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My story took place together with Eva, whom I met at the campsite. She is 18 brown hair and the most beautiful brown eyes I have seen in my life. Tried to spend all my internship time together, but her boyfriend got in the way. Since about 3 weeks she is single again and I finally get my chance to invite her for dinner and some drinks at my cottage on the campsite. She would quickly go home after work to shower to change her clothes and then she would come back for the cozy evening.

At 8 o’clock, she called to say she was at the supermarket so we could walk to my house together. Her drink was already waiting for her when we got to my place. She looked incredible. She had a black spaghetti strap top on, which made her lines of her divine upper body stand out perfectly. Her full C-cup looked very defiant in her top. Her skirt matched the black top with the black and red colors.

When she walked, it looked like a normal skirt until she bent down, then you can easily look under it. To my surprise, she had nothing on underneath. We started having some drinks and I sat down to get comfortable. She came and sat next to me on the couch and teasingly put one leg over my leg. That gave me a nice look at her well-groomed pussy with a thin line on her Venus mound. Her little lips were nice and big as I liked them and had a nice tan. Before I knew it, she had hold of my hand and put my hand on her lovely pussy.

Knew then that I was going to have a fun night.

Knew then that I was going to have a fun night. Started lightly stroking and saw through her top, her nipples getting hard. I stood up shoved everything out of the way and closed all the curtains. Only I wanted to enjoy this wonderful girl tonight. Started stroking again and she was slightly. Sank down more so I could get even more access. When I pulled her little lips apart, you could see she was already well warm.

Put my finger through and it was immediately dripping wet. Looked at her and she had a blush. Without asking, she said she had been wanting to meet me for a long time. I gave her a kiss on her clit which immediately sent a shock through her body. Her hips jerked forward and she began to free her body of her top. I licked through her pussy and she immediately moaned. Grabbed my hair and pulled my face up to by her mouth. Gave me a tongue kiss you can say you are.

We broke the kiss, she bit her lip and said she was mine from that moment on. I worked my way down to her beautiful breasts while kissing. Unfortunately, I only have a mouth, so had to divide my attention between her delicious nipples. A bit lightly into her nipple. While my left hand was touching her right breast and lightly twisting her nipple.

My right hand wasn’t quiet either it was already playing with her pussy and my finger slid in without effort. How nice her pussy felt warm, soft and inviting. I inserted another finger and she moaned even louder. I kissed further down until I found her clit. I started to lick her clit. Eva was in ecstasy. Her hips jerked forward faster and faster. Before I knew it I pushed my face deep into her pussy and squirted my face full of her delicious orgasmic juice.

I thought she would need a little more time to recover, but before I knew it, she had freed my young friend from my swimming trunks which greeted her with a swish. Without hesitation, she spit on it rubbed it in started lightly sucking my glans where my cock went deeper and deeper into her little mouth.

She got it three quarters of the way into her mouth before she started gagging. My orgasm started to announce itself, told her to stop, didn’t want to squirt my first seed into her little mouth. Her pussy was the place for the first relationship semen from us. She stood up and started kissing me. While kissing I picked her up by her soft round buttocks and skewered her on me cock. Put her down on the countertop without stopping our kiss. Her hands slid down my back, exploring every nook and cranny.

Her titties hopped cozily along with each thrust, which started very slowly. She began to dig her fingers into my back. Which encouraged me to pick up the pace. I broke our kiss, she looked at me hornily and bit her lip. I continued to thrust and how much I enjoyed her warm soft cave. I went with my right hand to her clit and began to stroke it.

This pushed her over the edge. She cradled my back and her pussy tightened around my cock. Felt like she was squeezing my cock. At the same time, her orgasm took over her body, I filled her with my seed. Picked her up from the kitchen counter and walked right into bed. That was the beginning of our evening and life.

My German sugar babe.

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