I really don’t know what came over me. I was supposed to be taken out on my birthday by John, a friend from Essen. My birthday was Sunday, March 19th. But John had other plans. He wanted to meet me on Saturday. I knew that I would spend the night at his place. Photo girl Trisha Harvey.

First a delicious dinner together and then the inevitable, in bed together, of course. I had already packed my little suitcase on Friday. Some simple clothes, everything I needed and for the evening and dinner a pretty sexy long dress. Also a short dress for the day, my inseparable booties with heels and a pair of pumps I can barely walk in. Since it was going to be another night, I tucked myself in a bit more, just to be on the safe side. I thought I had to go to his place, but he said he would pick me up at home. “Oh yes,” he added. “And bring your passport.”

With suitcase and passport, I sat waiting around ten o’clock that Saturday morning, wondering, too, what this passport was for. At half past ten, right on time, he was at the door. I was wearing my short dress, black pantyhose, and my simple high-heeled boots. I felt like a baking girl with butterflies in my stomach when he greeted me at the door. A delicious hug and kiss where tongues were soon in action. John drove up the main road towards Düsseldorf, so no food. I was now really curious what we were going to do, but he didn’t elaborate. Fifteen minutes later we turned into the parking lot of the Düsseldorf airport.

Now it was clear to me that we were going to fly, but where to. I was even more surprised that we didn’t have to stand in line to check in. After customs, we were able to go through a separate gate. I knew John was well into the lull, but I was even more surprised to see that he had rented a small private jet. Except for the crew and a flight attendant, we were the only ones on the plane. We took off after only fifteen minutes and then he finally said where we were going: London. I was as happy as a little kid and flew around his neck. “My birthday present to you, sweetheart,” he said and gave me a kiss. I sat on his lap, legs apart, facing him.

I don’t know what it was, but suddenly I was so horny. I wanted him right now, completely! I crawled off his lap and got down on my knees in front of him. Without saying a word, I unzipped his pants and immediately started sucking and jerking him off. His delicious dick was rock hard within seconds. I stood up, pulled down my pantyhose and panties and sat back down on his lap. But now with his cock in my pussy. I really rode that cock like crazy, it couldn’t be hard and deep enough for me. I came so terribly on this cock and the best thing was that he also filled me up. In the small toilet I cleaned up a bit. When I came out I bumped into the flight attendant, she looked at me smiling and winked at me.

The hat must have seen everything. We had another glass of champagne and an hour later we landed at London City Airport. John had really planned everything. There was a car waiting for us at the airport with a driver to take us to the hotel. The heart of London in Covent Garden. I have seen many hotel rooms, but this was a very luxurious suite. We both changed, cuddled a bit and had lunch at the hotel.

In the early afternoon we really played tourist. We mostly took taxis to all the interesting places, shopped some more and finally got back in a taxi at the end of the afternoon. No idea where we were going next. Ten minutes later we arrived at the London Eye. John had reserved a private gondola, the VIP package. A gondola all to ourselves. A guide could come along, but we didn’t. In the gondola there was a bottle of champagne, chocolates and some delicious things. We would have half an hour to enjoy the view of London. We were only a few feet off the ground when John pulled me toward him. I was wearing a simple shirt, but not for long. So was my bra. Soon my skirt and panties were down to my ankles. I stood completely naked in the gondola, which was now a quarter of his lap. I remembered it from the orgy, but once again it showed that John was quite kinky and dominant. I looked around, we were alone in the cabin, but I could see for myself in the gondolas below and above me. The people below and above me must have really seen me standing here muscle naked and about to be fucked. But I didn’t give a fuck, who knew me here?

He made me lean forward against the railing of the gondola and came up behind me. He couldn’t take much time; it was going to be a quickie, as the entire intercourse lasted 30 minutes. With a “Are you ready delicious?” I felt him place his cock against my pussy and drill into it. With his hands around me on my tits, he fucked me to greater and greater heights, literally and figuratively. We were already over the highest point when he squirted his seed into my pussy for the second time that day. Slowly I could see the ground beneath us coming closer. I still had a few minutes to get dressed. With about 15 feet to go, John quickly poured a few more glasses of champagne from the bottle he had opened earlier. Half an hour later, as if nothing had happened, we stepped out of the gondola. I with a terribly wet cunt from the cum that was slowly dripping out. I saw little of the view.

It was almost seven o’clock. John had reserved a table in a restaurant for eight, but we had to freshen up and change. He actually had a tuxedo with him, and fortunately I had one of my finest evening gowns with me. Black with silver glitter, long to the ankles, spaghetti straps, low-cut back and a slit from the bottom to the top of my hip, so a thong was the only option, which sat quite high on my hips. A short fur jacket that John had bought for me that afternoon completed the look. We were standing together in front of the mirror when he handed me a box, a gift, I thought. It was, but a little different from what I expected. It was a pink Loven’s Lush and he wanted me to have it in my pussy tonight. I had to put it in my cunt right away. I wasn’t allowed to take it out either, not all night. I know these bitches, the other party has complete control over you and the thing.

Already in the taxi to the restaurant he had to try it out if necessary. Suddenly I felt the thing vibrate against my uterus. “Are you horny yet, my little slut?” I patted him on the cheek, which he returned with a smile and a kiss. The restaurant turned out to be in another hotel, about 10 minutes away by taxi. The restaurant, Ormer Mayfair, turned out to have a Michelin star of its own. John had really let it hang out of his pants, it turned out. I didn’t dare look at the prices on the menu, it just made me dizzy, but I was allowed to order whatever I wanted. I really am a seafood lover and everything that passed by was more than delicious. Even the idiotically expensive wine that came with it. I hadn’t even thought about the pink thing in my pussy when during the main course, a delicious lobster, the thing in my pussy suddenly started to vibrate. On, off. On, off… I squeezed my legs together and tried not to react. Briefly at first, but longer and longer and in a higher position.

My body almost convulsed, I would and had to try to stop it, not to make a sound. But it became so intense. I noticed that people were looking at me. They must have thought I wasn’t getting any better. I was writhing in my chair, clinging to the edge of the table, not having it anymore. I was sweating profusely, panting the whole time, when John turned it up full blast. Without making a sound, I think, I came under the table. I felt the horny dripping out of my pussy, I just barely squirted. Just as suddenly as he had turned it on, he turned it off. And as if he was very concerned about me, he stood up and came over to me. He put his hand on my bare shoulder and asked me if I was okay and if I wanted to go to the bathroom. He helped me up and I walked to the foyer and the restrooms. And then he did it again. With the vibrating vibrator in my pussy, I finally reached the bathroom. I dried my slit, put my soaking wet panties in my purse and walked back with the case still in my slit. He wouldn’t let me take them off.

It soon became clear that the evening was not over. Next stop was a strip club. Again he seemed to have arranged something. We were having a drink at the bar when one of the girls came to get us. A tall, blonde girl, somewhere in her twenties, wearing more than just sexy lingerie and high heels, asked if we wanted to go with her. John had arranged for a private dancer to give a private strip show in a designated area. I would find out later that she was not just a dancer. The room was very luxurious with leather seats, a stage, atmospheric red lights. Little by little she took off her clothes to sultry music.

I got really horny and sat against John who gave me his hands. Our stripper had only her panties on when she slowly came on top of us. As she danced, she ran her hand through my hair and took my hand. She gently pulled me up and walked with me, again slowly, hip swaying, to the small stage. She stood behind me and ran her hands down my body from top to bottom. Slowly she stood up again and I felt her pull the straps of my evening gown off my shoes. Two minutes later my dress fell to the floor and I found myself naked in the spotlight. She lowered herself again and ran her hands over my body, finally pulling off her panties as well.

I still had that Loven Lush in my pussy, which suddenly began to twitch violently again. She moved behind me again and I felt her warm body against my back. She caressed and squeezed my tits, stroked my stomach and finally found my clit. The pink thing was still vibrating in my pussy and her touching and fingering of my clit made me lose it. I trembled on my legs, unable to stand on these high heels, and dropped to the floor. I leaned back on my elbows and let her wash over me. She still had her fingers between my labia. It almost went black before my eyes as I came. The cum spurted out of my pussy and made me fall flat on the floor. After a few minutes she helped me up and walked me over to John.

He had been jerking his cock the whole time, with his pants down to his ankles, watching the two whores on stage. His cock was proudly sticking out. The stripper, like a stripper, bent down and started to suck it. A moment later she turned around, lowered herself and sat on his cock. She rode him for about five minutes before getting up. She said it was my turn and like her I sat on him, cock in my pussy and leaned back. I moved my pussy up to his balls over his cock, legs spread. Our stripper sat in front of me and started licking my slit while I fucked John. I came again as I felt John squirt his load of cum into my slit. It was after twelve and it was really my birthday now. I went from fucking my 46th to my 47th.