My parents had regular parties at home and that night there was another one. I had arranged with a friend to go out, we went to a party. Photo from Lithuanian woman, Lilly.

At 8 p.m. my friend called to say that she had a fight with her parents and couldn’t go out. I was very disappointed and went to my parents’ friends for a drink and a meal. Lilly, a friend of my mother and also a family doctor, a beautiful woman with long blond hair and always dressed stylishly, came and sat next to me and asked why I was so quiet and still at home. I told her what had happened and she lovingly put her arm around me to comfort me.

Lilly, had always been my favorite friend from my mother, and I had fantasized about her hundreds of times while jerking off in bed at night. So I got really excited when she started asking if I had had sex with that girl of mine yet, and when I had to admit that I was still a virgin, she started laughing really weird. She said something like, “you can also better start with a slightly older than yourself, so you can still learn something “.

I got a huge boner that was clearly visible.

In the meantime, I got a huge boner that was clearly visible in my tight jeans. She asked “what do you do as a boy of 18 if you feel like sex, you will not tell me that you have never ejaculated ” I got of course a huge red head, but my penis became even harder and began to hurt, so much that I even cried damn, because of the loud music only the two of us heard it.

And she asked what was wrong, I said very shy that by all this talk about sex my cock began to hurt, she began to laugh and said “come along, so I can see what is wrong. “Since my parents have a very large house we went to my room on the other side of the building, she said I had to put on less exciting pants. I stood there in my exciting boxer shorts and my stiff cock was very clearly visible so I quickly turned around.

Lilly said “don’t be so shy come and see the doctor” she was sitting on my bed, she had a short loose dress on and she was sitting with her legs open, so I got a glimpse of her white lace panties, this was really too much for me and again I yelled ouch. She said, “come here, this really isn’t normal anymore. ” She pulled down my boxers and there I stood with a very firm erection in front of this beautiful woman.

I could see she was shocked, and she said “but boy you do have a serious penis for your age and not hard that you are in pain, your balls are all swollen with semen, how long has it been since you have cum? ” I had to admit that due to the stress of the past exams it had been more than a week. She said “come, Lilly will relieve you of it is, but promise never to tell this to anyone, come stand here in front of me. “She started to gently pull my penis off, and suddenly she took my penis in her mouth, My god this was heaven, I had never experienced this before and I came directly in her mouth, she swallowed and swallowed but could not keep it all in because of the large amount so I squirted all over her face.

She said “yes boy, it was really necessary to see so much cum I’ve never seen coming out of a cock, and she licked everything off her hands. She said, “we are not done yet, now you have to learn to fuck properly. “She took off her little dress and stood only in her little white panties, and my penis was hard as hell again. She said “so you recovered quickly after that shot just now”, and lay down on the bed with her legs wide open. I had to take off her panties gently. Which I did. For the first time I saw a pussy in real life, it was completely shaved smooth, beautiful pink in color. A wonderful smell came from between her legs.

She said “take a good close look at how it looks”.

She said, “take a good close look at how it looks”. I stuck my head between her legs. With her hands she opened her pussy, it smelled very sweet and was shiny wet. She said, “feel it and smell it and taste it. ” Which I did, when I tasted with my tongue, she started moaning lightly and I stopped, she took my head and pushed it against her pussy, so I just continued.

There was a lot of fluid coming out of her pussy when suddenly she started to call out and moan and all of my face was squirted full of juice. She had cum but didn’t have enough yet. “Well boy, what are you waiting for. Put that nice cock in my pussy”.

She threw me on the bed and sat on top of my hard penis and started riding me. I cummed and it was delicious, but she kept doing it until she herself cummed with a loud scream. She lay down next to me, already out of breath, and said I would give pleasure to many more girls with my delicious penis, but one more thing she had to do. She said, “get on your knees and hands and stick your ass high in the air.”

She put saliva on my ass and suddenly stuck a finger in my and started fingering me very hard very deep, then she hit inside something in my ass and I cum again. She got up, got dressed and was gone. Furthermore, she never tried anything again and later acted as if nothing had happened. Now, at 28, I still dream about that night …