When I was 16 years old, my father, a famous architect, was killed in an accident on a country drive. Our family was devastated at the time, my mother just sobbed for weeks, if it hadn’t been for my grandma she would probably have completely collapsed and had no strength to get back on her feet. Pictured is 55-year-old Sofia

Thanks to therapy, thanks to my grandma, my mother was almost completely over the loss of my father by the time I was 14. Grandma had moved away from us earlier, but she didn’t completely lose sight of us. Slowly, our lives were restored, my mother went back to work, and our little broken family got back into the rhythm of everyday life, so much so that I could see my mother laughing. Instead of moping, she threw herself into work, something she was good at before the accident.

She was winning lawsuits after lawsuits because she was a lawyer, and it was giving her a buzz. I noticed, however, that in the evenings, when she was alone and thought I was asleep, she would take off her mask of happiness. I heard him crying at such times. It made me very sad, I wanted to help her, but as I was only a 17-year-old kid, I didn’t know what I could do for her, or who I could ask for help.

Mother couldn’t sleep

One of my classmates told me that when her mother couldn’t sleep, she took sleeping pills. I thought it was worth a try, so that night after dinner I went to talk to my mother. I told her that I could hear her crying at night, and it made me sad, and I mentioned to her how my classmate’s mum was helped by the medication. She was moved to tears by my concern and promised to take my advice to stop being sad.

The next day after dinner, she told me she had been to the doctor who prescribed her sleeping pills, showed me the bottle and made me promise to never, ever touch it. I listened late that night, but there was not a peep from my mother’s room. I was relieved to know that the medicine was helping her. The next day was similarly uneventful, but in the evening I decided to check in person that she was all right.

After a soft knock on the door, I entered his room and saw that he had left the light on. Mum was lying on the bed in a dressing gown. I thought I’d help her to sleep comfortably and take off her robe and cover her up. When I undid the loosely fastened belt and opened the robe on her, my mother’s naked body flashed before me, almost giving me a heart attack. Remorsefully, I covered her back, even fastened the belt back on, taking care not to wake her, then I threw the blanket over her and retired to my room.

My heart was still pounding with excitement

My heart was still pounding with excitement, my cock so hard I thought it would burst. I pulled my underwear off and took my cock in my hand, but I had barely pulled a few strokes before I was grunting as I came on my own belly. Gasping and ashamed, I realized that it was the sight of my mother’s body that had triggered this in me. I vowed never to do that again. The next day passed as every weekday, but as bedtime approached, my excitement grew. My mother noticed because she asked me what was wrong, why I was squirming. I reassured her that I was just nervous about the test on Monday.

She laughed and reassured me that I’d do really well, so I shouldn’t worry. He’ll help me at the weekend because he has time now. The rest of the evening was uneventful. After my bath, I was watching TV in my room when my mother came in and asked if everything was okay, because she had already taken her sleeping pills and would be asleep later. I reassured her that I was about to go to sleep too, so she should go, so we said goodnight.

My heart was in my throat as I lay in my room staring into the dark void. I berated myself for thinking only of my mother’s body, and for not being able to think of anything else. I was tormented by an incredible guilt, but I knew that my guilt would outweigh my desire. I would not be able to stop myself from going into his room.

Not only that, but I looked at the fluorescent watch on my dresser and was surprised to see that I had been fidgeting for over 2 hours. Then the thread snapped, I couldn’t wait any longer, I got out of bed and, like someone in a trance, I started walking towards my mother’s bedroom.

I knocked softly to see if she was still awake, but there was no answer, so I entered. The light was still on, and my mother was sound asleep with her arms spread out behind her back, this time covered up. As I crept towards her bed, my heart was pounding so hard I thought it would wake her. I tried to take slow, deep breaths to calm myself. When I got there, I slowly took hold of her duvet and carefully pulled it out, inch by inch. She was wearing a white silk macaroon top and matching silk French panties.

The sight alone almost made me come

The sight alone almost made me come, I couldn’t think of anything but finally seeing her cunt. I didn’t care about the danger of getting caught or the consequences, I just wanted to get there. Still, I didn’t want to rush it, so I started with her breasts. Slowly, being careful not to wake her, I lifted the top-up over her bottom and pulled it up over her as long as the material would allow. When I looked down, I saw Mum’s beautiful breasts.

I just stared at it, not daring to touch it, probably would have fallen asleep just looking at it. It was time to move south with my gazing until I lost my head and came in my pants. When I dropped the top back on, my mum let out a sigh and moved, and I sat on my ass in fright, waiting in a complete panic for the question of what the hell I was doing here. Fortunately, she didn’t wake up, she just moved in her sleep, and she did so by putting her legs apart to get a better view of her panty-clad cunt.

If perverts have a god, he must be smiling at me, I thought, and crawled back to the bed on all fours. Her luscious pussy hair peeled out at her bikini line and kept calling out, and I gave in to the seduction. I tried to slowly slip my index finger under her panties, preferably without touching any hair that might wake her up if pulled. My heart was pounding like a cocaine-fuelled mouse running around in my chest, my cock already throbbing painfully in my trousers, I knew that if I touched him enough I would come.

My finger slipped deeper into the pantie

Meanwhile, my finger slipped deeper into the panties and I began to slowly pull them down so that I could finally see the coveted cunt. I didn’t manage to pull it all the way out, as the silk didn’t stretch, but enough to see the cut hidden deep in the thick hair. I couldn’t help myself, I touched her cunt with one finger, but I’d managed so far.

The orgasm hit me like a heart attack. I snatched my hand away and curled up on the bed, shivering as I came in my underpants. Panting, I quickly tucked him in and went to my room to freshen up. I changed my underwear, stashed the dirty ones at the end of my bed, and almost immediately fell asleep.

In the morning, my mum cheerfully woke me up to go and have breakfast while she cleaned my room, as it was a big clean-up Saturday. I wandered a bit to the bathroom and then to the dining room. I was spooning my oatmeal when I remembered the undershirt I had thrown on the end of my bed. I was already rushing to prevent disaster, but just as I got to my room, my mum picked up the culprit from the floor. She lifted it up, and I could tell she was surprised that it was wet.

I saw her lift it to her nose to smell it. When she realized what it was, a smile crossed her face, but I ignored it out of shame. Confused, I hesitated as to what had happened, but he waved me off, telling me not to worry, it happens to all boys. It’s just a very pleasant dream, a consequence of the whole thing, he’ll wash it out, and I’ll be fine,

I saw her lift it to her nose to smell it

I don’t have to be ashamed of it. He offered that if I had any questions about the subject, he would be happy to listen, I could tell him everything, and then he hugged me and kissed me on the cheek, and finally he left my room, smiling to himself.

Apart from that, nothing of substance happened that day, and I waited for the evening with bated breath. I left my room at the usual time to visit my mother, but when I got to her room, I heard low, muffled moans. Suddenly I was frightened, I thought something was wrong, but I didn’t dare go in, I just listened. Then it finally hit me, my mother was masturbating. Blood rushed to my cock and I continued to listen, holding my breath. While I was listening, I involuntarily slipped my hand into my pants and started massaging my cock.

My mother kneading and rubbing her cunt

I was fascinated by the thought of my mother kneading and rubbing her cunt, imagining her body writhing in pleasure, like those girls on the net. Suddenly, the moans stopped, and then, with a long, drawn-out moan, my mother came behind the door. Fearing she might go to the bathroom from here, I went to my room to finish what I had started. I began to pound my red throbbing cock wildly until I came, grunting and jerking. After cleaning myself off, I lay panting on my bed like someone who had run a marathon. Slowly, I relaxed, and the sleep came over me.

The next day, I had an almost constant erection. Every time I looked at Mom, all I could see was her fingering herself, rubbing her clit. I couldn’t pay attention to anything. Dinner was unusually quiet, as if my tension had spread to my mother. I suddenly felt sleepy, and told my mother I wasn’t going to watch TV tonight, so I was going to go to bed early. Mum just nodded that I should go, but to take the orange juice and drink it before bed, because the developing body needs vitamin C.

I said good night and went to my room. My head was strangely loopy when I sat down on my bed. I drank the orange juice in one gulp, which tasted a bit funny, but I only had enough strength left to put the glass down on my desk and go to bed. As soon as I laid my head on the pillow, I was asleep. The next day I woke up feeling completely rested. When I sat up, I felt my underwear wet. I thought I’d really had what my mother had meant, that pleasant dream. I got up and changed my underwear, thinking I’d sneak it into the hamper.

After getting dressed, I scratched my itchy nose and was hit by a strange smell. It’s weirdly sweet, but a very pleasant scent that I’ve never smelled before, but it still excited me. I couldn’t put this scent anywhere, no matter how much I tried to put my mind to it. When I got to the bathroom, I forgot all about it. It was a quiet, ordinary Sunday,

I did my homework and prepared for the exam. At dinner, we chatted amiably with my mother, and when we were done at the table she took her sleeping pills, and then said that she was going to have a hard day tomorrow, so she was going to bed, so if it was okay I could pack for her.

I reassured her that she’d be fine, she could sleep. Excitedly I tidied up, put the dishes in the dishwasher and went to my room to wait for my usual time before going to see Mum. After some time had passed, I began my slowly becoming habitual walk to my mother’s room. There was no answer to my soft knocking, so I entered confidently and walked to my mother’s bedside. I slowly unpacked and, breathless, saw that she was completely naked.

Inwardly, I quickly thanked the god of perverts that after all that poppy, she had to exist. I just stood there and stared at the seductive womanly body with the plump ripe tits, the hard perched nipples, the flat belly underneath. Finally, my eyes slid to her cunt, and I almost stopped beating when I saw that she was clean-shaven. I was mesmerized, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I knelt down beside his slightly spread legs to get a closer look.

I stared open-mouthed at the swollen labia

I stared open-mouthed at the swollen labia as the edges glistened with wetness. I leaned directly over him to inhale his scent, and At that moment, like a bolt of lightning, consciousness struck me. In the morning, when I scratched my nose, I smelled the same scent. I smelled my mother’s cunt on my hands. In a moment of recognition, I lifted my head and looked at my mother’s face. She looked back at me with a smile.

She was not asleep. In my terror, I couldn’t even speak. I just quivered, feeling myself going pale, but my mother, seeing my panic, sat up quickly, took my hand and reassured me that she was not angry, that I should calm down, that it was all right, she was not angry. She covered me up and asked me to lie down next to her and talk to me. Still pale and speechless, I obeyed, though I wanted to run out of the world in shame.

Seeing that my embarrassment was so overwhelming that I would not be able to utter a word, she reassured me that she would speak first, and then I would speak if I wanted to. She told me that she had noticed my actions the day she slept in her white silk nightdress. She hadn’t taken her sleeping pills that night. When I walked in the door, he wanted in his heart what I’d done.

She was a little disappointed at my lack of courage, when I touched her cunt she almost pulled my hand into hers, so eager to feel me inside her, but at that moment she heard me writhing on the floor moaning as I came, and was so moved that she almost cried. The next day, when she found my underpants and smelled my cum on them, she almost touched herself on the spot, but she controlled herself and put it aside for the evening.

But then she was blown away, and she was enjoying my underpants in her mouth like she hadn’t for a very long time. That’s when she decided to secretly sneak sleeping pills into my orange juice and visit me after dinner. That night, she snuck into my room and threw herself on my hard teenage cock. While sucking, she used my hand to pleasure herself, which brought her to the best orgasm of her life, but it couldn’t have been bad for me either because after she came I started pumping her mouth with my hot cock.

She tried to swallow my juices

She tried to swallow my juices, but she couldn’t handle the volume, so the next day my underwear was wet. Tonight she couldn’t take it any longer, decided that what would be will be, she would reveal himself and me to see if anything good would come of it, so she shaved himself, which by the way I seemed to like, and here we are. I was still staring, open-mouthed, trying to process what I’d just heard.

When my mother finished saying what she had to say, she looked at me questioningly. I tried to speak, but suddenly I didn’t know what to say. The smile slowly faded from my mother’s face, apparently she had misunderstood my silence, so I quickly pulled myself together and assured her that this was the best thing that had ever happened to me. Mum happily hugged me and started kissing me, more and more passionately, then when she reached my mouth she stopped a little, giving me the initiative, and I didn’t hesitate.

I threw myself greedily on her lips, my tongue making its way into her mouth. I kissed my mother passionately and then jumped out of my skin with pleasure. Mum slowly slid the blanket off and pulled me away from her. She lay down on the bed, spread her legs, and told me to feel free to do anything I wanted to her. She reassured me that whatever I did to her would be good for her, so if I had any questions, I should ask.

There are no taboos between us, and there won’t be any after this. I was a little shy when I started at her breast. I stroked them gently, kneading them softly, twisting them tiny on her nipple, which she acknowledged with grateful sighs. Likewise, I leaned down to her nipple, before taking it in my mouth I looked up at my mother, who bravely said: no taboos, anything you want, my boy.

I took her nipple in my mouth

I took her nipple in my mouth, sucking on it, biting it a little, then the other one came, I took turns playing with her tits, I drilled my face between them, I wanted to dive into them. When I looked up, my mother asked me to undress completely. I quickly complied and returned to her body. I went straight to her cunt to get a closer look at her adored body part.

Mum, when she saw me crawling up to her pussy, grabbed her knee bends with her hands, spread her thighs as wide as she could and pulled her knees up to her breasts. Her pussy opened like a rose before me, revealing her innermost charms. Her clitoris plunging at the bottom of her clean-shaven Venus mound, her bloody, swollen, wet labia, the entrance to her vagina, which beckoned with a deep red luteal gleam.

Her slowly leaking pussy juices were already making the opening of her buttocks glisten in the lamplight. I just stared hungrily, inhaling deeply the scent of her cunt, until my mum said, “brave little soldier, go for it! It took no more than that, I slowly lay down in front of her cunt. I ran my fingers along her labia, forming a V, and then touched her clit with my fingertips. My mother shuddered with pleasure at my actions. Her tongue began to circle involuntarily, trying to rub against me as much as possible.

When I touched her clit with my tongue, she couldn’t take it any longer, she let go of her legs, grabbed my hair with both hands, pulled my head into her cunt, and then demanded in a high-pitched panting voice that I lick her cunt and suck her clit. Mum’s fervor spread to me, and I followed her instructions wildly, all the way until she was whimpering and shaking, my mouth on her pussy. We lay like that for at least a minute, until the last wave of orgasm subsided inside her.

When I looked up, my mother’s face was beaming with happiness. When she calmed down, she asked me to continue, just to rest her clit for a few minutes, because it’s a bit sensitive after a cum. I didn’t mind, there was still plenty of unexplored territory on her pussy. With my tongue, I slowly felt around her labia and then began to whip around the entrance to her vagina. When I tried to spy lower down, I couldn’t go any lower because of her position.

I looked up but didn’t even have to say my request, mum grabbed her knees again then pulled her up, so I could access her ass too. When she put on the right pose, she just said there were no taboos, then she smiled and tilted her head back, and I started licking her rosebud. I tried to penetrate as far as I could into the springy muscle, and as she relaxed more and more, I went in and in, my mother’s moans getting more and more intense. When I returned to her pussy, she lost her head again, and with mine pressed against her, she came for a second time.

Meanwhile, my own erection was becoming painful. As I rose, Mum saw my red swollen, quivering cock, took pity on me and motioned for me to pull closer. As soon as my cock was within reach, she pounced on it and took it in her mouth. No sooner had she sucked on it a few times than I was pushing my cock down her throat, almost screaming, and squirting my cum onto her tonsils, enjoying it for a long time, losing all sense of time, twitching, moaning as I fucked my mother’s throat.

After that, I only had the strength to stretch out next to her and pant, but she didn’t let me rest, she leaned over my cock and kept sucking, full throttle, while rubbing her cunt against my shin.

My erection didn’t ease for a moment, but at least it wasn’t painful anymore. When I started to moan, she looked up and smiled and declared that we were going to fuck, mother and little son. She positioned himself on top of me and in one decisive movement impaled himself on my cock, then stopped, giving us both time to enjoy the situation. I’d never felt anything like it, the heat, the wet tight embrace, flooded me with incredible pleasure. Then my mother leaned over to my ear and whispered, “You’re a man now, son.

She began a sensuous dance with her tongue as she sought my lips with hers. Her tongue thrust fiercely into my mouth and kissed me as if her life depended on it. After two minutes, we moaned almost simultaneously into each other’s mouths, a sign to slow down the pace. She got off me and with a misty look ordered me to fuck him from behind, as hard as I could, but not to come yet, because she had a surprise for me.

I knelt behind her and slammed my cock into her cunt

Obeying her instructions, I knelt behind her and, in one decisive motion, slammed my cock into her cunt and started fucking him as fast and hard as I could. Mom’s moans quickly turned to screams, but I could feel myself getting closer to the point of no return, so I stopped. Mom then told me to lick her ass and my cock and start to push my cock in very slowly.

I did as she said, pushed my cock on it, then put some more saliva on my cock when I felt my anus slowly start to give way. In the meantime, my mother kept instructing me to be careful, and I pushed in as slowly as possible, until finally my acorn disappeared into her asshole.

Then my mom hissed a little, but encouraged me to do it right, to keep going deeper and deeper, and I happily did as she said until I was completely swallowed by her hot ass. We paused a bit to let it expand, then she told me to start fucking slowly. I started to move inside her with gentle thrusts, and then when she started to thrust herself onto my cock, I turned up the tempo. In the meantime, I saw my mum’s hand wander over to her clit and circle wildly around it.

I grabbed her hips and started to fuck mum’s ass more and more violently, suddenly mum started to scream biting the pillow, her titty started to dance even more wildly if possible, and I knew she was coming now. This realization triggered the process in me too, and with my head thrown back I began to enjoy it, shooting my full load into her ass. Tired, I lay down next to him. Smiling, we caressed each other. Neither of us spoke, we both felt that to do so would break the spell. Slowly, with heavy lids, we caressed each other to sleep.