They found each other through Chris was looking for sex, just plain sex, no strings attached. She looked beautiful in the pictures, but who knows, he thought. She replied to his message and a meeting was quickly arranged via chat. He would find a room, and they would meet at the bar. Like old friends. He sat there that Friday night. Freshly showered and shaved, behind his glass of tonic. The lady from the photos arrived. It struck Chris how beautiful Romy was in real life. The photos had given him a vision of Romy, but in real life…

She walked over to the bar. “Hey Chris? Is that you? Man, I haven’t seen you in way too long.” Three quick kisses and an arm around her. She ordered a glass of wine and as they sat and chatted they looked at each other. Chris was dressed casually, a nice blouse and tight jeans. Romy’s breasts were bare in a top with no bra. It would only slow her down, she had thought. She knew she would be naked soon, so why bother? The sparse light danced across her soft white skin, Chris sex responding as he watched her.

Romy radiated sexuality. She loved sex, making love, fucking, enjoying being both dominant and submissive under the circumstances. She was good at sex, she loved to suck and she loved to make men come with her mouth. Anal was also possible, but she had to be ‘in the mood’ for it, and Chris seemed to be the right man. Chris was the right man, she knew he would be careful. He had told her that his ex regularly let him use her ass. Romy felt genuine affection for Chris, he was kind, sexy and in fantastic shape.

For Chris, Romy had everything. Blonde hair, a pretty face, big breasts, an ass to die for, a fun personality and, to top it all off, a depraved mind. Neither was a saint, Chris was in his early forties, Romy was still in her thirties. After a nasty divorce, Chris was disappointed in love. Romy just liked male attention, companionship and good sex.

After a few drinks at the bar, they went to their room. The door had barely closed before Romy had taken off her shorts. Chris picked her up and laid her on the bed. He kissed the inside of her legs and worked his way up as she spread them. Eventually he reached her bare pussy and licked a long path from her ass to her clit. “Mm, oh honey,” Romy moaned. He continued to lick, suck and tease her clit as she became increasingly wet. “Put your finger inside me,” she begged. He did, first with one finger, then two, sucking in and out of her clit. Romy came within minutes. Groaning loudly, she had her first orgasm of the afternoon. Chris was a giver, he loved giving pleasure to a woman, making a woman come, making a woman happy.

Chris crawled further up her body, stopping at her breasts to lick and suck. He pulled one into his mouth with his hand and stroked the pale, white skin with his teeth. A firm, but gentle pinch on the stiff nipple brought her breath to a halt. With that, he released her and sat astride her, his cock close to the red painted lips of her skilled mouth. She took his sex in her hand and took his glans in her mouth. She sucked and sucked and then released it. Her mouth remained open seductively as his cock slid past her lips and down her nose. She leaned her head forward again to give his cock a full, deep suck. Chris loved seeing a woman with his cock in her mouth. It was so damn sexy! He felt her breasts against the inside of his thighs as he fucked her beautiful mouth.

“Change,” she said.

Now that she was on top of him, she sucked his cock with even more commitment! She loved pleasing him, she knew that was what he liked best. She slid down to kiss him on the lips, sharing his pre-cum, which made her lips glisten. She sat up straight. He felt the wetness of her pussy against his cock. Without hesitation, she grabbed his cock and slowly slid down on him, her pussy squeezing every inch of him until he felt his balls moistened with her wetness. She stayed upright, gently letting her tits swing freely with each up and down motion.

He loved watching her get fucked. A proud woman with beautiful tits and a bright blush riding him… Finally, he couldn’t hold back any longer. She felt it, rolling off and beside him. “Come on top of me, spray me with your cum! Give it to me,” she begged. He sat on top of her and pushed his cock into the hollow between her breasts. “I love fucking your beautiful tits, Romy! Oh fuck!”

A jet of cum spurted from his cock and landed on her neck. Another thrust between her tits caused even more cum to splash on her neck and chest. Romy grabbed his cock and jerked it, pulling his cock towards her face as the cum continued to rain down. Romy sucked his cock in three long, slow strokes as he trembled with orgasm.

Chris looked at her, the light reflecting off the semen on her. What a sight, he thought. She smiled at him as she rubbed his cock over her face, rubbing drops of cum into her skin. Chris massaged the cum down her neck and tits, all the way down her torso to her shoulders. They stayed there, smiling at each other. Romy gently squeezed Chris balls as his cock finally began to relax. That night together, another fantasy came true.