Hello dear readers. Please call me Angela, this is my story as I remember it. At that time I was selling my body, webcam sex did not exist yet. So I did it in real life for money. Please, no prejudices about a prostitute, please don’t read it…. Cougarfetish: easy income for a sexy 40yo webcam woman.

July 2001. My husband, who was my master and pimp, had died a year earlier, and I sold my body to support myself. I often worked 7 days a week, receiving men from 8am to 10pm. I averaged about 8 men a day. I was 37 years old and still looked very good. 58Kg, 181 cm and still firm B cup tits and a nice round ass. I had made so much money that I bought a new car. A sexy Peugeot 206 CC. Hardtop convertible in a light green colour with leather upholstery. I needed the leather upholstery because I never wore knickers and leather was easy to clean as it leaked from my pussy. The model had just come out, and it attracted a lot of attention.

It was a hot day in July, and I was driving down the boulevard in my new car with the top down in my little red bikini. It was busy and the traffic in the city centre was at a standstill. Suddenly, the right-hand door opened and a boy in boxer shorts sat down next to me. “Hey, what are you doing?” I asked startled. “Yeah, sorry, a sexy lady in a sexy car, I can’t resist,” he apologised. I looked at him and estimated he was in his early 20s.

His body was athletically muscular and with his short black hair, slightly tinted and deep dark eyes, he looked very delicious. He grabbed my right hand and boldly placed it on his crotch. “Feel how horny you make me,” he said. Indeed, I felt a rock hard cock in his boxer shorts. “Yes, you are totally ready,” I said. “Totally ready for you, darling,” he said.

The traffic started to move and we rolled slowly towards the roundabout near the water tower. He leaned over and put his hand on my tit. “Let me feel your delicious tits,” he said. I didn’t stop him, not even harder, I unhooked my bikini top and took it off. I was now sitting in the car. “Wow, yes, delicious. Take off your knickers too.” The traffic was jammed again, and I did as he said. I took off my bikini bottoms and was now completely naked in the car. “Nice shaved pussy,” he said as he stroked my Venus mound. “Turn left at the roundabout, I know a good place for us,” he said. “Take your boxers off,” I said. He took his boxers off and threw them behind the seat. We drove out of Zandvoort and out of the crowds. I put my right hand out and grabbed his cock. I jerked him off as we drove. He fingered my hot pussy and we both sat next to each other, moaning. “I’m going to fuck hard honey, my seed is already bubbling in my balls to bore into your eggs,” he moaned. I giggled.

He led me down a narrow road that turned into a dirt track. There was no one in sight. “Stop here, dear,” he said. I stopped the car and turned off the engine. He got out and walked around the car. He opened my door and led me out of the car. Furthermore, he pressed my bare bottom against the wing, grabbed my head with both hands and kissed me all over my mouth. His tongue went in and explored the inside. He pressed his hips against mine and I felt his hard manhood pressing against my stomach. After kissing for a while, I wriggled down on my knees and took his throbbing cock in my mouth. “Ooh yess, delicious. Pooh, darling, how delicious.” He moaned. I pressed my head against his stomach and let the cock slide down my throat. I looked at him as I sucked deeply, “Yaaa, look at me darling. Look at me as you suck my cock.”

His hips began to make fucking movements. I fingered my hungry, dripping whore cunt. I had had 3 cocks in me that day but I was still horny as ever. He pulled his cock out of my throat, led me to the back of my car and pushed me backwards onto the boot. He lifted my legs into the air and spread them wide. His cock was straight in front of my waiting cunt. He moved his hips towards me and the head of his cock pushed my lips apart. He slowly pushed it in and put my legs over his shoulders. He fucked me very slowly. “Oooh how delicious. What a deliciously willing honey you are!” He stroked my stomach. “There’s going to be a baby in there, our baby honey. Your belly will get fat,” he said softly. He picked up the pace and fucked me faster and faster. Suddenly he pulled his cock out, lifted me off the bonnet and led me to the driver’s door. He gently pushed me over it and pushed his cock into my slit from behind.

He fucked me deep and hard.

With my head on the driver’s seat, he fucked me deep and hard. Suddenly he came with a loud scream. His cock moved erratically inside my pussy as waves of baby juice filled my hole. He pulled his hanging cock out. “Stay like that, honey, let my man-powder soak into your pussy.” I stayed like that and he stroked my asshole. “My God, what a delicious little woman you are! So willing and horny. Do you always let strangers fuck you?” He asked. “Yes, I don’t refuse sex to any man. If a man wants to fuck me, he can take me.” I said. “Oh, a real slut then?” “Yes, I’m a slut, a whore, available to anyone who wants me,” I said. “Wow, that’s mega horny! I would love to lend you out to my friends, neighbours and family,” he said. “What’s stopping you?” I said.

“Let’s go to my house then,” he said. I got up and got into my car, naked. He put on his boxers and got in next to me. We followed his directions to his house. It turned out to be a detached house where I could park in his back garden. I got out and walked with him to the door, naked as a wad. We went inside and he started calling his friends and neighbours. The first to come in was the neighbour. He was in his 60s, bald, fat and short. He looked at me with a hungry look on his face. He walked around me to get a good look at my naked body. I stroked his crotch. “What a delicious bitch!

Thanks for inviting me. I haven’t fucked Tomas for years,” he said. He took off his shirt, revealing his thick, hairy chest. I dropped to my knees and pulled down his trousers. Between his legs was a small flaccid cock. I stroked the cock and balls and it began to erect slowly. Tomas watched as I made his old neighbour’s cock hard. He stood with his legs spread and his eyes closed, enjoying it. My pussy was throbbing with pleasure again.

“Oooh delicious. What’s your name, darling?” he asked. “Call me slut, whore, bitch or worse,” I said. “OK slut, just suck my cock deliciously then I will fuck you hard and come deliciously in your pussy,” he moaned. While I was sucking on the little cock, a young man came in. “Hi Tomas, ooh, the party’s already started I see,” he said. “Yes, go ahead and get undressed,” Tomas said. He took his clothes off and stood next to me. I grabbed his half hard cock and gave him a hand job. “Hmmm, this is better than watching a porno film,” he said. I took turns blowing both men. The young man had a huge cock now that it was hard. “Ooooh, I need to fuck! I can’t hold it any longer,” the old man said as he pushed me backwards onto the floor. I opened my legs to let him and he lay on top of me. Panting like a mail horse, he started fucking me with his small cock. I disappeared almost completely under his thick body. “Where did you find this bitch?” I heard the young man say. “I saw her in Zandvoort driving her new convertible in her bikini and just jumped into her car. We drove to the woods and I gave her a nice fuck. She lets any man fuck her who feels like it,” he said.

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“Wow, a real fuck slut then,” he said. Meanwhile the old man came in my pussy. He rolled off me and the young man sat on my face. He pulled his buttocks apart and said “lick my ass deliciously slut! Tomas put his feet on either side of my torso and let the young man suck him off. Both men jerked off. The young man’s ass tasted like what came out. “Hmmm you suck so delicious Martin,” Tomas said. I licked the young man’s ass clean. The old man watched with his cock in his hand. The young man got off me and put me in doggy style. “I’m going to fuck your ass,” he said.

He spit on his cock and put the head of his cock against my anus. I relaxed my anus and he continued. “Ooh oh, oh, ouch,” I moaned. “Yeah, that hurts, doesn’t it?” Martin said. “Yeah, but I like pain,” I said. He fucked me deep in the ass. “Tomas, fuck me in the ass please,” he begged his friend. Tomas came behind him and lubricated his cock with lube and pushed his cock into the man’s ass. “I want my ass licked too,” the old man said and sat down in front of me in doggy style. He pressed his thick hairy ass into my face. “His ass smelled and tasted of sweat and shit but I licked it clean. While the four of us were busy on the floor three more men came in. “Oooh look at all the horny men here!”

One of them kneeled down next to me and felt my tits. “Yes men, this bitch needs to be fucked all over,” Tomas said. Martin pulled his cock out of my ass and lay on his back. “Come on slut!” I sat on him and lowered my cunt over his cock. With my eyes closed I rode him and enjoyed his huge cock. One of the newly arrived men came behind me, pushed me forward a bit and pushed his cock into my anus. A second man moved in front of me and held his cock in front of my mouth. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked it off. Delicious, all three of my fucking holes filled with cock.

Suddenly, a woman who had entered through the back door stood in the living room. She stood there for a moment, watching in amazement. “Wow, deliciously busy men!” she said. I guessed she was in her 40s, slim with huge tits, long blonde hair and big blue eyes. “You’re welcome to join us, neighbour,” I heard Tomas say. She took off her clothes and shouted, “Men, catch me!” The rest of the men did not let her say that a second time and grabbed her. She was laid across the table and immediately got a cock in her pussy.

The room was filled with the sound of panting and moaning. The man in my ass came and pulled his cock out. I was still riding Martin and being fucked in the mouth by an unknown young man. “She likes pain, huh? I’ll put my belt across her back for once!” someone shouted. I saw the man double-fold his belt and come over to me. The first blow was on my back. But it wasn’t too hard. I pulled my head back for a moment and shouted, “Harder!

When you hit me, hit me really hard!” and continued to suck. “Ok whore! You’ll get it!” with a slap the belt came down on my back again, but this time it was rock hard. I could barely make a sound with the cock in my throat. The blows continued at a fast pace. The pain was extreme and I quickly felt that I was about to come. I rolled my cunt over Martin’s cock and my body exploded. Shaking violently, the orgasm came over me like a freight train. Martijn came too and squirted his cum into my hot cunt and moments later the man in my mouth. He squirted his load right into my stomach, that’s how deep he was in me.

More men had come in and I had lost count of how many. I was being fucked and sucked in all sorts of positions and men were pulling me off. The cum flowed abundantly on and in me and the neighbour. The flow of cocks gradually subsided and a while later I was naked and covered and filled with cum on the floor next to my naked neighbour. “I need to piss,” I heard someone shout. “Piss on me,” I shouted. “Good plan!” I was led out into the garden and put on my knees. The neighbour followed us and sat down next to me. The men stood around us with their tails pointed at us.

Suddenly the first jet of piss hit my face and soon the warm piss was coming from all sides. I opened my mouth and tried to catch and swallow as much piss as I could. Such a piss shower was delicious. A little later, when the men had finished pissing, I kissed my neighbour. Dripping with urine. We were cleaned up with the garden hose. The neighbour’s wife had to go home because her husband was coming home. The men left too, and after thanking them all, I got into my car, still naked. I enjoyed the drive home. Deliciously naked in my convertible and enjoying the attention I got on the way. Just before entering my village I put on my dress. It was difficult for me to get into my car naked.

When I got home and washed the dishes naked, the phone rang. It was a customer who wanted to fuck me with my wrists tied behind my back. I finished the dishes and grabbed my handcuffs. I clicked them together behind my back and waited for the client. He came in a moment later and slapped me across the face. “Dirty whore!” he yelled at me. He grabbed my hair and dragged me into the bedroom. He threw me on the bed. He stripped off his clothes and threw himself on top of me. His already hard cock roared deep into my fucked pussy and he put his hands on my throat. He squeezed hard and fucked me brutally as I choked.

The need for air became unbearable and when I was desperate he let go and let me gasp. Before I had enough in my lungs he squeezed again. He fucked me like this, choking me again and again. My orgasms kept coming, one after the other, until he came and let me go. Panting and shaking, I lay exhausted on the bed as he got dressed again and threw 150 guilders on my bedside table. “Thanks, whore! See you next time!” When he was gone, I grabbed the key to the handcuffs and jammed it into the keyhole to free myself. I looked at my naked body in the mirror.

“What a whore you are! A fucking pig!” I said to myself, proud of myself. I pulled my cunt open and a drop of semen came out and fell on the floor. This is what I was made for. My whole body was made for men’s pleasure. I rubbed my clit. Oooh how delicious that is. I fingered myself in front of the mirror, watching myself as I held my pussy open with my left hand and worked on my clit with my right.

My tits were quivering, and my mouth was open. My body swayed to my horny sensation. In my fantasy I saw a huge, thick cock, 30 cm long, boring mercilessly into my hot cunt and with every hard thrust my womb pushed against my stomach. Really deep and completely filled. My cunt tight around his huge cock, stretched out milking his balls. I am a sperm whore, a sperm slut. Moaning heavily, I came. Trembling on my legs.