn around. She had to pull her bottom apart and then squeeze my semen out. And that worked well. So now I had a nice video of her on which she was completely recognisable. So this could be fun.