I am Sarah and right now I am having a lot of fun with my good friend Joyce. A graduate of the University of Paris who was a teacher. She is a tall, round and really beautiful young black woman who has lived a sheltered life all her life. Her father is a millionaire. She is spoiled as a result. She is addicted to extreme experiences. So I asked her to try the ultimate social and sexual experiment. For thirty days, she will play the role of the sexually submissive black slave while I play the role of the dominant white mistress.

I take great pleasure in dominating Joyce. She has never said no to anything I’ve asked her to do. I have her do my laundry, clean my floors, and cook my meals. I find it delicious to have a sexy negro who does everything I say. And I refuse to feel guilty about it. It was Joyce’s idea to try this. I’m just playing along. A real white mistress would not feel guilty about bossing her black slave around. To play the part, I had to become mentally tougher.

Joyce was just wonderful. She did everything she was told. She also seemed to like it when I scolded her. Not only that, but she seemed to really like it when I punished her when she did something wrong. I find it delicious to bend Joyce over my knee and spank her big black ass with the back of my hand. Other times I use a hairbrush to really punish her ass. She moans as I punish her and seems to really enjoy it. I find it delicious to punish Joyce’s sexy ass. It is so big and round, just like every negro’s. I wish I had such a delicious ass.

I love to humiliate and dominate Joyce, and she loves it when I take full control of her, I put a collar around her neck and walk her around the house. Sometimes I sit down and order her to lick my feet. I love it when she kneels before me like an obedient slave and reluctantly asks to lick my pussy. Then I slap her face hard and order her to lick my pussy. She begins to lick my pussy with lust. Joyce is such a beautiful submissive. And her oral skills are second to none. With her magical tongue and deft fingers, she knows how to make this woman’s toes curl.

Yes, I had a lot of fun playing the role of the dominant white mistress who has sexual relations with her negro lover. Joyce is a natural when it comes to submission. I have discovered many things about her since we started this little game. She is not very smart, although she is good at wasting her parents’ hard-earned money. She also craves new thrills. Last but not least, she is obedient. How obedient? She responds to authority because she has an innate desire to please authority figures. I understood this about her and used it to my advantage.

Joyce likes to be fucked rough and I am totally cool with that. So I bought a big strap-on dildo and fucked her with it a lot. I love to get her down on all fours and pound her big black ass until it’s blue. Then I put on my strap-on dildo and push it into her pussy. Joyce loves it when I put the dildo in her pussy. And I really enjoy plowing it into her. But not as much as I enjoy fucking her in the ass. I press the dildo against her asshole and push it in. With a quick thrust I lower it deep into her asshole. Joyce is definitely no virgin when it comes to anal sex. She has had many cocks, dildos and fingers in there. But she has never had anything like my twenty-five-inch dildo. I make Joyce squeal. I shove my dildo so far up her ass, I’m almost surprised it doesn’t come out of her mouth. I pound her ass mercilessly and have my way with her. She likes to submit and I like to dominate. Works out well for both of us.

After this memorable experiment, Joyce and I became closer. The experiment was a success. We both laugh about it from time to time. It was fun, but it had to end sometime. At least that’s what I thought. One day Joyce told me that submitting to me had changed her. She doesn’t want to be a teacher anymore. She doesn’t want to go into the professional world.

She wants to be my slave. Really. I was stunned, but not enough to look a gift horse in the mouth. I kissed Joyce passionately and then put my collar around her neck. She was mine forever. We have left Paris and are now living in Brussels. It is the year 2023 and I am a white woman living in the suburbs with her very willing and very happy black slave. The negro woman has walked away from a life of privilege because serving me is what makes her happy in this life. And I am happy that she is mine. I wouldn’t have it any other way.